Writings On Man, Masculinty And The Emerging Patriarchal Renaissance

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What Is A Man? Hamlet On The Masculine Path

"What is a man?" Hamlet is not the only man to ask this question. It has been asked by every man, from pauper to prince to pope, because in being a Man, his nature calls out,...


Eight Reasons Why Wonder Woman Was A Vindication Of Patriarchy

Not gonna lie. I absolutely loved the Wonder Woman film. I was of course as skeptical as the next Red Pilled Man, but when I watched the trailer and saw the chemistry between...


Superman Man Of Steel & The Five Principles Of Masculinity

There are a lot of young boys in The West who have never had a father. Never had a man, especially one from the greatest generation, tell them the five most important principles...


Return Of The King - Become A Leader, Not An Alpha Male

No matter what manosphere camp you fall into - MRA, Game & Neomasculinty, MGTOW - there seems to be one topic on the nature of Man that almost no one writes...


Lovers vs. Haters - Jerry Maguire And The End Of Love Culture In The West

Something has gone wrong in The West. Seriously wrong. What we have today in western society - our so called modern, diverse, inclusive and enlightened western feminist...


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