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Maximus' YouTube Weekend Time Wasters

Maximus Decimus Meridius | September 23, 2017 | 5 minute read

No time to finish a post I had hoped to have ready for Saturday. Rough week at home and a weekend getaway that starts ASAP when the rock quarry whistle blows. Also don't want to dust off a backup post this late in the week and I don't have many left either. LOL

So... I am going to kill your weekend by giving you some good YouTube videos I found to be revelatory for me. I have no set limits on the knowledge I seek out. I want to read/watch... and judge for myself.

I - Bilderberg Expert: Elite Are In Full Panic Mode

I know many are of two minds on Alex Jones. I have actually not watched his show or visited Infowars in a long time, almost over a year. This video popped up recently and I finally watched it this week. If you have not heard of Daniel Estulin, you have now. His ground breaking book on The Bilderburg Group opened my eyes (after AJ's EndGame documentary) about just how much of the planet is controlled by a few elites.

This is an excellent interview where Daniel lays out just how much shit is in the globalists pants right now with both Trump and Brexit.

Key revelation: Did you know there are Russian troops back in Cuba?

II - The Shocking Truth Why Pope Benedict Resigned. (Unedited Version was BANNED in YouTube)

This is a vid that truly shocked me. I can't imagine what the full version contained. I have great sympathy, support and respect for Catholics and the root faith of Christendom in The West. That said, I now also fully understand why Luther was so angry with the Vatican and why protestants literally call the Pope the anti-christ. The Catholic church has a huge problem... and it has nothing to do with Vatican II.

Key revelation: Nearly half - 50% - of the upper bishops and Vatican administration is homosexual and rife with pedophiles and child rapists.

III - Arian controversy: Arius and Nicea

This one made clear to me that the First Council Of Nicea is where the intellectual formulation of Christ's relationship to God went astray. There has always been a controversy over Christ, from the very beginning. I believe for Christianity to return to The West (and I want it to), a 2nd reformation is going to be required and a new intellectual formulation is going to have to be worked out.

Arianism is a possible solution to the problem the Church in its entirety faced in the 1960s after The Enlightenment and science completely destroyed for Boomers any sense of comprehension and identification - intellectually and emotionally - with the faith as formulated. Cries of heresy will not drown out the reasons why people left. You can't have a faith if it does not appeal to both mind and heart. To call all questioners of the fundamental Christian formulation (the trinity, god-man) simply unbelievers and cast into hell... sounds an awful lot like another religion that is currently taking over Europe does it not?

Ryan Reeves' YouTube channel is an incredible resource on the deep history of not just Christianity in its entirety, but also the history of The West and the development of the faith that defined a people for 2000 years. I wanted to use this clip to introduce the formulation as it is now accepted, and then allow you to search for the roots of why Arianism was such a threat to the faith on your own.

Key point of reflection: From the very beginning, the "specific type of language" (i.e. the intellectual formulation of Christianity) to be used to articulate and spread the faith was a problem. And a problem for the very reason it is a problem today - Just who is Christ and what is his relationship with God?

IV - Islam on Depression VS Contentment

One of the very first videos on Islamic lectures/talks I was searching for about seven years ago when I wanted to know more about the religion I was being told to hate. It was mind blowing. You simply cannot watch this and not understand why Islam is the force it is right now. I wholly condemn the CIA/Wahhabi/Saudi cancer that is European Islam (reflect on that designation... European Islam... deeply) while also respecting what Islam teaches as the third (and Muslims call final) revelation of the Abrahamic tradition. My blog and writing is not for reactionaries and ideologues who want to be in an us vs them camp. That... is what the globalists want.

**Key point of reflection: What The West lost in casting aside God with Christianity, Islam is returning and is a slap in the face. God and talk of a divine nature and plan for not just Man, but woman as well, is why many westerners have a visceral hatred for the religion of peace.

V - Change your Mind Change your Brain: The Inner Conditions

As I said... no limits to search for knowledge. I watched this a long time ago and don't remember the best points from it. What I do know is the Buddhism knows the human mind and psyche. If you are not studying Buddhism, you are missing out.

VI - A preview of next weeks post.

I will leave you with a movie clip. It contains the seeds for my next post and one many on Twitter are waiting for... and will just have to keep waiting.

And on that note...

Strength & Honor