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Respect Is All

Why chasing after mythical alpha male status won't bring you respect.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | March 18, 2017 | 9 minute read

Respect. Every man wants it, but none know how to get it.

The crisis of Man in The West is one of a profound lack of understanding about how to get and hold respect, from both men and women, and for oneself. While there are many paths to regaining respect as a man via the Red Pill, by far, a large part of the manosphere who still wants to interact with women (i.e. sex, MGTOW is for another article) do so by focusing on becoming what is universally unquestioned as being a man who is respected by women and other men.

Be Alpha.

Money. Status. Pussy.

This is the Red Pill path to respect in the 21st century for many young men.

If money, status and pussy is all you live and breathe to become...

What are you?

Are you a Man?

The voice of truth will ring ego crushingly loud for the Man that can stand back and dispassionately, rationally, look at how women view the above traits in the alpha male of the group.




Easily managed.

Women know why you are chasing after big bucks and status.

Why you are trying to maintain frame over her, over other men.

It is all about the pussy.

A man who focuses his life on making lots of money and achieving great status will get pussy. LOTS OF IT!!!

But have you ever observed what the lives of these men are like?

The women come and go. A divorce or two or SEVEN. Multiple affairs. The alpha male of wealth and status cares not if the woman stays, he knows there are more than enough women who want him to replace any that leave.

Superficially, this man looks to have it all.

But for all this man's wealth, status and access to pussy... have you figured out what he does not have?


Women... do not respect him.

But, we are not supposed to let women define our reality. Living your life to get the respect of women IS the very definition of the Blue Pill illusion.

I hear you, but it would seem you and I have a different definition of feminine respect.

In the Red Pill world, there are only alphas and betas.

Neither are respected by women and neither of them fit the definition of respect women have for a Man, capital M.

Beta Male: Do what the female wants, and she will "respect" you.

Alpha Male: Please only yourself, maintain frame control at all times, and she will "respect" you.

The former strives vainly for female respect and gets none (nor sex). The latter does everything to prove he will never be controlled by a female, gets laid and thinks he has her respect because she spread her legs for him and not the beta.

For a Man, capital M, respect from a woman means she will never do anything to undermine your authority or have you give up your world for hers.

Semantics you say? What is the difference between having authority in a relationship vs control? This is not a superficial question if you want to achieve authentic masculinity.

A man striving to be the alpha male is one we have all encountered in life - his way or the highway. He gets respect through threats (Say or do that again, and I am gone.), fear (You are replaceable.) and intimidation (I will sleep with any woman I want.). He is loud, he may even be violent, but what he is NOT is seen as an authority, over himself or others. All most alpha males ever get is resentful, or even angry, compliance, never enthusiastic and voluntary support. They see compliance and submission by men and women as "control" over others through sheer alpha dominance. But he knows, deep down, he has no authority without his alpha fear and intimidation, and never will.

Authority on the other hand, is a very different thing.

Having authority means you are seen by her as a leader, not a man who needs to be in control.

This is the very thin line that separates the alpha male from a Man, capital M.

Your judgements are right because they inherently are, both in his and her, best interests, not because "I said so" and have some pathological desire for control.

But, that is why we want to become alpha. Women respect alphas for that very reason. They will not let any woman control their life.

Ah... but do they?

The alpha male is used by women with the ease of a young girl playing with her Ken doll.

They know flashing T&A will eventually bring him to heel because that is how the alpha male defines his world, his dream, his reality.

Make no mistake, at the most fundamental level the CRUX of a man’s worth is measured by his desirability to women, whether he chooses to play the game or not.

Pussy is the holy grail.

Roissy ~ Cheateau Heartiste

Is an alpha male, without a female, an alpha still?

How many alpha males do you know who are SINGLE more than they are with a woman?

How many alpha males do you know who, if they go without a female by their side for an extended period of time, begin to get the "Is he gay?" rumours floating around the social bottom feeders from both men and women?

An "alpha male" with no woman, and no seeming interest in being attached to one, is seen by both men and women as being gay. Just ask George Clooney.

If that does not remove the veil of blindness surrounding the myth of the alpha male, nothing will.

An alpha male's definition of himself is exactly what the Red Pill believes it is teaching men today to avoid - to become what SHE desires. And what she wants... drum roll... is an alpha male, just ask Barbie.

Money, status, wealth, women... 'alpha'.

If you are living your life to become the alpha male she wants to have sex with, you are living HER dream, not yours.

As long as you are living your life for her, alpha or beta, you will never have authority over her, nor her respect.

Equally, I am sure you have noticed there are some men who pull women like cats to catnip without a dollar to their name or any status at all except in their own minds.

The musician who pursues his passion for music because music is who he is.

The rock climber who devotes every waking moment of his life to mastering a new cliff face.

The programmer who has literally, like in the Matrix, become the code that he programs in.

Some of these men may be alpha in their respective careers and lives, but many are not. If you have ever seen a hot girl with a guy who is clearly not the kind of man that female hypergamy for an alpha male says she should want to be with, ask yourself this question: What does he have that a lot of technical alphas do not?

The answer is... a dream.

A Man who has a dream for himself, one he will not trade for any woman, is a man who has taken complete authority over his life, win or lose.

A Man living HIS life for HIS dream, is unstoppable. No amount of money, power or pussy will corrupt him to leave his dream and this is why he is respected. You command respect because you do not need to use fear or threats to control anyone to get them to do what you want. A man with authority gets enlistment and support, not compliance and submission. Authority means you can say or do whatever you want without fear of being shit tested or nagged by a woman. You can do this because you are the author and authority of your life.

You are not controlling your life or controlling hers, you are simply living in a world all your own.

That is the difference between an alpha male and a Man, capital M.

It is the difference between fear and respect, and it makes all the difference in the world.

This theme of moral and ethical authority runs through all of Robert E. Howard's writing on Conan. Underneath the exterior of a violent, loud and powerful "alpha male," is the true strength of how Conan became King; authority and leadership by moral and ethical character alone, and the will to act when needed to defend and assert both.

A man who has authority over a woman has her respect and thus, he does not need to control her.

Have you ever met men who have truly actualized themselves?

Who have had a dream for their life and went out to make it a reality? SUCCEED OR FAIL?

These men will have become wealthy in measurement to their own satisfaction.

These men will have status whose perception or judgement of it by others they do no care about at all.

These men will have women who would not dream of controlling or deceiving them.

Not that they could even if they tried, he is living in HIS world, not hers, so he is 100% uncontrollable by pussy.

These men, the respected ones, the men who have taken authority over their own lives and thus respected by women, are of a whole different breed of men.

And usually single, since most women are incapable of knowing how to "deal" with a man she cannot control with her pussy. Beta or alpha, bucks or fucks, every woman knows how to "deal" with a man who believes in these labels. But a Man, capital M? How often does she run into one of them?

You want respect? From men? From women?

Stop trying to become an alpha male.

Become a Man, capital M, and take authority over your life for YOU, and you alone.

Reflect on this deeply.

Strength & Honor