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Pulling Ladies The Masculine Way

How not focusing on getting laid can pull pussy like a boss.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | July 8, 2017 | 45 minute read

Ahhhh the 80s supermodels.

Niki. Naiomi. Cindy. Beverly. Amber. Eva. Daniela. And the belle of them all (for moi), Claudia. Yes, this was the feminine world of Generation X. These are the women I came of age lusting for as a young man. While women of this quality are more rare today, these kind of women are still out there. If you are lucky enough to encounter an actual lady in the 21st century, you may need to alter your Game the Masculine Way to be successful with them.

This is a nostalgia post. I do not expect younger men to take the following words as gospel truth, just wish they keep an open mind and repeat the mantra "I know that I do not know."

Generation X was the last generation of men brought up during their impressionable years within a cultural context of RESPECT. Women respected themselves and men respected women who, for the most part, still considered themselves ladies who deserved to be treated as such. (In stark contrast to the entitled and repulsive princesses we have now).

In wanting young men to think more positively about the future, I want you to start to believe you can still find a lady of class and respect in your wanderings through life.

Yes, do be sure to run through the checklist of 24 signs she is a slut just to be safe, but don't assume negatively that 100% of the good looking women you meet in life are all whores. So much of the manosphere is obsessed with stories about getting laid and sexual adventures that it makes me wonder if young men care at all about actually being happy with just one girl any more.

Am I talking marriage? That will be up to you to decide. We all know marriage is still pretty much a no go with 99% of western women. But I think that ultimately, no matter how many lays you count up in your 20s, as you start to burn through your 30s toward 40, you are going to want to find a good woman to spend some long term time with, possibly the rest of your life, and maybe (insane I know) even have children with her.

I am all for young men in their 20s going out and sowing their wild oats. Good God it has never ever been easier than it is in the feminist 21st century to get a young women to spread her legs.

But I would like to let you in on a little secret.

If the majority of your experience of women is with sluts, will you ever be able to meet and keep a lady?

Look... here me out.

Just for arguments sake, let's take it as a given that there are fine, good, ladylike women out there for a long term relationship. You can shit on the idea and flush it if you want, but just try to believe in the fantasy for just a moment. Again, if you are getting laid on the regular, there is a very good chance you are spending 100% of your time with sluts.

Are most women sluts? Yes!!!

Are ALL... 100%... every single double X chromosome on the planet complete and utter whores?

No. I think even the most jaded player would say that is not the whole truth.

Am I saying NAWALTs exist? Not exactly.

I am simply trying to get you to imagine that the way you are going about meeting women may very will be pre-filtering the sluts you want for sex (YAY!!!!)... but filtering OUT women of actual quality and self-respect.

Reality check.

Is your Game that good you can walk up to ANY woman and be successful in hooking up with her?

No. Rejections, crash-and-burn approaches, are par for the course.

Now... as you go about filtering for the kind of girl you like (i.e. sluts), how many of the women you find attractive but don't bother to approach are women you, on some level, feel "simply won't put out." How many of those same woman you DID approach, rejected you completely without so much as a chance, and perhaps even politely and respectfully? If you are truly on the masculine path, you will one day realize that a life of chasing pussy for the sake of pussy is actually LIMITING your masculine character and attractiveness.


Real masculine men are long term oriented, searching for a woman that can be both wife and mother, not just a quick fuck.

Authentic masculinity, true patriarchy, is a K-selection mating strategy.

As I wrote about in The Masculine Effect, authentic masculinity is about legacy, not pregnancy. Any man can get a woman pregnant to pass on genes. Just have unprotected sex. But if you are a man who wants to pass on a LEGACY, a lineage, sluts that put out just ain't gonna do it. If you want to truly grow into your most masculine self...

You are going to have to start to adopt a view of life that is positive and future oriented, not negative and hedonistic present dissipated.


All I can do is share my experiences with the women I have encountered in my life to give you a contrast to the adventure sex lifestyle that is the 21st century male model of the manosphere. I am an older, 40-something Gen X dude with these "crazy" trad-con ideas, but I am NOT deluded about the reality of men trying to find a woman to be wife and mother in the feminist West. I realize what you are about to read won't be popular anywhere in the manosphere on how to get with and pull women, but my blog is not aiming for popularity. I am aiming for singularity, the masculine, and the principles that underly it. I can only lean on my experience as a Man in writing about masculinity. Whether you choose to identify or learn something from my experiences is up to you.

The age I came of age (mid 80s to mid 90s) was the pinnacle of walking that fine line between class and trash in the female landscape. Women still had respect for themselves and men respected those women that did. This cultural background growing up quite naturally led me to develop my own version of Game as I matured - pulling ladies, not sluts. I am fully aware I am about to dig myself a hole with this article. The story I am about to tell will simply not be believed by most young men today. Yet, this story is, and continues to be, my lived life experience.

If you are tired of dealing with sluts and would like to experience a lady, you are going to have stop your hedonistic lifestyle.

And by stop, I mean giving up entirely any thought of having sex with the women you choose to pursue, at least in the immediate future.

No... this is not some bizaro world of masculinity.

I am not going to bullshit you and never will.

Following this path of masculinity will not get you laid.

Then again, if you are reading this, you already know that sex does not make you a Man, capital M, and does not define your masculinity.

Ironically, not pursuing women for sex will be your personal choice, not because you lack opportunity.

In my late 20s and approaching 30, I was without a girl. In the early 00s, my lack of a lady in my life came to a head. I decided, as many of you here, to finally figure this women/sex thing out once and for all. Keep in mind, this is looooong before Game or Red Pill even existed as common place parlance in the manosphere (which also did not exist back then). Still, there was one place on the very early internet that seemed to have some answers to the question of the female and how to get jiggy with her. SoSuave.com is still around, but a shadow of its former self. What I learned on that site is a life philosophy about women and masculinity, not just tips and tricks to be more successful with women (which was not even purely about sex, just getting a date and a kiss). This philosophy goes something like this:

It is the idea that we are learning Game NOT to simply get sex from a woman, but to find a girl that actually likes us for who we are.

A girlfriend who ACTUALLY LIKES AND WANTS TO BE WITH you, because you are you, and not some other guy!

Seriously. Guys like myself and my generation still actually think this way. That we could find a girl that liked us for who we are and would want to be our girlfriend, just because. Yes, we still had to learn "game" as it is now called, which is really just shorthand for becoming more confident with women. But the over arching premise was once again, NOT just to get laid, but to find a girl that REALLY liked us, as men, as an individual.

What saddens me when I read many of the other manosphere blogs today is this: The vast majority of young men today just don't seem to care if the woman they are Gaming actually likes them or not. All that matters is you approached, laid down some good Game, entertained her, and managed to isolate to get both her and your pants of long enough to close the deal and fuck. These young men adopt a don't-give-a-shit-attitude toward the women they meet, especially western ones, for good reason - most western women are shit for a relationship.

That said, does it then follow that...

A young man today has only ONE choice to make when it comes to female intimacy and companionship - sex with a woman you tolerate long enough to get naked, get off and get out... or... nothing?!?!?

The second option, nothing, as campuses increasingly crack down on normal male mating behaviour, is becoming increasingly the norm. Talking to, even looking at, a woman is just not worth a false accusation of sexual harassment or worse, a false rape charge if you happen to get lucky and 'Game' a girl into taking her knickers off for you.

Well lads, I am here to tell you you don't have to wade around in a wasteland of sluts and satan's princesses to be able to enjoy the feminine element in your life.

As I started to learn Game, which is really nothing more than old school stereotypes on the nature of the female, I did so from a decidedly different (and generational) perspective.

I wanted to find the BEST woman for me.

Sex... in my mind... was a given. Me male, you female, we fuck.

Kino. IOI's. Eye contact. Social fluency (i.e. being able to talk to a woman). Standing tall (i.e. confident bearing/presence). Leading (i.e. having a plan at all times). These are all aspects of Game I learned and began to incorporate into my approach and interactions with women. Of them all, kino and leading was about the only methods I really had to learn and practice. I was not used to being physical with a girl (just touching her) out of fear of what she might think. I was also, at that time, not leading my own life. So naturally, I had no clue how to lead a lady. Ironically, leading women became easier the more I focused on developing a life for myself and living a dream for what I wanted out of it than any real change in how I interacted or approached women. Once I started to lead my own life, it became second nature to lead women.

What surprised me though as I began to use these Game/PUA techniques was this...

The more I relied on pure, by rote, Game mechanics, the more the kind of women I wanted mistrusted me.

Let me clarify.

The women that mistrusted me were ladies with RESPECT for themselves.

I only had to have this happen to me once to realize what I was doing wrong.

For whatever reason, I am 100% incapable of attracting sluts into my life. What I quickly realized as I puzzled over my interactions with slutty girls, now that I had some knowledge of the female, was this:

I was not THAT kind of guy - A DTF dude - Down To Fuck.

I only just recently encountered this term on a blog, having no clue what it meant. But once I learned it, I realized that I have NEVER been a DTF guy. If you are DTF dude, then all the Game and PUA advice and techniques will work in spades for you to secure a river of easy flowing pussy. Don't listen to me, just stop reading now and keep doing what you are doing. You only have to read the lay reports of those who have mastered Game successfully. All of them, bar none, are DTF guys. None of them would turn down sex, for the most part, with women they found attractive purely at a sexual level. It's the only way Game works in the manner intended.

Yes, sometimes sex can lead to a relationship and many times Game advocates say sexing a woman is now the only way to get into a relationship with one. That belief, for me, is pretty black and white thinking and goes counter to our entire evolutionary history of self-restraint and wise mate choice by NOT having sex with every hot guy/girl we see.

That said, I am sure you have noticed when out Gaming and chasing pussy that there are some girls you could not Game.

Have you ever, honestly, humbly asked yourself..

Why Game did not work on that chick?

When Game fails, sometimes it's because it just fails.

But occasionally, and yes indeed, rarely, it's because you encountered a LADY, one who RESPECTS herself.

Meet a lady with respect for herself, and Game will fail, in spades.

So... if sluts who cheat on you with your best bud at the drop of a text message are a growing part of your sexual relationship history - sorry, soap opera drama of a life - with women, you might want to ask yourself why that is? Even before I lost my virginity, I had always believed sex was really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. And once I did have sex, it only confirmed it for me. I love sex, but I have NEVER obsessed over it. Unlike the majority of men I have met in my life who do. I just don't get it. They all act like sex is the equivalent of finding water in the desert. Yes, that goes for men with Game as well. It's like once they taste the oasis of pussy, they must drain the oasis dry or die in the attempt.

I have never lived my life in desperation for pussy, not even when I was a virgin.

It only took a couple of lays for me to revert back to my original modus operandi with women, what all men have naturally to attract the opposite sex - the masculine effect.

The masculine effect, in a nutshell, is this.

You, as a male, are looking for the BEST female to mate with.

Not have one-night-bar-star-stands. Not secure a fuck-buddy friend for dry spells. Not be the clown that entertains her enough to have sex with you as you travel through her city "on business."

No. You are looking for the one - the GENETIC one.

Body. Personality. Temperament. Attitude. Demeanour. Values. Beliefs.

In short, all of the traits that do NOT mean 'love' or 'romance'. Not THAT one. That's oneitis, that's delusion, that's how you get ass raped in a divorce court.

The one, by my definition, is...

The BEST female PARTNER - genetically and tempermentally - to push forward your genes into the future.

Reflect on this deeply.

I know it has taken a long time to get here, but I suspect you are asking the question that was in the title of this post and wondering when I will finally get to it.

How do you pull ladies?

How do you attract women with respect for themselves that would make a good wife and mother?

Look at EVERY woman you meet and find attractive or interesting as a possible partner you would actually, for real, no joshing, have children with.

Every. Single. One.

And from first contact, start putting her through your entire checklist of mate criteria.

She shows signs she is a slut? GREAT!!! You completely ignore her.

Radical concept, but just think it over before judging.

It works.

I have spent ZERO time around sluts. They have crossed my path in life to be sure. I have noticed them, who doesn't being the attention whores they are. Where I differ from most men is in how I chose to deal with them - I paid them no mind. And it became clear very quickly to them that I was not a DTF guy they could ever hope to manipulate.

Yes, that's right.

Adopt the approach of a Man, capital M, and the sluts will sniff you out like the clean dog (to them) you are and avoid you like the plague.

Of course, I can't say this without having some personal proof and experience that this is possible. That this masculine approach to finding ladies, not sluts, works. So, I am going to take a few women from my past and show you that by not focusing on sex, but instead on evolutionary and personal fitness as a long term mate as determined by your set criteria, can pull laides without even trying.

BEFORE I GET STARTED: I searched the web for the best images that closely matched both the physical appearance AND the archetype of the women I have been out with in my life. There is no way I am going to actually post real photos and unlike other blogs, I have already stated in this post that I don't get laid a lot, and I don't care what you think of me if I had sex with these women or not.

A man's reputation is everything.

If I have a reputation for anything, in person or online, it will be for always being 100% honest.

All truth, no bullshit.

In the past decade of my life that was my 30s, I have spent a lot of time with ladies. Women who have respect for themselves. Women who are very capable of having sex, but they are not DTF girls. That's right, like attracts like. So, if you are a DTF kind of guy, you should not be surprised, nor repulsed, by the fact the women you encounter in your life are sluts and not ladies.

I have always thought of myself as a GENTLEMEN and acted accordingly.

Not a push over mind you, but a gentleMan, capital M.

Where you find TRUE gentlemen, you will always find the ladies.

Asian Girls

Personally, I do like Asian women, but they just don't do it for me. Of the few I have met, I always felt that if I were to get them into bed, I would break them!

That said, it is true that asian girls just do not age. Or at least have the ability to put off the aging process for what seems like forever.

I have met a few asian girls, but only one really stood out in my past. I liked her, but decided I was not interested. She was very nice, very pretty, but something told me we just would not be compatible as partners. I remind you again, I am not evaluating these women purely for sex. It's a given I find them highly desirable and sexually attractive to my aesthetic tastes.

As time went by, this girl subtly let me know she had also liked and been interested in me in the past. She did this twice.

  1. I think I had called her at one point and as we talked and I was saying good-bye, she intently asked me if I wanted to come down to where she worked to 'talk' and 'hang out' sometime.
  2. Very shortly after finding a steady guy, I was exchanging emails with her and she said when it comes to girls and interest in a guy, they won't wait around forever.

Keep in mind, this was a woman I was not friends with, per se. We were good casual acquaintances and in no way were we familiar or talking/meeting regularly. Second, as any man of experience knows, you trust your gut a lot with women over time. These two points stood out for me when both of them occurred. Why? 1) I was not expecting them and 2) I was puzzled by them. I did not understand why she would want me to come hang out or why she would make a point to ME specifically that girls won't wait around for a guy. I guess I must have been asking her for advice on girls at that point, so she let me know, but I don't remember doing so. Lastly, and this was very curious, ever since, she has always had the biggest smile for me. She is genuinely happy to be around and interact with me, even as just a friend. At numerous times, and especially on a long weekend out with some friends, I caught her looking and smiling at me a number of times. If you have spent time with enough women, you will know what I mean by "look" and "smile". It is not forced, but it is a little out of context for the social situation and clearly directed at you.

Wonderful woman. Amazing girl. Great Mom (now). Superguy for a husband. A lot of the women I have known in my life as friends or have taken out are happily married to great guys. They were NOT and never were out riding the cock carousel. I know this because I have known many of these women for over a decade in the same social circle. Ultimately, I don't think I could have provided for this girl to the level she desired (which is my #1 failing with women to date). I just don't have the stable provider thing setup. I have no doubt now in my 40s that, if I was more financially secure, I would have had a LOT more women in my life and many of them being a LOT less subtle about wanting to "hang out" with me.

Russian Blondes

This woman (the photo) could be one of three Eastern Euro types I spent time with. All of them had that classic Russ/Slav beauty, a uniqueness that just stands out.

The first Blonde spent time with me after her engagement broke off to a long standing boyfriend. I overnighted once at her place (she was helping me out between apartments) and as I was getting dressed to go out that weekend, I refused to close the door to the bathroom in her small bachelor apartment. I just stripped down to my skiviis right there and suited up. As I did this, she LITERALLY fell back on her bed, spread her legs out and started playing with her hair, doing EVERYTHING she could think of to keep talking (which was not difficult for this one). This was NOT something she did consciously. It was very, very, animal in its response to an undressed male being in the presence of the female in an intimate setting.

Most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. Instant submissive body language when I dropped my jeans to the floor. She did not cry out "Oh my God, what are you doing!?!?" or any such protest. She just watched, lay back, and started rambling. Note: I did this on purpose. I could have closed the door, but I decided not to. I wanted to see her reaction. Very interesting.

Shortly after, her engagement to a NEW guy was news (she had a LOT of guys proposing to her all the time), and then old news as it was broken off. I have no doubt my staying over and then seeing him for the first time (the most uptight dude I have EVER met) at a club one night spelled out for him what was going on between us, which was 'nothing,' so he canceled the engagement.

I liked this one, but she was way too focused on keeping up with the Jones's. I knew that the 'nothing' between us was something when talking with her over the phone one night, I asked what she thought of us dating in a joking fashion. Her response was telling. She told me "Yea... but... my Dad says... I have to stay in the SAME CLASS [i.e. social status]." That is not me making up a conversation from a decade ago, those were LITERALLY her exact words. She said it like her childhood pet had just died. I could tell she did VERY MUCH like me, but her parents class expectations as well as herself, ruled me out. Ces't la vie. It's her life, her path to happiness.

I often wonder what would have happened if I had come out of the bathroom that night and just whipped it out. I think she would have been pleasantly and humorously shocked, but nothing would have happened. Or maybe it would have? I honestly don't know. That kind of bold move might have been enough to pull the trigger with this girl as they say.

What is key to note about my memory of this experience is this:

I love to laugh and simply enjoy the presence of women who are feminine.

I would love to have sex with every single one of them, but I just DO NOT CARE if I do or not. If you TRULY AND HONESTLY LOVE WOMEN, for being women, you will attract them in droves.

And on that point, I will end the story on this girl with the last time we "hung out." I took her out to see a show and at one point she commented that it was very cool in the building. Middle of summer, they had the AC cranked to max. So, I did what any guy would naturally do, I put my arms around her shoulders. As soon as I did this, her breathing spiked, her chest started heaving, and I thought she was going to have a panic attack. Ok, maybe not a full blown panic attack, but shit... she tried to ACT calm, to ACT relaxed, but her breathing, her BODY, said she was completely aroused and about to explode in sexual tension. Note as well, she did not look at me weird, or pull away, or say anything. She almost became a statue, but a not a nervous one. I just kept my arm around her, and she just kept on breathing heavy. We never did have sex, but I am thinking she would have liked to. She even told me once over the phone when I talked about sex and women that "she could show me a pretty damn good time." Ah well... on to blonde number two.

The other blonde was a Ukrainian that I had to do absolutely nothing to start dating. I danced with her once and that was it, she was CONVINCED I as some kind of bad boy in her mind. We hung out more than once. I liked her, but she definitely had feminist leanings. She tempered her feminist traits well, being from the actual Ukraine, but I could tell early on that a relationship with her would be mostly about deciding who was going to wear the pants. I still think she would have been a good option for me, but still, every time we talked about men and women, it always came back to feminist ideas. Even before I had fully swallowed the Red Pill and rejected feminism, something was telling me this girl was a no go.

A third blonde (Wow! Just realizing I have been out with a LOT of Russian blondes!!!) I never really dated. We met through the mutual friendship of Russ Blonde #1. Her reaction was instant, and very weird, to my presence. She just seemed... well... nervous all the time. NOT in that "this guy creeps me out" way, but "I don't know how I am supposed to act around him" kind of way. I would have asked this one out for sure, but, she had a boyfriend. Who, interestingly enough, was into martial arts like I was. Was tall, well read, and "lean, not skinny" like me. I only ever crossed paths with this one rarely. But every time we did, she LOVED talking to me!!! Her eyes would just LIGHT UP. What really tipped me off that this girl was into me was when I was teaching salsa dance lessons. She wanted some privates with me and she admitted to me that a man that can lead a woman on the dance floor can do just about anything with her. Later on, we crossed paths again and when I asked to hang out with her, she agreed enthusiastically. This... is when I learned the boyfriend was out of town.

Since I was not interested in being just her friend, I simply forgot about her and never pursued hanging out with her again. Some guys can play that game, but for me, when you meet someone you really would like to be with, you are fooling yourself in spending time with a woman as just her friend.

Which is interesting because, we were never 'just friends'. In the sense, we never exchanged numbers, we did not hang out with mutual friends together. We were total acquaintances who crossed paths rarely... yet... she always seemed nervous around me. There is a possibility she was worried about giving off IOIs and did not want to lead me on. But if THAT was the case, she would never have agreed to hang out while her boyfriend was away. That to me, was just weird. It's like, a girl likes you, she is with someone else or for some STUPID reason decided to write you off, but her biology, her genes, wont' turn off. She is ATTRACTED to you, and there is NOTHING she can do to turn that attraction off. This has not happened with every girl I have met, but this one, I am sure that was the case. The clincher though, whether she liked me or not, was that she was firmly committed to her boyfriend. She was a lady and she was not a cheater.

Also, it was interesting being with her a few times in order to watch the reaction of other women when she was around. Again, I rarely spent time with this girl, but one summer evening we were dancing at a festival and I watched her eyes dart to two other women I knew as I was dancing with her. None of these girls should have known each other, but they all knew me. I carefully used the old peripherals to verify this was the case and sure enough, these chicks were giving this blonde chick "the look"... you know which one I am talking about. Still blows my mind as to why those two women that I have never spent a second of time with one-on-one were watching me with this girl. If you can enlighten me in the comments, please do.


I have also spent my fair share of time with Latin women. They are, by far, the most fiery and also the most loyal women I have ever met. Cross a Latina, and you will get your head taken off by a hurricane of Spanish invective like you have never experienced in your life. Which I never did, cause I ain't stupid. One Mexican girl I knew (did not date at all) actually punched and leveled a guy in a club when he tried to grab her ass. That, is the kind of self-respect I am taking about when I say I have known, hung around and had fun with LADIES, not sluts.

Do you know any girls like that? I hope so.

The first Latin girl I spent any significant time with was, I think, considering me briefly for all of one night. I remember it clearly. We had hung out a few times, would never call it dating. I had met her Mom and her sister. Her sister was married and clearly the matriarch. Family is VERY important to Latinos. I know I was on Mom's list when she reached up to touch me on the shoulder one time. But, it was the sister that pulled the plug on anything happening between us.

The REAL story with this one is the one time I actually got a "date" with her. We went out and over a bite to eat, she let two things slip concerning her thoughts about me

  1. If she ever learned that I liked her, she would be VERY ANGRY.
  2. That I was such a perfect guy IT SCARED HER.

The angry part is the usual "We are just friends so you can't like me." kind of bullshit women tell themselves all the time. But the second was shocking to me. She was serious.

If you are the kind of guy - not a push over, don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, respectful, funny, intelligent - this scares the shit out of women.

You can... through no fault of your own... INTIMIDATE WOMEN into thinking THEY are not good enough FOR YOU!!!

I will never know if I intimidated this girl in that way, but this comment... in full honesty... was revealing to me. I do know that when this girl met my parents, she liked them a lot. When my parents met her and her friend when I was not around, her friend said, "Hey! Why don't you date Maximus. He's awesome!!!" In the end, she was not interested in me. And as I got to know her, we were simply incompatible. She was far too concerned about keeping her family happy than herself, and while admirable...

As a couple, you have to form a team.

You have to become your own family. I think I could have worked with Mom, but there was no working with the sister. I knew this was the case when her sister asked "Maximus... how old are you?" And I could see her calculating the age gap between me and her younger sister. It was decided that night. Maximus was not for her.

Note... I have still not talked about even trying to have sex with these girls. Again, sex to me is a given. Male, female, fuck.

Another Latina used me one night to get a guy jealous that the above girl was dating. Some rich dude. It was hilarious. She asked me to dance right next to them and then proceeded to explode her loins on my thigh!!! HOLY SHIT!!! My friend (the one above) even stopped to look at what this chica was doing to me with eyes wide open. I knew from the first second, this gyrating hip show was not for me and that is when I looked around and found my friend with Mr. Big and put two-and-two together. So funny. Still, she would not have asked me if she did not think I could inspire JEALOUSY in that guy.

And to do that, to be the guy that inspires jealousy in other men to get them to mate guard, you have to be the masculine man.

You have to be the Man, capital M, that can't be manipulated.

Which is why she choose me to put on her little stripper show on my leg pole. The guy both these girls were after was a minor league baseball player. He had some cash, some status, and clearly both of these girls thought they could manipulate him. Otherwise, why try getting him jealous? In the end, neither girl ended up with him.

The next time I saw this girl... I looked her RIGHT IN THE EYE and said if I asked her to dance, was she going to do her stripper dance on me again like last time?

Her shame, guilt and embarrassment was CLASSIC SUBMISSION TO A CLEARLY MASCULINE MALE. She coyly and shyly said "Noooo." And that was that. Game. Set. Match. Even if i wanted to try for her, she would never go for me. I am simply not manipulatable. And for girls that put ALL of their power over men in their sexuality, they will never like you if their T&A show does not cage you, period. This is why sluts and me only have a passing relationship - she passes me on her way to controlling an 'alpha' with her pussy. LOL!!!

The last Latino girl I had interest in was very shy. Also very Catholic and conservative I think. Still, I was able to break through one night and got her number. She even impressed me by being interested in seeing a hard rock band when I mentioned that is what I wanted to take her out to see. I got her digits, I thought I was set.

Then the sisterhood stepped in.

I still can't believe what happened as she was writing her phone number down right in front of me.

An older (i.e. around my age HA HA!) western woman who had given me bedroom eyes one night on the dance floor. Right out of the blue. She just leaned back, ground her pussy into my thigh, and looked at me with the satisfaction that she was giving me something oh so sexy and hot. Maybe it was the fear on my face, or perhaps I gave her nothing in response, but I looked her in the eye on the dance floor and without saying one word, communicated "Not going to happen sister, I ain't desperate. WTF are you doing? We are just supposed to be 'dancing'."

It was forever awkward with her after that. Now, with my FINALLY getting the digits of a girl I DID want to spend time with, this wall-smashed old western bitch walks right up and, right in front of me, says to my target Latina "Can I talk to you? Now?"

So off they go... to the back of the room where I can still see them. My target girl arms crossed in opposition, the Western bitch with pointed hand actions to nail whatever point she was trying to make home. I don't know what that bitch said, but when I called my target girl after that night, she never called back. I might have called twice, I can't remember, but not a third time.

From that moment on, she too was now all awkward around me. And by awkward this time I mean UNCOMFORTABLE around me. She was NEVER like this before, just shy. She was always a little off personality wise, but once you accept someone as being shy or introverted, this awkwardness can only come from one and one source only - a female I REJECTED talked shit about me and put the kibosh on my getting together with my target girl. I can think of no other possible reason for her not returning my call. One minute she is very pleasantly talking to me, postive about going to a concert with me, FREELY giving me her phone number and then ONE TALK WITH SATAN'S BITCH... and I am frozen out... forever.

This was the case for years. I stopped even looking at either one of them or saying hello unless by chance we physically crossed paths in which I was my gentlemanly self and was socially charming and polite, no hard feelings. Then, just last year, the target girl I wanted and who got lied to by the bitch that wanted to bang me walks right up to me and asks me to dance like nothing had ever happened between us and we were best friends. Maybe she had moved past whatever she thought about me and was looking to give me that fabled second chance to a nice guy, but it was interesting that for the rest of the night, she watched me as I sat talking and laughing to a stunning 23 year old Russian blonde (yes, another one, but this is getting long enough !!!).

I could be reading too much into this incident, probably am, but it is not unknown for women approaching 30 too suddenly return to her discard pile of men in their 20s to see what kind and how many penises they have left, that they had previously rejected, that might be salvageable for a walk down the aisle. I seriously thought about talking to her that night, but not for very long. I think she is a good woman, but one who clearly lacked judgement in choosing a SISTER's OPINION over her OWN feelings about a guy. And she was still incapable of engaging a guy in conversation, as most beautiful girls are who have NEVER had to actually attract a man to get their attention aside from their looks.

Western Women

I have been out with a few western women. Sadly, their stories are not nearly as interesting as the foreign women I spent time with. Not because they are not ladies, they are... just... less feminine in their nature and thus, well, boring. The photo I have chosen for this section, while hinting at Asian fashion, is almost a dead ringer for a western woman I once spent time with. Two dates actually. One was a night out at a bar for the best band in the city. Which she promptly made me wait to meet her. Then complained about the band. Then proceeded to be completely uninterested in talking to me except to say she got drunk at this club at 18 and threw up in the bathroom. The next date was a simple movie date (I was young and had not learned Game yet), and at the end of it, I just got this sense that she was judging me - is this all you got?

Which I was fine with, because quite frankly, she gave me NOTHING in terms of feminine charms, humour and playfulness that I then subsequently had with foreign women in later years. Maybe she was judging me as lacking in the Man department. But unbeknownst to her, I judged her to be lacking in the feminine department. So, we parted ways and that was the last of spending time or seeing that girl. Still... SHE WAS A LADY. She will have had more sex than the foreign women I was with (the first Latina I know was a virgin.) She did carry herself well, but, as with all western women, she just could not shed the angry, in-your-face, confrontational kind of demeanour and attitude.

What is interesting to note about this girl is, again, 'nothing' was going on between us. Yet, I did get to learn a lot about her, she did spend time with me. Her parents were professionals, but who never spent time together. When her parents specifically made an effort to go on a "together" vacation, she told me that eventually her Mom and Dad went separate ways and did separate things... alone. For me, that was a huge red flag. A girl whose parents have a troubled and unloving marriage will never have an easy and loving marriage with me. Or at least the odds of it are stacked against you.

Her BFF, was absolutely beautiful. Simply a stunner. (And another blonde!?!? I thought I liked brunettes?) About as close to a model Grace Kelly type that I have ever met. (I am not fucking joking, check out those shots and you will have a 90% indication of her look.) When she first met me, her eyes just lit up, but also shut down. I will never forget the first night we met and what she was wearing. You could just FEEL the sexual energy between us. I know she felt it. I could see it in her eyes. As I got to know her over time with this other one, I learned that she had a boyfriend - a down and out drunk. Country girl with her country guy, but she was CLEARLY smart and CLEARLY deserved better, but like a lot of good looking women, they stick with the loser they know than risk letting go to find a winner who is an unknown prospect. The drunk guy she was with is, after all, "broken in." On the weekend I spent with some friends, I had invited this girl (the first, not the Grace Kelly blonde) along. She spent the weekend doing her own thing, meeting up with other guys, but came back to crash. Her eyes lit up when I mentioned that first Russian blonde above was coming out. Very strange. By the end of the weekend, we were walking along the beach and she said to me as I took hold of her to avoid a misstep in the boardwalk...

"Maximus, you are always looking out for other people."

When she parted after the weekend was over, she gave me a HUGE HUG and then left. I have received more than my fair share of hugs, but not a lot. Some men would say I was in the dreaded friend zone. I was. Clearly.

But what kind of women was I being "friended" by?

Depressed. Low self-esteem. Superficial confidence. Devoid of love and emotion in their hearts. Incapable of being a partner to a man with her own strong sense of self and well being.

I never experienced this with foreign girls.


All of the western women I spent time with, all of them, had this sort of vibe to them - depressed and negative.

Except the last, which I will close this post with.

Giggles was the best western woman I ever spent time with.

Blonde... again!!! And an amazon. My God was she in shape and tall, almost my height. Everytime I danced with her, she would smile and giggle like a school girl. This reaction to me was the SEXIST THING I have ever encountered with women. And her reaction to me was completely out of her control. Every time... like a girl. The pic I found is a pretty fair representation. When you get a girl like THAT smiling and giggling with just your touch, that says you are doing something right in the masculine department. I was soon to learn that this girl always had a smile and always laughed - at me, with me, even at herself!!!. My God, I was looking around me for cameras and the joke being pulled on me. This is how rare it is to find a western woman that is actually happy and loves being around men. This is one of the last women I spent time with. No time and no opportunities at the moment.

Still... this woman was an interesting exercise in masculine patience and the be-the-prize principle. When I first met her...

I noted her.

That is something you should be working toward as you become more masculine.

Your new approach to women is to just take note of a girl. Check. I see you.

You are not chasing - i.e. no 3 sec rule etc etc. You are not thinking about sexing or dating her. You have merely noted her presence and are calibrating your radar to even contemplate considering this woman. No, this is not some high minded counter-approach Game that tries to disguise itself with esoteric high intellectual rhetoric while AVOIDING approaching completely. You are simply biding your time and DECIDING, with observation, if she is even worth your time to approach. Of course, every guy was salivating after her like a dog. It is really beginning to get pathetic as I got older to watch just how much crap a good looking woman has to go through on a daily basis. And by crap, I mean just having to be nice to guys that all CLEARLY want to fuck you and approach like machines, literally machines on penis-autopilot.

Now, I wanted to fuck her too, but... as I noted above... I am not a DTF guy.

I was also holding back because at this point, I was simply not in a good position in life to approach. I was not financially stable. I was in the process of shutting down my first failed business and not exactly in high spirits. I did not start my business to fail, but failure comes with the package of risk. When she, naturally as an interested chica, brought up the topic of "work", I watched her eyes and whole face literally drop and go dim as she realized this tall, handsome, and clearly masculine guy is not as "together" as the outer package indicated. Note, I have been rejected by gold diggers in the past. This was not her reaction. She seemed genuinely disappointed but ALSO still genuinely interested in being friendly and enjoying my company. THAT, my friends, is a LADY!!!

It was, ironically, my hanging back, by occasionally making eye contact or a head nod or a hello in passing with her, that she began to take note of me! You know when a bird's radar turns on. She starts to turn the head, ever just so, to sneak a peak when you enter a room or walk by her. Of her own initiative, she casually walks by you at some point and says "Hello." with a smile but keeps on walking, so as to show she is not PURPOSELY walking by to say hello to YOU, she was 'just being friendly and polite'.

Then, because you now have to literally do nothing to pull ladies because the masculine effect is so strong...

When she walks by you again, all you have to say is "Hello" back and she cat-walk turns her way over to engage YOU in conversation.

I got her number.

Every guy was giving me the evil eye every time I talked to her, or she with me.

Every girl was watching.

I took her out.

But as I said, my business had failed and I was simply not setup financially (which is to say simply confident to have some money to enjoy life, and women I bring into it). I have no doubt, if I was in a good place financially, my mind would be as well and we would have hooked up. And because I am not a DTF guy, I was not interested in pursuing something purely sexual with her and I don't think she was either.

The great lesson here lads is this - if you are masculine, you will pull women no matter your finances or sexual experience.

Yes. I was a COMPLETE FAILURE when I met this blonde amazon.

Yet... my masculine presence, the fact I was taking risks in life to win big, simply cannot be ignored by the female. Women can intuitively filter boys from men, even if they are "failures" at the time.

Boys, are men living life for pussy and pursuing a life of conformity and submission to the female/society(i.e blue pill).

Men, are living life FOR THEIR DREAMS. To unite dream and day.

You don't have to be getting laid regularly. You don't have to be out Gaming and approaching like a machine.

All a Man has to do is get a life setup, lived for himself, and feminine adornments will want to attach themselves to him.

His life, his purpose, his passion and his will to succeed and become MORE than just your average man. This is what attracts not just the feminine, but the ladies. You will still have to approach and have your shit together, but your days of chasing pussy will be all but over. Pussy will be chasing you! If you start to look at a woman as a partner in life, not some ego masturbation vessel, you will find the feminine element, real bonafide and genuine ladies, begin to circle into your life more and more often.

Think the above is still all delusion and fantasy?

Then flush my crazy non-hypergamous, non-feminine-imperative theory down the toilet, or... give it a try.

The only thing you have to lose is never having to fuck another dumb slut ever again.

But... to each his own right?

Strength & Honor