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Stop Being Her Clown - Why Game May Be Limiting Your Masculine Growth

Game is a tool box. Don't give away your masculine power for pussy.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | June 10, 2017 | 10 minute read

There is a fine line between having good Game and becoming a woman's clown - her personal on-call entertainment dildo. Sadly, many young men today believe becoming her douchebag sex hero is the best way to be a man in the feminist 21st century.

I am not asking you to stop having sex with hot chicks.

I am asking you to ask yourself if the strategy of being her clown in order to get sex is limiting your masculinity.

Many young men today have concluded that the natural partnership model (provider/supporter) between men and women has been permanently broken.

Feminism and the rise of Ms. Independent has created an entirely new creature of female in The West.

A female who has only one reason why she will have anything to do with a man in the feminist 21st century.

He must... must... provide her with entertainment - sex or otherwise.

Even worse, this entertainment value to the woman is forever in flux and always changing (naturally, we are talking about the female here). Fail to entertain and you are replaced in a heartbeat with another dick.

While women might see men as only entertainment now, should YOU see your only option as to be that entertainer?

To be the clown that gets her pants off?

I know, I know. I am an old Gen'Xer. I just don't know what it is like out there (I do). Being a woman's clown now is the only way to get a woman, especially a western woman, to have sex with you (or even bother to return your text).

Now... what if... just hear me out... what if

Men have no one but themselves to blame for this clownish state of affairs.


Do you think you could never, ever have sex with a woman ever again if you were not 'entertaining' her?

Men have become Chip 'N Dale's dancers to every woman they meet because men are CHOOSING to be emasculated entertainers of women in order to get laid. I think we are seeing the emergence of the only generation of men in history who are defining themselves and their masculinity as men by whether or not they are getting laid on the regular. And if you think comparing the alpha male clown to Chip 'N Dale's dancers is a stretch and an insult, you just don't get women.

For every guy who looks at your style and thinks you're a douchebag, there is a chick thinking you are sexy.


If this was not from a man-o-sphere blog and yet another post on how a young guy can increase his chances of having sex with 'hot women', one could be forgiven for thinking it was from COSMO.com.

In fact, why don't we try and play with the words just a little bit to see what we come up with.

For every girl who looks at your style and thinks you're a slut, there is a guy thinking you are sexy.

Identical. Word for word.

This proves that many men who play the alpha male clown game are behaving exactly like women.

If you are a young man who has crystalized in his mind that to be masculine today, you must perform like the good clown she wants you to be so she is entertained enough to have sex with you, you are limiting your masculine growth.

This... this... is the sad state of masculinity today in the Western world.

Young men today who believe, actually believe, that they must become entertaining alpha male clowns for women to like them enough to have sex with them.

Question: When did women gain the power to demand men entertain them in order to have sex?

Answer: When women became men, men became women.

Thus it is now the male's job to entertain and enliven HER life for sex, instead of the other way around.

Every alpha male clown today is acting and thinking like a woman - solely focused on sex.

While there is a lot of health, wisdom, career, etc talked about on a lot of manosphere blogs, the focus, and the largest number of comments, is always on how to sex more women faster and easier. Note as well the underlying psychological belief about sex.

Sex is something a woman GIVES a man in return for favours/entertainment (slave/feminine mindset)


Sex is something a man EXPECTS from her because it is his due right and reward for being a Man, capital M (master/masculine mindset).

The longer you play the alpha male clown game, the longer you are surrendering your masculine self to the goddess.

You will be chasing pussy, begging for it like a clown, and will soon reach middle age and ask the question you should have been asking a long time ago in your youth.

Was being an alpha male clown just to get pussy really worth it?

Did I not surrender my masculinity, my manhood, in entertaining her instead of her entertaining me?

I understand the allure of hot chicks.

I understand that if you can be her alpha male clown, especially if you put on the douche bag outfit, you will be awash in pussy.

But if you are a man on the masculine path, eventually you will realize...

All the alpha male clown is doing to get sex is surrendering his masculinity.

Which is precisely what the alpha male clown is doing to get laid - putting all the focus on HER.

HER feelings.

How to entertain HER.

What to do to enter HER world of free and casual sex.

How to live your life to fullfil HER needs, HER desires, HER sexual appetite.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Do any of those girls look like they are being 'played'? Just who is running the Game?

This brings me to an interesting and old school man-o-sphere writer by the name of Pook.

Da Pook held no shortage of fame back in the day and still commands respect for his insights into the true nature of the female.

One of those insights was the fine line crossed by those men who focus solely on pursuing the opposite sex for sex - the emasculation of one's manhood just to get his dipstick wet.

That said, my issue with SS has always been the SPIRIT of SS: that it destroys the Man within to turn you into a Metamorph to fit the woman's lust. (Yet, SS has the vanity to think that it is altering the woman!)

Da Pook

SS - or Speed Seduction - was the precursor and origin of all the strategies and ideas that are now encapsulated in the concept of Game. In short, Speed Seduction was all about creating a state of lust in the woman by transforming oneself into her emotional dildo.

You mirror her body movements to create non-verbal rapport.

You feed her own words back to her.

Always keep the focus on her

Amp up the attraction state by slipping in lust inducing hooks like FEEL, DEEP, EXCITEMENT, WARM, HOT, INTENSE, WRONG, BAD, etc etc.

Once you show her your values are her values (i.e. that you both like sex and there is nothing wrong/immoral about it if both parties agree), and you present yourself to her as the r-selected bad boy fantasy she desires...

No longer are you a Man! Now you are a Shifter! You are bending yourself towards what she wants. (This is the Average Frustrated Chump that ceases to be frustrated. Notice that he is still a chump.)

Da Pook

The chump that was sexless now has all the sex he wants, but he is still, ultimately, a chump in a woman's eyes.

I once read a successful lay report by a man who used Game to snare a fine bird into the sack. During sex, this woman said out loud to him while he was thrusting her hard...

"It turns me on that I am USING you."

I paraphrase from memory, but the context is 100% clear.

The guy was a little shocked and puzzled by this sudden outburst of truth from a female of the human species, but not me.

If you become her dildo in order to get sex, don't be surprised if that is all she sees you as - HER fun times sex toy, NOT a man.

And that is the paradox of learning Game and becoming adapt at sexing women.

Before you were sexless, now you are a sex God.

But in both cases the focus is still entirely on her, the Goddess, not you becoming a Man.

All you have to do is worship the goddess and pussy paradise is yours.

[OP]Most women believe they are living their own fairytale and are searching for the male star. In order to become that male star, you must bring it to her attention that you two have a lot of things in common and it is amazing to connect with somebody on such a level.

To become that male star! Now you live for HER fantasy!

Da Pook

You have become HER fantasy.

You have entered HER world.

Does that sound masculine to you?

Does that sound like something a Man, capital M, lives for?

The alpha male clown's success is his curse. He now has a harem of booty calls and casual relationships that are entirely within the emotional safety zone and control of the female. She can dump the alpha male clown for another dick at any time with no emotional pain what-so-ever.


Because you are just another dick to her, not a man.

Your masculinity should not be limited to the most base of female definitions - just another dick.

No woman has ever dreamed of marrying or having sex with a clown.

They dream of a Man, capital M.

A man that can sweep her off her feet and get her to forget every feminist notion of empowerment and independence to submit to his masculine presence with a single flash of his eyes in her direction.

If you want your masculinity to know no limits, stop being her clown.

Become a Man, capital M.

Strength & Honor



I am not saying Game is outright, literally, limiting your masculine growth. Game is a tool box, knowledge on female nature and how to use it to maximize your sexual success with women. I fully advocate learning Game. What I want readers to think about is just how far they want to go with seducing women. Each man will have to walk this line and decide for himself when he has given away too much of his masculine power in order to get laid. What I hope this article does is spark a conversation about how to fine tune Game and make it even more masculine. Can you get laid without being her clown? I say it is possible, but that is just my opinion.

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