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Is Donald Trump The 2nd Coming Of George Washington?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | October 22, 2018 | 17 minute read

I sit here today with a leg cut up by a chainsaw. Thanks be to God, tis a flesh wound, just skin & fat. An almost 3 inch gash on my inner right thigh that came within an inch of my kneecap. When I contemplate how close I came to permanently disabling myself, or why I by some miracle did not, you begin to realize that perhaps there are greater forces at work in the world than evil.

In the process of living one's life, each man must make decisions that may alter his fate irrevocably. I switched hands (from right to left) being fairly ambidextrous, but that put the chain bar closer by 4 to 6 inches to my body when crossing in front. (Normally the engine housing gives you that extra clearance when operating right handed.) Many other factors contributed to the accident, but it was this simple personal decision that nearly altered my life forever and changed it's entire course, had things gone badly, instead of merely being a visceral lesson in respect for a chainsaw.

I sat down to watch a lot of YouTube the last few days as my leg stitched itself up. Again, I thank God for how clean the cut, and the possibility for infection, was. I will heal and be back to karate, to dance, to work, but in giving me some time to just sit and waste time on the internet, I began to wonder if another miracle of healing and return to normalcy was possible in The West.

Two years ago, at this time, another man was in the final stretch of having made a most monumental decision on the direction of his life.

Donald J Trump had thrown his name into the ring to become the next President of the United States of America after Barrack Obama.

It was a long shot and the left said he could never win.

When he won, the left said he would be the most incompetent President in history.

I and many others were relieved Donald Trump won, but the vast majority of that relief (if we are being honest with ourselves) was the fact that Hillary Clinton had not won.

The victory, while resounding and uplifting, was ultimately hollow.

All we had was a President who was NOT Hillary Clinton.

Our expectations of Trump after his win were high, but I suspect underneath, most of us would have admitted the task of draining the swamp was nigh impossible.

Americans elected a man with hopes and prayers that he could restore America to what it was, but cynically (and as his swap creature appointments started to prove), we knew that nothing would change.

It was one man against the mob.

What could one man possibly do against such odds?

Yet, despite that cynicism... something began to "click" for me recently. Something I wanted to share with my American readers in hopes perhaps it might also click with them and that I am not alone in seeing and thinking it.

Are all of us witnessing the rebirth of the American Dream? Is Trump fighting a 2nd Revolutionary war for not just America, but the whole world?

To begin, I want to start from an unexpected place - Assassin's Creed III and it's depiction of Washington during the fight to create the worlds first true republic and free his people from the tyranny of monarchy and psychopathic, oligarchical despotism.

CONNER: Charles Lee has betrayed you. He forced retreat in the midst of battle hoping the loss would take the lives of your men and see you relieved of your command.


CONNER: I'm sure he will come and spin a tale saying that he was outnumbered or I was somehow to blame. All lies. I will say it one last time. That man is your enemy, and he will not stop until you are dead or dishonoured.

LAFAYETTE: Conner's tale rings true. Lee was acting most... odd upon the battlefield.

WASHINGTON: I will investigate these allegations at once.

CONNER: The time for that is long past.

WASHINGTON: This must be must be done properly... or else we are no better than those we oppose. Never mind the political ramifications of such an act. [i.e assassination or removal by force of one's opponents]

A quick read of the introduction to George Washington on Wikipedia, when coupled with the above dialogue, bring the present state of America and Trump's role into some pretty clear context.

George Washington:

  • was born modestly prosperous (i.e. inherited wealth)
  • made significant and successful land investments (i.e. real estate)
  • had military training and led the Virginia militia
  • became Commander-In-Chief when the country was in a full blown state of war for it's very creation, not just survival
  • was passionately devoted to Republicanism, embodying a lifelong "revulsion for tyrannical power"
  • "He promoted and oversaw implementation of a strong, well-financed national government, using the economic plans of his Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, while remaining impartial in the fierce rivalry between Hamilton and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson."
  • "His seminal Farewell Address strongly warned against political partisanship, sectionalism, and involvement in foreign wars."

Does any of this sound familiar to you about the man currently holding the office of President Of The United States?

The reason I began this post with a fictional game on the American Revolution was because of how much I learned, as a Canadian, about that period in American history. Of course, I am not so naive to believe it was wholly accurate (it is a story, and it had an identity agenda in highlighting aboriginal culture and the atrocities committed against them), but it was fair in its presentation of that time in history. History is never clear cut with good guys and bad guys. Intrique was everywhere, as well as allies (the aboriginals) and enemies, both foreign and domestic. Washington is shown to be a great man who founded a nation on the ideas of liberty, equality and justice for all, but he was also flawed, for which he himself knew most of all. It was also I thought an excellent and honest attempt to present the revolutionary war through the eyes of the aboriginals that were going to be not just replaced, but nearly eradicated in the coming centuries. It did not sugar coat the errors of great men against "the other", but neither did it wallow or paint the Fathers of Confederation as literal Hitlers.

The critics of men who game do not underestand why games (as well as movies, etc) are being targeted for social engineering. Culture IS politics. Playing a fictional character placed in a real historical context allowed me to experience what 1776 meant for all parties, but most important of all was the sheer sense of liberation and freedom that the shock of that revolution sent around the globe. I really felt I was there and helping to found one of the greatest nations on earth.

I discovered that feeling coming around again recently with a divine sense of deja vu.

Thrown into a time, place and position he neither sought nor wanted, George Washington made the best of the situation and helped found a nation that became a beacon of freedom and prosperity to the entire world.

And I dare say... Donald J Trump may be about to repeat that incredible act of history.

The Q phenomenon is not one I have followed closely. I am all for conspiracy theories, but this one smacked of fantasy and delusion when I first heard it. Not in the sense it was all lies, but in the idea being sown that we can relax and not worry, the "good guys" (i.e. someone else) will save us.

I heard about the sealed indictments. About the expansion at Gitmo. About the arrests that were coming "any day now." About white hats vs black hats (an analogy to Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy) Lot's of cloak & dagger stuff. With so much overwhelming information out there already, I decided the Q thing was something I was just not going to pay attention to.

I was not going to pay attention to Q because I did not want to believe it - the dream to save not just America, but the entire world - could actually be true.

Then... I found this video.

As a Canadian, I watched and hoped that Kavanaugh would be confirmed to the Supreme Court. I had heard rumours he might not be as constitutional as many hoped (apparently he was for torture and spying on Americans), but like many Americans, with the absolute blitzkrieg on his character and the utterly gutter trash ruthlessness the Democrats descended to to destroy him AND prevent his nomination, I "trusted Trump" and hoped for the best. Which happened. Kavanaugh is now on the Supreme Court, but I had no clue why his nomination was so apocalyptic to the left AND Hollywood until I watched this video.

In short... there is a small clip I would never have seen not having watched the entire televised confirmation process. The exchange between Lindsay Graham and Kavanaugh about the difference (and the Supreme Court's role in deciding) between military tribunals for traitors vs. civil court prosecutions (i.e. 100% constitutional protections) for crimes was chilling.

The USA is still under an open declaration of war since Bush signed it after 9/11.

Thus... there is no legal obstruction to pursuing criminal charges of treason and sedition against domestic "enemy combatants" (i.e. US citizens) in a military court where the penalty may very well be, if convicted, summary execution.

Graham had to swallow pretty hard before asking about this point of law. Kavanaugh's grimace after confirming US citizens who collaborated with the Nazi's were executed was telling that he was now realizing what his confirmation to the SCOTUS was going to entail.

The entire exchange between Graham and Kavanaugh was surreal, for both men as well as me the viewer.

The Q update in the above video was telling about the patience and the plan that Trump (and white hats) have been working. And not just the past two years since his being sworn into office. I am beginning to believe there has been a military/intelligence plan for years that began before Trump even declared he was going to run in 2016.

The level of detail and forethought that is beginning to dawn on me on what is going on behind the scenes... is mind blowing.

Dare I dream? Dare I dream to believe that justice might actually come for the guilty on this earth in my time on it?

This is what I began to contemplate as my leg stitched itself up and healed to return me to a state of normal function so that I can be grateful and thankful for being free, healthy and able to pursue my happiness on this earth.

What convinced me though that I might, and thus you might, be able to dream and believe "lock her up" was not just a mic drop to score points in a debate, not merely a political empty threat, but a judgement of what was going to come in the future... was not Q or even this incredible 50 minute breakdown of what's coming for globalists AND Silicon Valley.


It was the reaction of the enemy - to Trump, to Kavanaugh - that was the tell and thus the proof of all that Q says is coming might possibly be true.

The complete mental patient insanity of the Democrats to Kavanaugh's nomination. The whole world saw what we thought were human beings representing an opposing political ideology and option for American voters quickly reveal themselves to be nothing but rabid, raving, lunatics who will do anything to stay in power.

Why are they - the left, liberals, Democrats, feminists - all so afraid of losing power?

It is a simple enough answer at first thought - because they want power. But is that the truth? Is it power they truly crave? Or is it the loss of power to someone who will actually put them in jail that they truly fear?

The last two years is all beginning to make sense.

Sessions recused himself so that when he is brought in as the hammer of prosecution, he can claim complete neutrality because he allowed the Mueller investigation to proceed completely unimpeded by him or the President.

All the neocon warhawks in his cabinet? How better can one restrain the dogs of war than by putting them on a literal leash within your inner circle.

Why did Trump look forever clam, collected, cool during the entire past two years of the Russian collusion investigation? Because he (and they) knew it was all a game! Just a big dog & pony show for the Democrats to fire up their rabid, mental patient supporters and too stall for time to the midterms and the "blue wave" of women's fury!!! Well... at least the Democrats thought it was just a Game... but as Kavanaugh's nomination made clear... Democrats suddenly realized that Trump is not playing a game. No, Trump is dead serious about draining the swamp and Kavanaugh was his first real telegraph to the Democrats that play time is over.

The Mueller investigation has had the opposite effect than intended. It has done more to uncover Clinton/Democrat corruption and outright treason against a sitting President than Trump could ever have gotten on his own (and be seen as being partisan in doing so). Time - the stalling for it Democrats were using Mueller for to get to the midterms - was suddenly not as important as stopping Kavanaugh's appointment at all costs, the election be damned. Powerful figures across the entire spectrum of left leaning liberals began to quake in their boots about the possibility that Trump might not be the idiot they believe he is. In fact, he may be about to bring down the entire satanic house of Baal!!!

I only investigated #Pizzagate on the surface until it made me sick to my stomach.

If what Trump and his white hats have planned comes true... it won't be just traitorous politicians going to jail.

The entire homosexual/pedophile child trafficking network of globalist elite satanists is on the verge of exposure and judgement.

This... finally (for me)... explains the mental patient hysteria in Hollywood.

Name the star who has screamed the loudest against Trump, and I bet they are going to be outed in the most satanic pedophile/snuff ring of horrors that even decades from now many will still refuse to believe is true. The author of the video above is correct. HOSTEL is a documentary and frighteningly, many of the comments of people who watched the film got the same vibe. No normal human being with a soul could possibly imagine such horrors as this. HOSTEL is the real world of a living psychopath. They are among us. They were in power. They no longer are.

Why is Pope Francis not saying a word about the volcano of sexual abuse now scandalizing the Catholic Church once again? I think it's because this newest scandal is going to connect all over the globe back to him and the entire satanic cabal of globalists at all levels of western society.

For the first time in their adult lives, in history in fact, these globalist, satanic psychopaths are all running shit scared, shitting their pants... because of the election of one man.

The Illusionist is a 2006 film that is not even two hours. Yet it is one of the most well scripted and filmed period pieces I have ever watched. A simple story that weaves magic, politics and detective work with some of the best cast a director could hope for.

A man who captivates a nation to deceive it in order to save it.

A secret that threatens to bring down not just any empire, but that of monarchy and monarchs, of inherited tyranny and unelected, despotic rule they believe makes them above the law.

Is it possible that Trump, being an entertainer, has crafted the ultimate illusion to fool the truly evil among us into convicting, and possibly hanging, themselves?

Are we going to be looking back, in one years time, to the single greatest political and military covert campaign to take back peace and freedom from Satan himself?

George Washington was facing an opponent, an enemy, in the British Empire that had never been defeated, that had established an Empire the sun never set on. The American Revolutionary War was at its core, a war against central banking and the cabal of families that ran them in Europe. It's why Jefferson and Jackson loathed industry and finance. But Washington also wisely knew that Hamilton was also right; a new nation needed credit and currency to succeed.

The fight since 1776 has always been to keep the cabal of banking families out of America. While Trump has surrounded himself with the deepest of swamp creatures (bankers), he also has a portrait of Andrew Jackson hanging in his office.

The enemy for Trump, as it was for Washington, is the cabal of usurious European banking families around the globe.

Every single photo of the President with that painting of Andrew Jackson in the background is sending a message to his enemies.

America... is going to be number one again.

America... is going to be first again.

The den of vipers & thieves... will be rooted out.

And I am actually starting to believe Trump might just actually succeed where Kennedy did not.

Why did God not protect Kennedy? Why did he kill off every man (and woman) who tried to stop this cabal up to now? Why did God allow all of this shit to spread and destroy so many lives and nations for so long?

Because it had to be global cleansing.

It had to be the last gasp for satanic psychopaths and their dream of enslaving every human being on the planet for their sadistic pleasure.

Putin. Trump. Xi.

It won't be just one man, it will be three that take down the cabal.

I declare, and pray, that if Trump gets his Nov 6th tsunami... he will bring down the hammer of Thor and unleash the lighting of Zeus on the entire Zionist cabal around the globe.

This is it my friends... the "calm before the storm" Trump spoke about.

America is the satanic globalists last home, their last stand.

China wants nothing to do with them and they will never be let in.

Russia has ousted them once and for all under Putin's leadership.

Soros' EU project is going to implode when Italy leaves and starts printing the Lira once more. Germany is only one more election away from doing the same.

While we can dismiss the mental patient insanity of most John Q Public leftist/Marxists now eating away at whatever is left of the Democratic party (and liberals the world over), what you can't dismiss is the same level of hysteria now being displayed by the leaders these zombies worship.

Nothing less than shear, abject panic is beginning to dawn on them all that...





Strength & Honor


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