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Become a man who has standards, and feminism is crushed by default.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | August 19, 2017 | 8 minute read

Why does this blog harp on becoming a Man, capital M?

Many of my critics will decry a lot of my writing to be either old fashioned, out of touch or too simplistically metaphysical/abstract to be applicable to a young man today.

But I ask you this my young pup.

Does the Man in that photo above, with the woman on his lap in complete adoration, look like a Man that is concerned about hypergamy, gynocentrism or holding frame and maintaining alpha dominance?


I think not!

Yes, things have changed as you say.

Western women today are now what you religiously sing to be hypergamous and thus, becoming her alpha male clown is the best strategy for a 21st century young man to adopt if he is going to have the feminine in his life. In short, the player, the cad, the playboy. This is one type of man the Red Pill has created in The West. The other type has grown out of the gynocentric and misandric obsessed MGTOW philosophy. A man that goes his own way and has nothing to do with women, completely denying his masculine nature to breed, to fuck, to have his sexual needs not just met, but satisfied. With all the politicians and feminist SJW's constantly inventing new micro-aggressions, soon, hell right now, it is going to be criminal to be a heterosexual male.

I understand your pain.

I know your anger.

Now I ask you the tough question I asked myself...

Will any of this Red Pill knowledge - cad or nomad - truly, honestly, in your heart, make you a Man and destroy feminism?

I say to you no.

I want to tell you the truth.

The truth about why feminism has succeeded. In that answer will also be the solution to ending feminism, which is well on its way out during this renewed time of patriarchal renaissance.

Men stopped being men.


I told you it would be simplistic. But is it really?

When you first learn how to throw a punch in karate or kung fu, a punch seems pretty simple.

You ball up your fist.

You swing your arm.

You hit the guy.

But after you begin to study, begin to research, begin to practice and apply the knowledge of how to punch - stance, centering, power generation, focus point, bone alignment, etc - suddenly, a punch is not a punch, it is this complex, complicated, highly sophisticated art form. But if you stick to your training. If you actually attain a black belt or any first degree ranking in a martial art. If you continue to think about and practice punching, eventually you reach a point of enlightenment.

You realize, a punch really is just a punch.

What was missing before was not a lack of knowledge of what is a punch, but a lack of being.

Of simply letting a punch BE a punch.

Instead of obsessing about how to act, walk and talk like a man... just BE one.

We are at the tipping point before an explosion of new Men, capital M, in this patriarchal renaissance. The Red Pill may be the awakening, the removing of the veil, the unplugging from the matrix of feminist indoctrination of the equality of the sexes, but in swallowing the truth and not the lie, too many men are now leading lives of either dissipated hedonistic pleasure or overt ascetic withdrawal from the world entirely.

PUA/Game Vs MGTOW they call it.

A battle of ideology and philosophy, of intellects great and wide on the nature of Man, most of it based solely on his biology, not his spirituality, his divine essence.

I say to you, all this talk of hypergamy and gynocentrism is poppycock.

That's right, you heard me, poppycock.

Women are driven to always mate with the best genes and will trade up in a heartbeat if given the chance for either better resources (i.e. money) or better genes (i.e. good looks) or both.

News flash!!! Story at 11. Don't miss out on the most amazing truth on the nature of women ever revealed!!!


Women have always held the lion's share of power over men. In society, in the home, in his heart. Men are yoked to a female for her pleasure AND service, all to the detriment of said man's freedom and happiness.

This is a radical discovery?

A watershed revelation of historical proportions?

My God man, what did you expect from a woman?

That she would love and care for you because you are a nice guy?

Who forced you to believe that?

That women are cold and calculating in their plan to use a man for his utility, for provision and yes, even for sex, and then dispose of him?

When was this ever not the case in the entirety of human history?

If given the vote, women would over time elect in a vicious, man hating, fascist totalitarian state that yokes all men under the goddess' rule and punishes any man who dares step out of line?

Why are you so shocked, angry and surprised?

The only shock, anger and surprise you should be feeling is that you are 100% responsible for everything you ever choose to believe.

YOU... did not question your parents.

YOU... did not demand respect when your masculine soul told you it was being violated.

YOU... did not walk away when others told you what to believe or how to live your life.

YOU... accepted, blue or red pill, that "this is just the way it is now."

YOU... actually listened to the whining and complaining of women, something our forefathers would NEVER have done.

YOU... chose to believe that we men are the sole source and cause of all evil in the world.

YOU... bent over backwards to show women, society, your parents how sorry you were for being a Man and and how right they were for despising your very nature.

YOU... all of us men in The West... let feminism get to where it is today.

And we... WE MEN... will end it.

Ponder this my young lad... in only a little more than a decade... A MERE 15 YEARS... we have already, with just a few blogs and some internet chatrooms and forums... penetrated the mainstream of the feminist Red Army that is academia and the Wall Street owned-and-controlled media and exposed their idiocy and hypocrisy for the entire world to see.

And that is just ONE YOUNG GUY!!!

And more and more men are waking up every day.

I am talking serious, exponential, compounding, stratospheric awakening here.

To crush feminism, we only have to do one thing.

Become men again.

Yet again, my critics will decry this philosophy of Man, capital M, to be childishly simplistic.

How do we become men?

What is the plan?

The template?

The model?

The blueprint?

In starting this blog, I am trying to give you my answers to this question of how to become men once again.

If you find my thinking simplistic, it is because that is what a man is, simple.

Hungry? Go get something to eat.

Blue balls? Talk to enough women and you will find one who will want to fuck you.

Money problems? Sit down, look at your situation, your resources, and work out a plan to acquire more bank.

Why do western men in the 21st century complicate being men?

I think it is for one reason and one reason only.

We have no standards for ourselves anymore.

I am not talking about what society believes the standard of Man should be. Or your parents. Or religion. Or even me as author of this blog.

What are your standards for yourself?

When men set standards for themselves, men will become men once again.

What is your standard in a woman? In a friend? In your finances?

What do you feel you must have to be happy, to live your life the way you want it, within a context of respecting the rights of other men to do the same?

Do this... set down some freaking standards... and all manner of shit will change in your life, not just the crushing defeat of feminism.

Let us now return to the photo that opened this post.

What do you see on that man's face?

Alpha male frame control?

A smile of insider knowledge of the female's hypergamous nature?


What you are looking at is a man who has standards.

Standards for his life and any women who would be BLESSED to be let into his world.

You don't have to be an asshole to have standards. You simply have lines that are not crossed.

Men in The West have let women cross the line of acceptable behaviour and respect toward them for far, far too long.

Draw that line.

Show a woman you are a Man with standards she must respect.

And feminism is crushed by default.

Strength & Honor

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