Writings On Man, Masculinty And The Emerging Patriarchal Renaissance

The Bull, The Lion, Julia Roberts & Carl Jung?

How the unconscious (God) directs our lives and why men need to pay attention to it.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | November 11, 2017 | 16 minute read

I had a blog I started in 2014. It morphed into a 2nd version and very early in 2015, I killed it. I killed it and walked away from writing for the manosphere because I was going through a lot of internal doubt and questioning about why I was writing and who I was writing for.

Initially, I wanted to join the war against feminism. I wanted to enter battle with full force. But soon, I had nagging questions start to bubble up in my writing process back then. I started to ask myself: Where do I honestly and truly fit into this war on men and western culture? What is my role as a blogger in the so-called manosphere?

The answer came to me in a vivid dream one night that changed everything.

Let's start with the dream itself.

At first there was a bull. A rampaging bull!!!

This bull was completely out of control with a massive erect dick.

The bull was storming all over the place trying to fuck any female it could find. There was no mercy. That bull was going to fuck something and that was it.

The dream being short and intense, there was only one female this male bull was focusing on, stabbing away at her with its massive dick. It was all she could do to try and get away, but the bull was all over her.

Then, out of nowhere...

A massive lion came flying out of the periphery.

The lion swiped at the bull and tore it off the female.

The lion was clearly in charge. The bull turned to fight, but it was no contest.

In a fraction of a second after tearing the bull off the female, the lion whipped around and bit off the end of the bull's massive erect dick.

Chomp!!! That was it. The bull was was not going to be fucking anything now.

Mad with insane, uncontrollable rage, the bull tried to charge the lion, intent on taking revenge.

The lion doubled in size, stood on all fours, and let out the loudest, widest and most ferocious roar you can imagine.

Teeth bared.

Wild main bristling.

Muscles stretched and straining to the breaking point.

The image is still so seared in my mind I could paint a picture right now. The above Narnia shot I found does not even come close.

It was such an awesome display of...


...it took everything I had to remain standing as witness to what I just saw and stay in the dream, but I could not.

That was it.

I woke up.

Later on I had another intense dream. This time, no animals, just humans.

I was walking along the street and suddenly, I was walking hand-in-hand with Julia Roberts.

She was stunning. We walked like any natural couple might walk, which is what we were for this brief time together. The over riding feeling I remember washing over me was contentment, peace and a very deep sense of happiness and joy.

I walked her back to her car, passing people along the way. They noticed who I was with, but I did not give this much attention. It was not important to me who I was with. What was important was that she was with me. Really with me, just me, for me, and for no other reason.

It was a simple, pleasant walk, but it was no ordinary walk. A focus of the dream at one point was on our holding hands. I remember it distinctly.

The dream focused on this - just us holding hands, walking together, side by side, as partners.

We reached her car and she had to go. I began to walk away, but I turned around to give her my phone number. I wanted to see her again. Not for sex, that was implied in her being with me. I wanted to see her because she valued me as a man and the time she spent with me.

I pulled out my old business card, the one I shut down not long ago, but it had no number on it.

I began to write my phone number down, there was lots of space, but I could not get the written number to look legible. Every time I wrote the phone number down, it would get screwed up somehow. I would scratch it out and try writing it again, "No, she won't be able to read it."

I must have done this at least 10 times. Every time I would write it, think it was good enough, and then look closer and go "No, I have to write it again."

Eventually, I did get the number down (don't remember when) and gave Julia my business card. She then handed me a bag. It was a personal portfolio of photos of her career as an actress. Nothing detailed in the dream. All I know is that the bag had her career in it. It was also given to me as a reminder of our time together.

This was not a business meeting. It was most definitely personal, she wanted me to have the bag, but she also had to go.

I remember looking through the bag, seeing her photo in a stack of folio-type brochures, when a stranger came into the dream and took notice of me looking through Julia's life. I looked at this person and said "Yes, that was Julia Roberts I was just with. Can you believe it?"

I was not bragging, there was no ego in this statement. It was a self-directed, self-realization statement to actually try to get myself to believe who I was just with.

And then I woke up a second time.

It was morning, and that was the end of any more dreams.

Carl Gustav Jung did the world a favour when he freed it from Freudian obsession with repressed sexual desires.

Once a protegee of Freud, Jung and the creator of modern western psychology soon permanently parted ways. For the most part, this was because of their diverging views of what was actually driving the unconscious.

Freud first introduced the idea that humans are guided by forces within ourselves, specifically our unconscious. He claimed that our experience of the world is directly affected by “primal drives contained in the unconscious.”

Jung expanded on this basic philosophy inquiring into the basic elements that “make up the unconscious and its workings.” He was most intrigued by striking similarities between societies around the world despite completely differing cultures. In particular, the similarities found in myths and symbols ranging across cultures. Jung believed this could be explained by “something larger than the individual experience of Man.”

Profile of a psychologist - Carl Jung - cognitiveconsonance.info

Jung's theories of a collective a priori and primordial unconscious reality to man will sound skeptically close to religious ideas about an eternal creator and ideas about absolute values and a morality that is derived outside man's material existence and experience.

To Jung it appeared that the existing commonality between these myths and symbols proved the existence of a “collective memory” passed down by generations as part of our heredity.

He believed that this collective memory was housed in a part of the psyche and contained ideas “held in a timeless structure.” Finally, he proposed a notion that a distinct part of the unconscious is completely void of individual experiences, coining the term “collective unconscious.”

ibid. cognitiveconsonance.info

Jung said the greatest part of his theories about the psyche and the unconscious that has been missed, perhaps dismissed, was the fact that they did point to, if not a divine source per se, at the very least a luminous one that is the source of all that we are.

The focus on sex that Red Pill philosophy and Game currently have a monopoly on in terms of redefining masculinity is a point of divergence for me in my writing.

It is one of the reasons I started this blog with a completely different theme and tone.

Perhaps it is age, and I am simply not as interested in pursuing sex as I once was (cough... bullshit... cough), but I think not.

I am not a bull (i.e. player) and have never claimed to be.

I have always aspired to be a lion (i.e. a King and a Man, capital M).

Which is to say...

I aspire to inspire. To generate, not denigrate. To evolve, not devolve.

Like Jung, I think men's blogs that focus on Game and mastering the art of seduction in order to get laid are missing the far, far, far greater and more profoundly unconscious drives and aspirations that make us men, that truly define masculinity.

Man has both the drive to dominante sexually and become master over all he surveys, but he also has the higher drive to assert power and authority to secure justice and love. The bull in my dream reflects the part of me, like in any man, that wishes to be openly sexual and to spread his seed far and wide. To dominate all that he sees and encounters in life.

The dark side of this sexual side of man is his complete dehumanization of the female, to be reduced to just an instinctive, passion driven, unconscious animal

This - man's repressed sexual, animal, material nature - is what Freud believed drove the whole of humanity after the age of Enlightenment killed God.

This thinking is, ironically enough, also the very apex of current Red Pill, Game, evo-psych, dark triad thinking about masculinity and manhood right now in the manosphere.

Jung was a little more subtle, perceptive and intelligent to see that you can't reduce the drives in man to just his sexual appetite, his material nature (and for women, the much screamed and infamous hypergamy and feminine imperative).

A Man, capital M, is not his dick.

His masculinity is not defined by his ability to fuck women.

A Man, masculinity, is defined by his adherence to truth and justice and to patriarchal power and authority to bring about the pre-eminence of both, with love and compassion being the after effects of such a patriarchal ordering of society.

No matter how many women you have sex with.

No matter how much money you hustle to make.

No matter the how high up the social status ladder you climb.

If you have not defended truth.

If you have not demanded justice.

If you have not protected the weak from the strong.

If you have not used your masculine authority to control the animal within.

If you have not loved.

You are not a Man, capital M.

And this... is where I see the manosphere and many young men going astray.

Love is not just some antiquated or foreign concept, it is wholly alien to many young Red Pill men.

Too many young men have been seduced by the lie that the only way to deal with women now is to Game them, sex them, and dump them by the wayside in the vain pursuit of emotional, psychological, spiritual and intellectual independence from women.

I can't walk that path.

It's not in me.

Which is not to say I deny the reality of Game, of women, and force feed myself a big 'ol Blue Pill.


I simply reject the idea that women cannot love and do not deserve to be loved.

I can't live in the nihilist world view that Red Pill / Game teaches.

Not because I don't accept the reality of today, but because I see no truly valid arguments that have convinced me love is impossible.

More difficult?


Effectively, statistically, impossible in the modern, feminist, 21st century West?

Very likely.

But wholly, completely and utterly obsolete and to be disbelieved and abandoned for nihilism and debauchery as we watch the world collapse around us in degeneracy?


The lion warns all men of the fate that awaits those who abandon the higher path of spiritual ascent in favour of diving into the mud of material reality and rutting about like an animal.

This change in perspective to my writing is why this blog stands out for many I think. It may also explain why it will bever be successful if Man, capital M, is truly too far gone in The West. (Especially men of a more secular/atheist/materialist persuasion.)

But I have to be true to who I am and what I believe makes a Man and masculinity.

Your are not your penis.

Is a twist on the infamous Tyler Durden maxim that is implied in not identifying who you are with the clothing you wear. While that wonderfully fun appendage has and will play a large part in a Man's life, it should not and will never define him.

Which is why Julia came into my dreams later on.

Woman, and love for her, is why man tame's his animal nature.

She also provokes and inflames it, a chimerical creature to be sure. Which is not to say we forget the lessons learned and welcome western women with open arms.

What it means is taking a patriarchal approach to women.

To show women that in becoming a truly masculine Man, capital M - the lion, the King - she will finally be able to trust your authority and submit to your leadership.

Submit... to your leadership.

Think on this deeply.

It is hard for me to quote directly right now, but I am reading an in depth analysis of The Great Mother Jungian archetype. In Erich Nuemann's masterful analysis, he rightly points out that the male has always been excluded from the human community by the feminine.

In the matriarchate (Nuemann's term) of prehistory, Man was a wholly unknown entity. His role in the community was not just secondary, but peripheral.

This pushing out of the male, combined with the hyper defining of the female as creative source of all life and death, forced men to define who they are as a gender.

And not surprisingly, we defined ourselves outside the creative process, as transcendent of it. This process, ultimately according to Neumann, led to man's development of consciousness itself.

In short... the goddess, by defining herself as wholly material in nature, forced men to define (or perhaps merely discover) Man as a wholly spiritual and transformational creature.

And we are seeing a transformation in The West right now that will bring forth a decidedly anti-feminist future not focused on the female or her fantastical whims and ravings.

I believe Julia Robert's handing of her career in a bag to me was a metaphor for women rejecting feminism.

A jettisoning of the feminist attitude and ideology entirely from the western world.

Women will soon be leaving the work force in droves and handing back to man authority and dominion over both work and home.

In full honesty, they will have no choice.

I know that sounds impossible now, but historical change comes slowly at first, then all at once when the tipping point is reached. I believe we are at that tipping point now in the 21st century in regard to feminism and its future. I believe The Weinstein/Spacey scandal and coming trial, prosecution and jailing of Hillary Clinton will be, in hindsight, the catalysts that prove, once and for all, that leftism, feminism and all things rainbow coloured are to be rejected and denounced, wholesale, and with prejudice. The force of this rejection will not come from religion, as it once did. It will come from hard, empirical, lived fact and experience - the last 1/2 of the 20th century.

In my dream, Julia gave me a bag that contained her entire life, her whole career, and then drove away. She left me holding her career, her feminist aspirations for independence and disconnection from men... for me to take responsibility for when men finally choose to do so once again. And when men do, Julia will be waiting for us.

Women... right now today, are leaving feminism in droves.

So what changed? And why? My rejection of feminism (and its rejection of me) is not just about choosing to use different labels to identify myself and my politics these days. This has been a dramatic sea-change on my part, which means I see the world completely differently now.

Elly Tams - Leaving The Sisterhood

Response to Women Against Feminism has reached fever pitch recently, with many feminists calling the women “woefully misinformed” by viewing feminism as man-hating, or even unknowingly expressing feminist values within their objections. Many have deemed it a product of the men’s rights movement, or bait laid out by conservatives to bring impressionable young women aboard.

Sarah Boesveld - Not all feminists: How modern feminism has become complicated, messy and sometimes alienating

The card-carrying feminists are not happy that there are some women out there who have the temerity to call themselves Women Against Feminism. American blogger and Guardian writer Jessica Valenti “looks forward” to all these women “giving back their votes, credit cards, family leave, political representation, anti-rape laws and birth control. There’s a basket at the door, feel free to leave them there.”

Laura Perrins - Feminism is not the sisterhood. It is the victimhood

The charge that feminism stereotypes men as predators while reducing women to helpless victims certainly doesn’t apply to all feminists — but it’s a reasonably fair description of a large, influential, highly visible segment of modern feminism.

Cathy Young - Stop Fem-Splaining: What ‘Women Against Feminism’ Gets Right

That last quote comes from TIME magazine itself. TIME tries to explain (plead?) that feminism simply needs to better define itself in order "to continue making progress toward real gender equality."

But the writing is on the wall.

Feminism is dead.

A new patriarchy is on the rise.

And while I suspect it will be a more balanced partnership model, men will once again be defining a leading role in women's lives.

"But Maximus, how can you say this? LOOK AT THE STATE OF THE WEST? There is no changing the path of its destruction by feminism and its allies."

On the surface, it does look that way, but a recent (and very public) cultural example will prove this to be naive thinking.

One year post Trump THIS... this...

Is all the left and feminism has left for an "argument" to win the debate over the future of politics and culture in The West.

Query... what is the other side of the argument for the future of The West? The one that is NOT screaming at the sky like mental patients in an insane asylum?

What sprit is our enemies putting on display for us to fear the future is anything but a new patriarchy?

What sprit are Trump supporters showing a year after the 2016 election?

Strength & Honor my friends... it's what's on the election ballot.