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Islam Will Conquer The West If Western Men Refuse To Bow To Moral Truth

The path to God is never a straight line, but a Man is either walking it, or lost in darkness.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | February 17, 2018 | 16 minute read

Something is in the air. Something... is changing. Writer's block is real and I am not alone in wondering why I just don't want to write for "the sphere" anymore. As one comment on my epic rant last week for a return of real patriarchs noted about my salty tone...

You sound fed up man.

I am. Fed. Right. Up. And there is a reason for it.

Insanity fatigue.

If you’ve been checking in with this site in recent days, you may have wondered if I was on vacation. I’m not. Rather, I’ve been suffering from a bit of sluggishness and writers block, and it wasn’t until I took some time to think about why earlier this morning that I was able to determine the cause of my affliction. The best way to describe what I’ve been dealing with in recent days is insanity fatigue.

It’s not as if there’s been a lack of news or things to talk about. There’s plenty. The problem is I’ve once again become exhausted and overwhelmed by the superficial stupidity and narcissism of our national political dialogue. I first expressed this sentiment about a year ago in the piece, Lost in the Political Wilderness, and the feeling came back in spades in recent days.

The total insanity of the political debate in the U.S., and a lack of any willingness to admit our real systemic problems — let alone face them — is what convinces me without a doubt that this train is headed straight into a brick wall.

Michael Krieger - Insanity Fatigue

Straight into a brick wall. That is why I wrote about the steps needed for a patriarchal way forward for western men. I can see the future. Anyone can. All you have to do is look, as another man has, a Muslim, and point to the truth no man in The West wants to confront - the brick wall of the abandonment of moral truth, of God.


Almost everything you say here is true. You have found the truth about a Man's role, and the role of women.

I am here to tell you, as you probably know, that Western men will not join you. Western men are declining, because their time has come, and they do not see as clearly as you.

But, there is hope. Real Men still live. We, muslims, are real Men, because we are still attached to the values you describe in your writings. Our Religion teaches us how to be Men, it teaches women how to be Women, capital W, and it is exactly as you describe. Christianity also teaches this, but Western men have thrown their religion away, although it is their Religion which founded the West, and those like you who still see the truth are not in political power.

Naturally, victory and the renaissance of Men will come from us, Muslims, when we will take power. We do not seek power, but Power will naturally come to us, as we are real Men.

You read it here first Maximus. My message is a message of Hope. Not all is lost. Victory will come, but not from those you wish to bring to truth. Victory will not come from Western men, but Muslim men.

I am happy to have found a fellow Man among Western disbelievers, and I hope with all my heart that God will count you among real Men, capital M, and give you success with us.

I read this and could not help but note how succinctly and perfectly he nailed exactly where I am, right now, and why it is becoming increasingly more difficult to write.

I want to save the dream that was Rome, but I am slowly realizing there are no more Roman's left who believe in it.

Not nearly enough of them. If they are out there, they are not commenting on my blog, nor are they spreading the message. Again, that is not a lamentation of lack of attention or praise for my words, it's a simple statement of fact - what I have to say is the truth, and very, very, very few western men are interested in the message.

But that may be changing. I am not alone it seems in suffering from insanity fatigue. But this sphere writer is of a whole other level than your present author, a level that tells me a dramatic shift in perspective is in the wind for western men.

Have men always been as obsessed with sex as they are today? Was it thrust into their faces practically every single moment? I doubt it. Men of the past had to put so much more energy into survival that sex was seen more as the dessert instead of the main dish like it is now. Otherwise, the sex-obsessed ancient man would surely die of starvation or predation. What you think of as a normal level of horniness and healthy sex attitude would be vulgar and downright ill to men of the past.


Frankly, I’m tired of it. I’ve dedicated more time than 99% of men into getting sex. It has given me a community of men online I can talk to, which is great, but my soul has nothing to show for it. I don’t want to care about sleeping with a girl I don’t have feelings for. I don’t want to go on another bang mission, or travel to more countries to find a perfect woman who exists only in my mind. Enough! I can’t bear to look at another vagina for the sole purpose of using it as a tool to get a ten-second orgasm that gives me no pleasure as soon as it’s done, even though I know deep down that the next girl I sleep with will certainly be someone I do not love.

Roosh V - Sex Has Become An Obsession

For which just prior to finding this post on my Twitter feed, there was this.

I know Roosh is not looking to be saved by anyone, least of all me. I can only hope he does not think I am a turncoat for writing against Game, PUA and a return to true masculine patriarchal ways for men. I wrote a few articles for Return Of Kings, but I had many, many others rejected. Not my site. Not my audience. I understand. Those rejections pushed me to start my own blog, but I do worry how Roosh feels about my contrast of Man, capital M, with his philosophy of Neomasculinity and Game as the path for men in the 21st century.

One of the reasons I have followed/supported Roosh is because he is not like the other sphere PUA/Game writers. (i.e. the hardcore PUA/hedonists - Rollo, CMQ, Goldmund etc.) There was a genuineness in his quest. From my perspective, searching for pussy paradise always seemed a quest forced upon him, rather than chosen. This insight came to me on a YouTube video he uploaded in his mid 30s that was quite humourous about no longer being interested in hitting another beach club on Eastern Europe during the summer. But it was not his funny lamentation about getting older and less interested in partying, it was a clip he inserted, a photo... just a flash... of something else.

That photo flash... was of a stroller... of a baby... of a good Man's natural turn to thoughts of his legacy and the lack of someone to love and be loved by in return as he reaches middle age.

I don't know if Roosh will read this, but it is never too late.

A man can never be "in too deep" unless he feels so guilty for past sins he has concluded there is no way out, no forgiveness, no way forward. It's a lamentation of deep reflection and understanding that hints there is still light, still good, in the world. All a man has to do is recognize when he is on the wrong path, and place his foot on the right one, or at the very least a new one and see where it takes him.

In fact, I will make a prophecy.

If Roosh turns toward a more positive view of Man, of women, of his purpose and reason for being created in the universe by God or Karma... it will be a turning point for western men and The West.

If Roosh has finally realized that pussy paradise is only a paradise for the owners of pussy...

That in chasing pussy, he has walked a crooked path toward becoming a Man, capital M, and is now realizing the need to find a new one...

That the fatalism of being "in too deep" is just an excuse, another reason for a man's ego to keep pushing him down a path he has walked to the very end, finding no peace anywhere in his soul for all his labours...

Perhaps western Man has to reach rock bottom, the absolute pit of nihilism and despair, to understand that what he has been chasing has forever been a lie, a mirage, and that he need only turn but a little, to begin to see a light that leads a man out of darkness - moral truth, virtuous living, and the contemplation of that eternal question...

“What is a Man, if his chief good and market of his time be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more. Surely he that made us with such large discourse, looking before and after, gave us not that capability and God like reason to fust in us unused.”

Hamlet, Act 4-Scene 4.8, Oxford World’s Classics

What... is a Man?

This question is the question that will save The West... if western men are willing to ask it once again. For if they do not, Muslims will impose the answer on The West, and all it's lamentations and protestations will be just that... the dying gasps of a race and culture that failed to ask and find the answer, replaced my men who did.

The eminent ideologue of the clash between civilizations takes his givens from reality - an Islam in ferment, Southeast Asia on its way to dominating the world market, China in a phenomenal state of development - but he [the ideologue] fabricates his arguments largely basing them on the illusions engendered by Western anxieties, either justified or to be justified at all costs.

Prophesying an islamo-confucian menance that must be forestalled is now an ideological disinformation industry intended to prepare grounds for future offensives against Islam while ignoring the great power in the Middle East, the land of Islam rebaptized as a "geographic zone."

The American expression "self-fulfilling prophesy" perfectly illustrates the ingenious spawning of the clash argument: I predict an event, I huff and puff until it occurs as predicted, and there you have it.

Abdessalam Yassine, Winning The Modern World For Islam, pg 1

Is it delusion to put the fate of The West on a turning of the soul in one Man?

Can Roosh leaving, nay renouncing, the path of the hedonist, the PUA, the king of pussy paradise be all that holds back The West from its resurrection?

Is Donald Trump a man put on earth by God to end the madness that now engulfs the world?

Do western men even think in these grand terms any more? Of destiny? Of God's will? Of the fates weaving their thread of a Man's life and his pleading with the gods to grant him favour and mercy?

If you don't read #MAGA in the above quote writ large, by a Muslim Imam writing under house arrest in Algeria 18 years ago (2000 publish date, before 9/11)...

The West once followed God. Christianity is no more perfect than Islam, but at least there was a time when western men believed in God and believed in walking a path toward Him in this life - of virtue, of restraint of the flesh, of knowing right from wrong in sexual conduct.

Maybe it was prophetic I named my blog "a dream that WAS Rome" - i.e. past tense.

All of my writing. All of my hope for the dream that was Rome... can only happen if western men return, if not to God, than at the very minimum to moral truth, no matter what path they take to it.

But will they?

It will mean... rejection of Darwin, at least the idea that evolution created life, and that man is somehow miraculously descended from an ape, for which many of the "intermediate stages" have never been discovered, the few archeological "findings" proven to be outright frauds.

It will mean... rejection of the nihilist, biological determinism that is the foundational argument underpinning the entirety of Red Pill philosophy. Both that of women (hypergamy and feminine imperative) and that of men (the idol worship of the alpha male and spreading one's seed with wild abandon and no moral reflection).

It will mean... both western men and women keeping their clothes on, respecting one another as human beings, divine in essence, and returning to a more "trad" approach to dating & mating. You know, where you go out with a girl and just talk, to find out if you are compatible long term for the purpose of marriage and family formation.

Even just reading it... proves... The West may already dead, and my quoted Muslim brother at the opening of this post prophetically correct.

Islam does not have to be the future of Europe or The West... but it will be if western men - and women - don't change their course.

The triumphant science of the last two centuries is wedded to the positivist materialistic philosophy whereby greco-roman polytheism is finally reborn under the form of two hypothesis which are mutually corollary.

The first tenant: Man is an animal, the product of life's slow evolving, and he is created entirely with respect to nature's challenges of survival.

The second tenent: There is no creator, no God, and thus nothing after death.

Thus the two villainous principles on which modern thought is founded concerning the reason of life lead to a gratuitous and counternatural certitude.

Nihilist philosophy, sure of its advances, is coupled with experimental science based on methodological doubt and the meticulous verification of results. Together giving birth to a monstrous hybrid that makes Man out to be a beast without significance, struggling for survival, and life a blind phenomenon of chemical action-reaction in vivo susceptible of being reproduced in vitro

ibid., Knowing: Nihilist Tenets, pg 63

Red. Pill.

Game > hypergamy, feminine imperative, biologically hardwired "female nature", the "science" of getting a woman to spread her legs, a methodological and meticulous verification of what evo-psyche/bio-chemical (sexy thoughts lead to wet pussy) can guarantee a man to be able to have sex with a female (not a woman, not a human being) whenever he wants, without commitment, without care for her emotional well being or his own.

MGTOW > hypergamy, feminine imperative, biologically hardwired "female nature", combined with feminism and the laws of the state, create conditions for western man to disengage the female completely, and the state as far as possible, putting hope for Man's intimacy in sex robots and children in the scientific miracle of the artificial womb.

This... is what dominates the minds of Red Pill "woke" western men in the 21st century. The numbers of men in The West who believe Man is more than an animal... are dwindling, every year, every decade, replaced by a complete fool of a man, an ape who believes he has become God, has become the creator.

Blunted by his own creations, his time occupied and colonized, modern man is hyper-informed about everything but miserably ignorant about himself.

The medical, biological, and genetic sciences instruct him superbly about how his bodily mechanisms function, but they tell him nothing about the destruction of his journey through life.

Digital technologies offer him the key to a wonderland where he can now navigate, but they leave him neither the time to see or the time to reflect.

Everything is said, everything is thought, everything is recorded on the keyboard! All he needs for existence is... to surf!

ibid., Knowing: Nihilist Tenets, pg 64

How does a modern western man escape the feminist matrix that is his enslavement in The West?

With an online hustle, where his every woke hour is spent in a digital non-reality, crafting the perfect brand, the perfect pitch, the perfect evo-bio-psych blend of mind and ego manipulation to get his brother to part with his money to free him... from having to save him by telling him the truth.

Western Man... is dying. The longer he refuses to see his condition for what it is, the more inevitable his fate becomes.

Western Man has walked the full path of materialist, nihilistic hedonism since the start of the Enlightenment. Teenage males so angry at life, they are murdering their classmates in cold blood in a shower of bullets and fury. When not shooting their peers, they are committing suicide on opioids (along with their parents) in complete logical agreement with the Darwinian conclusion that all life is random chance, there is no purpose, you have no reason to live if you are not getting laid or rich.

The Titanic is a story of arrogance and hubris of this new western age of godlessness and science. The ship that can't be sunk... sank.

Has The West hit the iceberg? Is it taking on water, or has it already plunged under the surface and half way to hitting bottom? Is all my writing merely vanity and desperation at western men not being able to confront the truth, the Law, God's or nature's, that simply and humbly admonishes... "You do that... this will happen."

Keep your dick in your pants. Know that God, even as a concept, a theory like gravity... is real and acknowledge your Creator and the power to which you will one day return.

Six words to save Man and The West, and a return to a simple belief western Man once walked the entire earth in triumph with.

Will he hear? Will he listen? Will he obey?

I'm your big, oldest brother that you hate.

The one that always thinks he is right, and you purposely go the other way to prove him wrong. Patient. Loving. Caring. Your brother waits for you to learn the lesson on your own, for that is the only way truth is ever going to come into your heart and allow you to make the right choice...

in the end...

to stand as a Man, capital M.

If God so will's.

Strength & Honor


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