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By Their Fruits: How Christianity Made The West The Best

Maximus Decimus Meridius | March 31, 2018 | 27 minute read

It is Easter. A time that used to be sacred in The West but is now, for the vast majority of secular, atheist and materialist non-believers, just another long weekend. How many families, who openly don't believe in God or Christ, will be travelling about getting together just because they can? Or, sadly, maybe they won't be and Christmas is the only time to do so because, you know, gifts!!!

I have been reading the Bible. A simple statement of fact. I completed the New Testament for the 2nd time in my life at Christmas last year and found myself seeing a whole new level to the text and the argument put forth by Paul for the religion that would come to be known by the man his followers proclaimed to be God - Christians. In reading the rest of old Testament now (the first five books completed a few years back), I am beginning to see why The New Testament is a new convenant. It dispenses completely with all the sorrowful lamentations and arguing with God about the fate of Man or why God appears to be totally indifferent to mankind's suffering.

In short, The New Testament freed Man to be himself and follow God.

A simple enough statement to make, but can it be proven? What was it, specifically, about the message of Jesus Christ that, by The West adoption's of it, freed western Man to come to dominante the whole of the earth? Make no mistake - The West's dominance is why it and Christianity is so rabidly and virulently hated by it's enemies.

This post is my answer to that question of why everyone hates The West and the religion that was it's foundation and triumph.

I - Love is the root foundation of Man's power and authority on earth.

For those who may be averse to Christ and his message, I want you to simply consider my argument for what it is - a Platonic idea, a form, of what is true about Man.

That idea is this.

Love is not just the message of The New Testament (TNT), it is the core of it.

Love thy neighbour as thy self.

Love even thine enemy.

Anger is the entirety of the old Testament. Anger is what God shows the most toward his chosen people. Over and over again, God gets angry with the disobedience of the children of Israel and punishes them. The kingdom they form is full of all the sins of the 10 Commandments and when that kingdom is taken away on account of those sins, Jews begin to question if God has forsaken them completely.

Beginning with the reality of disaster, Lamentations concludes with the bitter possibility that God may have finally rejected Israel (chapter 5:22).

Sufferers in the face of grief are not urged to a confidence in the goodness of God; in fact God is accountable for the disaster. The poet acknowledges that this suffering is a just punishment, still God is held to have had choice over whether to act in this way and at this time.

Hope arises from a recollection of God's past goodness, but although this justifies a cry to God to act in deliverance, there is no guarantee that he will. Repentance will not persuade God to be gracious, since he is free to give or withhold grace as he chooses.

In the end, the possibility is that God has finally rejected his people and may not again deliver them: if God is predictable, then God is just a tool of humans. Nevertheless, it also affirms confidence that the mercies of Yahweh (the God of Israel) never end, but are new every morning (3:22–33).[11]

Book of Lamentations - Wikipedia

Christ's kingdom was not to be a city state, but a state of mind. The Christian faith embraced the true face of God; a face of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness. There are no lamentations on an angry God in the TNT. Only the testimony of how God loves and forgives those who truly turn, repent, follow and believe in Him. Christians, both men and women, are called by Christ to first and foremost love one another.

I know how absolutely trite and cliche that sounds, but I want you to seriously consider this Platonic idea.

What would happen if a people embraced love not anger, compassion not hate, as their moral and ethical philosophy for life? What kind of culture and way of life might such a belief inspire in those who believe it?

This focus on love is what many red pill men now believe to be complete and utter stupidity when it comes to women, yet it is the very heart of what made The West the best. Look around the world. Is there another religion, another people, another philosophy that so ardently and forcefully asks its followers to love above all else in the world? Love underpins our entire culture, from Shakespeare...

to Star Wars.

Love is what makes us fight for justice, for honor, for respect. Love also makes us mad, jealous, violent and mentally unstable if zealously pursued, but love is what defines western people and the entirety of European civilization.

Without love... there would be no accepting of the other in The West. The threat of mass immigration is a result of our love of the other and refusal to hate. This is not a fault of The West and Christianity as many lay the blame on, it is our greatest strength. It is why they hate us because ultimately, every immigrant in The West knows they are here because we allow it and continue to allow it. The West refuses to hate, and that is solely due to the influence of Christ's message.

Without love... we would have become a very, very different people. Love gave us the authority to declare that the Rights Of Man are based on his divine nature and reflection in the image of God. Love gave us the power to stop hating and declare the separation of Church and state (not the separation of Church from the people) so that we could learn to worship and respect the differences of others without always resorting to violence to resolve disputes. All of this was birthed in The West because it chose to love instead of hate.

But while love may be infinite, it is not given without a price.

II - Judgement and justice will be rendered on the wicked.


Can there be a greater reason to reject Christianity than a "God" who condemns people to hell?

This... is the mike drop of the atheist. How can such a perfect and infinitely loving God condemn people to an eternity of torture and punishment at the end of their life?

What made the West the best was that it's people took seriously the consequences of one's words and deeds.

Morals. Ethics. Right living based on the truth, the truth of the consequences of sin and vice, both on the soul as an individual and the community as a group. By embracing the belief that there are real consequences to one's life after death, The West created the most moral, ethical and law abiding tribe on earth. Which may be a massive load of hypocrisy to swallow for the more cynical and critical of The West to accept, but it's the truth.

Look around the world. Where can you find a country, or a people, that places more emphasis and importance on personal, moral and ethical behaviour than in western society?

Or at least it used to.

This emphasis on the moral, the ethical, and living a virtuous and just life gave The West a distinct advantage over every other tribe. Just and virtuous living allowed western people to be able to trust one another. All one has to do is contrast The West with the power rising in The East to supplant it - China. While I can't speak for the moral/ethical guideposts that Confucianism once gave to the Chinese people, under the current communist regime (now returned to empire and emperor), there is a marked lack of morals and ethics in the country and its people.

"You don't know China" is both a common phrase among the locals to foreigners but also a cautionary tale of what happens when any nation and its people refuse moral and ethical living. The rampant corruption of a totalitarian state is the polar opposite of a free nation and people. It just so happens that the freest nation and peoples (or used to be) was a Christian nation. Those who fear the growing power of China would do well to remember the tale of Achilles; every power that seems absolute and unstoppable has a fatal weakness. The heel that is open to being struck by an arrow in China is this - no one trusts anyone or anything. The government does not trust the people. The people don't trust the government. Statistics can't be trusted. Advisors can't be trusted. So bad is this mistrust that even a dying two year old girl (run over twice in hopes to escape paying compensation) was completely ignored for hours by locals.

Whatever the reasons are and wherever we place the blame, there is no excuse for witnessing a human being dying without doing anything to help. As many Chinese web users have written, it's possible that there is a kind of sickness in Chinese society that has infected us to our core, and which has been growing for a long time.

Yajun Zhang - The Gaurdian - Shocking Foshan incident reveals an unspoken illness at China's core.

This kind of tragedy would simply never happen in The West. Not now, not even 2000 years ago. It was Christians who began to pick up babies who were abandoned (infanticide) outside Rome's city walls. The core message of love that Christ inspired in western people was to never forsake another human being, even a sinner. While my knowledge of Confucianism is limited, I do believe it was primarily concerned with the proper behaviours of living (i.e. the rites), but not the proper understanding of why one should do them. Confucianism is a non-theistic (i.e. No God, no ultimate judge, no punishment for sins) and the rites are merely a balancing act to stave off disorder and chaos, not bring about a moral or ethical order as such.

Some critics view Confucianism as definitely pantheistic and nontheistic, in that it is not based on the belief in the supernatural or in a personal god existing separate from the temporal plane.[7][108] Confucius views about Tiān 天 and about the divine providence ruling the world, can be found above (in this page) and in Analects 6:26, 7:22, and 9:12, for example. On spirituality, Confucius said to Chi Lu, one of his students: "You are not yet able to serve men, how can you serve spirits?"[109] Attributes such as ancestor worship, ritual, and sacrifice were advocated by Confucius as necessary for social harmony; these attributes may be traced to the traditional Chinese folk religion.

Confucianism - Wikipedia

It's one thing to ask people to believe that if you don't do/say/work/live "right" (i.e. the rites), social order will decay and become chaos.

It is a whole other thing to say that you, personally, are responsible for the decay and chaos of the social order because you commit sins and live a life of vice.

A Christian, by adopting the belief that his own, personal soul was at stake when he dies, lived a very different life. The 10 Commandments and the warnings of a life of sin and vice became moral and ethical guidestones in The West unlike any other nation or peoples on earth. The result was a real sense that one must live life rightly, justly, virtuously or there would be serious, personal consequences on your immortal soul when your life continues after death.

This focus on judgement, on justice rendered on the wicked in the next life if not this one, focused the western mind to one and one end only - the moral and ethical rules for living a just life, a good life.

III - The rule of law and democracy as the medium through which the city of God can be established.

While Christianity is a state of mind, of soul, if taken seriously and lived, fully embodied, Christ's reality will be made manifest in the real world.

The 10 Commandments.

Who has not heard of them? How many know them and can list them?

The foundation for the West's strict and absolute observation of the rule of law... is because it believed God made rules for Man to live by that he is bound to obey by divine decree.

Rules which were not socially constructed, nor patriarchally imposed. Rules that were made for Man to function properly, to become fully human.

Why is The West obsessed with the rule of law? Many other countries get by just fine without it. Which is to say, they are either hell holes or shit holes or both. Countries without the rule of law offer no peace, security or prosperity.

On the other hand, ask an immigrant why they want to live in The West. I did this with a stunning 19 year old Argentinian girl my one year at university at age 33 when I decided I want to scratch the itch of getting a "higher" education. She was about the only friend I made there who I met up with more than once, even took out dancing tango one Sunday afternoon.

When I asked her why she wanted to move to Canada, this was her answer.

Because you have rules here. Everyone follows them and they are enforced equally on all.

Argentina can be considered a Christian nation, so one might argue that if the rule of law is not followed in Argentina, then my entire argument for Christianity being the foundation of it falls apart.

It doesn't. This young girl knows what the rule of law is. She knows it should apply to everyone equally and that it is important everyone follows the rules. Where does this belief come from? Why move to another country that does believe in the rule of law? A country (Canada) that just so happened to be founded on Christianity? Why not move to a country like Africa or the Middle East where there is nothing even resembling the rule of law applied equally to all and where no one follows the rules?

The answer of course is because neither Africa nor the Middle East is a fully Christian continent or peoples, who have been grappling with the rules of life for their entire genetic and tribal history for centuries based on ONE book and the ten core laws of life it says Man must follow.

The West is obsessed with the rule of law because we have been studying it, philosophizing about it, living it and applying it for over 2000 years. Even pre-Christ BC Greece and Rome had notions of the rule of law and that a democracy is the best form for working out what those rules are to be. Christianity finally brought in 10 absolute rules of living life and made them universal, bringing the entire focus of western thought and legislation under one theological and political roof.

If The West is destroyed in the 21st century, and it's people become extinct over the next 100 or so years, the chances that another race, another country, will create the level of peace, security and prosperity based on the rule of law, where all can live and be happy equally to the best of their God given abilities...

IV - Repentance can save you. Forgiveness of sins destroys the shackles of permanent shame and guilt.

What is curious to note about both Judaism and Islam, is the strict adherence to a God that will judge. While the former does not speak in any way about redemption except through contract (i.e. the covenant with Moses), and the later reserves forgiveness of sins to after judgement and thus always leaves a Muslim wondering just what his fate will be....

Christianity forgives all first, completely and forever, and reminds you to repent when you go wrong and astray.

Shame and guilt are debilitating. They are the two worst psychological attitudes that can hold a human being back from living life if they are not processed in a healthy manner.

The emotions shame and guilt may represent a critical stepping stone in the rehabilitation process. Often referred to as “moral” emotions owing to their presumed role in promoting altruistic behavior and inhibiting antisocial behaviors, shame and guilt provide potentially exciting points of intervention with offenders.

Shame, Guilt and Remorse: Implications for Offender Populations

Shame especially seems to be cancerous in its negative effects by externalizing all of one's problems as being caused by "the other," while guilt tends to be more personal and thus remedial in its effects, but only if it prompts one to be better and "forgive and forget."

But what happens when a human being has no outlet to deal with shame and guilt? When there is no reason to believe they can ever get rid of the shame that is heaped upon them by others, or the guilt they have for the wrongs they have committed?

Christ's message of universal forgiveness is what allowed western Man to feel shame and guilt, yet still move on and continue with living.

The message of universal forgiveness was not the blanket wiping of the sin slate clean.

The message was this: "Yes, you have sinned and done wrong, but you CAN change if you truly want to and walk the path or righteous living and virtue. You're forgiven. No go, and sin no more."

You are forgiven. Don't do that anymore. All will be forgotten.

How powerful is that on the human psyche?

I repeat, where on earth, in what other religion or culture, do you find such a universal acknowledgement of a) Man will sin and b) no matter how bad he has sinned, if he changes his heart and truly repents, all can and will be forgiven him.

This psychological balm on the western mind in particular allowed western man to go astray, but still have hope he can make up for the sins of his past. That if he chooses, takes personal responsibility for his life and walks away from sin and vice, life can and will get better for him. From one individual, to one family, to one community and finally one nation state, the peoples of The West continued to try their best to live rightly in the eyes of God, and when they made a mistake, to dust themselves off and continue to try again to live for the Lord.

In short, The West embodies the Japanse maxim of "Fall down seven times, get up eight.", but focuses this belief on the very soul of an individual in the ultimate sense. It's one thing to "never give up" and be resilient, but when shame and guilt are involved, knowing that you, personally, can rise again and be forgiven everything you have done by living rightly and virtuously, is a powerful cultural legacy that only The West has because of Christian theology.

By adopting forgiveness and repentance, this allowed western man to live life. We will make mistakes. We must acknowledge them (i.e. confession) and then commit ourselves deeply and personally to never making those mistakes again (i.e. repentance).

This is not hypocrisy if it is internalized and made manifest, made real. This is what red pill men refuse to believe about women - that they can be honest, loving and trustworthy partners if they choose to be. This is why western culture is obsessed with stories of true internal redemption, where human beings transform themselves by faith and a commitment to change their lives and live better than their previous self.

How much psychological energy was freed up by western man knowing his sins will be and have been forgiven? Add to this that only God can judge in the end whether a man has truly repented and lived a Godly life, Man is freed from absolute and permanent rejection of the tribe for doing the sort of wrongs and sins ALL human beings are susceptible to and commit. Man can return to his community, having repented and confessed his guilt, and still contribute to not only his future success but that of the whole community.

Forgiveness of sins allows a tribe to heal from the wrong and wicked deeds committed by its members. And for those that do wrong, and can warn others of the personal (and public) costs in doing so, there is potential for something even greater than forgiveness of sins at the end of one's life.

V - Reward for the struggle and strife that is a human life.

Heaven is powerful motivation... if you believe there is life after death that is.

This is the other side of Christian faith that atheists fail to see and acknowledge. Life under God is not only judgement to hell, it is also freedom from pain and suffering completely at the end of life, if you walk with Christ in full faith and follow God's rules.

Where is the reward in Confucianism? Is this why Christianity is exploding in China? Is this why the Chinese government is so afraid of it's adoption that they are blowing up mega churches?

Why would the Chinese want to adopt a clearly gweilo religion?

What is the message in Christianity that scares the Chinese Communist Party so much?

Maybe, just maybe, it's the same message of:

  • divine nature and origin of Man
  • thus making Man free to obey God alone, not the state
  • for only God can rule and judge, and thus no single man or state has authority over the mass of men
  • that justice is not who has power, but who has moral authority
  • and that it is obligatory on Man to see God's moral authority rule over that of any man made state structure, for only God can lead men out of slavery to freedom through truth

That freedom, that truth that sets you free, is that there is a reward for all the suffering one must endure while on this earth. A reward we will all partake of after we die on the final day of judgement of souls. But we have to live rightly. Justly. Virtuously. Honourably. Feeding the poor. Defending the oppressed. Working to earn a living, not lying, cheating and stealing to get ahead.

A dangerous idea 2000 years ago. A dangerous idea today.

That idea is this: no matter how oppressed you are in this life, or how much it appears the wicked and the despotic appear to gain all of this life's wealth and treasures, these are nothing compared to the treasure of the life to come in following Christ and living for God.

Can you corrupt such a person? Can you convince them to turn on their neighbour or cheat a customer in the marketplace? What about slander, deceit, deception, cunning, gossip and backbiting, fraud and bribery?

All these things the Chinese government is known to be rife and corrupt with. Sadly, so too now is the very condition of The West in its increasingly post-Christian, God-and-Christ-are-dead culture. Perhaps having endured such conditions for so long a period of time in history, Chinese people are hearing the message of Christ, a message The West abandoned, and hearing it's call loud and clear while it falls on deaf ears for the people that first adopted and lived it to success.

But it's not just a reward in heaven that lies in wait for the Christian who lives a life embodying the Good News.

VI - The enshrinement of monogamy and the union of one man to one woman in marriage.

Tribal cohesion, unity and strength. Every man a wife, and every woman a husband. Children and legacy to parents in old age, a reward for one's hard labour's in this life.

More than anything else, the enshrinement of monogamy in Holy matrimony is a cornerstone of how The West became one of the most resilient and dominant forces in history.

Sexual morality is the heart and sole of a functioning society. Sex, when channeled through a monogamous relationship of life time commitment to one and only one other person, propels a nation and its people on the path of peace, prosperity and security. This truly is The West's "by their fruits" argument for living a Christian life. There is no other nation or people on earth that have achieved what we have done. Divide and rule is the name of every despot and tyrant. They know only power and how to maintain it, which is why all despots target the family and children, to break the bonds of solidarity between husband and wife, to render children dependent on the state and thus slavish servants of the regime.

Divide and rule (or divide and conquer, from Latin dīvide et imperā) in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures, and especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people.

Divide & Rule - Wikipedia

What is the smallest tribal unit? The smallest group that could form resistance and opposition to oppression and tyranny?

The family.

Husband committed to a wife. A wife committed to her children. Both committed to their children's protection. Children committed to their parents and the hope of a family of their own in the future.

Is it any wonder that feminists, globalists and the LGBT target the Christian family for outright destruction?

As long as the family is strong, no single power can come to rule forever over all. This is why feminism and LGBT is promoted globally and targeted at any traditional culture, Christian or not, for viral infection in order to destroy the very root of resistance to global tyranny.

This is why the Chinese government is afraid of Christianity. It's power to elevate the nuclear family unit to that of divine purpose and destiny over and above the state is a direct threat to it's power. A threat to power even in the wholly corrupt and degenerate West.

For when men and women do not cling to each other, and long to lovingly embrace the children from that union, Sodom & Gomorrah is the only possible outcome.

VII - The rejection of degeneracy, sexual depravity and unnatural acts.

Need I say more?

This picture is worth a thousand words, for it sums up the core foundation of why The West is was the best.

Sexual morality.

Man for woman. Woman for man.

If I was using this image as intended, to demonize Christians, my words would be applauded and I would be given book deals, interviews on all the major media channels, and lionized as a hero, nay warrior, for "tolerance" and "diversity."

But if I suggest this is a gross and disgusting mischaracterization of Christians and Christ's message, that what Christ is teaching is that sin, sodomy and vice, are divine injunctions and warnings about the very fate and existence of a nation and its people who embrace degeneracy... hate crime.

Sodomy is the worship of death. No life can come from same loving same, only mental, sexual and physical health problems are the consequence of such a life. The scientific evidence for this is becoming so crystal clear that it is no longer a valid argument, nor guilt and shame accusation, to claim Christians are phobic and hate anything that is not "normal" according to heterosexual standards.

The second methodological constraint concerns the epidemiological literature. We chose to focus more on those studies that used recognised diagnoses (e.g. anxiety disorder, major depression, drug dependence) rather than other indicators of mental health or drug use.

This is because many people may experience symptoms of mental health problems, or consume alcohol and other drugs, but this alone may not result in significant harm or impairment. The GLBT community is known to consume some substances at higher rates than heterosexual groups – we are not exceedingly concerned with this; rather the focus of this report is on harmful or problematic alcohol or drug use. Hence our attention to those studies that used diagnostic criteria, as the best available measure of problems.

Prevalence of and interventions for mental health and alcohol and other drug problems amongst the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community: A review of the literature

It's not Christ, God or Christians (or even Islam and Muslims) that are saying LGBT lifestyles and the promotion of them is a sin and harmfull to the community of Man; it is science, cold, hard, empirical investigation, evidence and fact.

For all the digital ink that has been spilt as to why there is a fast, and rabid, conservative revival in The West... this is the source. No one wants to live with or around degenerate human beings.

The degenerates of the LGBT community are showing their true colours.

They are showing heterosexuals that their children will not be safe, that their children will be targeted for gender education and outright coersion, that they are hell bent on destroying everything that is sacred, divine and beautiful and that they hate, vicerally hate, everything that is hetero-normative - i.e. normal.

This was, at one time, the entire basis for Christian opposition to homosexuality, same-sex marriage and sodomy. That to allow this kind of behaviour and lifestyle to be open, public and embraced, will lead only to that nation's and people's destruction. More and more, the majority of normal people (i.e. heterosexuals) of any political stripe are seeing that The Bible story of Sodom & Gomorrah is no longer a story, but a warning and increasingly a lived reality in The West.

More than any other religion or culture in the world, Christianity was the vanguard of not just the rejection, but the suppression and expulsion of such degenerate behaviour within it's community. For nearly 2000 years, this created the single largest ethnic tribe, creed and purpose for not just surviving life, but succeeding at living it history has ever seen. And in little less than 70 years, The West has thrown it all away and is approaching near total and complete collapse, politically, economically, culturally and demographically.

In Conclusion

So, just what is Christianity all about that it's enemies hate it so much?

  • love is power and authority
  • judgement and justice
  • law and virtuous living
  • repentance and true commitment to reform your life toward right living
  • forgiveness of sins in exchange for admittance to the tribe
  • a reward for repenting and living rightly after you die
  • no fear or worry about adultery or cuckoldry with monogamy
  • the rejection of degeneracy and depravity that is unnatural to the proper functioning of a family and tribe on the whole

Is it any wonder The West became the best?

This... is what The West rejected when it kicked out Christ and God as the foundation for living life.

This... is what will now possibly get this author charged with a hate crime and put in jail for hitting the publish button.

Strength & Honor


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