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Chosen Or Chooser - Which One Are You?

The man that knows the difference and acts accordingly is happier for it.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | February 6, 2017 | 17 minute read

George Clooney may now be married, but the bachelor-of-bachelor’s still has a great lesson to teach young men of today.

Choose or be chosen.

In my experience, when you strip away all the bullshit, there are only two types of men in the dating game.

  1. The man that a woman pre-selects - the chosen.
  2. The man that selects the woman - the chooser.

I have already written about why alpha male obsession is holding back the patriarchal renaissance. I take up the alpha male obsession once again in order to ask the following the question of the above two men.

Just who is the real alpha male in the room?

The man pre-selected by women before he even knows their names or what they look like?

Or the man that walks into a room of beautiful ladies, looks around and proceeds to walk up and chat to the woman of his choice, the best of the lot?

Far from beta males being the only men that put women on a pedestal, a lot of alpha males do so as well. I even have to catch myself some days. It is hard not to put a woman on a pedestal when she has legs that go on for miles and an ass that would give J’Lo a run for her money in her prime that a man could bounce not just quarters off of, but full 60 caliber Browning rounds of ammunition.

If you are a man that still talks in terms of how “hot” or “sexy” or “stunning” a woman is, you are still putting her on a pedestal. It is the final crutch a lot of men who strive for alpha stardom need to retire in order to grow and become true men. Those hot, sexy and stunning women you want to get naked with, if you still see these women PRIMARILY in those terms, they still have power over you.

A woman's power over a man, in any form, is precisely what differentiates the men who are chosen from men who do the choosing.

A chosen man, even one who is good with women, is still primarily pre-selected by the female if her beauty is the single defining characteristic that pushes him to want to meet her, especially if it is just for sex.


Because that man is being guided by LUST, not PERSPECTIVE.

And this is precisely the trap every woman, especially the hot ones, want to snare a man with.

I fully advocate going for the woman that drives your lust through the roof, but only if you can control it and not let it control you. Her beauty means many men will approach her just because she is "hot" and wants to fuck her. You won't be the first, and you won't be the last, to hit on her whether she is just a booty call or the mother of your children. A man who chooses would look at such a beautiful 10 specimen of the female form, clearly want to fuck her and fully admit to this desire, yet still be able to check himself and ask of her...

Is she even worth my time?

Will she make me laugh?

Will she be a smiler who will beautify my world if I invite her into it?

Will she make my life better and more fun / amazing / happy than it is now in any way ON TOP OF being an incredible roll in the hay?

A man who chooses the women that are allowed to enter into his life won’t even bother to try to fuck that perfect 10.

If he can't answer in the affirmative to all the above questions, he may just ignore her completely. He has already filtered her out. She is the one who is not worthy of being chosen. . . by HIM!

I know, it sounds insane does it not?

To see a perfect 10 in front of you, yet be able to step back and check your reaction to her beauty, observe and assess her from the cold perspective of experience, and then dismiss her without approaching or even caring about having sex with her. We have all heard the saying of any man that has had success with beautiful women:

For every beautiful woman you see, there is a man out there who is tired of putting up with her shit.

The chosen guy, the one women pre-select, will be using the 3 second rule to approach as soon as she makes solid eye contact with him. The chosen man rarely, if ever, screens the woman except to decide if she is hot enough to want to fuck her. The chosen guy does not care about what a woman will bring into his life that will improve it, he just wants to get his dick wet.

There is nothing wrong with a man engaging a women for the sole purpose of having sex with her.

Nothing at all. I fully encourage every man to follow his lusts if he so desires.

What I am hoping to achieve with this post is to get some men to consider checking themselves the next time they see a hot girl and immediately want to approach. I want him to ask himself:

"Is she worth my time."

Because time, at the end of the day, is all a man has that is of any real and actual value.

In many cases, and this will shock even the most seasoned seduction artist to learn, most of these women (all most likely, especially the slutty ones) can already tell if you are “one of those guys” - i.e. one of the chosen.

Who is “one of those guys” - the chosen?

The one that is there to fuck her and not be an annoying I-want-a-relationship guy.

The guy that satiates her sexual needs for a night, not her ultimate long-term plan to lock down a provider or simply be free to pursue her career and sow her wild oats. This is what many men have become to women in The West - just another penis that fits into her overall plan. You are not the chooser, you are the chosen. I can tell you from personal experience this is the case because I have been allowed, on rare occasions, to speak in womanese inside womanverse. And what you learn inside womanverse will shock even the most seasoned seduction artist.

Girls that want to fuck know which guys will fuck her, straight up, from a mile away.

Because these girls know which guys don't screen the women they fuck, except of course if she is hot or not, which of course she knows she is. Even if you cold approach her from behind, the moment you look her in the eye and open your mouth to say hello, she already knows which guy you are, intuitively and on a subconscious level. That IOI eye contact you got from the pretty bird across the dance floor at the night club or from the adjacent table at Starbucks? She has already chosen you to put her 3-inch fuck-me pumps to good use. All you have to do is not fuck it up. And even then, if she is REALLY horny, there is not much you can do wrong short of falling flat on your face when you approach her.

This is the essence of the chosen type of man for a woman in her world.

Which one you are will determine not your success or failure with women and getting laid.

It will determine your power relationship with women in general throughout your entire life.

If you are a chosen man, whether you are relationship guy or fuck-me-now guy, you will always be one play behind the girl on the relationship chessboard. But if you are a man who chooses? Well, I will let a personal conversation with two birds who let me in on this little secret of womanverse.

The first woman observed of me:

Maximus, we [i.e. women] can’t love you because you understand us. [i.e. women].

And she was being serious.

She was a good friend and she is very smart. She is also a girl that must have complete control of the relationship. Her chosen guy is a typical, go-with-the-flow nice guy that has slided by on his muscular physique and has absolutely no desire at all to assert masculine dominance or choice over the women that come into his life. They come and go like the wind, using him for the period of utility they found in him, then move on to the next chosen utility belt. And by “love”, this friend of mine meant play the game by HER rules. (Whenever a woman uses the word "love", you can be sure it has nothing to do with a man's conception of it.)

This was confirmed for me with a subsequent conversation with another fine bird. I was interested in her, but being a man who choses and is not choosen, I have a different approach with girls that most alpha males might find beta. (Go ahead, ask me if I care.) I asked her straight up if she could see us dating. To which she replied no. BURN you say. Sure. Every man fails more often than he succeeds with women.

I learned something very crucial about who I was, as a man in womanverse, from this girl.

After rejecting me, and me letting the silence between us just sit for a moment, she immediately followed up her rejection with a compliment. That it took REAL BALLS to ask her straight up like I did about us dating. Clearly, she was not used to such a bold and blunt statement of intent from a male.

To which I replied in good humour “Not big enough I guess.”

And in being so bold (and clearly breaking every rule of seduction for 'success' with women), something occurred that has happened to me a lot. I may not have been successful in hooking up with her, but I had earned her respect. And in earning her respect, she was more open with me about womanverse and the ways of this foreign land that many men never, no matter how many women they fuck or do not fuck, gain entry to.

I asked her about that female friend's observation I noted above. I asked her why this woman would have said this about me? What did she mean by it?

My pretty little bird went quiet for a moment.

She was thinking, deeply, before answering.

And coming from an Eastern European background (she immigrated in her early teens to The West) she gave me an honest answer straight from womanverse without any filter.

Maximus, when she said we can’t love you because you understand us [i.e. women], what she meant was this - every woman has a plan.

And most women know exactly how to go about executing their plan for a guy.

But you don’t play by her rules of the game - YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE PLAN - and that scares a woman because she does not know how to deal with you.

Damn straight it does. Scared shitless.


Because a man who chooses is a man she cannot control.

The script has been flipped. The game being played is going according to his rules, his plan, not hers. A man CHOOSING the woman he will bed or wed instead of the other way around?

How often does a woman encounter THAT kind of man to know how to handle him?

Almost never.

She also advised me that if I just wanted to fuck a girl, I needed to find "that kind of girl." Was she "that kind of girl" with other guys but not me? It's possible, but I cared not and that was not her point. Her point was this: there are girls out there who are looking to get fucked and ONLY fucked and she FULLY ENCOURAGED ME to go out and find those girls!!!

This bird? Had a plan and secured her man in the next two years. Despite all the success men now have with women in cracking the lock of pussy paradise that is the nature of the female, not all girls will open their legs for every man with good seduction skills. Hence the inevitable dry spells and crash-and-burns. It also explains why the girls that seduction and pick-up is successful on all tend to be of the... how should I put this delicately... the slutty and whore variety. Which sadly is many of them in The West today. But as any man who is good with women and who is honest with himself will eventually observe, truly, not all girls are like that.

There are some girls, very fine women, you just cannot trick into getting her skirt off.

Does that sound beta? It could, but only if you see women from a purely seduction point of view. I don't care how amazing your PUA skills are, every man... EVERY MAN... fails with women he pursues, for pleasure or posterity. Success with women lies in numbers, not just seduction skill, and every man knows this truth. The alpha's comfort themselves thinking he either needs to up his skills or this or that women was simply "not worth his time and effort." What he will not admit is that she did not choose him (note the power orientation) because he was simply not worth her time. Worse, the really fine women of class and beauty (yes, they still exist), will be the rejections that anger alpha males the most, especially if he can see she is not running around fucking every guy, or even every 2nd or 3rd guy, to approach and attempt to "close" her.

In the end, the alpha/PUA's entire self-esteem is hung on his success with bedding women, multiple women, and this is his downfall and millstone around his neck on the path to authentic masculinity and true manhood. This is not dismissing, in any way, the hypergamous nature of the female in their willingness to submit to "alpha" type men. What is being admitted and of importance to this post is this:

Some women, despite their hypergamous nature, do make a choice to be selective in the men they invite into their lives.

These are the smart ones. These are the good ones. These are the ones you keep if you are successful with them.

While George Clooney may be a liberal hypocritical hack, in his personal life, he has lived the life of neither a beta male or an alpha. He is a chooser, not a chosen man, and is the best living example we have today of this type of apporach to women that I want more men to contemplate and think deeply upon.

George Clooney had, in the past, repeatedly stated he would never get married... again! He dumped many fine and beautiful women like clock work, every 24 months, or as soon as they pushed the issue of commitment and marriage. His decision to finally take the plunge and get married is illustrative of all the above and highlights the mentality I am describing of a chooser, not a chosen type of man.

Clearly, it was HIS decision to get married, not hers.

At first, I was aghast. Only because I could always point to George and say:

“Look! There’s a happy guy who is a bachelor. He dates if he wants or does not. A woman to love and sex if he desires or not. It’s all up to him and he seems pretty happy with the arrangement and so too many of the ladies on his arm from time to time.”

Which is precisely why the press went mad with headlines and articles about how Amal Alamuddin... how she did... what exactly?

How did Amal finally TRAP and CAGE George.

How did she finally catch him?

How did she land him?

How did she get him to commit?

How did Amal get George to finally CHOOSE a woman to marry?

THAT, my friends, is the bliss of a woman who has a man CHOOSE her.

Not a man she trapped because he was chosen by her.

And I can prove this.

Unfortunately, I did not bookmark an amazing interview with some of George Clooney’s ex’s I had found years back when I was curious to learn more about him and Brad Pit and what made them different as men.

George is a chooser and an ex-girlfriend confirmed it.

I will try to quote her as best I can, but I simply cannot remember the exact phrasing. The meaning however, was crystal clear.

George is not a guy you catch.

You don’t catch George. You just don't.

George comes to you.

Brad Pitt has a lot of female fans (stalkers actually).

George on the other hand does not. George has a lot of female admirers.

On the female lust-o-meter, I think it is safe to say Brad would clearly out rank George.

The curious man might ask himself why that is.

And I have an answer for you.

Brad... is chosen.

George... chooses.

A woman will never stalk a man unless she feels she has a chance of success in trapping him and stuffing him into the the cage called commitment, and solely on her terms. This is the plight and desert of woe for the chosen man. This is why you saw headlines the world over that were all pretty much the same variation on the questions above.

If you are man who chooses however, you will never have female stalkers because these women know instantly that you cannot be manipulated or tricked into the cage.

Look at that PEOPLE headline - how George met his MATCH - i.e. how a woman came to overpower him, how a woman changed his mind, how a woman caused him to submit to her. Over and over again, the refrain of "trapping" or "catching" George is the same - to prop up the lie that it is the woman that controls the relationship, the woman who gets a man to commit, and not the other way around. If more men began to believe as George did, that they have the ultimate say in moving forward into a committed relationship, womanverse would explode like Krypton and the earth would be filled with newly arrived Supermen.

The women you will find stalking a man who choses are of a different breed. These are women who constantly watch you from the side lines wondering which girl you will finally pick when the time comes. Because they ALL believe, every last woman on the face of the earth, that a man MUST choose one of them, eventually.

In womanverse, it is heresy to even contemplate a man can be happy without a woman.

I apologize for the Oprah clip in advance, but this clip illustrates my point of a man that chooses vs one who is chosen.

When Julia asks George who the first girl he ever kissed was, his answer is telling of the chooser mindset.

Yea. I just walked up to her and said HEY, YOU WANT TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND?

11 years old. Just walked up and asked her to be his girlfriend.

I don’t know what kind of Game that is, but that is a level of Game no one blogs about that I am aware of.

You can tell throughout the whole video that Julia wanted George... bad... and would have gladly had him if she could have caught him.

But you don’t catch George.

George comes to you.

And George never came to Julia, for obvious reasons to most red pill awake men.

George is a chooser, a Don Juan, not a master of seduction and sexing women.

And yes, there is a difference.

So which type of man are you for the ladies of womanverse?

Are you a chosen man?

Or one that does the choosing?

Strength & Honor