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Alpha Male Vs Man Capital M

Maximus Decimus Meridius | June 11, 2018 | 24 minute read

"What we think about and hold on to affects what we perceive." This quote comes from the current book I have a bookmark in. It's title - Not One Single Thing: A commentary on the Platform Sutra.

Why open a post on alpha male players & hustlers vs Man, capital M, with a quote from a Zen Buddhist viewpoint?

Perhaps Bruce Lee can answer this question for us.

We are what we think, having become what we thought.

Like the wheel that follows the cart-pulling ox,

sorrow follows an evil thought.

We are what we think, having become what we thought.

Like the shadow that never leaves one,

happiness follows a pure thought.

Two verses from the Dhammapada

Man, capital M, is a mindset, not a philosophy, and thus a direct act of creation, of action, of becoming.

Lifestyle Or A Style Of Mind - What Is Your Mission? is one of my more popular posts. In it I talk about the difference between Man with a capital M and the Red Pill/alpha male/Game/hustle mindset.

An important quote from that article on the difference.

Anyone can achieve a lifestyle they desire if they make that their goal and put forth the effort. As Bruce Lee is often quoted, the mind is everything. What you put your mind to you turn into reality. The problem today is that too many men are focusing on lifestyle, and not style of mind, like Bruce Lee was. Lifestyle Or A Style Of Mind - What Is Your Mission?

This is the alpha playboy/hustle mindset. It is all about the lifestyle, not the style of mind. They would counter with something along the lines that you must have a style of mind to get the lifestyle, and that in of itself marks the path toward masculinity and manhood.

This is how the equation goes today in the majority of young Red Pill men's minds.

Alpha = Man.

But what if you don't become alpha?

If I DON'T achieve the lifestyle goal I set for myself, will that mean I am a failure, as a Man?


This is the problem with alpha male worship in the RP and masculinity sphere. Yes... it is worship. If that insults you that says more about it's truth than anything else. That worship is of the Hugh Hefner lifestyle, the playboy, the hustler. It is a 100% material doctrine. It is no longer good enough to have just a roof over your head you can pay for, it must be a grand sweet bachelor pad for swooping the girls in late at night. It can't be just a car to get from A to B, it must be a kick ass ride.

Where does it end?

If the only measure of a Man is his alpha lifestyle & thus status, guess what? A lot of men won't be alpha.

The myth of the alpha male requires there be beta sheep he can lord his greatness over. (Very globalist in its insecurity when you think about it.) After all, if Man can be defined by something other than the mythical alpha male, and if that definition is attainable by all men, the alpha male will need to throw a pity party for himself for he will no longer have men worshipping him. This is why any challenge to an alpha male/player's lifestyle choice is seen as a direct threat to the very core of his being. For if... if... the vaunted and highly built/defended 'alpha male' image/status can be successfully ridiculed and undermined, it means he might not be as 'alpha' as he thought he was.

Men running after material possessions, experiences, women - lifestyle in 21st century parlance - is precisely an act of desperation, not wisdom.



I am as guilty as the next guy for wanting nice swag, hot babes, and enough money to flash Benjamins nonchalantly in public to prove to others I am truly liquid. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.


Being able to do so does not make you a Man, capital M, even if it technically makes you an alpha male.

This is the problem. A lot of men are striving to become an alpha male, but none of them are asking what it takes to become a Man anymore.

It's a subtle (perhaps pseudo-intellectual to my critics) point, but it's not a point that can simply be dismissed.

Can Maximus prove this?

Query - Are you an alpha male? How do you become an alpha male?

Google this and know, not guess, that this is what has replaced God & Christ in western, woke, RP minds as the goal of every man's life.

Now ask the question again, but from my perspective.

Query - Are you a Man? How do you become a Man?

Note... this is clearly not the same question. Nor will the answer be the same.

Alpha ≠ Man.

This... is what the alpha male fears most.

For all his success with women and money, his ability to mesmerize the beta sheep who look at his lifestyle and think "he's the man" long enough to buy whatever product he is hustling to make them "the man"... all it takes is one Man, with a capital M, to walk in and destroy the alpha male idol he has placed on his alter to bow down to in blind, submissive worship.

Why does the alpha male fear the capital M?

Because the posturing alpha male/player knows all he has is hustle, money & bitches, not respect and honor.

Every single one of these seven virtues of bushido... were once the virtues of the faithful Christian Man, capital M, of The West.

What happened?

Western men swallowed the Red Pill, but where did it lead them?

Every woman wants an alpha male.

Every woman fears a Man, capital M.

Reflect on this deeply.

If you have no respect or honor, you have nothing as a Man.

No amount of money, girls, cars, investments, travel etc. will get you either of these traits.

Which brings me to another of my most popular posts.

Respect Is All

Be Alpha.

Money. Status. Pussy.

Respect Is All

One of the biggest criticisms of my path for Man, capital M, comes in the form of action.

This capital M bullshit is nothing but a vapid philosophy of mental masturbation that amounts to nothing but delusions of granduer.

Is this what Man, capital M is?

Is Maximus just a nerdy dweeb trying to sell men on becoming a fantastical Jedi?

Where is Maximus' personal, and specific, example of Man, capital M in action?

Of it being not just the right path, but the superior path for men to follow.

The meme of Donald Draper as alpha male personified is the perfect foil for my real life, and specific, personal story I am about to share.

I was part of a social community in my 30s with lots of young people in their 20s. I know some guys in it knew of the Red Pill. One guy in particular was interesting to watch. He tried to hustle me into one of the many network marketing (i.e. the new name for pyramid scheme) scams out there. When he showed me how it worked, I called him out point blank what it was. He didn't flinch. Just kept moving forward in pure alpha mode. I bailed and said no thank you, and later learned that right after he met with me, he met with a female friend of mine and pressed her for three of four fucking hours (I was in and out in under 60 minutes, less but the guy would not shut up).

Was he successful with the ladies?

You bet! And money to, or at least the start of it at that stage of life. I remember one night out at a club, he literally picked up another female friend of mine all the guys wanted (me too), tossed her over his shoulder cave-man style, and started to spank her ass. She laughed, everyone laughed, I watched in amazement. I would never try that myself because I don't know if I could get away with it and it's just not something I would do.

Was this guy alpha? He was certainly trying to be and I suspect many might, by outward perception, believe he was on his way to becoming so.

Then... one Sunday at a morning brunch with friends where he and I were invited, something hilarious happened.

Put an "alpha male" in a position where his false bravado and snake sharm are exposed... and he shrinks like a penis in cold water.

It was just a brunch. Food and conversation. I did take the head table seat (I have noticed it is almost always open as no one takes it), but even knowing that small little alpha move means nothing if you can't back it up.

I can't remember what we were talking about, but because I am one hell of a confident guy - i.e. I don't talk bullshit and have real knowledge and depth of the world along with good humour and a humble, lighthearted approach to life - there was a point in the conversation as we were finished eating that I had brought up a topic people where engaged in. It was most likely a little more serious or political in nature, or maybe not, I honestly can't remember.

What I do remember is Mr. Alpha did not like it one bit. He was no longer the centre of attention and not once, but twice, he tried to pull the "If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation." Don Draper alpha move.

It was the most awkward thing to watch. I noticed it immediately because I could tell he was clearly trying to reassert frame on the conversation where it was one he could direct and thus control, making him the star.

Here's the real funny bit.

This is probably exactly what he was thinking I was doing! The chances of him trying to pull this social move and not being Red Pill/alpha aware are almost zero because it was that starkly obvious that he was trying to get my conversation topic to end and his to get started. Which means he was probably thinking that I was TRP/alpha aware. All alpha males think other men are trying to act like them because they are trying to become alpha too.

He could not be further from the truth.

I was just being my natural self. Happy. Confident. Talkative. Gregarious. I was not thinking/strategizing "How can I assert frame dominance over this social event to create the impression I am the dominant male of the group and come out looking 'alpha' in the ladies eyes?"

Can you see it? The RP alpha male idol?

Can you see how absolutely crazy this is for a man to have running through his head every second of his day, with everyone one he interacts with, as he lives his life trying to become an alpha male of the tribe?

MAXIMUS: What are you looking at?



BLONDE: You're the real centre of attention around here aren't you!

MAXIMUS: What? How? I'm not doing anything!

BLONDE: That's why you're the centre of attention.

I will never forget this life experience. Such a small moment, but it distills and captures my life almost perfectly. It flabbergasted me she would say this, with good eye contact between us, and she had a sharp and immediate answer to the social observation she was making about Maximus.

This little exchange was not at that Sunday brunch. It was when I worked retail for a stint as I was changing careers (or thought I was) and exploring a less... predictable/programmed life path than I had been on in my 20s.

I had made this blonde's acquaintance as she was one of those fit girls and in summer, always had on shorts to show off her legs. And she had a pony tail (curse you Barbara Eden for developing my innocent fetish!), so I chatted her up whenever she came into the store and got to know her.

This was just another one of those lazy summer retail days. No customers at my section of the store and she was standing in line for the other side of the business (two sales departments). Standing tall, confident, smiling, happy. Just being my natural Maximus self.

If you are trying to be the alpha male of the room, you ain't.

Which is the root refutation of almost all alpha male writing to help men become more dominant and confident in life. Alpha male advice does not work because it is focusing on the wrong path for Man, capital M.

Love. Truth. Justice. Liberty. Respect.

No alpha male worth his Greek letter crown writes on these topics. Perhaps only the last one and there, it is all about perception management.

Which brings us back to Sunday brunch and one frustrated, sad Ben Affleck alpha male wanna be.

I was not trying to dominate the conversation. I am not trying to dominate anything or anybody. I am not, and have never, tried to be 'alpha'.

But... when I speak or act... I do so from a core place of truth & justice, honor & integrity, of respect, love and the desire to see everyone free and happy.

In short... no ego, no "game", no plan or strategy.

Just pure... masculinity.

Man, capital M.

All you need to be a success with women, with life, is balls.

This is a quote from another of my personal, and specific, life stories of living life as a Man, capital M, and not an alpha male player.

Maximus' First Approach: All You Need Is Balls - When it comes to success with women, growing a pair is the only Game you need. was a post I wrote when I saw something cross my Twitter feed as a like or retweet from a follower and it sparked an epiphany for me.

All the Red Pill did was remind men they had balls between their legs.

That's it. That is really all it did for me. For too long, western culture has demonized natural male - i.e. heterosexual - behaviour to the point that Gen X (ces't moi) may be the last generation to have grown up in a culture that transferred some kind of cojones to young boys by osmosis.

Seriously. Do you need more than this to be successful with women?

Have balls. Say hello.

We have an entire industry, even careers, built around defining having balls as being an alpha male. The problem is, every man has a pair between his legs, but according to the high priests, we can't all be alpha. Only the 'select' few can be 'alpha' if they work hard to achieve it. Or fake it enough to get girls to spread their legs.

And this is the real fault with the path of chasing skirts vs the path of respect and honor.

All chasing pussy gets you... is a mind obsessed with chasing pussy.

And we are back to Bruce Lee and Zen Buddhism once more.

What you think, you become.

What does an alpha male/player think, nay obsess, about the most?

  • pussy
  • getting laid
  • making money
  • being seen by other men as a man that gets pussy and can make money

Ivan Throne, the Dark Triad Man, has written a book titled The Nine Laws. I saw an infographic cross my path the other day he created (can't find now) and it piqued my curiosity. Masculinity Rising has written a good review of it. What I find most intersting as alpha male worship gains increasing sway over the minds of most western men, young and old, is the complete abandonment of the why... for the how.

Why... was Man created?

How... should man live can be answered any number of ways. The current one, as embodied in Throne's pen name, is to actually manifest the dark triad traits of a complete narcissistic, machiavellian psychopath. Western Mastery says these traits have been "negatively perceived." I remember when TRP and alpha male worship started to go down this path. Seeing article after article written on how men can learn to display and embody these traits to... get pussy. And money. This is how far Man, capital M, has fallen.

While The Nine Laws may require a future more thorough investigation, while reading Western Mastery's review of the book, this quote out of the entire review stuck out as striking in why I say alpha male worship is an obession.

A man without power is no man at all.

Nick Haggod is a good kid. He writes on fitness, health, mindset, relationships and finances. He also sounds like one of thousands of young boys who have had to clearly struggle with growing up in a world that hates men. I don't write on these topics. I think there is enough good content in this area and I need not rehash the same.

What I feel is missing is that capital M in Man. This is what the alpha male is trying to fill the role of for many men. That role for man though is not one of will to power, but of understanding the ultimate fate each man faces.

Power does not make you a man. Never has. Never will.

There is a reason I choose Maximus from the movie Glatiator as my pen name. It was released in 2000, the start of the rise of the next patriarchal age. What this final scene, excellently fan edited for additional emotional effect, portrays is the essence of the path of Man, capital M, versus that of the material & power obsessed alpha male.

We... are not in control.

Never have been.

Never will be.

This obsession with control is the power trip of the alpha male and it is the opposite of Man.

It reflects a lack of understanding of Man and the nature of the place he finds himself fighting to survive in.

Who is the 'alpha' male in this scene? Depends on the definition does it not? Who does the defining?

Is power the root criteria for what makes an alpha male? What kind of power? These are both men of power in this scene, but the kind and quality is clearly different.

By pure RP alpha definition... Commodus has power over Maximus. Is this not what he is making plain in his speech, that he does not fear Maximus because he is the one with real power as Emperor?

Why does Maximus chuckle quietly to himself when Commodus accuses him of having no fear, and thus implying that Maximus thinks he is the better Man because of this invincibility? Why did I not say "better alpha?" Did God create alpha, or Man?

Why does Maximus' reply "I think you've been afraid all your life." send shivers down Commodus' spine?

Because he never had power, and never will. No man can. True masculine power is not something a Man can use words or magic to manipulate into existence. It is bestowed on men who have proved their worth to lead.

An alpha male always wants the world to revolve around himself. A Man, capital M, lives first and foremost for others.

No player, no alpha male, will ever have this because it requires too great a sacrifice of his ego to obtain it.

Are all those men chanting Tommy Robinson betas? Is Tommy the only alpha in Britain? What are they cheering? Who, and what, are they showing respect and honor? Is it the alpha male Tommy Robinson... or the Man, capital M? Will an alpha male player ever get this kind of respect and honor from other men?

Maximus is just asking questions. That is all this blog ultimately is, a long meditation on the question of what is a Man?

Every man seeking power to survive will only ever have the kind of power Commodus has. Earthly power. Material power. Shallow. Narcissistic. Psychopathic. Obsessed with what others think of him and living in fear of not being "the man" of the alpha male stereotype that has now been fully indoctrinated into western men as being the path to follow. I.e. Your typical globalist, man or woman.

Maximus is not a man you want to follow if you want money, power, status & pussy.

I am not holding out that path for men to choose. I am not writing on that path. I am most definitely not living that path.

What is there in Commodus that is not to like by the alpha male/player?

He has it all. Power. Wealth. Authority. Status. Women. Boys? He even embodies Throne's Ninth law to perfection - there are no laws.

Psychopathy is not evil. Nor is it immoral. It is, at the core, purely acceptance without illusion. Machiavellianism is not not evil. Nor is it cruel. It is, in full expression, merely perfect posture within creation. Narcissism is not evil. Nor is it selfish. It is, in its brilliance, only one more vision of the God of infinite multiverses.”

Ivan Throne - The Nine Laws

The Red Pill and alpha male obsession has led all western men to strive to become their version of Commodus.

And they will have to live with that choice.

This is why alpha males, the players and the hustlers especially, will froth at the mouth at any challenge to their life philosophy.

Quit worrying. You die at the end. No Laws is the Ninth Law.

Ivan Throne - The Nine Laws

Atheism. Nihilism. There is no purpose beyond what you can get for yourself, here and now. We live. We die. The end. Or so these men believe.

This post was sparked by a good exchange on Twitter about just such a difference and divergence of the path for men to follow. Man, capital M, was called out, ridiculed, questioned and labeled mental masturbation that leads to nowhere.

You know what?

I'm ok with that.

Maximus is making his choice of path to follow. I have no desire to become a martyr, but should that be my fate, so be it.

I also am not obsessed with the "pussy chasers." I don't give a shit. If my writing on the difference between pussy chasing and Man, capital M, offends you, just stop reading my words. It's that simple. The negative and dismissive reaction by players being called out on their life path choice is not really a response to anything I have said. It's a response to the path I am choosing, and they are not. I used to, briefly, engage the hard core Red Pill/alpha male Twitter types (and was swiftly blocked by the high priest Rollo Tommassi). I don't any longer. This post was sparked by Twitter engagement, but it was not me doing the engaging. The players came at Man, and I simply responded with a different point of view on the topic. My point of view, was not appreciated. It does not have to be, it is just my perspective. If they are fine with the player path, then walk it with pride! Yet, I am seen as a threat for some reason and they know why.

A short life story may help illustrate this point.

One night at the bar (yes, Maximus did club on occasion), I was out with friends and I was standing at the bar ordering a drink. A guy came up to me and, like a typical alpha male, asked me what I was drinking to strike up a conversation. I say typical alpha male because of the reaction he had to my response.

DUDE: Hey man, what are you drinking?


DUDE: Ha ha ha... no, seriously man, what are you drinking?


[Looks at me... with his chin raised, nose looking down at me in contempt and sudden questioning of my manhood.]

DUDE: Ohhhh....

I will never forget that conversation. It, more than anything, is why I write. To save men from that look. A look that says "I have lived my whole life and defined my entire being as a man by a cliche."

Just like I was confident in myself to answer I was having only water at a bar, I am pretty confident in the path I have walked as a Man so far. I've made mistakes. I have regrets. There are some things I would do differently or not have done at all, but on the whole, I can count those times on one hand, with fingers (plural) left over. How is that possible?

The path of Man, capital M, is one of a mind wholly and solely obsessed with virtus

Originally, virtus was used to describe specifically martial courage, but it eventually grew to be used to describe a range of Roman virtues. It was often divided into different qualities including prudentia (prudence), iustitia (justice), temperantia (temperance, self-control), and fortitudo (courage). This division of virtue as a whole into cardinal virtues is today classified as virtue ethics, as described by Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. It implies a link between virtus and the Greek concept of arete.

Wikipedia - Virtus

This. The very foundation of western man and his civilization for over 2000 years.

We have descended from virtus to The Nine Laws that expound and promote the dark triad traits of a narcissistic, machiavellian, psychopath.

I am not saying psychopathy is not evil. Ivan Throne is. Does he mean it? I don't know, but to even attempt to wordsmith a new philosophy for man around what everyone knows to be the tryptic of traits that define clinical psychopathology is... well... let's just say I have some doubts about such a path.

Power possesses no moral freight of its own. Power is a natural force and has no more ability to flavor or tint itself with good or evil than gravity, leverage or momentum. For power itself is simply physics… the leverage of things.”

Ivan Throne - The Nine Laws

We call out women for having a solipsistic mind, yet we have here - and I must admit I don't follow Ivan Throne or know that much about him - what perception might describe as a 21st century sophist, a magician of knowledge teaching men how to go out and conquer the world. A philosophy of narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy as being a good path for Man to embrace and walk down.

The very foundation of Man in The West is not just under assault by feminists, but by Red Pill priests of alpha male worship.

Am I the only masculinity author writing that the path of virtue is the path of Man? That getting your dick wet, or fattening your wallet, is just not going to cut it? Nay, is something not even Roman men of a far more hard core patriarchal age once understood as the path leading to true masculinity.

No longer did virtus mean that a person was a brave warrior but it could also mean that he was a good man, someone who did the right thing.

And there you have it.

Man... capital M.

A Man, capital M, is a good man who does the right thing.

An alpha male is a man who does the right good thing for himself.

One man has focused his mind on a divine form of perfecting the masculine within by working to eliminate his ego in relations to others.

The other man has focused his mind on there being no laws at all, and thus no true path, for man to follow except an ego obsessed with power.

Choose your path...


Strength & Honor

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