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On Leaders & Leadership - The Fear Of Manning Up

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 6, 2017 | 7 minute read

To lead is to be masculine.

To be a leader is to be a Man.

There are few fictional characters in the Western mythos of masculinity that embodies the principle I am about to introduce to you. Conan, King Conan, is the archetypal image of masculinity in its most pure form. Strength and wisdom flow from the pen of Robert E Howard. He may be a barbarian, but Conan knows where true masculinity, and thus leadership, lies.

Manning up.

Taking action.

Leadership and masculinity go hand in hand because action is at the core of these qualities and in Man.

I have called for men to be leaders, not alpha males.

But men are still reluctant to lead, to man up.

Man’s reluctance to lead is the only thing holding back the patriarchal renaissance.

Much of this reluctance does come from a natural desire of a good man to not push his views on other men, but the majority of that reluctance comes from fear, with a heavy dose of indifference today that was unknown in past ages of Man.

I am not new to the manosphere. I have been writing as Maximus very intermittently for over a decade. This post was inspired by some past writings I had out on the interwebs back then and below is a comment I got on this very divisive topic.

I think articles like this one [On Leaders and Leadership] suggest that I should want to save this society. That I owe something to a society that ultimately hates and fears me, and all I stand for. That I should personally sacrifice for the good of all. Why should I stick my neck out to save it, if all I do is place it beneath an axe?

Why, after all this time, should I believe that “be a team player” isn’t the same as “warm the bench?”

How is this article any different from the dozens of feminist articles encouraging men to “man up” and resume their service to the matriarchy?

Also, note that Spartacus almost made it over the Alps, but was held back by the two Celtic co-leaders. And Leonidas was betrayed twice (the oracle and the goatherd). I am no Spartacus or Leonidas, but if such great men could expect no better, I should expect no less treachery if I distinguish myself as a target.


But it’s pretty tricky dismantling and refuting the establishment. You have to be careful in the way you go about doing it, or you could make the wrong sorts of enemies. Worse, it is possible you could lose friends or loved ones.

J. Durden

There it is... fear.

Fear of having to take action. Fear of being judged. Fear of being ridiculed or at worst, cast out of society.

Fear of being being the nail that stands out to be hammered to death.

Crushed by the hammer of judgement of the delusional masses still stuck in their feminist, PC “let’s-not-offend-anyone” safe-space, trusting the androgynous shadows on the wall before them is the real world.

This fear is real, do not mistake me, but we as men need to start moving past it.

If men want to change the status quo, we are going to have to make ourselves a target.

Would the world be a better place without John F. Kennedy and his attempt to shut down the US Federal Reserve Bank?

Without Martin Luther King and the clarity of reason and fervent conviction with which he spoke out about the oppression of men serving in the losing and utterly useless Vietnam war?

Without Ghandi and his non-violent struggle that freed the people of India, defeating centuries of British colonial oppression?

Or Malcolm X speaking the truth about the REAL oppression of blacks in America in the 60s and the danger of becoming a leader of any movement.

These are the speeches of leaders.

These are the speechs of men.

These are the targets men become in deciding to take action to change the status quo, to change the course of history, and thus society, for the better.

Real women want leaders, desperately.

They want to be led.

Women yearn to submit to leadership, both inside and outside the bedroom.

This desire in the female for leadership is embedded in her biology.


Because leadership is taking action, taking control, weilding masculine POWER!

If your woman is unhappy in your relationship, sadly, it is your fault. You are not leading her, you are not taking action, you are not taking control, you have given her all your power, you are not being masculine, you are not being the man.

While that may sound like I am asking you to “man up” for the matriarchy, I am not.

I am asking every man to man up for patriarchy.

Man up for the salvation of civilization and society.

Man up and become the kind of leaders, the kind of men, that Kennedy, King, Gandhi and Malcolm X were for their time.

Notice that you can be a member of tribe MGTOW (Ghandi) or GAME (Kennedy), but what separates them from the masses of those movements is that BOTH of these men set out to become LEADERS, not just followers.

There is no need for division in philosophy or approach, only unity in action.

The comments made by Anonymous on that old post from long ago were crucial in my being able to illustrate in this article on leadership some of the root problems we face in growing the manosphere beyond the internet. A fear that is still very real as we saw when Roosh at Return Of Kings tried to setup a simple meetup for ROK readers around the globe. The backlash at the thought of free men meeting to talk to one another scared the living shit out of feminists, the mainstream media and globalists. Roosh had to ultimately shut down the meetups, but the response to just men meeting together and the consequences of such actions show you just how much action, and thus leadership, is feared by our enemies.

The comments by Anonymous above and many other men are legitimate.

Why should men put our heads under the feminist axe?

Why should we sacrifice potential relations with friends and family or our career in trying to overturn the insanity of 21st century cultural feminism?

All I have to say in response is...

Who else?

Who else is going to do it?

Are women going to do it?

Things are only going to get worse the longer men allow women to run things.

Women will let society and civilization drift in whatever aimless, emotional, constantly changing, always undecided, “let’s not oppress anyone” direction that it is today because that is their nature. Even the good women because they are waiting for good men to take action and lead, they always have and always will.

Many comments on that old post on leadership were negative. The conclusion was blunt - we don’t need leaders in the manosphere. I am telling you we do because nature and women demand it. It is why you were born male. Why you want to learn how to become a man, to be more masculine. For all our whining and complaining about the debauched state of western society, no one else is going to fix this mess we find ourselves in. It is up to us... men.

If society fears and hates men, so be it.

If we are made a target to be taken out, such is the fate of all men that try to bring about change for the better.

Real men buckle down and go about righting the system anyway.

No one will thank us.

No one will praise us.

In fact, many will hate us and do all they can to stop us.

Ultimately, no one will care, especially the majority of women, but that is not why we are doing it.

We do it because we are men, and leaders are what all men are called to be.

We need to stop whining and complaining about feminism, gynocentrism and female nature.

Accept it, they do.

We also need to start accepting our true nature as men.

To be masculine, to be leaders, to be men.

By Crom, let's finish this!

Strength & Honor


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