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The Consequences Of Casual Sex

In Canada, any woman can call you her baby daddy.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | September 16, 2017 | 10 minute read

I want to relate a story I have learned this week. A lesson for those men who still think Game and spinning plates - i.e. casual sex - is consequence free. As long as you are 'alpha' and 'hold frame', you have nothing to fear right? Right? Is this not the mantra we hear over and over again from the gods of the Red Pill?

Well... in Canada at least... I can tell you that no amount of alpha male Game is going to save you from...

Child Support.

While Roosh may be known for being at the front of the Red Pill and Game culture that has grown up in The West over the past decade and more, he is not stupid. In fact, he recently published on Return Of Kings an incredible piece on the dangers of casual sex that I see as a watershed moment and turning point in the RP and manosphere. Now, when I say Roosh is not stupid, what I mean is he is NOT a serial sexual plate spinner - i.e. a PUA. This of course is my own personal opinion and many will accuse me of playing semantics with words, but I truly believe Roosh is not a player.

Roosh, at his core, is in my opinion a serial relationship master.

What do I mean by this? Exactly what it implies. Roosh used Game to enter into very short, yet connected on some level, sexual and short term relationships. I think this is why despite the very public face of Game and sexual adventurism he has promoted for years, there is no female drama coming out to take him down. The kind of drama I am going to get into right now. But as you will see, it may be more a matter of law and luck that he, and many other men who engage in serial casual sex relationships, that is keeping them free of consequences.

In Canada, I have learned there is no consequence free casual sex.

I recently met a man about my age. Single, in his early 40s, generally happy and free in his personality and life style. That was until he explained to me his current legal predicament. What I am about to share shocked me. I thought I was "woke" as they say, but apparently I am simply not currently on the legal radar of any woman. In a nutshell.... here is this man's story. (And no, this is not Maximus being coy and trying to cover for his own problems. LOL)

He had relations with a girl about 4 or more years ago. Broke up. About a year ago, she calls him out of the blue trying to guilt him into being the father of a child she says is his. He made it clear it was impossible because he was out of the city and her orbit during the window of conception. The phone calls stopped. He thought that was the end of it.

Then one day, less than a year after the phone calls from his ex, he opens his mailbox to find a Court Of Queen's Bench letter inside with his name on it.

Puzzled... "WTF is this?"... he opens it.

Inside is a court judgement and levy of child support presided over by so-and-so judge on such-and-such day that states "based on the evidence provided, X has been determined to be the father of Y and will pay Z-mother $$$ in child support... with a levy of $$$$ in arrears." There is a contact name and phone number for his local maintenance enforcement officer so he can begin to comply with this judgement and if he should have any questions. Mind blown... he goes to work the next day (or within the week) and the office admin is coming to him to inform him of the garnishments that are to be taken off and how much with each cheque.

The key point in the story is this - he found out he was "the father" in the mail, after "evidence" was given in court for which he was not present and never informed of the proceedings.

This... is where child support law and 'justice' is at now in Canada.

Any woman... can claim any man... to be "the father"... and a judge can make a ruling based on "the evidence presented" (i.e. a woman's word alone) and be granted immediate child support payments and garnishment of "the father's" wages. Did I fail to mention that he had a tax refund of almost $2000 that was also sucked away immediately to pay "arrears?"

It does not matter if you are the father or not in Canada. If she says you are, you are, and the law will support her and hand over your money, no questions asked.

When this man got a lawyer, even his lawyer at first did not believe his story until he was able to show him the court judgement and the garnishments being levied on his salary. And this lawyer is, from what this man has learned, one of the top family court lawyers in his province.

This story has sent such a chill down my spine. I don't know how some men think they can get away with casual sex anymore. While this gentlemen is less than 'alpha' (I will always use quotes because I don't subscribe to female definitions of man and masculinity), even if he was, he may be MORE at risk of such a consequence than not, especially if he is wealthy. Their is no difference between the rich 'alpha' and the poor 'beta' because those terms don't mean a God damn thing to a) the baby mama or b) the judge.

Make no mistake, unless you are paying a professional to leave you alone, you are at risk of being declared "the father" at any time by any woman you have slept with in Canada.

"But Maximus, I always use condoms!!! I can never be the father. This will never happen to me."

While I did not ask this gentlemen if he wrapped up before going in, do you think that mattered to the judge? Or to the baby mama?

Go back and read this man's story again.

'Evidence'.... was presented to a judge... and based on that 'evidence'... a man was declared the genetic father of a child he has never seen or even knew about.

This is what a matriarchy, a culture that worships the goddess, looks like.

If this is happening in Canada, it is coming to Europe and the USA next (if it is not already there and you simply did not know like myself).

There is a ray of hope in this story. While a clear violation of this man's rights and justice, justice is still possible and that is what this man is pursuing. His lawyer has finalized the papers needed to serve this bitch a legal summons for a DNA test to prove paternity. He suspects the woman will drop the claims and thus, he will get all his money back. Not from her of course, but from you and me, the tax payer. For when maintenance enforcement makes a mistake, THEY pay back the wronged "father" with our tax dollars. Whether they then proceed with legal proceedings against the bitch baby mama for making a false claim or for a return of the money they have now had to put out in settlement, I do not know. But knowing how the goddess' matriarchy works, it will simply be forgotten and the bitch is free to try again with another man she can convince the judge is "the father."

I don't know how many enemies I made or readers/followers I lost with my last article Grow Up Or Shut Up: How Red Pill Philosophy Is Killing The West. It was a piece I wrote to test whether or not I can truly write what I feel needs to be said. This man's child custody story is just more proof of what is becoming not just crystal, but dangerously clear to me - there is literally no more time to be fucking around. That does not mean I am asking you to stop fucking, but seriously, you need to wake up and realize that if we don't change the direction The West is headed in... this... is going to become the norm, not the exception.

This... is the kind of suffering in the world that truly has me question the existence of God and his purpose for Man.

Just look at the face of that infant. LOOK AT THE EYES. There is horror, suffering and depression there that should NEVER be seen in the eyes of a soul so young.

Add to this horror the fact there IS a father... and he IS trying to fight to protect his child... and is LOSING THAT FIGHT.

I'll keep mulling over your points...it does resonate...but at the same time it s a bit of a slap to the face...simply because I had thought I was on the path to beating the circumstances I find myself living in. Seems I thought I was free...out of the Cave...only to realize that now I'm just in another section of it...still watching the shadows dance.

A comment by Brokencycle on Grow Up Or Shut Up: How Red Pill Philosophy Is Killing The West

I am going to confess. While I enjoy writing, it is getting harder and harder to do so. This man's story of child support hell has got me wondering once again why I write. Is The West too far gone? I wrote The New Rules Of Patriarchy as an intellectual exercise of just what it will take to bring back patriarchy to The West. But to move from intellectual musing to actual implementation??? It will require an entirely new political movement and culture shift. A culture shift I think we can begin to see happening all around us, but is it too late?

Is it such a stretch to shift from a narrative theme of child support hell in Canada to the warning of Gaddafi to his Arab neighbors of the death that is coming to them all if they do not stand up and fight?

Is the fate of all remaining patriarchs in The West to be that of the last samurai in Japan?

Callers and warners to the dangers of an atheist, matriarchal and nihilist modernity only to be executed for heresy by the goddess and her adoring worshippers?

It is not lost on me that Maximus... dies at the end of Gladiator. His sacrifice restored Rome... but for how long?

I have no desire to lose my life by death or jail or crushing legal & financial constraints.

But that is what IS coming unless men in The West wake up.

Will the words on this blog go down in history as on par with Gaddafi's warning to his Arab brothers?

Any one of you might be next.

Indeed Mr. Gaddafi. Words of warning and truth, but none to hear and heed them.

Strength & Honor