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Maximus & Juba - Blacks Will Join Whites To Save The West

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 19, 2018 | 19 minute read

When you are a slave, your skin colour is irrelevant. The current push by globalists (i.e. the increasingly psychopathic Marxist/Communist/feminist liberal left) would love to believe that identity politics will not only gain them power, but keep them in power forever. This is why Kanye West going "off plantation" is sending them into epileptic, schizophrenic seizures.

To a globalist, a leftist, the fact that a black person would agree with a white person (and conservative!) is not just impossible, but a universal implosion of identity politics physics.

U black! You can't agree with a white person. Slavery! Colonialism! Segregation! KKK! Blah, blah, blah.

The racist card is going to be slapped on me in the future for being pro-white, pro-western culture, pro-Europe, pro-family, pro... normal and sane, let's be honest. There is no label that is off limits to slur a white boy with in the 21st century. Throw a dart at our historical atrocities and pick one. Our enemies scream racist (and Nazi!,don't forget Nazi!) at us because we want to keep European/western culture European/western and ensure Europeans/westerners have a future home to call home. Racist, racist, racist!!! (Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!!!)

How ironic then that in choosing a pen name, Maximus of Gladiator, we see that not only are blacks and whites capable of uniting, it is absolutely necessary if both our people and cultures are to survive the globalist, leftist, communist purge of everyones culture and history.

Do you know who hates black people more than whites?

Damn straight.

If you're a black man, you know why this scene is the single most racist and insulting piece of Hollywood celluloid to ever be shown in theatres in 50+ years. I sat in my home (fuck giving Disney money for this shit) and my jaw dropped when I saw this. I had to rewind it, pause it, and just stare at it. Was I seeing what my eyes were telling me was in front of them? This can't be real. And yet it was. I blinked, and this image was still there, now a part of official Disney canon of the 'Star Wars' universe.


Well... this guy did, but you wouldn't know it looking around YouTube. The only "racists" in the Star Wars fan-verse now are white boys bitching about their beloved Luke Skywalker.

Which brings me to Kanye West and his sudden MAGA conversion. I have not followed it. It's just more culture noise to me and when he tweeted out a photo of Emma Gonzalez, either he had no clue (probable) that she was cancer to Trump supporters or he is a Manchurian candidate being groomed for the Whitehouse in 2020 as runner against Trump for the Republican party nomination. (Yes, I gots lots of tinfoil if you need some, that don't make me crazy!)

Wow! Wow.

Now I get the Kanye storm! In 12 min, he covers:

  • the opioid epidemic in America
  • the manufacturing of reality (MSM aka TMZ)
  • slavery can be seen as a choice and has a legitimate argument (400 years!) to support it
  • he is actually trying to stop the hate and bring people together
  • his counter argument brother can only focus on the past, but also legitimately says we can't just ignore what happened (slavery/segregation)
  • actually calls out black on black murder (which got the strongest reaction)
  • tries to bring the tone (anger) down by reminding his brother that yelling and screaming makes them (blacks) look less intelligent and destroys their opinion even if legitimate
  • calls out Obama as a political opioid to drug the black population of America into not thinking for themselves and seeing only his skin colour as their politics
  • concludes with a plea to TALK TO THE OTHER SIDE, to talk instead of hating and recognize the other side is/may be the enemy, but chances are there're not (in the majority) and are human beings like anyone else.

Kanye does look to be wholly in control and of a free mind in this interview. That said, I still cautiously have concerns to his mental state. Look what the music industry did to Brittany Spears when she went off plantation. It's a legitimate question if you know what the music industry is all about, but this interview went a long way to prove he's ok, of sound mind, and does seem to be genuine in his desire to provoke and wake up the African-American community to the zombie state of their politics and voting behaviour. He's also one of them [i.e. a music industry elite]... so he knows what the real deal is. And I suspect he knows what's coming too, which is why he could no longer go-along-to-get-along and is now doing all he can to prevent what we all know they are trying to bring about - a race war.

More and more blacks in America are waking up to the fact party (Democrats) and politics (identity) has made them worse off than in the segregated 1950s/60s.

This... was racially charged and segregated America in the mid 20th century.

Do I need to find photos of today?

Replace the skin colour above with white, and you have politics in America today. Attack on fathers. Attack on the family. Attack on marriage. Attack on man and masculinity. Attack on the middle class. Attack on individual effort and initiative to get ahead and better one's life. Hell... forget skin colour, THAT is the politics of today in The West - in your face cultural Marxism.

Democrats, liberals, ANTIFA, BLM... none of them want the above to return. None of them want the return of the very weapon that kills racism in a single howling blast.

Laughing at how stupid and moronic racist shit really is.

RICKLES: I've based my whole humour on laughing at bigotry. I laugh at Wilt Chamberlain... Ha ha ha ha! But if you don't laugh back, it's not funny! I laugh at the blacks, the whites, the purples... mostly the blacks. Remember the words of George Foreman after the Ali fight, "Was I down?"

RICKLES: We laugh... Why do we laugh? Black & white?


RICKLES: That's right. Look who became the priest!


RICKLES: No, your Catholic and I'm a Jew and Sammy... your black, I'm sorry.

No one is laughing today because our opponents are incapable of self-reflection and ego crushing, humbling admission that they too are human beings with all the faults, and the evils, of our very nature - black OR white.

Blacks know racism when they see it and the smart ones are getting more than just a little anxious about how their own brothers and sisters are acting toward whites (i.e. BLM). It's the 21st century now, but I'm beginning to feel that race relations in America today are worse than in the 50s/60s. Back then it was more violent and clear (i.e. KKK and segregation) but now... the left has created a psychological hysteria that racism is systemic in being a white person and that only white people can be racist. This is the narrative now and it's scary because it's not just black people embracing it, but white people too!!. The only reason the above roast of Sammy Davis junior helped to heal racism in America was because Rickles made clear the truth in his act - we are all racist because we all belong to a race. So let's laugh at the racist jerks in our own group and thus help expose how stupid racism is.

And that is all the alt-right, alt-light, white right, Trumptards, deplorables, whatever they want to call us are saying. Europeans/whites have a right to be proud of who they are, what their ancestors accomplished (and also suffered) and the culture that is our race's inheritance... yes, warts and all. We crackers have our problems (just look at the mug shots of serial killers and try not to go blind from the white!), but we deserve to be respected and allowed a place to live and enjoy our culture as any other.

We changed. We exposed the racism of America and we laughed at it together, black & white. This is what they hate. This is why they hate Trump. This is why Kanye wanted to meet and shake The Donald's hand. This is why they are hating on Kanye like a KKK rally.

MAGA is for everyone, black or white, who wants America to return to laughter and joy again.

This is all Kanye West is saying.

They can only win when we hate and are at each others throats.

That's why they hate the prospect of whites and blacks working together.

Or Muslims. Or Asians. Or anyone... that can see beyond the racial grievances of history to realize we all have a common enemy.

An enemy that wants to eradicate any culture or history for any people at all.

And that is what I think blacks are beginning to realize.

"Man... if they can do this to whites, WTF are they going to do to us when whites are finished off?

The attack on white culture is an attack on all cultures.

For if blacks and whites fully mix, not only will there be no authentic white culture and history, but no black either.

I discovered Prince late in life. Waaaaaaay toooo late. The man who always pointed to God nearly became one while on earth. His inspiration was clearly that great man of soul James Brown.

Fuck me! I want to go back to 1960. No wonder Boomers are so fucking happy with their lives. This was the pinnacle of mainstream black music at one time... WTF happened? Watching this now... I have come to sadly realize that Prince's passing was truly the end of an era in black music history.

We crackers can't create this brillance. It's just not in us. If blacks fully mix with us, what will happen to the pure black soul they have fought decades for recognition of?

Oh? Did you not get the memo? Black men are supposed to have as many babies with white girls as possible. And white girls are racist if they want a white baby. Maybe YOUR racist for wanting a full back, black booty girl!!! (Try saying that three times fast!)

As one commenter on the above James Brown live concert noted about its incorrect title.

We all know exactly why they killed Martin Luther King don't we.

And Malcom X.

Brotherhood serves no purpose to them. You can't control people who are friends by lying to pit them against one another. You can't get them to kill each other if they are willing to talk and come to understand one another.

One a Christian. The other a Muslim at first guided by hate and lies, then discovered the true faith of Islam and it's real message.

Can you imagine what kind of team X and King could have made with X coming around to the realization of how close he was with King's crusade in the end?

You know they did. That's why they took action. The rest is history.

What Kanye represents is a chance for blacks in America to fully realize both King's and Malcom X's dream - to transcend their past and move into a future based on respect and dignity.

This is why the discussion of black-on-black crime and murder is so nuclear a discussion topic. This is why making race a political issue is dredging up old stereotypes, but this time with 21st century statistics and genetics. It's not that pointing out the clear statistical crime/murder rate of large majority black urban centres is a problem, it's the fact that it still is in the 21st century and people, black and white, are starting to ask why that is?

Yes... drugs. Yes... racism. Yes... poverty. That all said, the sheer numbers compared to majority white areas, assuming "we are all human" and thus are all "equal" in our propensity for crime/violence... even has me wondering if their may not be a racial/genetic component. All one has to do is look to the state of Africa today (or decades ago), and South Africa in particular.

South Africa was once the crown jewel of the African continent.

The violence is even worse now and its especially race driven.

That said, even if we allow for the fact South Africa is collapsing into the very Marxist/Communist utopia that Obama began the steps toward in America and that it is thus, once again, Communism that is driving the violence, one still has to explain the behaviours of Africans who are immigrating to Europe and behaving in the exact same manner. Or look to any African country in the 21st century.

Colonization officially ended in Africa in 1960 over 50 years ago.

Do you as a black American want to go back home and live in Africa? To be among "your people?"

Why not?

This is the question that is now being asked in America and why Kanye's controversial declaration that slavery was a choice for 400 years is bringing to the fore why historically enslaved blacks in America are so much better off than their free brothers back home.

What is the answer some blacks are beginning to realize?

European culture is NOT African culture. It civilizes. It ennobles. It uplifts. It brings prosperity and peace.

Maybe the violence of Africans/blacks is only partly racial/genetic. Maybe the rest is culture and in the right culture - i.e. a European culture of respect for the rule of law and free access to education and advancement based on merit - blacks can become as civilized and as advanced as European nations and peoples. Is it any wonder then that The West, since leaving the colonies of Africa, have done everything in their power to prop up (or outright install) brutal dictators and keep economic conditions of poverty as endemic as possible? (Which, again, can't entirely explain why African nations in the 21st century can't get rid of dictatorships or the violence that comes with them.)

This is why Kanye went MAGA.

In America, blacks can make a dignified and prosperous life for themselves in a way they would never be able to in Africa if their ancestors had not been enslaved. This became clear to me when a Twitter personality broadcast that he was glad his ancestors were slaves, because if they had not been, he might still be in Africa and have zero chance of living a happy and prosperous life based on merit and hard work. This hard look into the heart of the problems that face blacks in America is not new. It's a heated conversation that has been ongoing for decades that most whites (including myself) have never heard of or been exposed to.

Wilt's [Chamberlain] and Grace's [Jones] arguments were wild. I couldn't figure out their hostility, but it was there.

"I'm not like you," she would tell him. "I don't come from uneducated slaves. I'm from Jamaica, I speak French, my ancestors were never slaves."

The N-word was thrown around, which shocked me. Wilt would be saying, "There's nothing black about me. Don't give me this crap! I live in Beverly Hills with the white guys, I fuck only white women, I drive the same cars as the white guys, I have money like white guys. So fuck you, you're the nigger."

At one point I intervened. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, guys! Guys, please, this is a makeup trailer; let's not have those arguments. See, the makeup trailer is supposed to be all about a soothing atmosphere, because your getting ready for the scene. So let's not get agitated here.

"Furthermore, have you looked at yourselves in the mirror lately? Because how could you argue you're not black? I mean, both of you are black!"

And they said, "No, no, you don't understand, it's got nothing to do with the color. It's the attitude, it's the background."

The points they made got very, very complicated. They were not really talking about color, they were talking about how different ethnic groups came to America. There was something comical about seeing two black people accusing each other of being black. We laughed about it later, at the wrap party, and Grace and Wilt got along really well in the end. They're both very talented, entertaining people. This was just an argument they had to have.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - TOTAL RECALL, p 307

This entire life snippet from Arnold's time on the set of Conan The Destroyer shocked me as much as it shocked him. Whites simply have no cultural reference point, but it proves my thesis.

The split in the black community is about either identifying with one's African roots, and the violence that is inherent in it, or adopting a European (i.e. white) mindset and becoming a civilized person.

And I can think of no better actor than Denzel Washington to nail this point home.

Who was Frank Lucas?

What did he want?

He wanted the American dream. He wanted the civilized life of a wealthy, white European man. But, as a black man in America, he was denied this path because he was not in a nation of his own, and his skin colour marked him with a history that made it 1000 times more difficult for him to rise above the majority of European bias (i.e. tribe) around him. With the poverty that descended on America, for both blacks and whites, in the beginning of the 70s with the start of Asian manufacturing taking over American jobs, he sought out a path that was open to him and his tribe - drugs and the creation of his own, and importantly Italian, styled crime family.... business.

When a man is refused the legal means to uplift himself and his family, he will revert to any means, even criminal, to do so.

This - the white, European, American dream - is what Wilt Chamberlain had achieved, which is why he refused to call himself black. He had become European in his own eyes, fully civilized, wealthy and prosperous, and he would not trade it for "that other" black way of life. Grace Jones was also succesfull, but she was calling him black because he was a sell out, a slave who had done well for himself, while she was a free black woman who gained an education (French, she says as much) and did so without her ancestors having any slavery in them. Yet BOTH of them were living the white, European dream. Wealth. Status. Celebrity. Prosperity. Neither one of them bolted off to Africa and their homeland to be free of white racism and oppression. Why?

But what about Frank Lucas? He's not a basketball star, nor a Hollywood actor. He's just a regular guy who wants what any regular white boy would get the chance to have - a successful and prosperous life. While the film makes clear Frank Lucas is most likely a socio/psychopath of some sort, his struggle is none the less real and why he felt so much anger to the conditions around him to succeed in life. The violence of his life was as much a part of simply becoming successful in his chosen profession as anything else, but that violence was directed toward a distinctly European end - to win at life.

Kanye's question to black America is clear - do you want to be successful in life? Or do you want to be a slave to the Democratic party, government welfare handouts & affirmative action?

But is it as simple as that?

His brother, the TMZ employee counter argument, was saying he lived in the real world, of the average black man in America who still has to fight for every fucking dollar he earns. A legitimate argument, but in stating this fact he is also admitting he is fighting for his slice of the American - white/European - dream too . MAGA, not a one-way-ticket to black Africa and a Wakandan utopia that only exists in the movie theatres.

The attack on whites, on European culture and heritage, on it's right to exist, is a threat to every single human being on the planet.

Which is where Russell Crowe's character of the good cop comes in. He is the line that is protecting the European way of life - rule of law. Without this culture, white European culture, the whole world will become a Frank Lucas style "business" of kill or be killed. It is only The West that has this culture, nowhere else. This is 100% absolute fact.

Which is why I believe black Americans are beginning to see the attack on whites as a direct attack on them. The choice they can now make, to get an education and work hard to be successful, is going to be replaced by never ending racial grievances of the past and a slave mindset and attitude that will never allow them to be free. There is no end to the divisions the left can create. There will always be a new oppressed minority, a new oppressor who is literally Hitler. Today it is whites and Europeans because the warts of our history are the easiest buttons to push to get immigrants and the third world to hate us.

Once whites are finished of... it will be blacks vs Arabs/Muslims.

Once blacks are finished off... it will be Arabs/Muslims vs Asians.

Once Muslims are finished off...

It will never end.

This is what Kanye West is talking about.

This is why Kanye West will most likely go the way of Tupac if he's not carefull. You know it. I know it. And I bet Kanye damn well knows it too!

This is why... blacks and whites must unite!

No more. No more hate. No more demands for recognition or apologies for past wrongs.

Forgive... and break out the funk!

Strength & Honor


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