Writings On Man, Masculinty And The Emerging Patriarchal Renaissance

It Begins: A Legion To Retake Rome From It's Enemies

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 21, 2018 | 5 minute read

What can one Man do to save The West? Not much. Where there was once one that stood alone, now there are two. In fact, eight in total to step up to the plate and commit, even if only in spirit, to do what they can to save The West and the dream that was Rome.

First - Maximus will not be asking for donations anytime soon.

There is simply no support for it... yet. This blog will remain ad free and I have decided that the only time I will think about asking for donations will be when I reach 75% of my server bandwidth. Right now, this is a very cheap blog to host and thus I see no need for slapping ads on it either. The clean aesthetic and focus on Man, capital M, will remain.

Second - There is more to Man than just his capital M.

There was a general consensus that my focus on Man and that capital M is what my readers like and want the most.

I started reading you about a year ago and I am a big fan. Especially of your first articles on what it means to be a Man, having standards and finding fulfillment for ourselves. I love your perspective that is dissociated from Game and Money which most Manosphere blogs are constantly rambling about. I wanted to thank you for that.

Surprisingly, I thought my writings on philosophy and religion would communicate that that is what capital M is - the mind and spirit of Man as primary source of identity and living.

I am less a fan of your religious articles because I feel that apart from feeling we have a power above us, talking about religion here dilutes the strength of your message.

I can see how articles that illuminate the capital M in Man are wanted and I will be returning (never really having left in my view) to such writings. (See my dictionary definition of Sean Connery.) I will also be developing the philosophic and religious aspects of Man and trying to educate readers that in leaving these aspects to whither and become weak, western men have succumbed to the same fate. When men return to philosophy and religion, so to will The West rise once more.

So... you can expect a two pronged approach to the big M.

  • exposition and illumination on the being of Man (Aristotle)
  • philosophic and religious reflection on the nature of Man (Plato)

Third - I will be starting a newsletter.

I don't know what to call it yet. It won't be a real campaign, just a text written BCC list when I have the time and the content to feel there is a good one to send out to subscribers.

What will it contain?

That depends on you, the reader. With DISQUS comments now blown away, I want to encourage you to contact me and send me your thoughts personally on anything I have written. The best letters will have portions featured in the newsletter where I will add my thoughts to yours (much like you are reading now).

I think this is a great way to encourage participation and also begin to forge bonds of personal contact and communication. With privacy assured, there won't be an open comment system or forum to worry about writing what you truly think and believe (nor for me to maintain as that would be a huge addition to my time on this blog as it is). I am still looking into a comment replacement system, but not making any huge rush to get one in place since so few people left comments anyway (which may have been a rejection of DISQUS by readers as I have learned it is not the most liked platform out there).

The newsletter will be a men's only club for fellow legionnaires. Call it our little GROSS club.

The dream that was Rome will not be retaken in a day.

I had discussed possible meet-ups and some expressed desire to actually do so. None will happen just yet. Should this "legion to take back Rome" idea grow, I want to do something more than meet-ups.

I want to setup a weekend conference.

The first patriarchal renaissance conference for The West.

That... will be a lot bigger and involve a lot more people. Perhaps someone else will beat me to it.

At such a conference, I would want to:

  • have talks on the true nature of Man, capital M
  • break out sessions on philosophy, religion, science, culture, politics, art & entertainment
  • a plenary on the new rules of patriarchy for The West; what they should be, voting, and the making of an actual patriarchal constitution if possible


Just something I am dreaming of doing, if God so will's and decrees to be my fate.

Thank you for joining. The best (or the worst?) is yet to come.

Strength & Honor


Where are the comments?

Gone. DISQUS is no longer reliable. You can read about my mystery problems with DISQUS here.

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