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Join Maximus' Legion To Save The West

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 14, 2018 | 7 minute read

I want to know if I stand alone.

I want to know if you, reading this right now, want to save The West.

I can't do this alone. Hell, I have no idea what I am doing. Much like Maximus standing to face his death from a mounted Roman soldier, a Praetorian no less, I want to know if I commit to writing to save The West, whether I am embarking on the journey alone, or with fellow men at arms.

I want you... to contact The General.

Send me an email.

No, a DM on Twitter will not do. In fact, that is the LAST place you should contact me. They are watching on social media most especially.

I want to see how many of my core readers are willing to make contact and start organizing. Specifically, I am looking to hear from my Canadian readers, but American, British and European men are also encouraged to write to me.

What are are we going to do?

I don't know yet, but what I do know is this.

I am tired of digital protesting.

This blogging gig is starting to get cold and frosty.

Much like that soldier who could not get his sword out to defend himself once Maximus escaped, I am feeling chained, fettered and helpless to stop the death of The West that is about to be swiftly delivered by globalists in the next two decades.

Yes. Two decades gentlemen, that is all the time I believe The West has left.

While a meetup would be a huge undertaking and responsibility on my part, if I can get enough men to make a commitment to do just that, perhaps this blog and pen name is my fate and destiny. Right now, first and foremost, I just want to get an email list going for a future newsletter. Again, I don't know what I will be doing with it, but at least with a list of contacts to real people, a start can be made.

You have read the real risk of jail time I face in Canada for embarking on this path, but I don't see anyone else even trying at the level of a Tommy Robinson in N. America. I don't know what else to do at this point, but I do know one absolute fact. Nothing will change if you just sit there, read this, and click away.

All I am looking for... is an email address.

We could bring back the legions of Rome. The men who defend the dream of love, truth, justice, liberty and respect.

Germania CAN rise again. Gaul. Brittania. Who could stop us?

It's what globalists fear the most - western men organizing to save their race and culture.

This blog is small enough. It will not attract much attention and once I have enough emails (say 25 min), I can always pull this post down and go underground (the newsletter and legion recruitment, not the blog).

I want to be clear - I want to be able to organize and actually meet-up at some point in the future.

When? I have no clue, but nothing will happen if you don't contact me.

If this path should open up for me, one day, you will get to meet Maximus in person and judge for yourself if he is the real deal, or just another keyboard warrior of no historical importance to anyone or anything. I can't think of a more fitting way to "come out" as it were... than to do it in front of my readers, face to face.

Your privacy is assured. I give you my word.

None of your email addresses will be used for anything other than communication with myself, The General, and the hope of organizing a meetup in the future.

What more do I need to write?

Either this will spark the flame to rekindle the dream that was Rome in you, to save The West. Or it will not and my inbox will remain empty and I will have my answer to The West's future. There are 80+ unique IP's and an avg of 150 pushing 200 vistors a day to this blog.

If I can't convince even one of you to contact me with this personal appeal to do so...

Maybe I will have my answer to the question of shutting down this whole adventure in writing to save The West.

I have been researching asking for donations in the future, but if I can't even get one reader of my words to reach out to me and make contact... how can I possibly expect to get donations that will allow me to dedicate myself to writing to save The West? It would be a clear indication of total and complete failure after a year of writing. No offence taken, but a clear sign none the less. Why bother asking for donations? Why keep writing? To what end? Just for you to waste time reading words that will go nowhere and do nothing when you compulsively click away to your next mindless distraction?

Have I offended you?

Are you not entertained?

While I just got one more email this past week, in truth, it would be only the 2nd person to contact me since I fixed the contact form at the beginning of the year. Who was the first email from? A woman who wanted to dump her cuck husband and was currently fucking around with a 65 year old neighbour to spite him for being such a loser.

Why would you want to save The West if this is the kind of woman that is your reward?

Because she wants a real man, not a boy, to take her and make her a woman again.

Western women are fucking fed up with western men.

It was an illuminating conversation and I have not shared it until now. Women too are beginning to realize something very, very, very serious has gone wrong with men of The West. While they still harp on about independence and girl power (she blabbered on about the 'balance' of the masculine and feminine/goddess)... they ARE going to be looking for leadership again when the immigrant rape stats start to tick up in N. America over the coming decades.

I am telling you straight from the female's mouth - western women want their men to stand up, sack up, and tell her no.

That will not happen if you sit there and do nothing.

While my anonymous writer's pen name may make the more cynical armchair observer (and some Twitter pontificators) whine like a girl about Maximus not having any skin in the game (i.e. real name or wife/children), at least I am trying to do something. I started this blog with the specific goal and aim of saving The West. I have written posts in the past few weeks that should brand me a heretic in the Red Pill/Game/MGTOW "sphere" of men.

I am clearly not writing for those men.

I am writing for Man, capital M, and his return.

I am writing to save The West.

Are you willing to join me?

Or are you too scared to even send me an email after a full year of writing?

I have done my part. Now I am asking you to do yours.

If you make a commitment to The General and contact me...

I will make a commitment to you and saving The West, as far as I can and am able to do so.

Strength & Honor


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