Writings On Man, Masculinty And The Emerging Patriarchal Renaissance

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Stop Being Her Clown - Why Game May Be Limiting Your Masculine Growth

There is a fine line between having good Game and becoming a woman's clown - her personal on-call entertainment dildo. Sadly, many young men today believe becoming her...


The Masculine Effect

The only way I am going to gain any credibility in the manosphere is if I write from personal, lived experience. What I have to say about man and masculinity strays from the ...


Superman Man Of Steel & The Five Principles Of Masculinity

There are a lot of young boys in The West who have never had a father. Never had a man, especially one from the greatest generation, tell them the five most important principles...


Robin Williams - A Lesson For Young Men On Love & Hope

Robin Williams was a comic genius born with a creative imagination that flew at warp speed. He was also one of the most gifted dramatic actors to have ever graced the silver...


Lifestyle Or A Style Of Mind - What Is Your Mission?

Black Label Logic (BLL) wrote an excellent article on how men need to find their life mission in order to become men. It's an important topic I will be writing about in future...


How To Channel MGTOW Red Pill Rage Into Your Own Masculine Renaissance

Rage is a normal reaction to being lied to and discovering everything you were taught to believe about women and "how to be a man" was complete bullshit. Total, utter and...


Chosen Or Chooser - Which One Are You?

George Clooney may now be married, but the bachelor-of-bachelor’s still has a great lesson to teach young men of today. Choose or be chosen. In my experience, when you strip...


Is Alpha Male Obsession Holding Back The Patriarchal-Renaissance?

Be Alpha. Period. The Alpha Mindset is a religion now for many young Millenial men. If you are a young man in your 20s who has taken the Red Pill, your mantra is "Be alpha or...


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