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Dear White Western Female: Get Pregnant Or Go Extinct

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 28, 2018 | 21 minute read

Do you realize now what you have done?

Do you realize now that chasing a degree and fighting against men for a career in a comfy, safe and "diverse" corp/gov cubicle job with regular milkshake runs and Starbucks coffee-latte pick-me-ups to grind through to the end of the work day have resulted in?

You - the female, the white woman - have slated yourself & the entire European race for extinction.

Men can't have babies. Period. It does not matter how screwed up or infantile we men are for suitors today, or even if we were all some version of Superman, if you don't want to have babies with us, we cease to exist as a race.

These are the images you find on Google when you search for "white pregnant woman." This is as insulting to blacks as it is to whites for it exposes that there is to be no more pure African race either. But at least there will be one for the only outcome of mixing is... a mix, no more whites/Europeans at all.

Dear White Western Female - Have you seen the demographic and fertility statistics of your fellow sisters?

It's not pretty. Since Germany is the main target for destruction by globalists, I will use their numbers to give you a hint as to your future as a species of the human race. (I am also German by heritage, so I am more than a little connected and concerned with the extinction of my own people.)

GEFIRA: In 2020, German Society Will Start Collapsing

Since the German population is declining at a staggering pace, before the end of the century there will only be 22 million indigenous Germans left.

In conclusion, Germany’s problems will only start to accelerate after 2020 when every year the working age population will be reduced by 400 thousand people; by 2028 this number will amount to three-quarters of a million. The disappearance of the German nation will entail the next systemic crisis.

Over The Next Year, Germany Will Hit A Scary Demographic Milestone

It’s been no secret that Germany, which has a reputation as the economic engine of Europe, is in a troubling demographic predicament. With one of the oldest populations in Europe, and a low fertility rate of just 1.5 births per woman, it is only a matter of time before the rubber hits the road to affect growth in the country.

By 2019, there will be fewer Germans under 30 years old than there are Germans that are 60+ years:

Germany's Looming Demographic Cliff

For all of its economic power, Germany has a key weakness that could potentially be its Achilles heel: it’s projected that Germany’s population will decline significantly over the coming decades, and the ratio of workers to dependents will become one of the worst in the world.

Every year, there are 8.4 births and 11.3 deaths per 1,000 people in Germany. The way this plays out over time is that the percentage of Germans under 15 will fall to 13% of the population by 2050, while the amount of people over 60 years old is to rise to 39%

Will Germany Still Belong To Germans In The Near-Future?

The speed with which the German population is shrinking seems to be even too much for the statisticians of Destatis, the official German bureau of statistics, who posit that by 2060, with a zero level of net immigration, the German population will have declined to 60,2 million.

If the German elites succeed in maintaining their population at 80 million [i.e. through MASSIVE immigration of foreigners], in 2060 the majority of naturalized Germans will have no historical relation to the nation’s ancestors who were once proud subjects of the Holy Roman Empire.

There will be no relation between future Germans and the German past

By the end of the century there will be 22 million Germans left

The idea that the new arrivals will integrate or assimilate is complete nonsense i.e. the new Germans are not going to be German.

Is this 'hate' speech? Will these facts offend someone? Am I going to jail for writing about these facts?

But perhaps you are one of those white western women who take offence at such a claim as the extinction of the white race. You're a feminist. You know white privilege, colonial oppression, patriarchal violence has always come from white people. You... are on the right side of history ensuring this never happens again to any 'minority' group by us evil whites.

Are All The Women Still White? Rethinking race, expanding feminism.

Feminism is about to become a no-white-girls-allowed club.

Read that title again, verrrrrrrrry slooooooowly.

Are all the women still white? Why is that? Why are there any white women at all? I'm speaking in feminism of course, not like, uh... a race or anything.

In case you did not get the memo, white privilege is not limited to the European male. You white girls are also part of the problem because you can potentially give birth to white males. In point of fact, you... are the SOURCE of the problem of whiteness and white male privilige!

This photo needs no caption. It is the now infamous endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President in the 2016 election by the Huffington Post staff. These are your sisters championing the end of white male patriarchal oppression and the embracing of unchecked Muslim/Arab/African immigrantion into The West.

Is it any wonder women of colour might be asking "Hey, who is this feminist movement really for anyway?" Why are all the women still white?

Well... women of colour need not worry. The end is nigh for the white female, by her own independent and empowered choice.

Let me be clear, these are beautiful photos of beautiful women and children - of humanity.

But they are your new masters.

Are these African/Muslim women getting an education? Striving to find work?

Some may be. It is guaranteed to them in the Quran.

But do you know what they make a priority above and beyond any education or career goals?

Africans/Muslims are having a minimum of 3 children per woman, pushing 4 to 8 in traditional Muslim homes.

Perhaps you feel these stats on Muslim birth rates from the Pew Research Centre are skewed. Fair enough.

Let's look at the opposite statistic then shall we?

Over half of Sweden's households made up of one person.

The rise of single households in the European Union and the impact on housing.

Single-Person Households in Europe: the Swedes live alone.

In Sweden, Norway, and Germany, the share of these households is above 40%

What are the chances that these exploding statistics of single female households in Sweden are non-married Muslim sisters with no children? Or instead, the native white/Swedish indigenous, and increasingly barren & unmarried, ancestors of Viking raiders?

Alas, it's not your coming female immigrant replacement, both physically and thus politically, you white girls should be concerned about. After all, we all know the sisterhood is the most loving and inclusive gender group compared to us men. There is no cat fight competition at all between girls right?


What you white girls should be shit scared about is the extinction of your men.

Frontpage Mag - The Women-Hunt in Germany

"If a woman gets raped walking in public alone, then she, herself, is at fault. She is only seducing men by her presence. She should have stayed home like a Muslim woman." - Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan, Professor of Islamic Law, Saudi Arabia.

In England, Muslim men associated with the rape of hundreds of girls in Rotherham, were recently given heavy prison sentences. And Muslim rape gangs in Sweden have contributed to giving that country the second highest rape rate per capita in the world. Only one African country, Lesotho, has a higher rate.

The Federalist - In Europe, Muslim Extremists Turn To Sexual Terrorism

Europe has a big problem on its hands. On Sunday, Germany’s justice minister said a series of attacks across the country on New Year’s Eve appear to have been pre-planned. In downtown Cologne, about a thousand men of Arab and North African descent entered a square full of celebrators and proceeded to surround women, robbing and in many cases sexually assaulting them.

Police describe a horrifying scene of women running terrified and attackers aggressively pushing back police. So far, 170 women have come forward with complaints, three-fourths of which involve sexual assaults. Similar attacks from that night have been reported in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf.

I find it the pinnacle of Shakespearian irony that the rape culture feminists have screeched at white men - is precisely what they now lobby to import.

And I am betting, I know, that some white girls are beginning to see the writing on the wall.

Islam is filling the cultural vacuum of a society with no children and which believes -- wrongly -- it has no enemies.

In Sweden, by 2050, almost one in three people will be Muslim.

The European mainstream mindset now seems to believe that "evil" comes only from our own sins: racism, sexism, elitism, xenophobia, homophobia, the guilt of the heterosexual white Western male -- and never from non-European cultures. Europe now postulates an infinite idealization of the "other", above all the migrant.

A tiredness seems to be why these countries do not take meaningful measures to defeat jihadism, such as closing Salafist mosques or expelling radical imams.

Muslim extremists understand this advantage: so long as they avoid another enormous massacre like 9/11, they will be able to continue taking away human lives and undermining the West without awakening it from its inertia.

In a prophetic conference held in Vienna on May 7, 1935, the philosopher Edmund Husserl said, "The greatest danger to Europe is tiredness". Eighty years later, the same fatigue and passivity still dominate Western European societies.

Zerohedge - Europe's Civilizational Exhaustion>/cite>

I wish it was just exhaustion ladies, but you know it is not.

Do you realize now what your feminist "sisters" have done? The platitudes of independence from men and the cult of 'equality' that you still mouth like a zombie in the face of your impending extinction?

Hardcore Muslim women have only one goal - to outbreed and replace you. Period.

Germany: Turkish women are mostly unemployed and have a much higher birth rate than German women

According to news outlet Focus, Turkish women are only half as economically active as German women – while 74% of German women are currently employed, statistics show that this figure is around 33% for Turkish women.

Did you miss it?

Turkish Muslim women... are NOT "struggling" to break the corporate glass ceiling.

They are staying at home and pushing out babies.

I made a call on Twitter for women to do just this - leave work, go home and become mothers. I also made a call for the repeal of no-fault divorce. I made these calls on Faith Goldy's and Ashton Whitty's Twitter and while I got no response from them (and expected none), it was the response of men and women on those two accounts that surprised me the most. Maybe it's just Twitter, but after more than a year on the service, I have never encountered such absolute blind & zombie responses to my clear answers to The West's problems. Faith Goldy alone seems to have a Marxist cult following her and I am actually sorry for commenting on her Tweet... because the response notifications to my tin-foil-hat comments just won't stop.

Is it possible? Is it possible that the globalists have actually succeeded in brainwashing western white people to exterminate themselves by voluntary mental and physical sterilization?

That's what it is. White girls... refusing... en masse... to mate and procreate with their own men.

... with a big black community in Luton, mixed relationships were everywhere. Black girls with white boys, while boys with black girls. It was normal. There were lots of mixed race young people.

Tommy Robinson - Enemy Of The State, p 38

Tommy's book is a revelation. I thought I was woke. I am most definitely not. The above quote is contrasting the culture of Luton, his home town in England, with that of Muslims. A young girl was forced to stop seeing an Afghan boy. The Afghan family went en masse to visit the girls family to end the relationship. A relationship that was "killing their dad" (the Afghan father of the boy dating her) who was "dying from the shame of his son being with a white girl, a Christian girl."

This emphasis on race, on culture, on family staying within it, is something that is now completely destroyed in Western society.

This is diversity. This is openness. This is... extinction.

The Afghan father knew this. The Muslim community on the whole knows this.

Most of Luton's Muslim community came originally from Pakistan and within that specifically from Kashmir, and as I understand it, for them the tribe is everything.

ibid. p 47

Tommy is not a racist. Neither am I. But we both see race. Pakistani Muslims do. Afghan Muslims do.

Why is it only Europeans are no longer allowed to see their own tribe as being one any longer?

Why is it only Europeans are no longer allowed to advocate and call for homogeneity of their own kind?

Tommy is opening my eyes that Islam and Muslims are just another tribal group, one unified by a religious faith who are a real threat to the future of Europe. What is becoming crystal clear in Tommy's life story growing up among Pakistani Muslims is this:

The problem facing Europeans is racial. Period.

Races and tribes - Afghans, Pakistanis, etc. - are the problem. Islam is the unifying force, but it is pure racial/tribal warfare that is going to erupt in Europe and soon N. America.

Europeans were once like this. In some ways, we still are as we can see in the friction now between the USA and the EU in trade and the re-emergence of a cold war with Slavic, Eurasian Russia. Italians still congregate and find community with other Italians in North America; find solidarity in tribe from language, culture and religion. Religion - Christianity - was once our unifying cross-tribal solidarity. Christianity is now dead and is being continually demonized by the left/feminists/liberals with any rearing of its unifying head by those who still believe in their Risen Lord.

Will saying this put me in jail like they did Tommy?

It's possible.

I am advocating for the return of white women to their men. Perhaps even to specific ancestral roots in there men.

I am asking white girls to recognize that they are failing in the only duty that is of prime importance to any tribe.

To reproduce in order to survive.

These two photos... are a globalists worst nightmare.

White girls... becoming mom's... to white boys. Future Supermen of the European race.

Is this... now illegal to say, illegal to advocate for, illegal to do?

We men can fight the good fight all we want, but it will be our women that save The West.

And it won't be in the boardroom. Nor will it be in the classroom. Nor will it be in protests or YouTube videos or Twitter feeds.


The future of The West, of Europe, lies in the womb.

White women - German, Swede, French, Brit, etc - have to want to have a future, a demographic future.

It's that simple.

The only way Europe will survive is if it's women return to their men, put away the false god of feminism and the idol worship of an education and career, and start pushing out babies.

One... two... three babies minimum.

For the next two solid decades.

To have even the hope of a recovery and return of the dream that was Rome.

This will mean many western women deciding...

  • to cook, can, bake and do everything in their power to reduce dependence on the corporate (and poisonous) industrial food complex that is supermarket "convenience" to save money
  • to reduce all material expectations of "lifestyle" in terms of 2000 sq ft homes, IKEA furniture, paint, gadgets, etc that Pintrest is telling them they must have in order to compete and be alpha among the sisterhood on Instagram
  • to save money, period, because their men (i.e. me) just don't have it.

The money is not there, but that does not mean a marriage and family cannot happen. What did our ancestors have after the collapse of Rome? What did my immigrant great-grandparents have when they came to N. America for a better life?

Your future husband is not going to be Mr. Big.

Get over it.

Are you weaker than your great-grandmother? How much of a loser are you compared to her?

That house and that man - your great-grandfather - is how you came into existence. Your life was born by their sacrifice.

European women were once hardy, stout, strong, capable, productive mothers and wives. A helpmate to her Man. A comfort to her children.

What are you now western woman?

What is your dream for the future?

I know you're angry, but you also know I'm right.

At least if you are still a sane western female with a brain between her ears she is capable of using. Yes, this 'misogynist' believes you have one and yes, you are capable of using it.

Do you realize now what you have done?

You have thrown away the only thing your ancestral matriarchs ever cared about - the future, your children - for a complete fantasy and lie of empowerment and "equality" with men.

While you may be angry with me, you now know that the way forward must be to marry and have children. To become a wife and mother. By a miracle of God, I have convinced you to make it your life goal to get married, barefoot and pregnant. Alhamdulillah! But do you know this ego crushing realization, and the solution, on the future of your race now makes you a Nazi?

First and foremost in the implied Nazi doctrine concerning women was the notion of motherhood and procreation for those of child-bearing ages.

The Nazi model woman did not have a career, but was responsible for the education of her children and for housekeeping. Women only had a limited right to training revolving around domestic tasks, and were, over time, restricted from teaching in universities, from medical professions and from serving in political positions within the NSDAP.

Wikipedia - Women in Nazi Germany

I must admit. I have actually been perplexed by why liberals and the left, feminists especially, are so rabid in their desire to "punch a Nazi" - i.e. a right wing conservative of any stripe. To some degree, I get the Übermensch knee-jerk reaction to the return of Man and the masculinity movement as being "fascist," as no western woman wants to see strong men return to the world stage. But, this still just did not explain the complete hyperventilation to fight us alt-right, conservative Nazis to the death.

It was only when I googled "the women who loved Hitler" and found this Wikipedia entry that it all began to make sense.

I am Hitler because I want to marry a white girl and have white children.

And you are Eva Braun, or any good submissive, German wife/mother who also wanted, in the 1930s, to marry a German man and have German babies.

To be white... is to be a Nazi. Period.

How could I have been so blind to my obvious guilty-by-skin-colour condition!

Which is why globalists have been pushing the return of the very politics & culture that preceded the rise of the National Socialist Party - the emancipation of women from marriage and motherhood - since we 'won' the Second World War.

Under the Weimar Republic, the status of women was one of the most progressive in Europe.

The Weimar Constitution of January 19, 1919 proclaimed their right to vote (articles 17 and 22), equality of the sexes in civic matters (art. 109), non-discrimination against female bureaucrats (art. 128), maternity rights (art. 19) and spousal equality within marriage (art. 119).


If you are a woman who feels sympathy for the men's movement fighting feminism, or even an outlier of western society, a women against feminism, for any return to traditional values and family formation via heterosexual gender roles, you... are a Nazi.

If you are a woman who wants to leave public life - work and politics - and just stay home as a wife and mother with child, you're a Nazi.

How many ways can this be worded and come out with the exact same demonized conclusion and accusation?

CIS-WHITE FEMALE: "I want to stay at home with my children and make a home for them and my husband."


White men, and white women, are Nazi's if they get married, stay married, raise children to adulthood and pass on the belief in traditional marriage, husband and wife, patriarchal gender roles and heterosexual gender expression.

This is what Trump is. This is what his marriage to Melania and his entire white family represent. Trump is Hitler. His entire administration is fascist. All Trump supporters are Nazi's, and they can only be white cause by SJW/feminist/liberal logic, non-whites can't be Trump supporters! IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE NOW! CAN'T YOU SEE IT?

Upon the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (the Nazi Party) in Germany, gay men and, to a lesser extent, lesbians, were two of the numerous groups targeted by the Nazis and were ultimately among Holocaust victims.

Beginning in 1933, gay organizations were banned, scholarly books about homosexuality, and sexuality in general, (such as those from the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, run by Jewish gay rights campaigner Magnus Hirschfeld) were burned, and homosexuals within the Nazi Party itself were murdered.

The Gestapo compiled lists of homosexuals, who were compelled to sexually conform to the "German norm." [i.e. heterosexuality]

Wikipedia - Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

Are you a white mother who believes in raising your boy into a strong, respectful and honor striving manly man white girls will find attractive? Or a daughter into a strong, proud feminine woman of charm and grace attractive to white men?

You are a Nazi. You, along with Putin and Russia, are the new fascists... literally.

You may be allowed by the Marxist thought police to get married and stay at home to have children, but you won't be allowed to prevent your child from being indoctrinated with sexual identity and gender expression lessons in elementary school on gays, lesbians and transexuals. If you are a mother who does not wish to expose your child to, in your own personal view and opinion, corrupt and degenerate lifestyle choices (notice the Darwin argument for LGBT has completely disappeared), you... are a Nazi!

I may have side tracked a little, but I think it supports my main thesis and conclusion.

Globalists don't fear us alt-right, Red Pill, Game/MGTOW men. Not in the least.

Globalists fear these three women getting married to white boys, gittin' preggers, and using their HUGE social media following to "brainwash" other white girls to do the same.

Lauren Southern. Brittany Pettibone. Faith J Goldy.

Wombs of globalist destruction!!!

To become a role model for young white girls by getting married, staying at home, having more than one child, and uploading photo after photo, video after video, of endless celebrations of the success of heterosexual union between members of the European race. The horror!!! Nazi!!!

Three beautiful woman who are still well within their prime fertile years to each bring two (three?) new white people into the world and raise them up to a strict heterosexual norm who themselves go on to repeat such abhorrent behaviour and beliefs.

Or said another way... Nazi's breeding more Nazis!!!

My God!!! The Nazi's are everywhere. Please, for the love of Marx and the collective, can you not see the danger to your future comrades?

I can't think of a more fascist and Nazi thing to be accused of, man or woman, and especially if you are white.

This... is the reality of The West.

This IS the solution (Oh God...) to the the future of The West.

This... is why it WILL soon be illegal to BE white and to have pure, European/white children.

No... I am not even remotely joking.

It's up to you girls.

We can only do our part. To try as best we can, with all our faults as Y chromosome infected human beings, to become the strong and honorable men you wish to partner with.

But you still have to want to partner with us.

Do you?

Strength & Honor


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