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Is Alpha Male Obsession Holding Back The Patriarchal-Renaissance?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | January 28, 2017 | 9 minute read

Be Alpha. Period.

The Alpha Mindset is a religion now for many young Millenial men.

If you are a young man in your 20s who has taken the Red Pill, your mantra is "Be alpha or be nobody." But will being an alpha male truly bring about a patriarchal renaissance?

WARNING: If you have a serious fetish attachment to being an alpha male, stop reading right now.

Cheateau Heartiste has what is considered by many young men to be the definitive definition of the alpha male. In all my research for this post, his blog and this definition is what comes up the most as being the gospel truth.

Make no mistake, at the most fundamental level the CRUX of a man’s worth is measured by his desirability to women, whether he chooses to play the game or not.

Pussy is the holy grail.

Roissy ~ Cheateau Heartiste

A Man's worth - capital M - is his desirability by the owners of pussy?

I would like to suggest to young men, many of them looking for leadership in a world where so many have had no father or masculine role models to look up to, that pussy is NOT the holy grail of your existence as a man. The patriarchal model is not based on the alpha male. When you look to history and the great leaders of Rome, alpha male is NOT what made them great.

They were first and foremost men.

Men who had the RESPECT of other men because of their adherence to truth and justice, not pussy.

If you truly want to grow into manhood in the fullest patriarchal sense, stop trying to be an alpha male. Stop trying to emulate psychopaths and narcissists. Stop trying to be the Tinder beefcake to all the obese women who will drool over your body and, delusionally in the 21st century feminist West, actually believe they have a shot with you.

Don't be alpha. Me a Man, capital M.

The goal of man is to become one... a Man with a capital M and all the divine and spiritual authority that capitalization implies.

There was a time when our patriarchal forefathers gave pussy almost no notice. No, it was not because they were beta. It was because they were MEN. Being a Man, capital M, automatically means pussy wants you. Nothing has changed in the nature of woman since the first patriarchal revolution. Women are women, men are men. All that has changed is attitude: women today are choosing to behave like men and vice versa. Young women are chasing after 'knowledge' with an indebted bullshit university degree and thus the power, money and status they delusionally believe they attain with said complete piece of shit paper and corp/gov slave job. Young men on the other hand seem to be almost wholly obsessed with sex. Getting laid. Getting laid. And getting laid again. A generalization of a generation? To be sure, but we generalize because it's easy shorthand for describing a general trend or zeitgeist, outliers withstanding. Very few young men and women would truly be able to disprove this sweeping generalization of the times.

While many of our historical patriarchs may appear to fit Roissy's definition of an alpha male on the surface, having access to pussy was NOT what defined them as men.

What defined the patriarchal men of the past was character.

Morals and ethics. The stuff of religion and philosophy. This is what defined patriarchal man.

When young men begin to truly look at the world around them, I am hoping they will begin to realize as they get older that what we need most desperately right now is not more guys that can approach, close and count another female notch on the bedpost.

We need more men of character, not alpha males.

You don't build character by making pussy the Holy Grail of your life. You build character by living your life toward meeting Aristotle's virtues.

Courage. Temperance. Magnanimity. Truthfulness.

These are only four of the twelve virtues a man must strive to embody to become a man. But when I look around the man-o-sphere as it is called, while some pay heed to this patriarchal past of masculine development, by far the most studied and obsessed subject of young Millenial men is...

How to get laid.

Is this the future patriarchy? Men obsessed with pussy?

Consider what is the true underlying philosophy behind the knowledge and skills required to "get laid." Is your ability to "get laid" what will truly change the world for the better? Is this the following equation when you become an alpha male?


Let's keep breaking this down so we can be clear about Roissy's definition of an alpha male and thus being a "man." If a man's desirableness to pussy (and this his getting it) defines a man as a Man - a real one, capital M... and getting HOT pussy, as quick and as fast and as many as possible.

Why is The West so fucked up in the 21st century?

We now have young men, old men, middle age men - they have all taken the Red Pill. They are all awake to feminism and the nature of the female. They are all adept and skilled in the arts of seduction and are getting more pussy now than they could have ever dreamed of as a young boy of 10 going on puberty. If you really wanted to give men a paradise of pussy, we are living in it!!! If your Tinder profile can look like the guy in the photo that opens this post, you will have more pussy than you will ever be able to fathom conquering in a single lifetime.

Yet... no one is happy. Men. Women. No one.

Well, ok, maybe the guys are happy, but we always are for the most part so that is not a valid counter argument.

If we want to see a true patriarchal renaissance, young men of The West today must move beyond the alpha male mindset that is now the new religion among red pill awake Millenial men.


Approaching it, hooking it, fucking it, forgetting it - is what defines an alpha male. And if being an alpha male is the pinnacle of maleness, of manhood, then it logically follows that pussy and whether you get it or not is what ultimately makes a man a man.

Are you a man who is not getting any pussy?

Sorry, you're not a man. You are beta bucks while other men are alpha fucks.

Is this really what a patriarchal renaissance is going to rest on? Alpha fucks and beta bucks?

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a real Man, capital M, not an alpha male.

Does Rhett Butler look or sound like a man who gives a damn about pussy?

Does Rhett look like he is thinking:

  • gotta maintain strong frame here
  • shit tests, shit tests, shit tests, gotta pass em
  • might have to "discipline" this bitch if she does not fix her attitude
  • I might even have to give her my back and the silent treatment, wait for a follow up apology, assert frame and then fuck her good

This would be the typical alpha male response to Scarlet in the 21st century, but this is not Rhett's response because he comes from a different mindset - a masculine one not obsessed with pussy. Rhett is not being “alpha”, he is being a Man. You don't need to be an alpha male if you become a Man.

If you are a Man, capital M, pussy automatically wants you. Period.

Why would a man make pussy his holy grail when the truth is, penis is the holy grail for women and he already has one! Think I am wrong? Just look at the masses of men that live quiet and peaceful lives without any pussy for miles around. Now, look at just one woman without a penis in her life.

Women are attention whores for a reason - they need penis more than we need pussy! Not convinced? Let's ask a few more questions.

Which is the happier sex?

Which sex can "go without" the longest before getting all squirrely?

Which sex can actually find a way to be happy WITHOUT being in a relationship?

Being a Man, capital M, means pussy is a given in your life because you have what pussy wants - a penis. Even if you are not successful now with women, you will learn the pithiness of this truth with time, age and experience - women or no women in your life. Why, just look at the definition of pithiness.

brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible;

Man. Capital M. Period.

Man's mind and his behaviour are one, his inner thought and outer expression cannot contradict each other. Therefore a man should set up his right principle, and this right mind (principle) will influence his action.

STRIKING THOUGHTS: Bruce Lee's Wisdom For Daily Living

Now repeat after me...

Pussy is the holy grail.

Pussy is the holy grail.

Pussy is the holy grail.

Pussy is the holy grail.

Pussy is the holy grail.

And riddle me this Batman...

If pussy is all that is on your mind.

And your inner state reflects your outer being.

Does that not make you a pussy?


I think I will pass on the whole alpha male business.

I would much prefer women look upon me as being a Man, capital M.

Strength & Honor