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Return Of The King - Become A Leader, Not An Alpha Male

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 15, 2017 | 11 minute read

No matter what manosphere camp you fall into - MRA, Game & Neomasculinty, MGTOW - there seems to be one topic on the nature of Man that almost no one writes about.

Leadership... and dethroning alpha male worship.

Going after the holy grail of Game, the now deified idea that to be a man in the 21st century is to be an alpha male, period, full stop, is not something I entertain lightly. The cult of the alpha male can bring out the inner bitch in all men who believe they are one, or are faking until they make it, but it needs to be called out.

To be a Man, capital M, is to be a leader, not an alpha male.

If pussy is your holy grail, you will never be a leader.

If you think an alpha male IS a leader by definition, you are misguided. A leader is not defined by how much money he has, what his status is among other men, or whether he is getting laid on the regular. The difference between an alpha male and a leader is subtle, but definitive.

A leader is a man who believes in the future.

A future not just for himself, but for the whole of humanity. An alpha male, by the widely accepted definition in the Game community, is out for himself and pussy, and no one else.

As a Roman Catholic, J.R.R. Tolkien may have believed that the future is nothing but one slow, cataclysmic decline into armageddic destruction of humanity. But this belief was first and foremost underpinned by the core faith that there is good in this world, and it is worth fighting for.

You would have to have a pretty cold, hard and cynical heart to not be moved by this scene. God may indeed be the only one to sort out this FUBAR mess that humanity has got itself into, but to declare therefore that Man, capital M, must sit out and wait for divine judgement and retribution on the degenerates of the world is to forget WHY God created Man in the first place.

Man is God's vice regent on earth.

The caretaker. The defender. The instrument through which God unfolds his plan for humanity.

A lot of young men have completely rejected God. Some are rabid atheists. Others believe God is simply not relevant anymore and not even worth their time debating. What I have observed though about the atheist/agnostic crowd is that this lack of belief in God leads them to believe that, ultimately, there is nothing they can do to bring about a better future. Sure, they can try, but without faith in a higher power that WANTS Man to be better, to live better, their discussion about the future of Man usually ends in talk of nothing but decline, devastation and collapse, and man's impotence to do anything about it.

Without a belief in God, in a better future, in this life or in the next, man has no hope.

For there is just Man, not divine will and plan. What hope can Man put in other men? As bad as things are, I simply do not believe their is nothing we can do to reverse the decline. I see no future for myself in a world that is somehow preordained for collapse. I don't know about you, but I need something a little more inspiring than pussy, money and becoming an alpha male to guide my life by.

I need to believe in something more.

That more, that belief in a better future, is what defines a man as a man and makes him a leader

The world may be a cold, depressing and cynical place and nihilism may be a philosophy worth adopting if a man so chooses.

But to be a Man, capital M, is to have hope, not despair.

To be a leader is to inspire that hope, not sit on the sidelines and declare such dreams of a better future are only the inner workings of a deluded and myopic mind.

The world I live in believes a land of truth, justice, peace and love is possible.

But you have to choose it.

I have an upcoming post that will explore what I call The Masculine Effect - the ability to pull woman with your masculine precess alone. This effect is illustrated brilliantly in the reaction by Éowyn, the daughter of the King Of Rohan, upon seeing Aragorn's return.

This is the Return Of Kings men should be striving for.

To become not just leaders of men, but of women too.

A leader is a man who wants to see women smile again. With real joy and happiness.

Not because he hopes it indicates he is getting laid (though it usually does), but because in being a leader and not an alpha male, he has shown his true quality - a man that can be trusted to create a better future for all, not just himself.

Man's core, what separates him from animals and what attracts the feminine into his life, is his capacity to love.

This is what we see in this clip. As Aragorn returns to Helm's Deep at the approach of the army from Isengard, we see him slowly meet up with friends who thought he was dead. Their love for him is undeniable. We also see that love is what drives Aragorn when Legolas returns the amulet Lady Arwen gave him as a token of her loyalty and fidelity to him and him alone.

But Aragorn has not returned from the dead to simply renew old acquaintances.

A leader has no time for pleasantries when a threat to everything he holds dear is marching toward his castle's gates.

Globalism & Feminism is an army bread for a single purpose, to destroy the world of men.

An army of corrupt politicians and degenerate SJW's whose sole purpose is to destroy love in man for woman, and woman for man.

A fine strategy by those who hate and lust after nothing but power and control over those they feel to be their inferiors, but ultimately a losing one.

The penetration of Red Pill thoughts and ideas into the mainstream that Dr. Helen's book, Men On Strike represents is the beginning of the END of the war on Man. A war that for sure has already been going on for a long time, but is now clearly, and visibly, out in the open.

Feminists are now out to completely destroy ANY man that displays masculine traits.

And the most masculine trait any man can develop for himself is that of leadership. Of caring about the future and taking action to ensure it will be better than what has come before in the past.

As Roosh discussed in Meet Your New Youtube Censors: Laci Green, Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, Kendall Rae , the matrix of feminist control is now out to destroy men's lives completely. The evil of Mordor, the Uruk-hai feminist/SJWs and their political/media orc hordes, are starting to attack the manosphere BECAUSE masculinity is on the rise. The Return Of The King - of Man, capital M - must be stopped.

This rise in masculinity is not because Game is successful in helping men get laid. Nor is it men going their own way and rejecting women completely.


Feminists want to shut down the men's movement entirely, regardless of flavour or expression, because it is teaching men to take a leadership role in their lives once again. This is what every woman, not just feminists, fear the most - men learning to say the word NO once again and take BACK the power they gave to women in the first place - leadership and authority.

Leading may start out innocently enough. A young man simply wanting to figure out how to better interact with women in order to have sex sex with them, or simply realize the truth of female nature and go his own happy and merry way, but that simple start is an indication of a desire for independence and mastery over one's life, not just women.

No one, not feminists, not globalists and especially not governments, want men to begin to walk down the path of leadership, of Kings, once again.

There is no time. War is upon us!

This is not drama for drama’s sake.

The King of Rohan readying his troops for the onslaught IS directly analogous to what is happening now in the manosphere, nay the whole world. A false rape charge is not some crazy thing that you only hear news of once in a blue moon. Your chances of being falsely accused of rape now are almost 50/50 if you are a young man on campus who talks to women.

No. We are not supposed to think, let alone come to believe, there is a REAL war against men, just come 'conspiracy' that we should stop blogging about and focus on masculine / male self improvement only.

Feminists and liberals are no longer ignoring the manosphere. They have long since stopped laughing at it. They are now fighting it tooth and nail, spear and sword, and will do ANYTHING to keep Man, capital M, from returning to the world stage.

The communities found in MRA, MGTOW and Game all believe they have found their impregnable fortress of solitude, their Helm's Deep.

That if they hold and guard these new philolosphies for Man, that nothing will assail them, nothing will bring them down, nothing will breach their wall of advocacy, going Galt or alpha-male masculinity.

Aragorn, the King to come, is the only one that continually tries to council the King Of Rohan to see the bigger picture. To call for aid, to get help, that he can't win this fight alone.

Which means we are going to have to bury the hatchet between the MRA, MGTOW and Neomasculine / Game communities.

We are also going to have to allow women a voice.

No, not on what makes a Man and masculinity, but a voice none the less.

The hardest task I will ask of all men going forward is this.

It is time to leave the ways of boys - of chasing pussy or avoiding it - behind you.

It is time to become leaders once more.

Swallowing the Red Pill won’t save you from Yes-Means-Yes and a histrionic rape culture that is now knocking on your very doorstep.

Learning Game won't save you if they make it illegal to even THINK about having sex with a woman. (Which, if you identify as a heterosexual, you will be guilty of by default.)

The manosphere is not one to go for conspiracy theories it seems. Yet ironically, they expose daily the facts that prove feminism IS a well organized, funded and executed platform of ideological and political warfare against men. Many in the manosphere have not done enough deep research into history and religion to understand just how much the monied, globalist elite have invested in feminism.

They are out for blood now and to live in denial of this is to court your own death. Death as a Man and all things masculine, forever.

I don't how advocates of Game will react to this article. I respect the philosophy and know it is needed in the 21st century. That said, what it gets wrong is precisely what will be its downfall - those advocates of Game who religiously chase after the mythical alpha male, and solely for the purpose of getting sex, are playing right into the hands of the elite. It's what they WANT you to worship - man as an animal, not a divine King.

Reclaim your true masculine nature.

Your divine right & authority to lead.

Not just your own life, but also that of the women who will love you for doing so.

You are a King my brother.

Not a slave with a dick for the goddess's pleasure and disposal. Not a Greek alphabet symbol.

The slogan of Man is simple once you understand it.

It's not be alpha or die.

It's be a Man, and live!!!

Strength & Honor