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King Schwarzenegger: Life Lessons From Arnold's Biography TOTAL RECALL

Maximus Decimus Meridius | March 3, 2018 | 30 minute read

Starting a second year of writing for "the sphere" had me doing a lot of reflection. I never set out to change the world, only to have a place to spill my head out for no other reason than... I got to get this stuff out of my head.

That's what the last few weeks posts have been all about. I can only hope that my readers value something different and while a few posts were an about face in many ways on staying positive about The West's future, I am no naive idiot. The West is very, very, very close to the point of no return. Make no mistake, trying to right this ship is going to take Herculean courage and near divine, Zeus level will power. So while I still remain hopefull, I am always cognizant of the fact it may already be too late to save The West.

Which brings us to a man that had a huge influence on my life - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold won his first Mr. Olympia in 1970 and Conan opened in theaters to line-ups in 1982. To say this man loomed large over Generation X males coming of age is no small understatment. Between Arnold and Sylvester Stallone, the 80s were probably the most testosterone fuelled decade of big screen Hollywood entertainment ever produced. It is shocking, not just sad, to reflect back on those glory days and see just how far masculinity and manliness has fallen in The West as cultural motifs.

While everyone is familiar with Arnold's Rules from his book, I am not going to repeat them in this review. What I am going to do instead is try to pick out some valuable, and vital, life lessons that have been lost on young men today, Gen X or Millenial.

Arnold's a Boomer and despite their faults, this generation WORKED for the enjoyment they now lavish on themselves while ensuring they take it all with them.

And when I look at their children, I must say, I can't blame them on many days.

I wanted to single this point out at the start because I am tired, so freaking tired, of the whining and complaining. Which is not to say I have not done my fair share, but complaining about a problem does nothing to solve it.

Arnold would agree.

RULE #7: Don't blame your parents.

They've done their best for you, and if they've left you with problems, THOSE PROBLEMS ARE NOW YOURS TO SOLVE.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Total Recall, p615

You become an ADULT... when you stop being a CHILD.

You become an MAN, CAPITAL M... when you ACCEPT it is up to YOU to solve whatever problem you face.

This, the blaming of Boomer parents for the shit job/career/life and feminist culture Millennials/Gen X now live in, will be those generation's Achilles' heel. It is going to result in a constant state of victimhood and finger pointing that prevents them from doing what they believe they are destined to do - upend the entire established order.

They'll upend it alright... just like children do when throwing a tantrum.

But what do young bucks have to replace said screwed up shit culture with? There is a lot of talk about a "new way forward" and #UpStream, but all I see in terms of real actions are a grasping for whatever is NOT Boomer (i.e. trad con or liberal) and an embracing of...


Maximus makes a prophesy - Millennials are going to outdo their parents in pure selfishness and greed because they are so desperate to NOT be their parents.

A better proof of this could not be found than in the dismissal of Warren Buffet as a naive fool on Bitcoin. (a "naive fool" currently sitting with a net REAL cash position of $116 billion, enough to buy 465 of America's top 500 companies just be opening his wallet!) I know Buffet is a globalist, but his investment philosophy goes to the heart of what the Boomers were and many still are today - patient, long term, future oriented, put in the work now for a dividend down the road.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, more perfectly exemplifies pure greed than speculation in Bitcoin and hypocritically thinking you are going to change the world in doing so.

Just admit it... if you own Bitcoin, you own it out of greed. Period. It's why I don't own it because I can see it is 100% a Millennial driven fantasy of bringing down the system... with the very thing the globalists are salivating you to desire - a 100% digital form of 'money' that they can tax to infinity and keep track of you your entire life.

If you think you are going to solve your problems as a generation by finding the Ultimate Life Hack to avoid what Boomers did their entire life - work - you are going to be sadly mistaken when you reach their age.

You want to know what the life philosophy of Boomers was that you hate so much?

Reps, reps, reps. There are no hacks to success. Get over it. Get to work.

And to give Millennials a bit of a reprieve, it is not their fault. Boomers grew up in a physical world, many of them grew up on the farm like my parents did. Gen X and Millennials did not. We were spared any young introduction to not just hard work, but the consistency of getting up and knowing there is work to be done. We can blame Boomers all we want for not wanting us to work as hard as they did when they were young, but it was that very experience that drove them to do everything for us - they wanted us to be kids and enjoy our youth, but the result was a lack of real work ethic and a respect for what work brings that has created the most lazy and entitled generation in human history.

The Boomer formula for life was simple: you work, you make the money, THEN you enjoy life.

While Gen X can take the blame for being the first of the lazy generation, none of us ever looked for shortcuts. We knew we had to put in the work, we just did not want to. Millennials on the other hand - and again, not entirely their fault, being raised in a helicopter-parent environment where digital technology makes almost anything possible with zero effort - seem to believe that you can just hack your way to solving any problem.

A salacious and slanderously unfounded sweeping generalization of an entire generation?

"What's the hack for that?" is the Millennial generation's shorthand for Gen X's "I'll get around to it."

Point the finger of blame all you want at your Boomer parents, but to become a Man, capital M, means you are going to have to put in the work.

Women. Finances. Career. Life.

It ain't going to happen over night.

Stop blaming your Boomer parents. Start doing the reps needed to solve the problem that is your life, not hack your way around putting in the work.

Are you a King building your empire to be ruler of?

In the weeks that followed, I refined this vision until it was very specific. I was going to go for the Mr. Universe title; I was going to break records in power lifting; I was going to Hollywood; I was going to be like Reg Park. The vision became so clear in my mind that I felt like it had to happen. There was no alternative; it was this, or nothing.

ibid., p31

There seems to be only two goals of men in the woke, I've-escaped-the-matrix-buy-my-book-so-you-can-too TRP sphere:

1) MGTOW - the complete rejection of women and the retreat into their own world (with friends of course, but small none the less)

2) PUA/hustler - money and bitches, greenbacks and notch counts

Will either of these two paths build an empire? A REAL empire? Not just some online fame and enough passive income to thrive in Eastern Europe or Asia?

A key aspect of masculinity is to create your own world. A world you actively work toward building that will not just support your life, but the lives of others (wife and children).

Something positive can be said for the hustler mindset. It's at least a beginning of a return to putting in the work.

The sad truth is, hustle is a word that undermines and demeans the very meaning of work - which is, that it should be meaningful, or at least honest and respectable.

Bitcoin is none of these things. So too are many of the passive income/life advice gurus in the sphere. Some are good, but the number of others who are hustling to sell you their version of masculinity and success, I don't need to point out that these others give the sphere its negative stereotype for a reason. No honor, no virtue, being sold here. Money and notch counts on the other hand... welcome to the club my brothers!!!

I knew the way my mind worked, and that to accomplish anything, I had to buy in completely. The goal had to be something that made total sense and that I could look forward to every day, not just something I was doing for the money or some other arbitrary reason, because then it wouldn't work.

ibid., p189

The story of Arnold discovering "the blueprint" for his life I am sure everyone knows. He read about Reg Park's life and career and made that his blueprint for his own life. He even cites money and "the best looking girls" (p31) as motivating factors in his pursuing his dream for his life.

But note what Arnold says about his mind, and is something I think that is indicative of Boomers in general.

His goals had to make sense to him. He had to be happy and look forward to working toward them, every day. And... if he was doing it ONLY for the money... it would not work for him. This reflects a very grounded and realistic mindset, something Gen X and Millennials shun to their disadvantage. Yes, many Boomers worked to make money, but that is not WHY they worked hard. They worked hard... because making money was a means to meaning and being a responsible, respectable, contributing adult to one's family and community. Working solely to make money ONLY for oneself - i.e. the hustle - is a dead and meaningless existence.

That may sound like I don't know the Boomer generation at all, but I do. That generation was much more family and community oriented. It's a subtle difference, but how many young people think this way about the work they do? Meaningful did not mean work was of meaning to Boomers personally (although for many, work itself had meaning in it), but to the community as a whole. They were working. They were contributing to the success of everyone, not just themselves.

The above quote was about Arnold trying to make the decision to return to compete in the Mr. Olympia one last time. He decided he had to, despite the contrary signals it would give to Hollywood about his future intentions (i.e. a foot in both worlds, bodybuilding as backup plan). He returned to compete because he wanted to complete Pumping Iron and continue to help propel and promote the sport of body building. Not only because he believed in its health benefits, but also I believe because he recognized the debt he owed to the sport for his future success. To this day, bodybuilding and fitness are Arnold's true lasting legacy, the empire he built. An empire he built not just to propell him to future success, but to help everyone lead healthier, happier and more active lives.

That... is how you build an empire. That... is how you become King of your own world.

This theme of giving back rings throughout his entire book, at every stage of his life. It's something Boomers still do. They are the first to volunteer to get things done in their community. The first to offer assistance to those that need it (i.e. why sadly they fall all over themselves to justify increasing levels of immigration without understanding the social cost it is now incurring).

If you are doing what you are doing SOLELY for you... you won't build anything of lasting value. A king does not rule over an empire for himself alone, unless he wishes to be a dictator.

A true king... rules over an empire of subjects that depend on him.

The smallest unit of empire for every Man is his world, and his wife and children who are under his protection and provision. This is why the PUA/hustler mindset is 100% antithetical to saving The West - it is selfish to the core and not remotely interested in the future welfare of others.

I know, you and I are not Arnold, but WHY have men in The West stopped seeing themselves as kings?

We no longer see ourselves as being capable or able to become masters of our own empire - of work and love. Western men have given up completely (MGTOW) or selfishly live for the gratification of nothing but their own egos and bank account (PUA/hustler). The West can still be saved, but it won't be saved by these kind of men. In fact, they would agree with me because they have zero intention to save anyone but themselves.

How did we get here?

Was it the ease, security and prosperity of post-war that created for future generations (Gen X and later) to simply never have to seriously contemplate how they were gong to survive? And thus allowed the seed of a wholly lazy and selfish attitude to replace the vigor and will to carve out a space for oneself in the world that helps push forward an entire community into the future?

But what about the conditions... the state of The West... the blah blah blah... it's all so screwed up now.

Whatever problems you are dealing with, they ain't NOTHING compared to what Boomers and past generations faced cupcake.

I was born into a year of famine.

ibid., p3

The first line... of the first chapter... of Arnold's life.

I am writing this post as much for myself as for anyone who reads my blog.

There needs to be a serious, and I do mean serious, reality check in the TRP sphere. As real as the problems we face are, they are nothing compared to what Arnold and many other Boomers faced at our age.

Think about the prospect of nuclear war. It was not just some idea you read about in school, it was real, palpably real. You could say the same of today with Putin and Trump saber rattling, but all this bravado is coming AFTER seventy - 70 - years of global peace. For my father, born in the mid 40s immediately after the 2nd World War, his 20s was spent looking back a mere two decades at the largest monster of global violence and death ever seen in human history, punctuated by something that had NEVER been seen before in human history - a mushroom cloud of planetary annihilation. My father is only one year older than Arnold, and he used to tell me that in his early 20s, he would just look up at the sky and wonder when the nukes would start raining down. Under THAT cloud of "current state of The West"... did Boomers shrink in horror of the future and point fingers at their parents about how screwed up they have left the state of the world for them to succeed in?


Reading Arnold's life was like listenting to my parents childhood growing up on the farm. The lack of running water. The cold in the barebones insulated houses, sleeping one, two or three to a bed as kids. Fruit for Christmas! (oranges or grapefruits). Getting up and milking cows, doing REAL LABOUR as a child to just survive. (The 40s were only a decade out of the great depression.) Or even the Italian immigrant I worked for (again, same age as my father), helping to build his retirement home in my neck of the woods. At THIRTEEN, he left Italy for Germany as there was nothing there for him after the war. Shortly thereafter, he immigrated to Canada and started a drywall company. Built it into a million dollar operation. Won two body building contests in my local community in the 70s. Now in his 70s, he's still as strong as an ox and working as hard as ever, still making it rain in the trades.

My father. Arnold. The Italian gentlemen and any number of other European immigrants to The West after the war... faced HUGE problems THEIR parents created, but went to work to make the best of their lives and live for a positive future.

Boomers came into the BEST of times after the war, to be sure, but that is not how it looked to them at the time.

John believed that the rigors of weight training, dancing, or being out seven hours a day surfing waves that could kill you built strength of character, and he was sure that this would show through on the screen.

"Look at the faces of people who went through horrible times; people from Yugoslavia or Russia," he would say. "Look at the lines, the character on the faces. You can't fake that. These people have principles that they will stand and die for. They are tough because of the resistance they've fought through."

ibid., p263

Hard times... produce strong character. Yet here we are whining about what? Hypergamy? Feminine imperative? Feminism and SJWs?

My standard for misery is the guys who worked in the diamond mines in South Africa when I visited in the sixties. The mines were something like 1400 feet down and it was about 110 degrees and the workers were getting paid a dollar a day and were allowed to go home to their family only once a year.

That's being in deep shit.

Anything better than that, and you're in good shape.

ibid., p609

Why is The West dying?

It's men are too soft and pathetic to get up and do anything about it.

One of his [John Milius, screen writer of Conan The Barbarian] big talking points was Friedrich Nietzsche; the epigraph at the beginning of Conan, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger," is paraphrased from the German philosopher's 1889 book Twilight of the Idols.

The other big talking point was steel. "Steel gets harder and more durable the more you pound it," Johan would tell the reporters. "It's no different than the character of a human being. It needs to be tempered. It needs to overcome resistance. The more a man struggles, the stronger he is.

Luxuries and comforts are evils for humans.

ibid., p277

The sooner we admit this, the sooner The West can be saved. If men would just stop complaining (including me), there is nothing that could stop us from saving The West and returning patriarchy as our cultural lodestone.

How do you stand up and do something about your fate and future?

Stop giving a shit what other people think about you.

The one who did not fit this picture was Clint Eastwood. The Mulholland Drive bunch liked to go out for dinner at Dan Tana's restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard. They would sit together, and Clint would be there eating at his own table on the other side of the room.

I went up to him and introduced myself, and he invited me to sit for a minute and chat. He was a bodybuilding fan and worked out regularly himself. He wore a herringbone tweed jacket, very similar to the one he'd worn in his 1971 movie Dirty Harry. Later I learned it wasn't just similar, it was the same jacket. Clint was a very frugal guy. After we became friends, he told me that he always kept the clothes from his movies and wore them for years and never bought anything new. (Nowadays of course, he likes to deck himself out in beautiful clothes. Maybe he still gets them for free.)

It made a lot of stars uncomfortable to see a celebrity eating alone. But in fact, Clint was at ease and un-self-conscious.

ibid., p191

Ego. Pride. Status signalling.

What else can you call Twitter and all the leading TRP sphere members in it?

Sour grapes on my part? Hardly.

The obsession with ego posturing now that TRP has "freed" so many young men from the feminist matrix of hypergamy/feminine imperative, is actually nauseating to see. But again, it's not Millennial's fault. Social media IS an ego vehicle, the perfect one in fact. What is the existential question many young Millennials (especially women) ask themselves? "Is my digital self better than my real self?"

More than even Boomers, Millennials have become THE dictionary definition of the ego obsessed. Arnold's story above is of the very same thing. Back then, eating at Dan Tana's on the Boulevard was the opportunity to rub shoulders with other stars and show that YOU were a star. Is this any different than the fraternities and tribes of "real men" that are being built online around some personalities in the sphere?

Why does Clint want nothing to do with this crowd of ego strokers?

Cause it's bullshit. It ain't real. And Clint Eastwood does not give a flying F__K who he is seen together with.

Clint. Eastwood.

Two words. Three syllables. Yet the power and authority they convey is palpable.

Being triggered... is a Millennial culture characteristic that is rooted in the drive to not just celebrate, but protect the ego. Challenge a young person of status in the sphere on their future radical upending of society and the logical foundations of their new post-boomer world order, and they curl up into a ball of rage, or dismiss you as "old" and out of touch, refusing to even engage someone so clearly "beneath" their "intellectual" transcendence of the times.

A defining characteristic of masculinity... is a lack of ego.

Of not giving a shit. Of not striving to become "the shit." Of not wallowing in others "shit" or pointing out "the shit" that is all around us instead of simply leading your life as YOU see fit, not what your friends or neighbours believe your life should be.

Kurt Cobain cried out for Gen X - Here we are now, entertain us.

Millenials cry out "Here we are now, come and join us."

As selfish as Gen X was in seeking to only be entertained, we did not care what others thought about us and never tried to delude ourselves into thinking we could change the world. Millennials need to find some core independent self-confidence that is not derived from someone else "liking" or "replying" to how awesome their life is. I have even noted this myself on Twitter when someone gives a shout out to my account. My first instinct is to just ignore it. Why? Cause I don't care if someone finds me or not, I really don't. But the pressure to reciprocate because it is so instant, and most importantly public, is something I am still coming to terms with. To terms I say because I am seeing that my natural inclination to not care what others think or just ignore what happens on Twitter... is not how Twitter works. Millennials need to learn to give up the need for peer approval and inclusion if there is to be any hope of saving The West, but the very medium (social media) they are using to try and change the world implicitly makes this nearly impossible.

With Hollywood now on the verge of going extinct, committing suicide in its blatant hypocrisy and the growing resentment of it for opposing all that is good and decent in the world out of spite for one man, Clint Eastwood's lesson to Arnold of simply not caring what others think and walking your own path is a lesson on masculinity that still needs to be learned for many Red Pill awake young men.

Which brings us to the most important aspect of a Man not giving a shit what someone else things of him.

Girls are NEVER the goal. Become an adult - a Man, capital M - and girls find you!

I was dazzled of course. One of the hottest directors in Hollywood was talking about making me a star! Meanwhile, Barbara was sitting next to me on the couch staring into space. I could sense the wheels turning.

What would this do to our relationship and to me? My career was pulling me away from her. She wanted to settle down, get married, and have me open a health food store. She could see the storm coming.

ibid., p157

Barbara Outland was Arnold's first girlfriend. She came into his life... and left it... without much worry or deeper reflection than "We were dating, we lived together, we broke up."

Note what is key in the above quotation - "My career was pulling me away from her."

A King's only focus... is his empire. The world he is building. I don't know if its because TV and Hollywood were so analog and infant in the 60s, but it seems to me that the current obsession with girls and sex by young men (and old!) is due 100% to our cultural climate of... literally... having near naked females all around us in public, and completely naked/hardcore sex available at the click of a mouse.

So, we can't fault Gen X or Millennial men too much for being taken in by Red Pill Game philosophy of getting your dick wet. We are men, we WANT sex.

That said... maybe it's time to look back on past generations and realize that a Man's obsession with sex is taking away from the spirit and drive that allows him to build an empire and master his world and his destiny.

Did Arnold worry about not getting laid because his girlfriend left him?


Did he revel in tall tales of his player life and all the women he was fucking around with between girlfriends and before he met Maria?

Nope again.

His entire book... is about his mission in life, not women. How would a successful Red Pill man of today write about his life story? Notch counts, notch counts, notch counts. But what has he built?

It is safe to say Arnold had opportunities to have sex with many women. Perhaps he did (we know of at least three in the book, two before Maria and the one after). But again, for a Boomer of the sexual revolution, it was never JUST about sex.

Sex is NEVER the goal. A Man strives for connection and a relationship, first and foremost, and gets one because he is one.

Not that meeting women was hard. Bodybuilding had its groupies just like rock 'n' roll. They were always there, at the parties, at the exhibitions, sometimes even backstage at contests offering to help guys oil up. They'd come to the gym an the beach to watch us workout. You could tell right away who was available.

I liked having a girlfriend; someone you saw more often. I could enjoy Barbara's life, her teaching career, her school, her goals. I could share my ambition and my training and my ups and downs.

ibid., p139

No. End. Of. Pussy.

In California no less. In the 70s.

What attracted Arnold to Barbara when he could have been banging tonnes of California beach blond hotties of the 70s? "Barbara Outland was different because she liked me as a human being - she didn't even know what bodybuilding was." They started hanging out and having "long conversations" and the guys back at the gym would bug him about being "in love."

Do you SEE the difference in mindset?

Meeting a girl was not about sex - it was about finding a partner, someone you could talk about life with, enjoy each other's company AND have sex.

THAT... is what separates Boomers from their Millennial progeny. Boomers may have enjoyed sex, but they did not skip the relationship part, let alone shit on even the talk of it (love) as 'trad' or 'blue pill.'

What has changed since Arnold's time that makes this kind of culture impossible? Feminism? Are you seriously going to compare the militant feminism of the 70s with today? Is it the career focus women now have? Maria was hyper focused about her career AND a bloody Kennedy dynasty Democrat! Yet, her and Arnold found some common ground and made a life together.

I'll tell you what changed.

Red. Pill.

Game. Pussy. Pump-em-and-dump-em.

You can only blame feminism so far. Yes, western women have changed, and changed a lot compared to the young women of the 70s. But look at what young women today have to deal with? If it's not some soy cuck, it's a Red Pill man who is so scared of talking to a girl, just talking, in a way that might sound real (i.e. his true self she might get to know and like for who he is), all she gets is Game, an alcohol date, escalation moves and a fuck close attempt.

This... this is what happens when a Man focuses on pussy and not his life, of making something of himself no matter how modest or humble.

And note as well the lack of confidence. Sure, Arnold had a body women would through themselves at (my crush in highschool sure did), but every man of his generation had confidence that who he was was likeable and thus a woman, at some point, would like him too.

Any man who is still pursuing women solely for the purpose of sex... has failed as a man.

He has failed... because in getting ONLY sex, he has admitted that women will not only never like him for who he is, but that he is incapable of going out and FINDING a woman that does and who works for him, that could be his partner.

But the reality is that she [Maria] was not a trophy. It made no difference what the name was. If I hadn't been her style and she hadn't been mine, we would never have ended up together.

Her personality, her look, her intelligence, her wit, what she brought to the table, and how much she was able to participate without missing a beat were what mattered to me.

Maria meshed with everything that I was, what I stood for, and what I was doing. That was a very important reason why I was considering that this woman could be my life partner. I got addicted to her. When I reached Spain, it was hard to be without her.

ibid., p255

A partner.

A Man, capital M, is looking for a life partner, not a fuck buddy.

The situation in the 70s was a bad, if not worse, than today. Feminism was destroying gender roles and dynamics for the first time. It was not like today where the destruction of marriage and family roles is a given and nearly entrenched. We are talking about women wholesale telling men around them they are not doing the square wife/mother thing. Divorce was the most nasty and vicious it would ever be for men. Arnold is not stupid. He was not 20 when he married Maria. He could have easily taken the path of the Playboy that Hugh Hefner was pioneering as "the new way forward" for modern men.

But he didn't.

Arnold wanted a relationship because he was a man that respected who he was and what he wanted from a woman - commitment, friendship, intimacy.

"Maximus... this is all in the past. What Arnold had is simply impossible today with 21st century, modern western women."

Making the impossible possible

"As is so often the case, something that is impossible slowly becomes possible."

ibid., p428


This is a word I hear over and over now and sometimes even find even myself openly questioning if it is true.

Impossible is not something you hear from Boomers very often. Yes, they came through the best economic times in human history, but you have to look at those days through their eyes. The oil shock of the 1970s oil crisis, triggered by Nixon taking America off the gold standard hammered out at Bretton Woods to stabilize the world monetary system at the near close of the war (instability that led to two world wars) was positively armageddon in its ramifications for the time I was about to be born into during that tumultuous decade.

Here was my father, married, new job, son on the way, and the world economy was literally being turned upside down.

Boomers got to work, ignored the news, and looked to the future as best they could.

Today's generation (and I include myself in this admonition), look out on the world and see nothing but a black pit of nihilist impossibility everywhere they turn their head.


Making the impossible possible is all about reps.

It's impossible to find a woman who wants to get married?

Keep looking.

It's impossible to find a GOOD woman who wants to get married?

Keep looking.

I won't get laid if I don't act like a cocky alpha, dark triad asshole?

Back to the sex obsession again. Sigh.

Our failure as the younger generation - our refusal to face the problem WE created for ourselves - is that we don't want to put in the work, and we're not patient enough to wait for our reward in doing just that.

And we are losing time.

Both young men and women, Gen X and Millenial, are getting older.

Yet they continue to refuse to put in the work.

They simply cannot wait (for sex, for success) and seek out every quick hack and scheme they can find to get around "doing what my Boomer parents did." I.e. the 'trad' thing, love and marriage, family and kids.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his generation may have screwed a lot of things up for their children and grandchildren.

But one thing they did not screw up... was blaming their parents for the world they were born into.

If we want The West to return to glory.

If we want real Men, capital M, to return to the world stage.

The young men of today are going to have to do some serious soul searching. They are going to have to look at that "new way forward" they believe they are building and ask some serious questions.

Are you really #UpStream?

Are you honestly changing things for the better?

Are you truly working toward a better future?

Or are you just avoiding confronting a very basic fact of your existence.

You were wrong. Your Boomer parents were right. The shit that is your life - money and love - is your fault.

It takes a delusional Man to think he has found a whole new philosophy for life that has completely done away with the mistakes of the past generation.

It takes a humble man to honestly look at the world, his life, and realize, there are some truths that are impossible to avoid.

Strength & Honor


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