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A Woman's Power To Choose Is A Lie

Which gender has the real power of choice in the mating game?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | February 11, 2017 | 7 minute read

Women are the gate keepers of sex.

Women have all the power in a relationship.

Women choose the men with whom they date, marry and sex.

Is this the truth? Or is it just more female programming. Programming to convince women they have the ultimate power over a man's sex life.

For the man whose mind is still oriented toward the female and pleasing the goddess, this may well sound to be true. But if you are a man who has realized the truth, a woman's power to choose is a lie.

Yes, woman may own the gate to sex, but she has no control over which men try to open it.

This may take some time to wrap your head around.

A great deal of writing on how to best approach and seduce women revolves around a fundamental evolutionary psychological understanding of mating strategy for reproduction. r/K selection is the latest and most discussed theory that attempts to better understand both men and women's goals in the mating game.

In short, a man can present himself as either a K-selected (long term care and investment) or r-selected (opportunity and impulse) male with respect to propagating his genes. Some men believe this discussion is moot because men can only adapt to "whatever choice women have made." The whole r vs k selection strategy does seem to be bound by this rule - i.e. the choices women make men must therefore adapt, adopt and emulate.

But I ask you this - just what choice do women have in the mating game?

I'm serious. Take a moment to think deeply on this.

Choice consists of a mental decision, of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them.


Ok, it would appear as if women have all the power of choice in the mating game by that definition. But look closer at a very key word used in the definition of choice.


Do women really have the power of selection over men?

That is, the ultimate ability to CHOOSE this or that male?

The action of someone exercising choice is pretty clear - a mental decision based on the merits of multiple OPTIONS and the SELECTION of one (or more) of them.

Does a woman's "power to choose" fit this description?

At first glance it might, especially if she has many suitors (and usually does), but she only has options to choose from in the men that first choose her. The ones that SELECT her, out of a number of options (other women), and CHOOSE to approach and attempt to mate with her.

We all know the moment of truth when targeting a woman we want. It's called pulling the trigger - going for the number, the kiss or making a move for sex and risking rejection.

What's that you say? You are beginning to notice where the power of choice truly lies?

You got it.

A woman's actions in the mating game are not one of choice, but merely to accept or reject a male's attempt to SELECT her for copulation.

Yes or no.

Yea or nay.

Stop or proceed.

Chase me. Try harder. Go away you creep.

No matter how many different ways you say it, a woman does not make any choices in the mating game, only responses / reactions to choices made by the male. The gatekeeper of sex is playing a passive role in the mating game, not an active one, not a CHOOSING role.

Think on this deeply.

The only power a woman has over any man, ultimately, is to say yes or no.

That's it. Fini. Game over.

She can't then go up to the man she wants, the man she will say yes to, and force him to choose her. Believe me, I remember my sister lamenting greatly about the guy she wanted to notice her and who "Never asks me out." It's a secret world of frustration and anger many women never show men because to do so would let the secret out of the bag - men would learn they are the ones with all the power in the mating game. Hence the logical reason and conclusion why feminists are completely enraged and obssesed with male power and privilige. (i.e. the power men are exercising in NOT choosing her!!!)

Contrast this now to a man who has stopped putting women on a pedestal, who has mastered approaching and engaging women and can - would you look at that - choose any woman he wants from a line up of beauties in the club.

A man can approach any woman he wants.

All he needs is the balls to do so.

A woman on the other hand?

Well, she can approach if she wishes, but most won't because they know this is not their power, the power of selection, of choice. The traditional and still preferred method of women waiting for men to approach them (and they want you to), is making a very clear statement about the power of choice - the man must choose, not them.


The only power a woman truly has is that of attraction.

Hence the lipstick, the cleavage, the mini-skirt, the fuck-me pumps.

A woman can choose to beautify herself, make herself more feminine, submissive, playful, fun, flirty, humorous, etc etc etc, but she cannot choose any man, only attract one. The more beautiful the woman, the more delusional she is in thinking she has her "choice" of men. Is this not the very delusion young women entertain of themselves?

Let's talk briefly about online dating? Have you not seen the beauty (and even some not so) take a screen shot of her inbox to show the men the hundreds of messages she has received? Does she not think to herself "My oh my!!! Look how much CHOICE I have?" She is, of course, completely deluded. The only choice she has is to reply to these men or not. To accept or reject them and reject them she does, all of them. But as she ages and hits the wall, she has her own very personal and frightening Wile E Coyote moment - she looks around and realizes she has NO MORE MEN choosing her. Her tune quickly changes to "Where have all the good men gone?"

Where have all the good men gone sweetie pie?

They up and choose another woman!!!

A smart woman who exercised her powers of attraction at an early age and said yes to the best man that selected her, choose her, from all his other available options. But that is not what women want to believe and most certainly do not want men to understand and realize to be the truth. They want everyone, including themselves, to remain deluded in their thinking that women have all the power of choice in the mating game. The familiar lament of "Where have all the good men gone?" is a serious one. If you ever hear a woman utter this lament, you can be sure she is beginning, slowly to realize the following:

Men SELECT women that they find ATTRACTIVE.

Men CHOOSE women that make them LAUGH and work to keep them HAPPY.

Men DISCRIMINATE every woman around them until they find the one that is the best one for them.

Men that weed the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, the strong from the weak, the givers from the takers.

While many will decry my musings as a wild fantasy, alas, I have science to back up my claims that men chose and it is for the good of the human race. But that is for another time.

Strength & Honor