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Lovers vs. Haters - Jerry Maguire And The End Of Love Culture In The West

Maximus Decimus Meridius | February 25, 2017 | 11 minute read

Something has gone wrong in The West. Seriously wrong.

What we have today in western society - our so called modern, diverse, inclusive and enlightened western feminist culture - is really a battle between lovers and haters. Between those who feel something and those who don’t feel anything.

Where there was once a thriving culture of love and compassion between men and women, there is now a barren waste land of lost souls, angry and numb to ever wanting to spend time with the opposite sex. When they do "hook-up," it's merely for sex, mutual ego masturbation, and nothing more.

In the feminist 21st century, the haters are winning.

I understand and sympathize why many young people today are numb and self-absorbed. They have been immersed since birth in a culture that celebrates worship of the self and ego spectacle in a way unfathomable to this Gen X’er, let alone his boomer parents.

TINDER - Where the only thing that matters is if your photo looks f#$kable.

Anyone on the outside of the emerging patriarchal renaissance, when first introduced to it, sees a lot of anger, frustration and nihilism. The young men in it are judged wrongly to be living in a negative and dark world where there is no life, no joy, no happiness. The truth is, these young men are simply speaking the truth of their age, of their time in history, and the truth is not pretty to those who are blind and deaf to the devestation that has been wrought on western society by feminism. The future of love between men and women looks very, very bleak once your eyes are opened to the true reality of western, heterosexual relations.

But is this the future?

As a Gen X'er, I did not grow up in a world without love.

I know, I know... "feels"... blue pill idiocy... call it whatever you want. What you can't ignore is that deep down, deep down, as human beings, we are born, nay created, to love and be loved by someone.

It still surprises me to this day that this - LOVE - is the root of the great divide between generations, between the young and the old. But things were not always this way. There was a time in the not too distant past when love was making it's last stand in The West.

Jerry Maguire is an incredible film because it was a movie released at third wave feminism's peak, but still well before the descent into the self-absorbed, tinder hook-ups of the millenial generation that was 3rd waves feminism's children. Replete with a divorce support group of man-haters and the single-mom phenomenon that was fast becoming the norm, the film had all the hallmarks of a brutally honest assessment of the times. Yet the writers of this script wanted to throw a Hail-Mary pass for love.

Despite all the crap divorce was wrecking on marriage and relationships throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, Jerry Maquire was released and said maybe, just maybe, love was still something worth desiring and caring about.

Something worth wanting. Something worth risking getting hurt to have. The haters had not won yet, but they would begin to as the 90s came to an end and humanity approached the dawning of the feminist 21st century.

Hanging on by a thread.

This is the spiritual state of many young men today, dare I say even that of humanity itself. They think the coin is all that they need. This love business is for suckers, for betas. If you have confidence, an understanding of women and money in the bank, the world is your oyster. All the pussy with none of the complications.

Never again will man be chained by naive ignorance to that crippling, gynocentric, hypergamy lying emotion called love.

Ok sure. Sounds like a pretty kick-ass life.

But will these young men ever have the Quan?

The love.

For themselves?

From others?

The coin is easy to make and can be had by any man who dedicates himself to getting some.

But the Quan? Real love?

Love and ego do not mix.

Jerry Maguire affected me deeply because I watched it for the first time not in the 90s, but after 2010, when the reality of the changes that have been wrought on western society by feminism are now so stark compared to when this film was released. I have always wanted the Quan. I have wanted it because I was raised in a culture that celebrated and expected a man, and a woman, to find and have it. But it is not the Hollywood fantasy that I want.

I want the IDEA that true love between men and women is possible.

Without the idea, the ideal, to strive for, just what are we living for? Sex-bots and artificial wombs?

The biggest meme in modern western culture today, that you will read on every internet dating profile, male or female, is this: no one needs anyone to complete them anymore.

In the feminist 21st century, everyone is wholly complete and happy by themselves, alone.


Bullshit I say because if that was the truth, why are both sexes complaining so loudly about the f@%ked up state of relationships? If we really don’t need each other to be whole and complete human beings, why are we still seeking each other out? For sex? Just sex?

Come on. Am I the only one that can see how big a lie this is to convince oneself to believe? A lie that Jerry utterly destroys at the end of the movie.

With a full room of haters to witness both of them, man and woman, choose to love one another, not hate.

I know right now I will lose a lot of young men who have taken the Red Pill. I can hear the rage at a single mother getting all this attention and love from a man. I am not endorsing you marry a single mother.

I am writing for young men, and young women, who want to have love in their life.

If you want love in your life, you have to choose it, and give it, or you will never see or have it.

This scene is a powerfull scene. Not for the famous line "You had me at hello.", but for the effect a single man, a loving man, can have on an entire room of women. When young men take back the power of love in their lives, this will be the result. This is the power of love.

Jerry Maguire came out as I was coming of age in my early 20s. Feminism and divorce were just beginning to reach their climax of political power and influence on western society. Lilith Fair and 90's girl power was steamrolling over the whole of western culture and men were being displaced as the carriers, protectors and advocates of moral and ethical leadership in the world. But Lilith is not a nice girl. Men were now the official declared enemy of not just women from the 70s in an oppressive, patriarchal marriage, but now their daughters who were never going to succumb to such enslavement on a feminist Mom’s watch.

You can see the coming demise of heterosexual relations in The West throughout the film.

Maguire's antagonist, played by Jay Moore to impeccable perfection, is the model for manhood of many young men today - completely self-absorbed and living his life as “the man” - booty and bonuses. Jerry came to realize that there was more to life than the shallow world of sports contracts in the millions of dollars. He wanted the love of his clients because he wanted to love them. And as we see, he is fired for declaring as much in his famous memo. The coming years approaching the turn of the millennium wanted nothing to do with the concept of love, of giving a shit, of caring for other human beings that Jerry Maguire now stood for.

Before enlightenment, Jerry used women to prop up his own ego. He was unable to be alone for any length of time without female companionship to make him feel "like a man." The woman he was to marry at the start of the film was only interested in his star status as a top-ranking and wealthy sports agent. He wanted her for her beauty, her for his money, and both were obsessed with their respective social status in the eyes of their peers. They were both masturbating to the glory of their own egos. Even the sex was pretty much as many young people might describe theirs today I suspect - hot, physical and “passionate” - but devoid of all human feeling.

The women who divorced their husbands were also shown for what they truly are - perennially unable to be happy in life and always looking for a scapegoat to blame. Add to this culture mix Jerry's first wife whose sole goal was to keep rising the social status hierarchy of look-how-awesome-independent-and-above-you-I-am, and you can see very clearly why relations between the sexes are where they are today in The West.

Egos cannot love. Only human souls can.

As the Red Pill generation of young men grow up and mature, I believe they will begin to undergo there own very real Jerry Maguire moment. They cannot see this possibility now because these young men do not have the cultural frame of reference I do - the human soul is eternal and it’s flourishing, it’s health, it’s happiness WILL re-assert itself in time. The soul will demand this re-assertion of love because the source of the soul, like love, is infinite and cannot be extinguished.

Jerry Maguire foreshadowed the death of the search for love and meaning in mainstream western society and culture. Everything since then has been parodies of love. From Friends With Benefits to The Notebook, “love” today is either about denying men and women have emotions at all or turning love into some drippy romance fantasy that is completely disconnected from the reality of living together as two distinct personalities that Jerry Maguire portrayed so well.

The days of stories that actually reflect what it means to love, that go beyond another person and encompasses the whole of the world, to never give up that the world has good in it and there is a reason to love because we are loving creatures, is long gone.

But that does not mean there are not some of us that still remember.

My generation, Generation X, is the last generation of men and women that knew love in any broad, divine and transcendent sense within a culture that embraced, celebrated and expected love to exist in their lives. The great ballads and love songs of the likes of Byran Adams from my generation simply disappeared from the music landscape at the end of the 90s, never to be seen again.

This is the world I grew up in as a Gen X’er.

This is the world of Generation Zero Millenials.

While better knowledge and understanding of the nature of women has kept many young men from knocking on the door of a brothel, the constant pursuit and obsession with getting laid is one and the same spiritually.

The heart of man desires true love, something good that will last.

If he gives up on that, or hardens his heart against that possibility, he teaches himself to settle for counterfeit love and makes do with superficial things that pass away.

Not every man ends up at the brothel door, but every man knows the steps in that direction.

Father Raymond J. de Souza, National Post


Maybe I am the last man on earth to believe it still exists.

It is a good world despite all the crap we are surrounded by.

Haters can only be winning as long as we stop choosing to love.

Start choosing to love again, and we will send the haters packing.

Strength & Honor