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Meditations - Islamic Europe, the hustle myth, patriarchy & the root of western Man's despair

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 19, 2018 | 34 minute read

Lots to think about in this one. I did not get these two posts up last weekend because a) they are long and b) they are my most controversial posts. Things have also quieted down after Israel's attack on Syria two weeks ago. That attack got me reflecting a lot on the reality of not just The West, but the world at large. Things are quiet again, for now, but for how much longer?

I am also finding it more and more difficult to write. After my post Becoming Aragorn: Kings Shall Rise Once More In The West, I am asking myself just how many times I can write on Man, capital M, from yet another perspective on the same, ultimate truth? What more needs to be said after that post? This is why I am constantly amazed at the Red Pill "manosphere" and the fact there is literally an industry, a financial income, built around this new creed of man - be alpha or die. The West is dying not because of its empowered women and feminism, it's dying because men refuse to become Kings. A King has nothing to do with being an alpha male, but try telling that to western Red Pill indoctrinated men today.

In starting this blog, I have made to you, and myself, one promise - to be real.

You, I, can only control the choices we make within the context of the times we are living in.

Who we are. Where we are. Why we are who we are and where. None of this is under our control or by our choice. We can choose to become more than who we are, but we still have to work with a base form and mold that restricts in order to channel... if you believe that your life was created for a purpose that is.

This is going to be a bit random. I ask for your patience. If my writing stands out from other authors you follow, it's because I am honestly, sincerely, trying to save The West and the dream that was Rome... if it can still be saved at all.

I caution you... don't knee jerk in negative reaction to a pessimistic outlook on the future of The West and Europe. Especially in the near term (next 50 years). There are forces at play now that cannot simply be stopped or rolled back, not without Herculean, and thus sadly physical, confrontation.

I believe The West is dead and the dream that was Rome on life support about to be unplugged.

If you watch this great short doc by Black Pigeon Speaks, and this one called Sweden: From Valhalla to OBLIVION, and combine both with a serious re-read of my Tommy Robinson article with a final capstone quote by Enoch Powell...

Here is a decent, ordinary fellow Englishman, who in broad daylight in my own town says to me, his Member of Parliament, that the country will not be worth living in for his children.

I simply do not have the right to shrug my shoulders and think about something else. What he is saying, thousands and hundreds of thousands are saying and thinking – not throughout Great Britain, perhaps, but in the areas that are already undergoing the total transformation to which there is no parallel in a thousand years of English history.

We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancées whom they have never seen.

Enoch Powell - Rivers Of Blood Speech, 1968 - Wikipedia

And soon to be importation of 'immigrants & refugees' entire extended families for resettlement in Europe.

This isn't a funeral pyre. That would at least imply some dignity and respect for the deceased by giving Europe an honorable eulogy and grieving process for those of us that still remember who she was.

What is happening now is the outright genocide of Europe and dumping of the body in the ditch of history.

Why so negative Maximus?

Because... there is no stopping this. Not now. Not in western Europe. It's too late. The flow towards Europe is now unstoppable short of extreme (and with prejudice) physical confrontation. You know it. I know it. But in case there are others who are still in doubt, let's paint a picture of reality shall we? (Be sure to mouse over the timeline bar just above the map to show the graphs of just how fucked Europe is right now, let alone 50 years hence. Also note as you do it is my ancestral country, Germany, that is specifically targeted for outright extermination.)

You are living in a complete fantasy land if you think what Europe was will ever return in any form known of it in the past 2000 years.

Not without, as I said and will say again, extreme Herculean physical confrontation.

Oh... and ebola's on the way!

I'm a realist. If you were a Pole or a Frenchman in 1939, you could wish upon a twinkling star all you want that Hitler and his blitzkrieg Wehrmacht were not bearing down on you... but you would be wrong.

I don't like being wrong.

The future of Europe will not be it's past.

And so, I meditated on the reality on the ground and came up with a plausible, and highly probable, future scenario unless things change, and change RADICALLY, in the next decade.

The Muslim West (purple)

The capitals of Europe will become fully Islamic Sharia ruled no-go zones for whites/Europeans in their own land (dark circles). The countryside will be open civil war between pockets of European resistance and Muslims who now fully command what remains of the army and police of “the states” of Europe. I suspect that when the tipping point is reached, the national armies of western Europe will split and weapons/tanks/artillery will be raided/stolen, with black market arms sales undergoing a stratospheric explosion in sales and profit. Since it is now 100% fact that Muslims run the UK, France and Germany, even if some native stock Europeans remain in power, both the globalist traitors and Muslim majority will hunt down and exterminate (outright or by a 1000 cuts - i.e vaccines, murder/rape, etc.) any remaining native Europeans. South Africa IS the future of Europe in less than two decades.


Macron's sober attempts to come to grips with Islam is a canary in the globalist coalmine that perhaps their instruments of European replacement are not going to be as peaceable nor compliant to their rule as the Godless, and churchless, prior Christian natives. As I think I made clear in last week's post about Islam's future in Europe, this "noisy" Wahhabi strain of Islam is particularly virulent and resistant to change. Getting a Wahhabi Sunni to march in the streets for trans rights is going to be a bit... problematic to say the least.

While I may now sound like a flip-flopping moron for having declared Islam will never take over The West last week, I'm not.

The failure of Islam in The West depends entirely on how much... physical risk... current and future generations are willing to pay to overthrow Muslims and all immigrants over the course of the next 50 to 100 years.

And this is not me saying this... it was Enoch Powell in 1968.

The expression "rivers of blood" did not appear in the speech but is an allusion to a line from Virgil's Aeneid which he quoted: "As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood."


Calling a spade a spade made Mr. Powell a "divisive" politician and sparked a "political storm" stating the obvious 50 years ago. "But it's [the rivers of blood] not happened you say? He's a racist!!!" Ok... let's keep immigration levels as they are and see where England and Europe are at in another 50 years. Not placing bets on it's peaceful future if Brits and continental Europeans want the land they call home to still be home that is. And by Brits and Europeans, I mean native Anglo-Saxons, the original Norman/Germanic/Gaul/Nordic barbarian tribes of yore.

I'm in no way advocating violence, at all, and neither was Enoch Powell.

What I am stating is the consequences of forcing a people to defend themselves if pushed to the very wall and brink of extinction. If you kick and kick and kick a dog long enough, eventually that dog will turn around and bite in instinctual self-defence. Stating the obvious is not "hate speech" or "inciting violence"... this is just bloody fact.


Although this still won't keep me out of trouble I imagine.

The failure of Islam in The West also assumes all of the actions I proscribed were tried and are failing only about half way. This failure of Islam also, and crucially, assumes that western women f#%king wake up and start partnering with white boys to birth a white future.

Black/Muslim people exist.

Black/Muslim people have the right to exist.

Black/Muslim people have the right to exist as Black/Muslim people.

Be Black/Muslim.

Can you see the future yet? Or are you still as blind as the model asking for her image not to be used "for this." Used for what? For white-supremacist language and promotion? Our own women refuse to see their coming extinction.

There is no future Europe... without Europeans.

There is no dream of Rome... if their are no Romans alive to dream it.

A King can't afford to live in a land of eternal optimism, nor one of perpetual pessimism. That's all I am trying to do. Be a King that sees reality for what it is so we can begin to chart a path for the future. By accepting the reality that what we all want may be lost, for now, and begin to think of a future victory further down the road of history.

The beginning of the future victory for The West... will be in The East.

The Orthodox East (red)

Will remain independent and free, with a caveat. Russia will become the guarantor of these states, a new defacto Soviet Union in borders only, with fully Slavic/European/Christian character and national, sovereign states with a corrupt, but functioning, capitalist economy and democratic form of governance.

That said... even the future of The East is not assured.

If indeed Putin has sold out Syria, then the entire Russian intervention in the region was for one goal and one goal only - to become the new power broker in the Middle East, taking over from the USA. And like a virus, Israel is already invading the next and future global power and authority to continue the plan with the eventual destruction of The East in the next 100 years (having perfected it in The West in the 20th century). You think the May 9th timing of Bibi's visit to Moscow with Putin for Victory Day was to keep Putin from being able to respond in Syria? Maybe, it was to send a message to the USA that they are no longer needed by the world's true indispensable nation.

So here too, caution is advised, especially for those who hope to escape The West. While Eastern Europe is not being inundated and replaced by Africans, Asians and Muslims, it is none the less not The West. The rule of law in Russia and many Eastern Slavic nations is more of a... general guideline depending on who you know, than actual rules to be followed by all. As I have written before, in the end, there is no place western man can run to escape his fate. Russia already has strong initial, if early, symptoms of the viral infection of feminism/neo-liberalism that caused The West's demise. Medvedev's re-appointment by Putin signalled to globalists it's business as usual and Russians were not happy, not one bit.

There is no way I can put a positive spin on the fact that Putin has re-nominated Medvedev as Prime Minister. I am personally bitterly disappointed and so are many others.

A comment I just saw on the YouTube chat of the inauguration was succinct and to the point: “Путин кинул народ – мы не за Медведева голосовали” or “Putin betrayed the people – we did not vote for Medvedev”.

This is going to be a very widely shared feeling, I am afraid.

The Saker - Medvedev re-nomination: this does not look good

Once western liberal cancer metastisizes in full in Russia, especially if Putin does nothing to eliminate the 5th column (i.e. Russia's deep state), it will fall to the same fate as The West. Putin and Trump both have exactly six years left (if Trump wins in 2020) to cut out the entire globalist tumour that is killing the planet. Did you know that? Both of these men will end their terms as leaders of East and West in the same year.

I want you to reflect on that deeply for a moment.

The entire future of the European race - East & West - is in the hands of two post-wwII nationalist/populist boomers who are doing their best to do right by their nations and people before they die.

And just look at the swamp and creatures they have to work with and around!!!

If both East and West don't fix this globalist problem in the next six years... there won't be any fixing it because the immigrant, non-native numbers by 2024 will be in globalist (i.e. immigrant/Muslim) favour.

Co-incidence? Providence?

Only time will tell.

The Roman Remnant (blue)

Not all is dark and gloom, but the rays of light are thin.

There is a chance, a miracle chance, that God may save the heart & soul of the dream that was Rome in the very land that gave birth to it. Silvio "It's better to like beautiful girls than be gay." Berlusconi may have just anally shafted the entire Eurozone Brussels satanic globalists by agreeing to allow a coalition government to form between the League and Five-Star by dropping his prior firm stance for Forza Italia to have a say or role in said coalition government. If you have forgotten, Berlusconi was unceremoniously ousted from power with a preview of the #metoo movement back in 2011. A man of his talent and ego most likely did not take to kindly to that. The rumour was that if Forza could manage to cobble together a government with the League, it would be a back door for globalists to continue their destruction of Europe (you don't get to the top without approval after all) with "their man Berlusconi" keeping the populists at bay and the Italian government mired in deadlock. Problem was, Berlusconi and Forza was also seen as a dead establishment (i.e. globalist) party and did not do anywhere near as well as expected, leaving the League (northern Italy centred in Milan, right leaning) and M5S (southern Italy and Naples/Sicily, left leaning) in an impossible dead lock, with Luigi Di Miao (M5S leader) actually asking for elections in July of this year to break the impasse.

Well... ol' Bunga Bunga has given Brussels the worst outcome of Italy's March elections - a coalition government made up entirely of outsider, nationalist and populist (i.e. Nazis) sentiment and goals. And, most epileptic seizure inducing of all, left and right politicians in Italy will be working for Italians, with two hot-headed leaders actually putting aside their egos to work together.

What do we know so far? Five Star and Lega are very different political parties, but they have enough in common for a radical legislative agenda. The two sides seem to be inching towards a neutral prime minister, in other words neither Di Maio nor Salvini. The name mentioned by Italian newspapers this morning is that of Giampiero Massolo, a career diplomat who seems to be acceptable to both parties. Massolo will clearly only be the frontman. Power will rest with Di Maio and Salvini.

Zerohedge - Italian Coalition Takes Shape: Platform Includes Parallel Currency

Will Italy finally slam the border shut and start shipping back all the "refugees" in the country illegally? Will they Italexit, or at the very least bring back the Lira as a local currency to get the economy going again?

The platform now in the works includes a parallel currency, reduced immigration, and flat taxes.

NOTE: This is all happening right now, May 12th, 2018. I drafted this article earlier in the week. I still stand by my predictions and this proves I was right. This is the kind of real action, on the ground, needed in Europe to save The West. It also appears that the two leaders cut a deal to save Berlusconi's ass from prison. This is why Silvio caved, but I also suspect all three men joined together to save Italy. If The West is to be saved, I predicted it would start in Rome and I was right. Now we wait for the EU/globalist response. It won't be pretty.

Or will these two populist parties screw over Italians like Syriza in Greece did after a referendum vote to NOT give in to EU (read German) demands of complete submission to Brussels (read Berlin).

A huge part of the problem in Greece is the refusal by the older generation to not drop the Euro and go back to the Drachma. Well, that might be about to change because as we have all known for over 2000 years now... .

They [the EU] may as well pack in the whole thing today, and go home. Actually, that would be by far the best option, because more of this will inevitably lead to the very thing Europe prides itself in preventing for the past 70 years: battle, struggle, war, fighting in the streets, and worse. If the EU cannot show it exists for the good and benefit of its people, it no longer has a reason to exist.

Saving the banks in the richer countries by waterboarding an entire other country is not just the worst thing they could have thought of, it’s entirely unnecessary too. The EU and ECB could easily have saved Greece from 90% of what it has gone through, and will go through going forward, at virtually no cost at all. But yes, German, French, Dutch banks would likely have had to cut the bonuses of their bankers, and their vulture funds couldn’t have snapped up the real estate quite that cheaply. Zerohedge - The Only 'Real Europe' Is Greece

A country is either sovereign... or it is not.

The West and Europe have at most a decade to take back their sovereignty.

And the more immigrants they let in, the more they hand over control (and land) to complete foreigners, the more the future of Europe looks like the past... like 1939 in fact. This is why they scream Nazi at European and N. American populist and national sentiment. Europeans... will not be slaves. We fought to the death for freedom and we will fight again. It is only a matter of time, a when statement of fact, not an if conjecture about the future.

What is taking place now in Greece (whose economic woes have dropped off the radar) is the start of the break up of the EU vampire. While Brexit was a more northern and continental shout for freedom, the return of western European national sovereignty and pride... will begin in Athens and Rome, the home of Socrates and Casear, the birthplace of The West.

I don't know the situation in Spain, but I think it is fluid as well. Between the three - Italy, Greece and Spain - you have the oldest of the original "Roman lake" provinces still tied together by a strong Catholic flavour of Christianity (France, Germany and Britain are atheist, "Christian" in name only). IF... if... these three states can successfully throw off the yoke of the EU, take back their sovereignty and return to national currencies, immigrants and Muslims would scatter like cockroaches to light now that the "free Euro welfare" tap has been turned off. I also believe there is still some real fighting spirit in the southern European nations that has been bled completely dry by political correctness in the north. I don't think the bankers (i.e. Rothchilds) had as firm a hold on the south as they did the north (UK, France and Germany). It is a slim chance for the dream that was Rome to survive... but it is there and Berlusconi's anal shafting of Brussels just might be the start of the push for Italy to leave the Eurozone. (cue ISIS "terror" in Italy in 3... 2... 1...)

It is a big if... but if the Roman south cannot hold back the tide of immigrants... you can extend the Islamification of western Europe to every nation that it once contained and proclaimed Christ is Lord.

Truly I say to you... the time is now, not tomorrow, to save the dream that was Rome.

Another meditation of mine this week was on the future of Western Man's ability to survive.

What kind of future is an online hustle but a digital form of slavery with the illusion of being free?

"Work 8+ hours a day, commute, pay bills, etc."

Life. It seems clear to me that young western men are running away from life, trying to escape the work that naturally is man's fate if he wishes to eat.

I don't want to belittle or dismiss the opportunities available online to make money. They are there. Trust me, I know, because it is being shoved in my face constantly all over Twitter and on YouTube.

But I want you to step back for a moment.

Take off the rose-coloured red pill glasses and the hypnotizing effect of pin-point-perfect (and ageless!!) personal "branding" we are all now being constantly subjected to. Step back and see what an unplugged-from-the-matrix western male now has the "opportunity of a lifetime" to partake in.

Instead of:

  • gainful and meaningful full employment
  • for all segments of society (blue or white collar, capitalist or labour, high school or university)
  • a once 9-to-5, Monday to Friday, get up, go to work and return home to relax
  • middle class lifestyle that afforded ease and material comforts and
  • time, something no man can ever redeem (yes, we all once had 40 hrs and the weekend to ourselves)
  • the reality of the Boomer generation and why they believe everyone can have it too if only their children were not such lazy, entitled, arrogant, useless whiners

Westeren man is now forced (it is by force, the above is gone remember, it's why you hate Boomers) into:

  • begging, I'm calling a spade a spade
  • hustling, this is what street walkers/vendors do by force of circumstances, female or male, who can not get a real job
  • working 24/7/365
  • sitting for hours, weeks and years staring at a computer screen or a mobile device
  • promoting ourselves, where capitalism has now made the ego the product (i.e. personal "branding")
  • to hopefully find a slave we despise (i.e. gainfully employed) still tragically stuck in a cubicle 9-to-5 job to give us 1/100th of his spasmodically short attention span
  • to hopefully then get that slave to stick around and "like" us enough to maybe buy what we are selling (insert your hustle here)
  • to produce an online "passive" income that is 100% digital and entirely dependent on the internet
  • for which the globalists can, at any time, simply deny you if your hustle is not to their liking, for any other reason zher majesty presumes you are guilty of

Not joking.

This Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott telling of Robin Hood is going to be (if allowed to exist) a historical document of an extinct people.

This film also went over like a lead balloon on its release in May 2010. You can tell this is so by the dearth of clips available on YouTube, proof of this film's complete and utter failure to capture the hearts and minds of... modern, atheist, liberal, socialist, communist, YOLO minds who have never had to work an honest day in their life.

And by work, I mean real work.

The scene I was hoping to find was one that struck my heart and soul the most in the theatre as this masterpiece unfolded. It was during the raid on government stores to take back the seed for the harvest that spring. It was Scott's filming of the fields being planted by hand in the middle of the night that hit me, and hit me hard. Something stuck a chord deep, deep, deep inside me. Seeing Russell's hand reach into the seed bag to cast his future provision into the earth. The absolute... freedom to survive, 100%, by a Man's labour alone tilling and reaping the fruits of the earth

What does western man have to do now to earn his daily bread?

Just look at the above to see how far we have fallen in The West.

There was a time when a man could put in real work, the sweat of his brow, to support himself and his family within strong bonds of community and fellowship who were all doing the same.

No computers. No email. No f@#%ing social media to "scorch earth" and become an "engine of content" in order to what? A few fiat bankster bucks via digital transactions that allow them to track, and tax, every penny nickel you make? (No more pennies in Canada to show just how worthless our currency is becoming.)

Honest. Labour.

It's gone.

Yet it is this very honest labour that made us honest men in The West. Both scenes above are testimony to this harsh truth of our past pride and convictions in who we once were.

I now find myself actually considering how to monetize this blog and my writing.

A long shot to be sure, but a plan I am pondering is thus:

  • another year of consistent writing, hopefully two posts per week
  • try to double, triple, my current readership
  • saving up every dollar I make
  • investing in a camera and video editing computer for YouTube to increase engagement (Videos of what? Not a clue.)
  • come next year, annouce a trip through Eastern Europe and possibly Italy & Greece (May 2019, if I have enough cash)
  • record the whole trip and begin to ask for donations
  • this fall/winter (2018), I work on two books 1) a two year compilation of posts and 2) my patriarchy book
  • combine the book launches with the Eastern Europe tour and maybe, maybe... pray I can bring in the $1500 to $2000 US a month I need to begin to make this time writing worth my time

Reading that... sounds like a good plan I think don't you?

But look at it. Look at it!

This... is the state of western man's survival outside the slave matrix of corp/gov globalists and feminism.

We are like the lost boys, the orphans running wild outside the Loxley estate with no family, no support, only their wits and their daring to keep them alive.

Is this the only future for western Man? Some kind of outlaw online hustle? A digital Robin Hood that is more like Peter Pan with an ageless, pixel perfect, 20-something hustle social media profile avatar? Some outlaw. One click of a button by our future globalist/feminist commissar overlords and poof! No more online merchant account for you!!!

Am I just too old? A Gen X luddite who "doesn't get it." Am I alone in hating the fact I am sitting here, on a sunny day, typing at a computer when I could be outside and enjoying life?

Again, I want you to reflect on this deeply.

This is the reality of a western Man who, by choice as much as by circumstance, simply cannot fit into modern, secular, atheist, Godless, feminist, LGBT, liberal western society.

This is where I am sitting with this blog and its future right now. I do enjoy the writing, but I don't want to live this style of life. Even if I could, and I will admit it does not sound so bad... will I even be allowed to? Or will I go to jail. It would be nice to believe I can just write whatever the hell I want about Man, patriarchy, masculinity, Islam and Christianity and the future of The West and be allowed to make my musings a financial success if I put the work in... but will they let me? Will I be allowed to speak and use my pen, my keyboard, to make a living and save the dream that was Rome?

Yet... what other choice do I have if not STEM (might be smart enough, but don't have the aptitude), computers (did IT work for seven years in my early 20s and no desire to return) and the blue collar (and increasingly white collar) work that is all being replaced by robots and AI.

You know what a few of my past jobs have been?

A demolition crew labourer.

A garbage pitcher on the back of a sanitation truck. Not joking.

You know what?

I feel no embrassement nor shame in admitting I have done these jobs. Both of them got me outside (especially the latter) and working my body. No computer. No email. No smart phone. No customers or client or follower demands or pandering. Just my hands, the job at hand, and the will to get the job done and go home.

Honest. Labour.

Hard labour.

Jobs done to pay bills when bills need paying. I did these jobs as I was trying to keep my business running. When it failed, and failed a second time round, I am now looking at how to get an online hustle going to not just pay bills, but retire on.

Do I not want to be one of those guys "making it" online? The $4K a month, $10K a month hustlers? Is it the work I am afraid to do? Come on, it's just typing for God's sake!!! Is all this "meditation" about online hustling just Maximus bitching like a girl about the reality he constantly says we must bow in submission to?

And yet...

Am I alone in seeing this "golden opportunity of a lifetime to make money online" as being less than the opportunity it is being advertised as being? If online is where it's at, our new reality, then ALL men MUST get their hustle on to SURVIVE. This is my only choice now to survive as a European Man in a feminist, LGBT and globalist dominated world.

Some choice. Some freedom.

Which brings me to another meditation.

We all want to see a return of Man, capital M, and patriarchy, but the majority of men refuse to acknowledge what it was that made both even possible in the first place.

God. Christ. Or at least the belief in a singular and superior power that created him and will judge him.

I saw a good observation on Twitter on the increase in western men (and women) turning to pagan religions like Norse myth, etc. Again, nothing wrong with this per se, but is it The West? Is it the patriarchy that we rose from the huts to become Kings of the earth with? The West has not been pagan for 2000 years, and when it was pagan, it was most definitely not The West we have come to love and yearn for the return of.

The observation was as succinct as it was obvious.

If you are worshipping pagan gods that you don't actually believe exist (i.e. are real, are true), you are just LARPing.

Maximus was a religious man. Pagan for his time and place, but a man that believed in something greater than himself which he both loved and feared. He respected what his ancestors had passed down to him about the greater meaning of life and its purpose. This is the core of who Maximus was. To deny this is to deny the entire history of The West.

Why do you think, from Constantine to Charlemagne to Vladimir, prior pagan leaders of Europe all, every one, strove to overcome the divisions of pagan tribalism for the unification of peoples (and thus nations) with Christianity and the truth of the one, true God. Western men today are divided amongst each other because they believe in either nothing or nothing that unites. This is one of the core advantages of Islam and Muslims over Europeans right now. We believe in nothing and what we believe in, if we believe in anything, divides us. Just look at the division in the Red Pill/masculinity sphere alone over the years for proof of this.

Say what you want about the truth of Christ and Christianity, it was far, far, far closer to a unifying truth than Europe had ever seen before. It became who we are for 2000 years. It was only in the last 100 years, the 20th century, that we abandoned the faith. Look at what has happened to Europe. To N. America. Co-incidence? Providence? Again, only time will tell.

A common refrain I got in some feedback to my writing when I asked my readers to join Maximus' legion was...

We love Man, capital M, but talk of God, Christian or Muslim... not so much.

So then what? Western man is to return to pre Christian traditions and beliefs when his tribes and gods were as numerous, and as disunited, as the stars in the heavens? And you don't even believe in your gods?

Please forgive me if you are a pagan - and to think I actually have to say that - but... how is this a way forward? How are pagans going to turn back the singular and muscular strength and unity of Muslims and Islam?

It's not. It won't. The West will fall.

But continue on in your belief that Zeus, or Odin or belief in nothing at all will somehow save The West. I too am waiting with you to see where this will all lead to in the end.

Christianity was once that unifying force in European Man. I have even written a lengthy argument that Islam could also be that unifying force if European Man were to choose to make Islam his own.

But he won't... and so western European Man continues his floundering and flaying about as his entire way of life - his history and his culture - dies around him.

My last meditation is on the reason western man is in fact turning to pagan beliefs while he struggles to rise above the tide of nihilism and anger that threatens to drown out his very soul.

Our warrior past has been neutered. The world is no longer physical, in any way.

This... is who we once were. And it is this... the barbarian... that still beats deep within European Man's breast.

It informs literally ever aspect of our culture. There is nowhere one can turn and not find the heroic warrior archetype and motif in western literature of any acclaim prior to the cancerous infection of post-modernism and cultural Marxism. This is precisely why globalists are hysterical in their control now of every single warrior/hero motif we have ever created.

And while I suspect the new 2018 version of Robin Hood is taking cues from the Moor character played by Morgan Freeman in the 1994 blockbuster with Keven Costner... somehow... I doubt this Moor will be the partner he was in the latter. It seems even Robin Hood is going to undergo historically diverse revision and become the student of a Muslim, and thus Islam, who was the "inspiration" to save Britain from tyranny.

God does that look like complete shit.

Is a Muslim King Arthur far behind?

Do you know what it feels like to hold a jackhammer and pound away at a brick wall until it's destruction is complete?

To use brute physical force to get a job done and see the results.

This was once the world of all men. A physical one. Right up to the turn of the 20th century. The industrial revolution automated a lot, but what it automated was mainly repetitive physical tasks. You still had to physically engage the machines of industry to be able to labour. With the coming of computers and thus robots and AI, man's primary method of engaging the world has been cut from between his legs.

His ability to simply... use one's hands to fix whatever problem he faces.

This is why western Man feels so impotent in the face of his planned extinction. What tools do we have now to pick up with our hands to be able to take back what is ours? A Twitter feed? A blog? A YouTube channel?

This is why the European race must die.

European Man has, throughout his entire history, always had the courage to take up the sword to free himself of his oppressor.

Testimony to this fact is the opening battle scene in Gladiator and the open defiance of Germania to submission to Roman rule.

QUINTUS: A people should know when they are conquered.

MAXIMUS: Would you Quintus? Would I?

The reason the world we once were master of (i.e. colonialism) hates us so much, is not because we were once their masters, but that they never had the guts to rebel against us to their death.

To struggle, and yes to die, to be free.

I never would have thought in my entire life that I would write, let alone think, such a statement. This fact became crystal clear to me in a recent Twitter exchange I will write about in the future.

European Man's moral wrong was believing he had the right to invade foreign lands and take whatever he wanted.

The colonized peoples moral wrong was in lying down and accepting this state of affairs for hundreds of years.

You can't be a slave if you refuse to submit.

All of them - globalist, feminist and misguided & hateful colonized immigrants/Muslims alike - hate us because European man refuses to submit to slavery and chains.

"Why Mr. Anderson! Why do you persist?!?!"

Because we choose to.

Because European Man believes there is something inherent about his existence that demands he fight for his freedom and to never submit to tyranny and oppression.

Once we - European Man - are gone, the tyrants and the oppressors will rule forever, for there will be no one left to stand up to them.

But at least we will have gone down fighting.

Do they think we will allow our lands to be invaded without complaint?

Do you think we will allow our women - mothers, daughters and sisters - to be raped and murdered at will with not a whisper of protest?

Before this is over... they will know who we are once more. They are forcing us to remember.

Not by our choice. Not out of anger or hatred.

Simple. Survival.

Strength & Honor


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