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Plato's Republic is the complete refutation of Red Pill & Game

For Man, capital M, to return... Red Pill & Game must die.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 7, 2018 | 20 minute read

The trouble with writing for 21st century men about Man, capital M, is that western men no longer want to hear the message.

Christ. Muhammed(PBUH). Buddha. Plato. Socrates. Aristotle. Augustine. Aquinas. Locke. Hobbes. Dante. Confucius. Lao Tzu.

All these men are now taken as mere intellectual curiosities, not guides, not prophets, not truth seekers and men of wisdom.

The Red Pill and Game has completely destroyed the journey toward authentic manhood and masculinity.

It has now supplanted ALL these men as the guide for a modern man living in The West. Sure, modern man reads the classics, he may even write about them, but the core message, that of a divinity, or at least a metaphysical reality, of man is dismissed as magic and tales of old, superstitious fools. Do you doubt me? Go find me a Red Pill, Game or MGTOW blog with a dedicated and serious investigation of any of these old fools claims on the nature of Man?

I don't say this lightly. In order to save The west, will Red Pill western men (Game or MGTOW as I will prove) make the ultimate sacrifice and not just renounce, but denounce the entirety of a now deeply embedded (and thus foundation of the ego) life philosophy that is fatally flawed?

You have to see it by now, the obvious answer to western problems. Are Red Pill men in too deep to admit it? Can you see now that if this is indeed the truth, the answer to saving The West and sparking it's resurrection, why I wonder about my future as a writer of advice for men?

During this past week off from the internet, I finished reading Allan Bloom's interpretive essay of Plato's Republic. I wrote already about the reason I believe The West will never recover - the death of not just God, but any belief in a human soul whatsoever, the very foundation for justice in The Republic and in Man. But even that was not the end of the rabbit hole that is Plato and his inquiry into the very substance and reality that is Man.

The Republic was a logical argument to persuade Man to turn away from tyranny and vice toward justice and virtue.

To turn away from the tyranny of living the erotic life, lusting for all the pleasures of this world that vice can offer Man if he but submits to the embracing of violence and injustice. To take, by force or by cunning, any and all winnings of life from other men because he can, because 'alpha'. Are you beginning to see it is men, not women, who make or break a civilization?

Glaucon... is an erotic man. A man of eros, full of passion and desire for life (i.e. material success and the bodily pleasures that accompany it). The entire argument of The Republic is for Socrates to entice, lure, and successfully convince Glaucon that there is a pleasure greater than any the body or this material world can supply - that of the mind, of philosophy.

Socrates inquires into the very nature of justice because after hearing Thrasymachus expound, nay roar, about the utility and advantage of injustice in securing all the material goods and bodily pleasures this life has to offer, both Adiemantus and Glaucon are unconvinced that the matter has been investigated thoroughly. They themselves take up making arguments for injustice, taking the argument even further and more keenly than Thrasymachus, but they do so only to give Socrates a most difficult position to start defending a life of justice from.

That, my friends, in my opinion is good. For something quite divine must certainly have happened to you, if you are remaining unpersuaded that injustice is better than justice when you are able to speak that way on its behalf.

Plato, The Republic, 368b

Plato was facing the same situation in Athens as we are now in The West - the end of the golden age of Greece. The Greek states were at each other's throats and the fall was coming. I find it highly curious that as Athens and the democratic way of life was about to fall to Spartan tyranny, we have Plato, Socrates most famous student, writing the singular treatise on justice and rooting his entire argument on Man's striving for it being the sole reason for Man's existence; that is, if Man wants to live the good life, a life of justice and not tyranny, he must pursue a life of philosophy.

Plato came of age during the tyranny of the the Thirty Tyrants. Like Obama's cultural legacy on America, the aftermath of such rule compared to the democracy he grew up in must have profoundly affected Plato's outlook on life and politics. This perfectly explains why even more than justice, The Republic is about how to prevent a future tyranny from taking over the life of any city. It is only when we get near the end of The Republic that we see this was Socrates' goal from the opening paragraph.

Tyranny is not only the worst form of government, it is the worst form of life for Man.

... the tyrant cannot fulfil his desires; he must always continue his longing, become hated, and do every terrible deed... utterly dependent on external things and thus full of anxiety.

Second, the tyrannic life is not the pleasantest life... each of the three parts of the soul has its own specific pleasure. The man who knows all three pleasures would be the best to judge of which is the greatest pleasure. Only the philosopher knows all three, however, and he chooses the pleasure of philosophy.

... the tyrants pleasures are all mixed and allied to pain, while the philosophic pleasures are pure. The tyrant's pleasures are unreal because they are linked to becoming which is itself somehow unreal; the philosopher is attached to being, and hence his pleasures are real.

It will be noted that Socrates makes the choice between tyranny and philosophy depend on pleasure.

Alan Bloom, Interpretive Essay on The Republic, p 444

There is an irony in Socrates condemnation of the erotic tyrant of a man. He points out that in truth, the erotic man of pleasure, because his spirt and desires are strong, is the best type of man to be attracted to philosophy because he has a strong desire to seek out pleasure. The erotic tryant is in many respects the mirror image, the other side of the coin, of the philosopher. They are brothers so to speak, but of different minds on means to the same end. This is why Socrates takes great pains and strategy to build up to the triumph of philosophic life, doing his best to convince Glaucon that the pleasure of a philosopher is superior to that of the tyrant, appealling to his strong eros for worldly success, honors and high status among men who feel they deserve the finest things, and even finer pleasures, that life has to offer.

Socrates can only prove the inferiority of the tyrannic life to Glaucon by way of the superiority of the philosophic life, of which Glaucon has only a glimmering.

ibid. p 422

What does Game and Red Pill teach?

  • there is no God
  • there is only the material world
  • be alpha and "win" at life
  • indulge in every pleasure, sexual and material
  • the future is now, politics is for losers
  • you can't change anything (i.e. save The West), so don't even try

MGTOW is of the same life philosophy as "the only path" for a western man, minus engagement with women and sex (in the majority).

Can you see now why I wrote of the importance of the soul? Without it, tyranny and the tyrant (be alpha) is the only answer to life?

Once the pleasure of philosophy has disappeared, man is split between duty and desire, with no adequate motive for the choice of duty over desire. Socrates indicates that the tyrant's life would be the appropriate choice of a way of life if philosophy did not exist, if the bodily pleasures were the only pleasures and the mind had no pleasures of its own. The self control demanded by morality has no cosmic support if it is not in the service of a higher pleasure.

ibid. p 422

The life of the tyrant, the man of eros, is an "appropriate" choice. A logical choice. An understandable choice.

Where have I heard this hymn before on the 'truth' of Red Pill/Game/MGTOW that only weak men, beta's and blue pills, refuse to believe?

The West is dying not because of feminism and the corruption of women, but because it's men have wholesale abandoned the very thing that make them a Man, capital M; the pleasure of the mind.

The pleasure of philosophy over the body and worshipping the goddess (or despising her).

Is there even one, single "woke" Red Pill western man interested in discussing the merits, logic and thus argument for proof of the tri-part division of the human soul? This discussion, this contemplation of the soul of Man, it's validity and truth IS the heart of western culture. No where, no where else on earth is this mental exercise taken as seriously, and investigated as deeply, as it was by western men. For 2000 years, the true pleasure of a Man, capital M, was in seeking truth, knowledge and wisdom, especially for the elite class. Even the mass of men, with Christianity, were brought into Socrates teachings and made the choice to at a minimum pursue a life of faith, of virtue and righteousness as the best life, the good life, leaving philosophy to more literate and learned men.

We can bitch and moan all we want about the hypergamous nature of the female and how feminism and girl-power has completely destroyed femininity in western women, pointing the finger of blame directly and solely at them for all The West's ills. But it is western men, through adoption of the Red Pill and Game/MGTOW, that have truly destroyed any hope for The West's return to greatness. They have abandoned the very thing that made them men - their soul and the philosophic contemplation of it's nature and fate.

All you have to do to prove this to yourself is read Plato's Republic.

See how seriously the soul of Man was once seen and the importance it was once believed to be for Man's functioning and happiness. How philosophy, through contemplation, thinking, reasoning and arguing about truth, justice, the good life and the very nature of Man as a divine creature created the single greatest, powerful, expansionist, fruitful and successful race of human beings in human history. But in a mere two decades (2000 being the start of Red Pill philosophy adoption), western man has not just merely abandoned the principles that guided him for 2000 years, but he now actively spits on them.

A meme.

Socrates has been reduced to a snarky, comedic and ridiculed meme, a fool of man.

I now understand the root inspiration for my writing; to return Socrates and the contemplation of Man's soul back to center stage in 21st century men's lives.

And just like Plato through the voice of Socrates, I am facing a near impossible task.

The erotic desires lead to breaking of the law, to daring everything, to that omnivorous taste for all good things which make a man the enemy of law and other men.

Glaucon is such a man, and it is the wish to satisfy this part of his nature that attracts him to tyranny; for tyranny is the only regime in which no satisfaction can be denied him - it provides the freedom, power and money a lover needs.

Eros is the most dangerous and powerful of the desires, an infinite longing which consumes all other attachments in its heat.

ibid. p 423

A desire... that makes a man an enemy of the law and other men?

What else could you call unchecked hedonism (i.e. enemy of moral law) and the pursuit of women for sex and sex only? Making the "playboy," the master of Game, the enemy of all good men in his destruction of woman's virtue because he crosses the line of moral law and takes advantage of her very nature?

Freedom. Money. Power. Women.

Is this not the modern and "appropriate" and "understandable" and "logical" new Nicene creed of Red Pill men and the disciples of Game? Is this not the Gospel truth of the modern Millennial hustler, the online "G" of money and bitches?

Can you see the forest for the trees yet?

No matter how much pussy, or how much money, or how much material success "woke" Red Pill western men attain... the infinite nature of the desiring nature of eros that is the tyrannical man will never be satisfied.

Do you see now the near impossible task I have taken upon myself as author?

To try and convince ALL western men - the Red Pill men of tyranny both MGTOW and Game, and the soy boy blue pill cucks and manginas - that they must return to a life of philosophy, of contemplation of the soul, for there to be any chance of saving The West?

If The West dies, it will not be the fault of it's women. A woman is a fickle and weak creature, as has been concluded and espoused for centuries by western men of wisdom. What else do you expect of a woman if the men around her refuse to become men? If they refuse to reign in their eros, their lust, for this world and not the next? Women can of course also choose to reign in their eros and lust for this world, but given her nature, she will only do so when men lead her to a life of restraint and philosophy on the truth of her soul. That is the only way Socrates was able to convince Glaucon, a man of eros and lust for tyranny to succeed in life, of the merits of the life of philosophy instead.

Happiness is not connected with the exploitation of other human beings. Socrates makes an image of the soul for Glaucon's benefit; the desiring part is compared to a many-headed beast, the spirited part to a lion, and the rational part to a man.

Socrates thus explains that the laws which impose moderation are not made in the interest of an exploiter, but in the interest of the soul as opposed to the body, of reason as opposed to desire.

ibid. p 426

Moderation... in the interest of the soul.

Reason... opposed to desire.

"What soul?" would be the Glaucon Red Pill man's response to Socrates today.

"What reason is there to not live life to the fullest and take all that I can while alive?"

The degeneration of western man goes even deeper down the rabbit hole than that of no longer contemplating his soul.

The quest for pure pleasures is the motivation of the higher kind of free man who no longer has to worry about the necessary. But this quest can only be fulfilled through philosophy because "the other [pleasures] require human beings."

Only philosophy is pure pleasure and is self-sufficient, not entailing the use of other men.

Most radically posed, the moral problem consists in a simple alternative: either philosophy or tyranny is the best way of life.

ibid. p 425

"What happiness are you talking about? Is not money, power, women and material goods happiness? What else could there be? There is no soul. How stupid are you? Fuck that religious shit man. Get your hustle on. Make that bank. Bang those chicks (or shun them). Get all that you can while the getting is good. YOLO - You Only Live Once dude. Fuck this talk of meaning to life. This is ALL there is."

What soul? What happiness? What are you talking about?

Would Socrates even bother to talk with such men today?

Or would he just turn and walk away, shaking his head at how far Man, capital M, has fallen?

Strength & Honor

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I wanted to add a separate refutation of Red Pill/Game from the main argument above. A counter argument would be along the lines of:

RP & Game is more than pickup and hustle. It's a "life" philosophy for the 21st century that incorporates the latest science and politics/culture of western society.

Married men are/can be Red Pill and advocate/live Game. MGTOW does not reject women in their entirety, but are merely the more risk averse to female entanglements.

To deny the efficaciousness of RP truth and Game in improving a man's life is to deny that man the very cure to western cancer.

So sayeth a protestor

Red Pill may be more than "pick up and hustle." (i.e. fitness, health, mental and physical discipline, literacy, etc.) But at it's core, TRP is about the nature of the female and how to best get laid. Period. If you remove that getting laid part, you don't have Red Pill 'truth' or Game. This is the Glaucon of eros, striving for tyranny that Plato warns about. (i.e. absolute control over the female and life's rewards/pleasures) There is zero, none, of the purer pleasures of living a life for the mind (i.e. soul), for that which truly satisfies Man and brings him true happiness and contentment. The striving for eros is an infinite struggle with no happy ending because Man's desires are infinite and never satiated.

To prove this, look at the married man RP and Game voices in the sphere. All of them, to a man, fall all over themselves trying to prove a) mastery of 'alpha' frame b) that they are fucking their wife and c) they are "crushing" life (i.e. winning the material goods and pleasures game). It's not enough for these men to state "I'm a Man with confidence in himself and my wife finds that sexually attractive." It's not good enough to satisfy the Red Pill community to take them as "serious" (i.e. real) men. These men have to wrap their entire "cucked" (according to more hard core RP cultists) marriage in a RP facade to even begin to argue the positive side of commitment to another woman and the raising of children. And even then, there is always the unspoken fear of "the other shoe" hovering like a ghost around them as to when she decides to blow the facade away and file for divorce.

A typical example of the married RP/Game man's intellectual hedging process would be as follows:

  • address the "players" of Game and offer an olive branch of "understanding" (i.e. I am not condemning your rampant pursuit of fornication and adultery in any way.)
  • tell them a "pretty girl" is out there waiting for them who can cook, clean etc. (the polar opposite argument of the core of Red Pill truth)
  • slip in the now heretical idea that "love" is possible with a woman and she can "respect" you for who you are
  • remind you that time is not on your side, and that old age is not a thing to be experienced alone and without children

In other words... "Hey, I'm a Red Pill guy like you, but just because I'm married and trying to give you wisdom on commitment to one woman, marriage and family, don't write me off as a beta blue-pill-cuck-loser cause I'm alpha bro with wack Game skills. (Punch the fist.)"

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Matthew 6:24

You can't live a life of hedonistic fornication... and expect to find and marry a traditional virgin wife.

You can't view women as soulless creatures incapable of making moral decisions and being loyal and trustworthy... and expect them to accept you for who you are and who should desire a good man.

You can't treat sex like going to the gym with any training partner that volunteers to work out with you... and expect to find a a woman who will be a good partner in life and reject all other men because you are "special" to her.

Can you see how schizophrenic the very root of Red Pill and Game philosophy is?

Like a child, RP/GAME advocates will drop the mic with one final counter argument.

You don't have to run around and sex tonnes of women. It's a personal choice and how many women a man sleeps with is his decision to make.

The purpose of Game is to give men the tools, the mindset, and the confidence to be more attractive to women and thus more successful, whether that is sex or a relationship or marriage is up to them.

so sayeth a protester

Does this mean that a man can be Red Pill, run Game and:

  • view women as morally capable human beings
  • restrict himself to sex only within a committed relationship (ideally headed to marriage)
  • not "sow his oats" past a notch count he can calculate on one hand with fingers left over
  • to reject sex more than he is offered it by aggressive women with condoms and the pill in his favour
  • treat women with respect, be a gentleman, and still be seen as 'alpha' in a woman's eyes in order to trigger hypergamy and the assumed (RP theory) of r-selection sexual strategy in "all" women (cause hypergamy)

All the above fly in the face of RP and Game theory and philosophy. By default, to commit to one woman and have children is to be blue pill by the core tennets of RP theory and Game strategy.

God or mammon.

Forest. Trees.

Red Pill and Game - a life dedicated and obsessed with understanding female nature in order to seduce, control and 'win' the sex game with women - is now the life philosophy of choice for 21st century western men of 'wisdom'. MGTOW merely drop the women part, so they are of the same mind as the players on "the way forward" for western men.

If that is not the very epitome of Plato's tyrannical man of eros and lust that destroys life for Man and the city, I don't know what is.

Men Of The West - You are going to have to choose: Hedonism, Or Enlightenment. The Cave, or the Light.

The swamp and mud huts of the goddess and life as an alpha male living in a matriarchy (for the 2 in 10 that are capable of achieving mythical alpha male status that is).

Or the high mountain of the civilized life, of culture, of law and truth living as a Man, capital M, in a patriarchy.


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