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Lauren Southern Murdered Feminism, But Will She Go All The Way?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | June 3, 2017 | 8 minute read

Lauren Southern. Can you find a more perfect way to trigger the left - feminists, SJWs and gender benders - than to literally be a walking, talking, smart-as-all-get-out blonde Barbie doll?

ROK recently wrote an article on Lauren that questioned her motives in advocating for a return to traditionalism.

Is Lauren Southern A Brave Culture Warrior Or Merely Profiting Off Male Thirst?

It is an excellent post and I highly recommend reading it as it makes some valid points. Just who is this Lauren? She is a female after all (a western one and Canadian no less) who is claiming to be traditional and, one would thus assume and hope, on the side of men. She recently gave a speech at Cal Poly and I highly recommend you watch it in order to understand the context of why I am writing this post.

Lauren absolutely murders Marxist feminism.

I mean... slays it. There is nothing but a bloody corpse left on the auditorium floor. The statistics she presents, the arguments she logically delivers... it is a study in just how infantile feminism is and always has been and hearing it eviscerated so cleanly, so elegantly, so... mercilessly... it amazes me feminism has been able to fuck things up as badly as it has for western culture and politics.

Lauren says the return of the traditional woman will be due to one simple fact - it is in women's best interest and happiness.

Immediately we can see the self-centered view of the female come into play. There is no mention at all of how a return to traditional values will make men happy as well, but that is not my main criticism of this speech. In fact, I really don't have any criticism of it. It was a speech that was impeccably delivered with only a few barely noticeable nervous quirks here and there. Lauren is still finding her sea legs in public speaking but if this is any indication of what she is capable of, she is going to be impossible to ignore in the future.

What really amazed me in listening to Lauren speak on the return of the traditional woman is this - she honestly believes what she is saying. She is not virtue signalling for a future husband, nor is she simply riding a band wagon of popularity to cash in on. Which she will if she can and who can blame her. We are all hustling and she has a good thing going for her. I don't fault her for this, none of us should. She is not pulling down thousands of dollars cam-whore "modelling" so come one, cut the girl some slack.

For all the valid criticisms the ROK piece on Lauren brought up, there really is only one that stands out as 100% in need of addressing.

I cannot blame her for making money out of male attention if she is honest about it. She has shown so far that she is on our side against the cultural decline — there is no question about that matter. But it must be seared in everyone’s mind that this struggle is a man’s world and change will be brought by men.

ROK ~ Is Lauren Southern A Brave Culture Warrior Or Merely Profiting Off Male Thirst?

Change will be brought about by men... who get women to submit to male authority and follow his lead once more.

We can't win this war alone gentlemen. We are going to have to work with the ladies that want to help us, but we have to be sure they really DO want to help see a return to traditional values and culture in The West, not just give lip service to it. In fact, if the manosphere can get more women like Lauren to truly convert back to traditional values and roles, the globalists are finished.

Feminism was targeted at women for a reason, the same reason ALL marketing is targeted at the female - if you control the women, you control the men. The world is full of cucks and always will be so keeping the women on the globalist reservation is of paramount importance. This is why I wrote that feminism was dead for ROK. It well and truly is beginning to not just die, but be utterly rejected by women. This is why the left is going ape-shit over women like Lauren Southern. The globalists can't have the female go back to submitting to male authority. If that happens, it is game over for the enslavement of mankind.

Which is the very reason I am writing this post.

For all the superb and excellent rhetoric Lauren gave about the destruction of women's happiness in the destruction of femininity and the family unit, there was one glaring omission that I will now point out.

Where is the advocacy for male authority and leadership?

Traditionalism IS patriarchy.

I wonder if Lauren is aware of this and what she is asking for a return to?

This speech could have also been titled Return Of The Patriarchal Woman and lost none of its power or truth. For all of Lauren's talk about the destruction of traditional gender roles, she does not once go out of her way to advocate for a return to what is the most obvious traditional value that has been utterly destroyed in The West; male authority and leadership in both the family and the state. Patriachy.

Secondly, with the return of patriarchy... traditionalism (see how that works?), this means Lauren will also have to take a brave stand and advocate for the return of 100% heterosexual relations as the moral norm of a sane and healthy society.

We are beginning to see now it was not feminism or even cultural marxism that is the real threat to men. The agenda of the globalists goes far deeper and darker than mere destruction of the family. They want complete destruction of heterosexuality and thus complete control over human breeding. This is the real threat of the LGBTQ agenda; the reduction of children to a biological material process of sperm and egg, not Man and Woman and all the connotations my capitalization of those two words implies.

Lauren is a cutie, no doubt about that. She also has a smart brain under that blonde mane. She has no tattoos (that we know of), dresses smart and stylishly with respect (for a western woman) and even speaks out loud for a return of traditional values, and thus for men and heterosexuality and the family unit in general.

Which leaves any Red Pill man with but one question for her.

So Lauren, will you go all the way?

Will you stand up and ask for a true Return Of Kings, of patriarchs, of male authority and leadership of women, children and society?

Will you stand up and reject, bluntly and in most stark terms, the degeneracy of the LGBT agenda and their targeted destruction of heterosexuality and the corruption of children?

Will you stand up and call for an end to no-fault divorce and a return to responsibility of BOTH partners in a marriage contract to being honest and true in their intentions to one another, or face the legal consequences?

Most importantly...

Will Lauren Southern publicly stand for a rejection of women's suffrage and ask to be denied the vote.

For if she does not... if Lauren does not embrace all the above, she cannot call herself a traditional woman, a patriarchal woman.

We men who have taken the Red Pill will not be fooled like our fathers were. The belief that if only women were given a vote and voice in the public life of Man and society the world will be a better place... has now been proven, by Lauren herself, to be a complete and most destructive lie.

Roosh lays it all out on the table. No bullshit.

Nothing will change Lauren if we continue to allow women to vote.

You must see this by now. If women had been denied the vote all those years ago, no-fault divorce, feminism, SJWs, LGBTQ agenda, welfare and public housing for rapefugees... none of it would have happened.

If Lauren is honest in her intentions and true to her return to traditionalism, to patriarchy, she can only come to one conclusion - nice women don't want the vote.

Are you a nice girl Lauren?

Or just pretending to be one?

We traditional, patriarchal, masculine and heterosexual men love you Lauren.

We really do.

Many of us would like to "get to know you better." One of us may even choose you to be the mother of his children.

But don't for a second think we are going to be fooled into thinking you are "traditional" if you still want the vote, still believe gays are cool and no threat to society, and still believe no-fault divorce is a cornerstone of the new "equal but different traditionalism" you ladies think you are going to bring about.

It is the Return Of Kings, or it is the death of The West.

Your move Lauren.

Strength & Honor


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