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Becoming Aragorn: Kings Shall Rise Once More In The West

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 5, 2018 | 18 minute read

If western men want their women to return to the traditional role of wife and mother, they themselves are going to have to become Kings; the authority and defender once more of love, truth, justice, liberty and respect in The West.

It is one thing to call on western women to start pushing out white babies to save The West, but to fail to call out the abysmal state of the western male for these future moms-to-be to choose from is to forget that it still takes two to tango.

While we western men cannot birth the future, the true fate of The West lies...

In it's men finally deciding to grow up - to stop chasing pussy like a chad, or cutting oneself off from women/life in a cave of virgin MGTOW solitude.

This... this... is the state of western man.

Sad. Pathetic. Embarrassing by all accounts and measures.

If I was a woman, I too would focus on my education and career if this is my only two options in terms of 'men' to partner with to bring forth new human life into the world.

The alpha vs the beta. The chad vs the virgin. "Where is this incel phenomenon coming from?"

I will tell you where... from men abusing and bullying other men as not being men in upholding as the example of masculinity (the chad) as the only possible path to becoming a Man.

Is Alpha Male Obsession Holding Back The Patriarchal-Renaissance? is one of my earliest articles when I started this blog. In it I stated...

We need more men of character, not alpha males.

This was the theme of that post. The focus on character, on virtue, on excellence in Man that has been lost in The West by Red Pill men who have taken a pathological view of manhood and masculinity by either:

a) making pussy and non-committal fornication the holy grail of their entire lived existence


b) pushing pussy away in utter contempt and disdain for the feminine half of the human race.

What else can you call the virgin/chad meme but psychological torture of men by other men for not getting laid? Seriously. Do you need a crayon for me to connect the dots?

There is no more exhortation among western men to become a leader, not an alpha male. If you are not having sex, you are not a man. Involuntarily celibate or not, if this - the chad - is what is being upheld as the "new man & masculine" model of manhood in The West...

Incel men are not angry at not getting laid, they are outraged at the utter degenerate state of humanity in The West - both men and women.

Man... is the gender that knows best what is right from wrong, what is virtue and what is vice. To exhort to woman vice as virtue is a simple matter, for she is emotional, material and easily persuaded by lies and deception (Eve). But for Man (Adam), to voluntarily choose wrongly (Eve does not deceive Adam, she asks him to choose to partake), to elevate vice to virtue, is to go against not just God, but his very reason for being created as the highest and most noble of all creatures.

The return of Man, capital M, is the return of Kings, not alpha male chads.

There is no other way. There is no "new way forward." There is no other alternative to save The West.

Western men either return to moral truth, to strength of character, to personal honor, to virtue and respect for both men and women... or Islam takes over, and maybe for the best in the end.

Lord Of The Rings was a film like no other. It's a visual work of moving art inspired by a literary work created by Tolkien to give Europe it's own authentic mythology for it's peoples. Europeans had been living on the pagan myths of Greece & Rome for centuries when Christianity displaced the mishmash patchwork of barbarian religions across all of continental Europe. Beyond even myth however, the goal of LOTR (if I remember correctly), and as related in this book J.R.R. Tolkien's Sanctifying Myth Understanding Middle-Earth, was to use myth and allegory to return an increasingly atheist and materialist/science focused Enlightenment era to God, spirit and the true faith of European Man in Tolkein's estimation - the Catholic Church.

LOTR was Tolkien's attempt to honor his friends lost in the horror of the trenches of World War I. To give meaning to their deaths and to the lives of all men who survived that nightmare. To remind Man it is not this world that is important, though it should also be celebrated, but that other world, the world of the spirit of Man, his divinity given to him by God, his Creator, that is to be truly worshipped and honored.

The character of Aragorn is clearly a pagan inspired mythological interpretation and allegory of Christ, the King of Kings. The Man whom all men are to model themselves after to come close to the divine purpose for Man's creation; to become like the image of God contained within him. In analyzing Aragorn, some themes of Man, capital M, become glaringly apparent.

The Outsider By A Name Not His Own

Aragorn starts out in the story as a ranger, a man living outside normal society and beyond it's laws not because he is a deviant or criminal, but because he has become an outcast. A man who has cast himself out of his own heart and the truth of his very nature - the divine calling to become a King and lead himself, and others, to freedom and the truth.

Protector Of The Weak & Innocent

A man living on the edge of society and thus able to diagnose without bias the real threats to it. Able to live and survive wholly on his own with little dependence on others, he none the less decides to help and protect those who cannot do so for themselves. Selfless. Tireless. He never gives up in his quest to ensure justice and peace are what come to pass, and that evil itself is defeated, even if the cost to do so means his own death.

Truth Teller

Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.

Truth. Boldly spoken. With courage and conviction.

In times of war, truth is the first casualty. The truth of Man is not the hustle, nor the pussy, and most definitely not a retreat into solitude and to withdraw oneself form the world of men, and women, and the innocents left unprotected by Man's inaction to confront the truth of the threats and dangers he is destined by God to overcome.

Only a fool flies off into the fantasy of an adventurous life totally independent of not just women, but the bond of brotherhood and fellowship to his fellow Man. To be that good man of honest truth, whether spoken softly with compassion, or bluntly with prejudice, to guide other men back to the path of authentic masculinity once more.

Leader & Authority

Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.

A King first becomes leader of himself.

If you cannot lead yourself, you will never lead others.

A man must know it is his duty to lead. But lead to where? To the hustle and money? To Game and pussy? To the cave of MGTOW retreat from the enemies at his gate that threaten his very destruction?

Every man has to make a choice about who he is and what he will do with the time he is given on this earth. He can only lead himself, and in so doing, inspire others to also lead their lives... in the right direction, that of hope for the future, not despair and nihilism.

THEODEN: For glory and for death. [for ego, for oneself.]

ARAGORN: For Rohan... for your people. [for the compassion and need of others]

A king does not have subjects so much as he has those who trust in the direction he has chosen for himself in life.

To choose a direction is to take authority over your life. To take authority over your life is to realize you are responsible for it, that only you can decide how to respond to the time and place of your being alive, and the fate by which God has placed you there to make such choices.

But to lead, to take authority over your life requires...

Faith & Belief In What Is Right

A King leads... by doing right and letting go.

He knows the choices he makes to affect his environment, to alter his fate and that of others, only extend so far.

In the end, a leader must be wise enough to know what is the right thing to do in any given circumstance. Not what is most expedient, profitable or that which would further his own selfish, egotistical and narcissistic wants and needs.

To do what is right is to do right by others as much as by oneself.

And in doing right by others, you do right by yourself and your purpose for being created - to know right from wrong. To have faith & belief that in letting go of that which you know you cannot control, all will work out right because you have tried your best to do what is right.

What more can a Man, a King, do?

If you have done what is right... have faith that justice and truth will prevail.

Respect & Honor Toward Women

While a return of patriarchy means the end of feminism, we must not forget that women too have a deep seated desire to want to contribute and make their mark on the world. The problem with western women today is not their drive to succeed, it's the pathological and delusional belief they can abandon and denigrate entirely the role of wife and mother; to replace Man as leader and protector of humanity.

Every woman has the spark of valor in her to become a hero.

The desire to fight for justice, for freedom, for truth is just as strong in woman as it is in man, but she must also accept that her nature, being physically weaker, will never allow her to fully embrace this role. Yet, she must on some level because if she is unable to defend herself, perhaps even her partner in the battle of life, she will lose him and her offspring to men (and it will be men) who wish to take all that she loves away from her.

To deny this drive is within woman is to deny her humanity and a part of Man's as well.

But to feed her delusions that she is on par with Man in this regard is to do her great disrespect and dishonor. For if a woman rushes foolishly into battle thinking she is Man's equal, he will very, very, very quickly remind her she is not.

This is what we see in this scene. While clearly an expression of the feminine desire for valour and honor, once swords clash with real men of strength who posses both, a woman is reminded that while she is respected, she will never be Man's equal.

Real men have no fear of strong women, but strong women all fear strong men.

For if a man is strong, she will have to make a choice. To fight him for authority and leadership, or submit to him and be happy as a respected partner to Man.

Aragorn makes it clear to Eowyn: You have strength. You are capable. You will make a contribution to society and to the world, but do not fool yourself as to who is the real authority in it, one you must respect if you wish to be respected in return.

Respect... is a two way street.

Both sexes have to give it to get it, but Man will always and should always be more honored on the whole for his role and ability to actually become King and thus protect woman to allow her to be free to contribute her talents to the world.

Strength & Honor Toward Men

Where is the strength & honor between western men today? Why are we splitting hairs about pill colours and greek letters in trying to redefine ourselves as men? As if Man ever needed redefining!

Brotherhood is built and secured by trust and love, knowing each man carries within him the cares and worries, the fears and hopes, for the best for his brothers in this short life.

Women. Ha! Money. Ha! A King cares not for such crude matters.

What a King cares about first and foremost is companionship in this harsh world. To share laughter and sorrow, triumphs and defeats with fellow men whose strength of character, whose word of honor, is as sure and true as the sun's rising in the East.

Be alpha or die. Ha! Beta virgins are losers. Ha!

A King does not judge his brother by any criteria other than this.

Will he keep his word?

Will he be true to his friends?

Will he do what is right even if it means raining catastrophe down upon his head and losing all that he has?

Will he... die to save those he loves?

Can you see now how shallow, how hollow, how utterly desolate of creed and conviction western Red Pill 'men' have become?

Courage & Conviction

"Then I will die as one of them!!!"

What do you stand for? Are you willing to die for it? Do western men even have the stones to declare this is once what Man was a long, long time ago in The West?

Women and feminism took over... because western men refused to accept the role of King any longer and the responsibility that goes with it.

To stand for something and be willing to die defending that belief.

They refused... to have standards.

They refused... to lay down rules that must be followed by all.

They refused... to even begin to walk with path toward Man, capital M, and authentic masculinity.

They refused... to even believe the most basic principles of masculinity.

They refused... to simply grow a pair of balls.

And we wonder why The West is falling.

And we blame women... women!... for the state of Man and his corruption, just as Adam blamed Eve for disobeying God in the garden that cast him out into the material world to toil and sweat and labour for his daily bread to the day he dies.

And we wonder why our women lament "Where have all the real men gone?"

Humility & Deference

While strong in spirit, a King becomes so only because he humbles himself by knowing his own weaknesses. His deference to being unworthy to lead is not for lack of confidence in himself, but for the fear of not being fully aware of the faults within him that may betray his purpose and cause his downfall.

A man who is not afraid even a little of his character falling short of the mark of excellence, is not man who should ever be trusted with leadership.

A wise King knows he is flawed. A fool believes he is flawless.

While a man should never wallow and be drowned in anxious thoughts of not being good enough, of being deeply flawed and beyond redemption, he must always walk in the world with deference and humility toward all. For in humbling himself and elevating others, he ensures he will never make a step in arrogance and pride that will lead to error, to blame, to catastrophe.

Love & Laughter

A man that refuses to love women is a man who refuses to love himself.

A man that cannot laugh at life, to smile even in the face of death, is a man who has failed to even remotely become one.

Where is love and laughter in this world? There is none in the Red Pill nor feminism for either sex.

How many are out there who crossed your path and fell deeply in love with you that you will never know?

How many who, by your smile and laugh, caused them to turn away from despair and suicide and see the light of the world and all that is good in it without you ever knowing it?

I know this to be true because my sensei told me a story of it happening to him. A woman who was training in his dojo at some point came up to him and told him she had to leave. That she was in love with him and that she could simply no longer be around him and have it not returned. He never encouraged this love in her. I don't think he ever spent time with her other than in the dojo. Was she crazy, delusional as the more Red Pill cynical will believe?


She was simply human.

To love is our most fundamental reason for existence in each others lives.

But where is this spoken now in The West, men or women? Relationship coaching has been reduced to learning how to assert frame and pass shit tests, as if such things were even a trifle of a concern for men who were once real men.

Personally... I will never forget leaving the movie theatre with a lady and, as we walked passed the mall stores still open, I saw a woman standing at the counter till with the most downcast face. I looked at her, wondering what her life must be to cast such a gloomy visage and just as I thought it... she looked up and her eyes met mine. I smiled... and looked right into her... and she smiled back. Did I make her day better, even if only for a minute? Or did I spark a renewed sense of love and hope and purpose I will never know about?

One of the reasons I never fully adopted the Red Pill is not because I refuse to see the truth (i.e. female nature) but because there was no laughter in this community. Life is now just one long bitch session about how slutty women are (if you are gaming them) or how evil and manipulative they are (if you aren't and went MGTOW).

Man... is the one who brings love & laughter into the world.

He is the only one that has to face life at its most demanding, survival, and know that in the end, one's fate is in the hands of God as to success or failure. Man has to laugh at life because the only other choice is to cry, and what kind of man is that!

The seeking of an authentic connection with a woman is for the sole purpose of bringing a smile to her face and putting laughter in her soul. Any man who is capable of doing this will never be for want of women in his life. He will be attractive for the very reason he is laughing in the first place - knowing that no woman can or ever will replace his love for life itself, with her or without her.

What we have know in The West are wretched men. Men who refuse to grow up and love life, and women, in spite of both their natures.

To laugh at her attempts to make you jealous. To roar with mirth at her little games to get you to give up your authority and bend your mind to her will.

You will know you are in the presence of a real man... when his laughter is so deep and true it reverberates through your very soul.

Where are these men? No wonder our women want nothing to do with us.

Embrace the destiny you have forever been running from.

What more need I say men of The West?

When you will put aside the boy and become a Man, capital M?

When will you embrace the love and laughter, the strength and honor, the humility and courage to simply grow up and embrace who you are?

When will you put away the cheats and the hacks, the cold showers and nootropics, the obsession with "holding frame" and passing "shit tests"?

When will you...

When will you?

Become a King, a man other men look up to with respect, pride and honor?

The Man is never that far removed from the role he plays in the pageant of life.

The only way for incel men and boys to return to the world is if we begin to judge Man by what and who he is.

Not his job or career.

Not his wealth and status.

Not his sex life or success with women.

Love. Truth. Justice. Liberty. Respect.

Man, capital M.

Strength & Honor


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