Writings On Man, Masculinty And The Emerging Patriarchal Renaissance

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The New Rules Of Patriarchy

"What are the rules of patriarchy?" This was a question posed to me on Twitter by a woman going by the handle Submissive Wife. She then later told me to fuck off, but what else...


Eight Reasons Why Wonder Woman Was A Vindication Of Patriarchy

Not gonna lie. I absolutely loved the Wonder Woman film. I was of course as skeptical as the next Red Pilled Man, but when I watched the trailer and saw the chemistry between...


Why Belief In God Will Make Or Break A New Patriarchy

A new patriarchal renaissance will, in my estimation, only take off when Man comes, once again, to a firm conclusion on the existence and nature of God. While this may sound...


On Leaders & Leadership - The Fear Of Manning Up

To lead is to be masculine. To be a leader is to be a Man. There are few fictional characters in the Western mythos of masculinity that embodies the principle I am about to...


Return Of The King - Become A Leader, Not An Alpha Male

No matter what manosphere camp you fall into - MRA, Game & Neomasculinty, MGTOW - there seems to be one topic on the nature of Man that almost no one writes...


Respect Is All

Respect. Every man wants it, but none know how to get it. The crisis of Man in The West is one of a profound lack of understanding about how to get and hold respect, from both...


Without the male, evolution is impossible.

Evolution it seems is on the side of men - men who choose that is. For without males who choose wisely, selectively, the human race will not advance. Before you scream fascist...


Is Alpha Male Obsession Holding Back The Patriarchal-Renaissance?

Be Alpha. Period. The Alpha Mindset is a religion now for many young Millenial men. If you are a young man in your 20s who has taken the Red Pill, your mantra is "Be alpha or...


Patriarchy Is A Choice - Choose It Or Lose It

Contrary to what many believe, patriarchy is not inevitable and has not been 'forever'. Far from man-as-leader being the default mode of societal operation, patriarchy as a way...


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