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How To Channel MGTOW Red Pill Rage Into Your Own Masculine Renaissance

Maximus Decimus Meridius | March 25, 2017 | 8 minute read

Rage is a normal reaction to being lied to and discovering everything you were taught to believe about women and "how to be a man" was complete bullshit.

Total, utter and absolute f@$king bullshit.

But rage is the most negative and non-masculine way of living.

If you are new to the MGTOW world, it is an awesome, hilarious and incredibly intelligent and natural reaction to the lies feminism has been perpetrating on The West for over 60 years now.

MGTOW is a man's instinctual reaction upon learning of the true nature of the female.

This blog is not a MGTOW blog, so I will leave it up to you to venture and learn what these men think and believe.

What you will find in MGTOW, if you are a man who is honest with himself, is that the true nature of women is not really news. It's old, very old, and was common knowledge to your pagan male ancestors during the first patriarchal revolution. At the root of your rage is not discovering the truth about women or feminism, but realizing you already knew the truth at some gut level. You have realized no one really lied to you. You chose to believe what you were told despite all the real world evidence to the contrary before your eyes.

Choice is at the very heart of all Red Pill rage.

You chose to believe lies. No one forced you.

Your betrayal of who you are as a man is as much your fault as theirs.

Yes, culture. Yes, parents. Yes, religion. Yada yada yada. The finger MGTOW and Red Pill communities point with to who is responsible for their anger and the current state of debauched western society have all the others pointing back at themselves. But all is not lost. Your rage need not further prevent your evolution toward manhood and true masculinity, because it will if you let it.

In time, history will prove that feminism gave birth to the greatest patriarchal renaissance since Zeus first laid down the law.

While a fundamental principle of MGTOW is to reject all forms of historical and culturally imposed ideas or identities of Man or masculinity, you cannot escape a fundamental biological fact.

You are male... and more than an animal.

That "more than" is where the term Man comes into play. After all, it is not MALES going their own way, but men, yes?

So, whether MGTOW wants to believe it or not, it is a movement trying to set a standard for all men to agree is the NEW definition of manhood and masculinity. Avoiding this conversation is impossible.

The good news is this. YOU ARE ANGRY!!! Which means you are no longer asleep and will never be lied to again. Yet many of you are not understanding what you need to be angry about. It's not about you being lied to, it's about you not standing up for yourself as an individual, as a man.

Messenger Rising is an incredible channel because I believe it is coming from a man who grew up when I did (70s & 80s), before the 90s and the full blown feminist nightmare that was to follow. This is why his channel will be like nothing else in MGTOW.

It's f@&king real. It's in your face. It's unapologetic. It's individual.

It's 100% masculine.

Here is what he had to say about MGTOW.

It's just a f#$king label. Let each individual man say what he's got to say, and live his life how he sees fit. He'll find the knowledge he needs, he'll find the information he needs, and he'll take the path that he sees is truthful, the path that benefits him.


I don't give a f%&k what anyone says, and too many of you are affected by the voice of person on a youtube channel.


The first step to ridding your Red Pill Rage is to simply start making your own individual choices as a man.

Stop listening to the voices outside yourself.

Read this post.

Take in MGTOW voices, GAME advocates, hell, even listen to some girls if you want.

Then decide for yourself what to believe and who you want to be.

Rage begins to burn off and cool down the second, the very second you say to yourself the following:

I have only ONE label - Man, capital M. I will be what I choose to be, say what I want to say, and do what I want to do.

This may sound very close to MGTOW, but it is not.

A man who is truly going his own way will only be able to tell other men what he is doing, not join a group all doing the same thing.

A Man must become an individual.

Beta's, for all the definitions out there in the manosphere (blue piller, mangina, white knight etc.), are really just a large group of men who all agree to do the wrong thing when it comes to women and masculinity and congratulate themselves for it. Men trying to become alpha males are also doing the same thing, just inversing the beta mindset and turning once again to the female for approval.

If you are identifying with a group, you are most likely beta-tizing yourself in some way (and that includes trying to become alpha). When you start becoming an individual, you begin to become a Man, capital M. The more you individuate, the less you will be inclined to join groups of other men. You simply won't be able to bend and submit to the social rules of the club in order to be a member. You become an individual by following your own truth and no one else's. And when you do that you realize...

The truth has made you a Man.

You don't have to be angry at women or feminists anymore.

It is a complete waste of time.

In fact, remaining angry at women is just plain silly because... well... they are women after all. Do you get angry at the clouds for raining on you? For doing what they were created for? Once you accept women for who they are, and also accept your role in making the world what it is by your actions in it, you are free to be true to yourself and no one else.

You simply become a Man - and one of the luckiest son's of a bitch on the planet for being one.

Yes, lucky.

You get to pee standing up. Just whip it out and relieve yourself. No woman can do that.

You can say whatever the f#$k you want, within reason of course, and if it offends some simpering prickly mangina or woman, who cares?

You get fired? Get another job. Better yet, start you own business and be your own boss.

You get shunned or ostracised by your community? Go find one better than those losers.

Your country is steeped in hatred for all things manly and masculine? Prove to them how wrong they are by being nothing they claim or simply move to a country that values it's men.

You are a man God dammit! Nothing, and no one, can take that away from you once you own that truth.

Ultimately, we're all dead men.

Sadly we cannot choose how, but...

We can decide how we meet that end, in order that we are remembered...

As men.

Proximo ~ Gladiator

Your rage is your own.

How you decide to channel that rage will also be up to you.

Deciding to make the choice to make your own choices is the single biggest choice you will have to make in your life.

In closing, I want to leave you with the following steps to purge you of any remaining Red Pill rage so you can move on to choose to become a Man, capital M.

  1. Write down ALL your rage. Just dump it. Then delete it or burn it.

  2. Write down what you will not tolerate anymore. From women, from men, from bosses, co-workers, family and friends. Then delete that too or burn it.

  3. Know that the western woman today is what she is not wholly because of her innate nature, but due to the social pressure to conform to feminism being pushed by every available medium to convince her this is what she MUST be in order to be happy.

  4. Know as well that women too can choose to be better than their base natures, to be more feminine, to be a lady.

  5. Every time you recognize a woman trying to manipulate you, check yourself and know she is just being a woman. She is playing her part and you need to play yours by humouring her and making life a grand fun game.

  6. Follow the Five F's Of Individual Masculinity - Fitness, Finance, Philosophy, Flirting & Fun.

Get in shape.

Have money in the bank.

Search for the truth and live it.

Have fun and laugh with women when they come into your life.


You are a Man now, capital M.

Women will want you. Women will chase you. Why? You no longer care if you have one.

Choose to love, not hate.

It is the only way for a true Man to live.

Strength & Honor