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Freedom of speech in Canada is dead. Welcome to compelled speech.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 21, 2017 | 3 minute read

I try to keep this blog updated once a week. Every Saturday by 10 am I should have a new post for readers to check out. I did have one up this May long weekend and it was a doozy.

But I deleted it for one very good reason.

I don't want to go to jail.

What I had written is now officially "hate speech" in Canada. I expresssed a personal opinion about homosexuality that, according to the government of Justin Trudeau with the passage of bill C-16, I am not only not allowed to have or speak, I must now have and speak the OPPOSITE to what I believe.

If I don't, I can go to jail.

When I posted the piece, I was a little worried, but not too much. I am a small insignificant blog. I also truly did not believe Canada had gone so far off track that I could be put in jail for words... just words... on the internet.

The above video had me shitting my pants. A practicing Toronto lawyer, who deals with the REALITY of actually WORKING with the law every day as written, interpreted and executed, testified before a parliament committee just what exactly the REAL WORLD effects of bill C-16 would be in Canada.

In summary, and I am typing this up on the fly:

To refuse to acknowledge and identify a person by their preferred gender expression, and use words addressing that person that THEY deem respectful and preferred, even if unintentionally on your part, can lead you to be brought before a human rights tribunal.

Which, as the lawyer says, is not in ITSELF a big deal. One may be levied a fine or be asked to adopt corrective actions to be released from the tribunal.

The problem is... what if I say no? The single most powerful and patriarchal 2 letter word a Man, capital M, can utter in public or private?

I can be found in contempt of court and... go directly to jail.

That... is how the law now works in Canada ON THE GROUND. In every day lived reality now for not just every Canadian, but every BUSINESS in the business of hiring and serving in the public marketplace.

That is all I feel like writing today. I don't know if I want to be writing anymore. If Canada does not elect a Conservative government in 2019 to repeal bill C-16, and many others, I must seriously begin to take more seriously my desire to leave this country I love.

We truly are living in the end times.

God speed to one and all.

Strength and honor.


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