Writings On Man, Masculinty And The Emerging Patriarchal Renaissance

About The Author

My sole goal is to return real Men, capital M, to the world stage. As author, I hope to add to the collective voices of the emerging patriarchal renaissance.

Pro-masculine. Pro-Man. Pro-Patriarchy. Pro-Family.

Anti-feminism, while fun, is ultimately destructive, not constructive. Men build, so I leave it to the feminists and SJW 'warriors' to continue to destroy to their hearts content. If I feel impelled to comment on the topic of feminism from time to time, I will, but do not come here looking for your daily dose of griping and complaining. You shall find none of that here.

I want men, especially young Millenial men, to start thinking in more positive terms about their futures in life - women, career, legacy.

These three aspects of the triad that is a Man as he makes his way through this material realm have not just been neglected, but become twisted and warped. I want men to begin to focus on them again, in a positive light, in a masculine way.

The more I have researched Man and masculinity for myself, and lived it in my own life, the more I realize that 20th century feminism is nothing more than an aberration, a mere blip on the timeline.

Patriarchy is the natural evolution of Man.

It has never really left, just been shamed into not standing up for itself. Even in an epoch of lies and deceit, TRUTH is the only offensive strategy a man will ever need against his enemies.

Men and women of The West have reached a cross roads at the beginning of the 21st century.

We can continue to fight each other, which is precisely what the elite of this world want us to do in order to continue their corrupt and evil enslavement of us all.


We can come together - as partners, not equals - respecting our differences and celebrating our strengths.

This blog is setting out to heal the damage done by feminism to heterosexual relations between men and women. No, we are not forgetting what feminism has done, but we must forgive and move on.

Love is the only way forward.

And it is Man, capital M, that will lead the way forward in love once again.

Far from the end of men are we.


With nothing less than a divine and authoritative capital M.

This is my goal.

This is my purpose.

My name is Maximus.