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Grow Up Or Shut Up: How Red Pill Philosophy Is Killing The West

Maximus Decimus Meridius | September 9, 2017 | 22 minute read

I promised on Twitter to drop a 2nd nuke on the manosphere. The first being dropped by Pat Stedman titled The Way Forward on a subject that seems to be emerging from the universal ether in strange synchronicity lately - it's time for the Red Pill manosphere to man up . I am sure some will be shocked at the title and image I have used to open this article with for the message it implies, but what I have to say needs to be taken seriously.

There is no more time to fuck around in The West.

Jules' speech in Pulp Fiction is the crystallization of serious discussion. Serious discussion that I think is just now, finally, starting to take place.

BEFORE YOU PROCEED - If you have taken the Red Pill and Game/PUA to be your new religion in life, do not read any further. I understand the need for a man to have his sexual needs met. There is nothing wrong with pursuing women for the sake of meeting that need. What I am continuing to articulate with this article and the theme on this blog is the extreme expression and conclusion to this way of life. I am not looking to make enemies. But neither am I going to sugar coat my words for "feelings." You have been warned.

What I noted was that while gaming tons of girls is understandable — perhaps unavoidable — given the circumstances, it is facilitating the problem with women and society these men claim to have contempt for. Indeed, to take the logic further, it [Red Pill/Game/PUA] is in direct opposition to the men trying to get married and have families. Enjoying the decline means accelerating it. It’s not an observation one can easily brush aside.

Pat Stedman - The Way Forward

Pat Stedman's article was a breath of fresh air. He wrote about a topic I wanted to tackle as well - the fact that Red Pill living is just as much responsible for the decline of The West as feminism. He was more circumspect and tactful in his wording, but that is not my style. I call a spade a spade, so here goes.

Feminism built The West's coffin and put the body in it. The Red Pill is hammering in the nails and shovelling the dirt.

It's just that simple my friends and it only takes two... two points to prove it.

1) Feminism taught women to value their career over marriage and family.

2) The Red Pill has taught men to value hustle, money and pussy, just don't get her pregnant and by the Great Spaghetti Monster, never get married!!!

What is the result of these two modern, 21st century Millenial cultural life paths?

NO WHITE BABIES!!! And the globalists did not even have to push the Red Pill on men with education and media brain washing. No, we programmed ourselves!!! They did not have to spend a dime to get men to castrate themselves.

I am sure there are plenty of fine men in the RP playboy/player & hustler "enjoy the decline" community. Hell, there is a whole convention coming up for them to worship their gods of hustle, hypergamy and feminine imperative.

Yes, yes... there is "more" to the Red Pill than hypergamy and feminine imperative. They talk about fitness and self-improvement as men. I get it. Roosh also gets it but he is not speaking at the 21 Convention and I think I know why.

While one of the Three R's of the manosphere, Roosh is not one of them. Them being those who will not risk their cash flow and lifestyle choice to save the very civilization their grandfathers fought and spilt blood defending for their right to hustle and spin plates.

How many 21 convention writers/speakers have written extensively or intelligently on the decline of The West and what needs to be done to save it?

Maybe I am showing my ignorance here, for I follow and know almost none of the speakers at the 21 convention, but I think it is safe for me to bet that number would be... zero. I don't think that is a co-incidence, birds-of-a-feather and all that jazz. Roosh started Return of Kings for a reason. Yes, to spread the Red Pill, plug his Game books and eviscerate feminists and feminism, but the title implies a far greater goal than any of the 21 convention writers/speakers have ever contemplated articulating for well over $1000 a ticket.

A Return Of Kings is a return of Men - Men who will stand up and fight to save their nation and homeland from destruction by its enemies.

Taking a look at the 21 convention speakers... are their any Kings in that line up?

Seriously... take a look at them.

Which one of those men would you follow into battle to save The West?

Why so serious Maximus?

There's no hiding from this son.

We have a job to do.

DUNKIRK was an epiphany for me. Nolan's focus on a rescue mission, not a battle, at the very start of the 2nd world war should and will have existential affect on many westerners. I doubt I was alone. Here was a period war film, captured to viceral effect in IMAX 70mm, that showed a point of Western history that was the beginning of the end for The West. Hitler and fascism was not just marching, but crushing the entirety of Europe. Britain was next and there was no stopping the wehrmacht as the boys of Dunkirk waited on the shorelines to be rescued and ferried across the channel.

As I sat there in the theatre... stunned at the realism Nolan is famous for... I could not help but see the parallels to today.

The West... is under attack. CIA sponsored Wahhabi-Islamo-fascism is literally killing daily in Europe. Antifa communists are tearing down US history statues all across America and may very well be training a communist guerrilla army in Venezuela that will make Charlottesville look like Coney Island on a sunny Sunday afternoon in May. Europe is being overrun with the dregs of the third world who have only one thing on their mind - rape and pillage.

And here we have the gods of Red Pill philosophy celebrating their 10th anniversary event all acting like nothing is happening in the world. You know, cause, "it's out of my control man." Don't take my word for it, go look at their blogs, their social media feeds. Are they more concerned about the fate of The West... or making a quick buck and convincing you that getting laid is the new gold standard in becoming a Man, capital M, alpha male lion?

Just because there are no bullets buzzing your head or bombs falling around you does not mean there is not a real war being waged against you.

As much as the degeneration of women via feminism was the seed of The West's collapse, the Red Pill is its final, grissly act of death.

Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin,

Unhousel'd, disappointed, unanel'd;

No reckoning made, but sent to my account

With all my imperfections on my head.

Hamlet ~ Act I, scene 5, line 76.


Why do I say this when the Red Pill is now seen to be the only solution available to men living in the matriarchal and goddess worshipping West?

Because Man was given the divine responsibility to be the responsible gender.

A woman will always be a woman, but when men start to act like women, this is when empires and civilizations truly come to a swift end. What was seen as the remedy to what ails western men in navigating a culture that is now openly hostile to them and anything masculine has become the instrument by which we usher in our own destruction.

Eve took the apple first. Being a woman, she is easily tricked and manipulated into sin which is why Satan choose her to tempt first and not Adam. Man on the other hand knows right from wrong and chooses to sin. Which is precisely what Eve forces Adam to do - make a choice. Western men now have knowledge of the Red Pill, but instead of choosing a better and wiser path and rejecting hedonism and ego gratification, they have taken the apple from Eve and are now devouring the whole of The Garden to satisfy the 'wrongs' done to them by feminism, Boomers, insert-your-cultural-destruction-scapegoat-here and female nature.

I also do not particularly care about "saving the west". Perhaps this will change in time; but for now I only care about saving it to help protect a culture that is holding fast against what has happened in the West (i.e. Eastern Europe) and doing what I can to integrate myself to it.

The West is dead for me and I have no desire to return.

Anonymous email from a reader.

Ok... let's pause and reflect for a minute.

Maybe I am being too serious. Western men do have options.

Attend the 21 Convention and you will come away with more Red Pill knowledge on how to hustle, make money, get fit and become a master seducer of women than you could ever dream of having. Jump on a plane. Go east young man!!! To Russia and the former Soviet bloc, Eastern Orthodox Christian countries where the women are not corrupted by western feminism and degeneracy and proceed to... fuck as many of the native tribe of men's women as possible.

Just who is the real cultural threat to Eastern Europe?

It's not just feminism, LGBT and insane liberals, it's also Red Pill men thinking they can run away and escape the enemy that is literally hell sent to bring about his destruction.


Only fools

hope to live forever

by escaping enemies.

Age promises

no peace

though the spear spares them.

From Hávamál - sayings of the Vikings

After watching DUNKIRK... my epiphany was this.

There is nowhere to run.

There is nowhere on earth you can run to escape the destruction of morals, justice, goodness and truth that is happening in The West.

They.... are coming to destroy everything.

God. Man. Masculinity & femininity. Heterosexuality. Justice. Truth. Liberty. Freedom. America. Europe. The entirety of European Western, and then Eastern, culture and history.


They... will not stop with the collapse and destruction of The West.

How many more years does Putin have? Who will succeed him? Same goes for Trump.

Look at the country most Red Pill western men love to visit for their first sexual adventure in Eastern Europe - beloved Poland. Sex And The City translations are now running in that country and the women are loving it. Smartphones are everywhere in Eastern Europe which means Instagram "models" and Tinder hook-ups are there too. How long does Poland have left before it is as degenerate as The West?

There is no escape.

If men don't take a stand - if we don't fight for The West, a new patriarchy - it is a global communist/fascist dictatorship of Orwellian proportions under the spiteful and wrathful eyes of the goddess... forever.

If The West (Gondor) falls... all of humanity falls with it.

The age of moral, patriarchal, heterosexual Western Man is over.

The time of the degenerate has come.

When are men of the Red Pill - the players, the hustlers, The MGTOWS - going to wake up?

How much more evidence does one need to realize the time for enjoying the decline is over, if there was ever any reason to do so in the first place?

How bad does it have to get? (MUST WATCH VIDEO!)

What is it going to take?

Do you honestly believe you are going to be allowed to have conventions about masculinity, about being a man and sell books about scoring pussy in the future?

The time of the Red Pill man is over. The time of bad motherfucker has come.

I've been saying that shit for years. And if you heard it, that meant your ass.

I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was some cold blooded shit to say to a motherfucker before I popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this morning that made me think twice.

See... now I'm thinking, maybe it means you're the evil man, and I'm the righteous man, and mister 9 mm here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness.

Or it could mean, you're the righteous man, and I'm the shepherd, and it's the world that is evil and selfish.

Now, I'd like that.

But that shit ain't the truth. The truth is...

Your the weak. And I am the tyranny of evil men.

But I am trying Ringo. I'm trying real hard... to be the shepherd.

The new right, or whatever you want to call it, is the tyranny of evil men. Not in the sense Jules means - as a psychopathic and violent enforcer of evil men in the mafia and gangs of the criminal class of society.

The tyranny of evil men can also mean the JUSTICE of good and moral men who stand up to evil and become its overthrowers.

As much as they think we fear them... they... fear us 100 times more.

It is the weak versus the strong, the degenerate versus the moral. All the strong and moral have to do is stand up and fight back.

I aim to help men create tribes in cities throughout the world that operate independently of each other. Each tribe will be maintained by a chief that runs it in a way he sees fit. Very little information will be given to me, especially concerning personal information of the tribe’s members. If I get shut down for whatever reason, the tribes will be able to continue operation. If one tribe dissipates from inactivity, it will not affect other tribes.

Roosh Valizadeh - International ROK Meetup Day: February 6, 2016

Men of strength, honor and courage who may or may not be righteous by any means, but men none the less who have a moral compass and who stand up to defend what is right from men who would destroy all that is just and good in the world.

These are the kind of bad motherfuckers the world needs right now. Roosh is one of those bad motherfuckers the globalists fear. They left him free to spew hate at feminists and sell books on how to get laid. He attracted some attention, but he was serving the globalist's aims - conflict, hatred and division between the sexes in The West - so they ignored him. Then he started writing about WHY The West is declining, and suddenly he found ROK under heavy DDOS attack requiring big upgrades in security to stay live. Still... they thought that would be enough warning. When he want on his world State Of Man speaking tour... they went after him just a little to give him a hint in Canada at what was in store for him if he continued to try and push his message beyond the digital realm into the real world of face-to-face interaction and networking. But even this was not what they feared most. What is a few speaking engagements? One and done, message sent and hopefully, for his benefit, received and heeded.

It was when Roosh wanted to setup up independent tribes of masculine & patriarchal Kings of the future with an international meetup... that "they" went for the kill.

Official Timeline To The Worldwide Hysteria Over ROK’s International Meetup Day

They... can't... have... patriarchal, heterosexual & masculine men... meeting... to talk girls, politics and saving The West from destruction by its enemies.

Talk about girls all you want lads, get your dick wet, but DO NOT... EVER... talk about trying to stop the enslavement we have planned for you. Hence... not a word... not a PEEP, in the media about the coming rape weekend seminar called The 21 Convention in Florida. These men are not a threat to the globalists. Think on this deeply.

Will my call for the advocates of Red Pill living to grow up, keep their dick in their pants and realize they have a nation and race to save make me an enemy of the men in that community? I would be amazed if it did. All I am doing is pointing out the truth. A truth of course no one at The 21 convention wants to talk about cause... money, hustle, lifestyle, 'freedom', girls, blah blah blah.

We can't continue this way, feminist or player, and expect to have a civilization and culture to call home in which to do so much longer.

Now let me add fuel to the nuclear fire. I don't fear a Muslim take over of The West.

I honestly don't. I know, I know, I know... it a big fucking can of worms to open and I agree with Tommy Robinson - Islam in Europe is a MASSIVE threat to The West's existence. I am not fucking deluded here so just chill on the hate spasm you are currently rolling around on the floor in complete rage and froth with. And before you start screaming "Pakistani Muslim grooming rape gangs"... I hear you. I do. That does not mean we don't have our own SERIOUS pedophile/homo problem in the heart of historical Christendom.

I am not a reactionary. I don't hate someone because I have been told to and especially because hating Islam & Muslims is part of the fucking globalist plan of enslavement and war in the first place. I have been to mosques and talked and broken bread with true Muslims. True Muslims, like true Christians and Jews, are not my enemy.

That said... Islam is a culture and way of life that is wholly alien to the modern West because it returns God to the centre of Man's life.

When... not if, because the tide is almost irreversible at this point... Islam takes over, there will be:

  • no more feminism or feminists
  • no more LGBT
  • no more gender / sexuality bullshit

There will also be no more democracy, no more Rights Of Man, no more separation of church and state.

It will all be gone.

But so too will be the players, the playboys, the pick-up-artists and the hustlers because a new culture, an Islamic patriarchal culture, will not allow them to live as they do. It goes against all sane future planning for any tribe to have its male members running around sexing women with wild abandon. Why do you think Muslims rape our women with not one stray thought of doing wrong, while they keep their women covered and practically locked up in the home? It is the restraint and responsible use of sexuality of BOTH genders that upholds a tribe, its culture and its civilization. When new patriarchal men who are not afraid of their women take over The West, there will be no more Player lifestyle because the fathers of those daughters you are gaming will... take matters into their own hands when it comes to enforcing patriarchal laws and customs regarding wanton fornication.

Islam will bring back God to The West, but it will also be the end of The West as we know it.

Is this what you want?

It's not what I want, but I am preparing for it because I am a realist and because it is where we are headed unless a new way forward is found... like... RIGHT NOW!!!

But unfortunately, I think LA Playboy missed my overall point. The consensus among “red pillers” for awhile now has been:

“Society and culture are degenerating, which is leading to the degeneration of women. You have two choices: If you are a man who wants a family, you are going to have to be extra selective with your woman and work very hard to keep her in line and your family together. If this doesn’t seem worth it to you, hook up with lots of girls and enjoy the decline.” 

Pat Stedman - The Way Forward

This is not a life philosophy for Man, capital M. The Red Pill was a necessary medicine to awaken men of The West, but the cancer in it has led to a fatality of choice about the future our patriarchal ancestors would never have accepted or chosen - to hesitatingly and with great fear become a father and continue the legacy of his lineage, or waste away in selfish material and sensual hedonism. Keeping in mind that BOTH choices do nothing to stop ALL that his forefathers built from being torn down by utter degenerates of humanity.

There is no place to run and hide. There will be nowhere to enjoy the decline when everything around you is destroyed and brought down on top of your hedonistic head.

Why did those men die in WW2? For you to run around patting yourself on the back at how many condoms you filled with your seed and drunkenly party as The West is destroyed?

Are my words not entertaining you?

So it has come to this has it?

We have a literal take over of Europe by Islam and Muslims. In America, communists are on the verge of a violent coup of the United States of America.

And we have Western Red Pill men attending a Florida convention on masculinity and manly living that has not one... NOT ONE... speaker on how to save The West from its enemies.

I am just one voice. A voice no Red Pill man, young or old, MGTOW or player, wants to hear.

I am trying hard to be the shepherd to a flock of western men that have gone blind, deaf and dumb to their coming extinction... by their own hand.

If you don't want to see Islam in Europe. If you don't want Muslim men to rape our women.

Put away the Red Pill. Become a Man, capital M, and take back your culture and heritage.

It's your choice.

It has always been your choice.

Strength & Honor


I wanted to break down precisely the symbology in the Pulp Fiction wallet scene of what I am discussing here.

Jules - Is the Red Pill man who has found, or always believed, in God. A power beyond him to which he is beholden and who has power over his life. Jules is the only one that "gets it". He sees the bigger picture because he is not obsessed with himself. He can see the error of his ways because he can take himself out of the equation and see the dots that connect this to that in his life and the lives of others. He is a bad man, there is no delusion here, but he can see continuing this way of life will lead to his death. A death that Vincent is completely unaware is coming.

Vincent - Your Red Pill man who cares not for God, only the hustle and pussy. Life is meant to be lived for himself and anyone that gets in the way can go fuck themselves. There is power in this life philosophy but its greatest flaw is - hubris. The arrogance that goes hand in hand with believing there is no power over one's life but one's own will. A healthy sense of self and ego drive is important in Man, but when Man forgets he is here "but by the grace of God", he is unable to connect the dots that lead to his ultimate downfall.

Yolanda & Ringo - The alpha male and the delusional feminist. The cucks and the goddess. These types will always be around, but if they are allowed to take over society, it will be complete chaos. They are simpletons who live life by urges and repressed hate towards all those with power and strength in their lives that they will never have. Thus, they need to act out and get others to fear and submit to them because that is the only way they can feel strong. Subconsciously, they WANT a strong person to stand up to them. They know they are wrong, but being children, will never actually act like an adult until one arrives who is not afraid to administer discipline.

Mr. 9mm - The discipline-ator. Violence is not power. Not even the threat to use violence is power. True power lies in the hands of those who could be violent but restrain it. This is where the movement to the right and conservatism in The West is sitting. We are the strong. We have the moral high ground. We are restraining violent discipline of the weak because we know they are children and are acting out. We hope we can come to terms with these children, to talk it out, but make no mistake. If the right ever erupts into violence, it will be in defense, not offense, of our right to exist and uphold truth, justice and morality.

The Briefcase - Simple really... it's western civilization and ALL the gifts it has given to the world. It does not belong to our enemies - the degenerates and the weak - and it is time we took it back.


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