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Batman Begins: A Contrast Between Man & The Red Pill Alpha Playboy

Maximus Decimus Meridius | June 4, 2018 | 19 minute read

Between Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder, you probably have two of Hollywood's most under-the-radar conservative directors capable of making the films they want without having to compromise. Watching Batman Begins, the first film in the Dark Knight Trilogy, proved to me that Nolan was trying to say a lot more in his films about the state of The West than appears on the surface. And like any good work of art, there are multiple layers to be seen in the film, intended or not by the director.

What I found watching this film again (I watch many of my favorites over and over) was just how good this film was and still is today. Writing, pacing, directing, acting. Best picture? Perhaps not, but it was a huge success. Any new Batman film will have a very, very high bar to vault over if it hopes to have the acclaim and love this trilogy has for Batman fans.

The layers revealed to me watching Batman Begins this time round are two fold.

1) Western collapse may be inevitable, but not because there are not good men (and women) fighting to save it.

2) The Red Pill (focus on female nature and Game/hustle) has helped, not hindered, the inevitable collapse in diverting Man from his true path of truth and justice.

DUCARD: The world is too small for someone like Bruce Wayne to disappear, no matter how deep he chooses to sink.

BRUCE: Who are you?

DUCARD: My name is merely Ducard, but I speak for Ra's Al Ghul, a man greatly feared by the criminal underworld. A man who can offer you a path.

BRUCE: What makes you think I need a path?

DUCARD: Someone like you is only here by choice. You have been exploring the criminal fraternity but, whatever your original intentions, you have become truly lost.

BRUCE: And what path can Ra's Al Ghul offer?

DUCARD: The path of a man who shares your hatred of evil, and wishes to serve true justice, the path of the League of Shadows.

BRUCE: [small laugh] Vigilantes.

DUCARD: No, no, no. A vigilante is just a man lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be destroyed or, locked up. But, if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devout yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you... then you become something else entirely.

BRUCE: Which is?


I have quoted the scene of Bruce Wayne meeting Ducard/Ra's in full because it not only sets the tone for the whole movie, but also for that of The West and Man, capital M.

The world is too small for Man, for masculinity, for patriarchy... to just disappear.

Even to the absolute depths of depravity, reclusion and outright delusion, it is simply impossible for that which is true about Man and masculinity to simply vanish from the face of the earth as if it has never existed. The Red Pill released western men from the shackles and shame of feminist denigration and assault on all that is Man and his world, but in the process, western man has gone far astray and is truly lost. Wallowing in either seclusion or hedonism, rage and anger has turned western Man into a Quasimodo shell of his former glorious self. A once proud and noble creation turned into a beast that lashes out at everything and everyone that attacks it, or cowers in fear and horror of being labeled a Y chromosome heterosexual (and obviously white) oppressor.

In the very little feedback I have gotten when some of my readers have reached out and shared their thoughts on this blog, what stands out is that this blog does stand out. "I have read them all" was what one reader told me and if my words stand out from every single other author in the Red Pill sphere, it is because I am offering western man a path he has not heard of before.

A path? Did not the Red Pill give western men a path?


All the Red Pill did was remove the viel from men's eyes to the brutal reality of feminism (and woman's) take over of The West.

When you really look clearly at what the Red Pill is, at it's core, it's a diagnosis. It's not a prescription. This is why most RP blogs are rants and venting of the anger released in swallowing it. This is also why there is no real label to give to the attempts to define and return Man and masculinity to the western stage. They are not the same. The RP is the awakening, but it's not the path.

Much like Bruce Wayne as a child seeing his parents gunned down in cold blood and left an orphan, western boys and men have had the truth of their gender and role, of Man and patriarchy, gunned down over the course of their lives. This is why the first, and truly only, response to swallowing the Red Pill is to be angry. This was Bruce's reaction and when he tried to take revenge and was thwarted, he was introduced to the globalists that are behind it all; the mafia mobsters and gangsters, the corrupt politicians and police, that truly run the joint we once called western civilization.

While meeting those who have no fear of murder and violence to intimidate and instill fear in those they rule over can be a shock, it is also a lesson and wake up call to reality. All rage and anger toward feminism and women is just the whining of rich boys of The West who have never known real hardship and oppression. Valid to be sure, but a selfish and superficial response to the times we live in and what must be done to correct the path The West and Man now finds itself on.

The Red Pill is, as Ducard correctly surmises... a choice.

But a choice leading to where?

Every man who is looking deep within himself to rediscover his masculinity, his manhood, his dignity and self-respect, is doing so by choice. In looking to rediscover just what makes the capital M in Man, western men are first and foremost leading the charge toward truth and justice. Two of the five (love, liberty and respect the other three) ideals that I believe is the true path of Man and masculinity.

While the Red Pill made us angry, it also bonded all western men in shared hatred of the evil and injustice that is feminism and globalism.

But something went wrong. Somewhere along the way in our blind, angry rush to recover and rediscover Man... we got lost, and hopelessly so.

That wrong turn was the Red Pill pursuit of ego gratification.

Game. Hustle. Chasing pussy and making bank.

This is the epitome of the independent alpha male who has escaped corporate 9-to-5 slavery and also the cage of tradcon morality and family "cause divorce & hypergamy." Does this scene not epitomize the pursuit of alpha male dominance, of "frame", of not caring what happens to the world so long as I get mine? It was in this scene that Katie Holmes' character Rachel makes the stark contrast between Man, capital M, and the Red Pill alpha playboy crystal clear.

RACHEL: The job's [fighting criminals and the corrupt] getting worse.

BRUCE: Can't change the world on your own. [what me worry apathy of the woke RP alpha male chad]

RACHEL: What choice do I have. You're too busy... swimming. [living life for his own ego and gratification]

BRUCE: Rachel... all of, all this. It's not... me. Inside, I am... I am more.

[European hotties in the background calling Bruce to continue the alpha playboy fun of the evening.]

RACHEL: Bruce, deep down you may still be the same great kid you used to be, but it's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you.

God created woman to force Man to see the truth of his being.

A good woman that is.

And it is every little boys dream to grow up to be the hero that fights the bad guy and wins the girl. This is why hero icon worship is now so viciously attacked by feminists and globalists. We can't have boys thinking about becoming a hero. But it was not just Bruce Wayne the alpha playboy that was relishing his ego and the gratification of it. Batman too, the persona and mask he donned to express that which was "inside" him, also became just another path toward its own selfish ends.

ALFRED: When you told me your grand plan for saving Gotham, the only thing that stopped me from calling the men in white coats was when you said it wasn't about thrill seeking. [i.e. ego gratification]

BRUCE: It's not.

ALFRED: What would you call that? [Alfred points to news footage of the chaos of Batman's car rampage against police.]

BRUCE: Damn good television!

ALFRED: It's a miracle no one was killed.

BRUCE: I didn't have the time to observe the rules of the road Alfred.

ALFRED: You're getting lost inside this monster of yours.

BRUCE: I'm using this monster to help other people, just like my father did.

ALFRED: For Thomas Wayne, helping others was not about proving anything to anyone, including himself.

BRUCE: It's Rachel Alfred. She was dying. She's downstairs sedated. I need you to take her home.

ALFRED: We both care for Rachel, but what you're doing HAS TO BE BEYOND THAT. It can't be personal, or your just a vigilante.

BRUCE: Is Fox still here?

ALFRED: Yes sir.

BRUCE: We need to send these people away now.

ALFRED: Those are Bruce Wayne's guests out there. You have a name to maintain.

BRUCE: I don't care about my name.

ALFRED: It's not just your name sir. IT'S YOUR FATHER'S NAME. And it's all that's left of him. Don't destroy it.

Legacy. This is what the Red Pill and alpha male worship is destroying in western men's lives. They believe they are woke, but they are destroying everything their father and every patriarch on down his genetic line ever fought, and died, to leave for future generations. You've seen the memes of immigrants running amock, of women slutting it up and the tag line "Is this what men died for in World War II?" The same can also be asked of many western Red Pill men today. Game. Hustle. Political apathy and indifference to injustice and corruption "so long as I get mine." It's not just daughters that are making those WWII vets roll in their graves, it's the sons that came after them as well.

The Red Pill has created a monster of Man. A grotesque caricature that, while helpful, may be doing more harm than good to both himself and the very civilization, very culture and history, he thought he was fighting to save.

Becoming a Man is not about embracing your ego and gratification of it, it's about rejecting it and making others your first and foremost concern.

Which is not to say a Man dissolves his ego completely, to never seek out and attain what he wants from life.

If you want to truly manifest your deepest and most authentic masculinity, you have to devout yourself to an ideal that serves the greater good, a larger purpose, than just you.

Most Red Pill men are vigilantes, not heroes. Everything the say and do reflects this. They are becoming neither heroes nor legends, just passing flickers of light in the ever fading rays of history. The desire to strike a blow against feminism and globalists has led to the egotistical use of women (or outright rejection of them) and to find a lifehack around a job and corporate slavery (i.e. passive online income and crypto currencies). Is this Man, capital M, in the 21st century?

I am... more.

This is why the alpha male chad playboy is ultimately a hollow shell of a man. He may meet such a good woman as Rachel, and she may spark that awakening in him that he can or should be more, but how many western men today want to heed, let alone hear, that challenge from a good woman today?

The "more" that western men are looking for is the big, giant and divine capital M in Man.

It's not found in money, women or independence.

Only truth and justice for the sake of others, and the will to act on and for both.

Your anger gives you great power, but if you let it, it will destroy you, as it almost did me.

This is the difference between a Man, capital M, and the Red Pill alpha playboy.

A Man processes his anger and channels it toward truth and justice.

A vigilante merely lashes out at his oppressor, taking the quick and easy victory (i.e. lay) where he can, no matter the cost to the sure footing that is his illusion of alpha male independence from the world and the consequences in it of not becoming a Man, capital M.

And therein lies the real danger of the Red Pill.

Anger blinds. Anger is what drove Bruce to want to kill the murderer of his parents, but when the mafia got to him first, he saw the path of violence only leads to more of it. Physical confrontation may be needed to confront injustice and fight for truth, but the blind hammer of force makes every problem Man faces in life a nail.

This is the line that separates Man from tyrant. That line, of morality and true justice, not revenge and retribution, is what separates us from them. It's the line that guides Man onto the correct path.

The temptation to cross the line of morality, to blur moral truth for one's own ego and its gratification, is the real risk Red Pill men will have to confront.

One path leads to becoming Batman and the Dark Knight, to becoming a legend for truth and justice.

The other to Ra's Al Ghul and the delusional tyranny of the alpha male who will do anything to gratify his own ego.

Those who claim there is no line - i.e. that advocating for both traditional conservative morality AND Red Pill/Game hedonistic abandon - are nothing less than Satan whispering to Eve that God does not want you to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge in order to not become like Him.

You will see this all over Twitter in the RP sphere. The coming confrontation between true Man, capital M, and those who pretend there is no truth. Man is not perfect, but he is either striving to become so or descending further down the ladder toward corruption. Man cannot be both immoral and moral and expect to become whole or find peace.

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Matthew 6:24

All argumentation about what the purple pill is can be reduced to this one quote from the Book of Matthew.

You don't even have to be Christian to see the truth in this statement.

Man... is either a moral being, or he is not. He is either choosing to become moral, or he is turning away from moral truth.

This is the conflict between tradcons and the Red Pill voices up to now. The choice between returning to true patriarchy, moral truth, or continuing down the path of amoral relativity.

The one path leads to regeneration of Man and The West, the return of the dream that was Rome.

The other...

BRUCE: You're going to destroy millions of lives.

RA'S: Only a cynical man would call what these people have lives, Wayne. Crime. Despair. This was not how Man was supposed to live. The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome. Loaded trade ships with plague rats. Burned London to the ground. Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance.

BRUCE: Gotham isn't beyond saving. Give me more time. There are good people here.

RA'S: You are defending a city so corrupt, we have infiltrated every level of it's infrastructure.

You cannot watch this film today and not hear the words of Donald Trump on the campaign trail to the White House in 2016.

This is why some criticize me as being too negative about the future of The West and the dream that was Rome. There does come a point of no return. Donald Trump is a sign The West is fast approaching the point of no return. Italy's nationalist and populist revolt is another sign the end is nigh.

RA'S: No one can save Gotham. When a forest grows to wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural. Tomorrow, the world will watch in horror as it's greatest city (The West) destroys itself. The movement back to harmony will be unstoppable this time.

BRUCE: You have tried to sack Gotham before?

RA'S: Of course. Over the ages, our weapons have grown more sophisticated. With Gotham, we tried a new one, economics. But, we underestimated certain of Gotham's citizens, such as your parents. Gunned down by one of the very people they were trying to help. Create enough hunger, and everyone becomes a criminal. Their deaths galvanized the city into saving itself, and Gotham has limped on ever since. We are back to finish the job. And this time, no misguided idealists will get in the way.

The greatest generation in western history were those very idealists that saved Gotham from economic and military destruction in the 20th century. The men who fought in World War II came home and refused to give up the ideals they fought to preserve - liberty, democracy, capitalism - for the tyranny of Communism that was then threatening the globe and is now on the verge of becoming standard education for young American minds.

If you cannot see that Nolan was channeling John F Kennedy in Ducard/Ra's explanation of the function of the League Of Shadows as being the same deep state, globalist forces Kennedy exposed as secret societies... you are blind, deaf and dumb. Nolan knew very well what he wanted to portray, in words and images, in this film. Batman begins is about the beginning of the return to real truth and justice, not the truth and justice of the tyranny of shadow governments and secret societies.

But... we can only win that war against evil and injustice if western men return to the very values and beliefs that allowed us to win the war against Fascism in Europe and Communism at home.

But will they?

Rome did collapse. Accepting that The West may now share it's fate, a second time, is not to be defeatist. In fact, it may be necessary. For the tyrants, both those who would enslave and those who believe they are freeing, will never accept that an ideal is not supposed to be attained, but strived for. It is in the striving that we become men.

The West may need the energy of collapse in order to re-energize the will to act in Man that will inspire him to return to truth and justice, to nation and land, to wife and family, to legacy and... legend.

Rome rebuilt. Better than ever. Brick by brick. With stronger foundations for the future.

When I heard you were back... I started to hope.

This is what women want.

Real men, not boys wearing an alpha male mask.

No matter how much evidence or real life experience the alpha playboys will tell you about the truth of hypergamy and woman's inability to be logical and moral, this is merely a reflection of the times and the choices women are making in the absence of leadership by men. It is also a reflection of the kind of women these playboys attract.

Man does not fight for truth and justice for women, but because it is his purpose, the answer to why he was created. This is the path.

This final scene could be a strong argument that the path of truth and justice will not make you successful with women. It would be hard to refute, for Rachel does reject Bruce for becoming the Man he is, not the man he was whom she once loved.

But this rejection proves the central theme of this blog.

A man is not defined by success with women, but by the ideals he strives to uphold.

Would Batman be Batman if he threw away his fight against criminals and injustice for pussy?

No. Rachel knows this even though Bruce still hopes to have a relationship with her.

Every woman knows... a man is defined by the legacy he builds.

Not for himself, not for her, but for future generations.

Those generations being of his loins or not is not the issue. The issue is... as men, have we left the world in a better or worse state for our being here? This is why the call to authentic manhood and masculinity is so intimidating.

"You mean I have to do MORE than just be successful at getting laid and making money to call myself a Man?"

No Man becomes a legend men look up to because he was a slayer of pussy and a master at making money.

A Man becomes a legend... because his life speaks to the truth of Man for ages to come.

Even though Donald Trump is inspiring to many men right now, he is still a deeply flawed man whose ego clearly holds great power and influence over everything he does. Trump is the best America could get in the 21st century, but he is far from the mark of true leadership America deserves.

Perhaps the end of The West will turn out to simply be a new beginning. Not someting to fear, but something to look forward to with hope and courage.

But you have to choose it.

Western men have to choose to walk the true path of Man, of truth and justice.

But will you?

Strength & Honor


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