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The Feminine Mind: Unmasking The PUA Lifestyle

Why the PUA lifestyle is the most unmasculine of pursuits.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | August 12, 2017 | 8 minute read

Why write about PUAs? Pick-Up-Artists have always been around and always will be. Why not just let them do their thing while we men do ours? I have decided to take up the task of critiquing the PUA lifestyle because so many young men are worshipping these guys like women worshipped Fabio. (There is a lesson in that sentence for those capable of reflection.)

Look, there is nothing wrong with learning Game and becoming better with women. I highly recommend it. That said, there is a line between learning Game and living the PUA lifestyle.

The question I want to ask about the PUA lifestyle and philosophy is this.

Is the PUA lifestyle masculine?

To begin, I want you to imagine a scene. You have just finished expending your sexual fluids into another fine feminine conquest! She is lying in your bed asleep, you having woken up to go to the bathroom. As you enter, you look down at the motel trash can and stare at the following contents.

Booze. Cigarettes. Drugs. Condoms.

I want you to reflect on this scene for a moment.

Take your time.

Seriously. Study it. Ponder it. Reflect on it.

Now... ask the following question to yourself.

If you were a woman and wanted a photo that described the pinnacle experience of a well lived life, what would it be?

Raising a child and being a dutiful and submissive wife to a husband?

Entering a convent and turning toward God and away from the ephemeral and transient material world?


Living a life of complete, hedonistic abandon where every man's dick is at your disposal to cram into your golden pussy palace where there are no judgements, restrictions or consequences for your actions?

Booze. Cigarettes. Drugs. Condoms.

This... is the PUA lifestyle. Let each man choose his path, but to call this masculine is the most gross insult to any authentically masculine intelligence.

Only a feminine mind unleashed could possibly think a motel trash can filled with booze, cigarettes and condoms is the pinnacle of a Man's self actualization.

Because only the feminine mind roots her entire world in... the material, the earthly, the sexual and the erotic.

Does this mean to be masculine and a Man is to cling monk like to the Apollonian path?

No. For man to deny his carnal nature is not the answer either.

Am I then speaking of a middle way? A way between Apollo and Dionisys, or perhaps one that merges them in some ecstatic and enlightened union of self-knowledge?


The masculine path is one with no reference to the feminine, the female, whatsoever.

And by no reference to the feminine, I am not talking celibacy or homosexuality. I am talking about not living your life for women.

This is the trap of the PUA life. They honestly truly believe they have become men, but they could not be more unmasculine. They have embraced the values, beliefs and philosophy of the goddess and cried out "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

All you have to do is take a look at the average PUA blog and twitter feed. Bar none, the majority of the words being spilled are about women they have conquered and the plotting of the next round of conquests. Take away female sexual conquest, and the PUA is a shell of a man. He has nothing to write about and nothing to live for.

Booze. Cigarettes. Drugs. Condems.

All of these are balms, poultices, remedies for a deep, deep, deep spiritual hole - the void in Man called depression when he fails to become one.

Depression. I can think of no better description of the feminine mind than this. For a woman has a real hole and if it is not filled, or has not fulfilled it's purpose, she goes insane. A man does not have such a hole except for the one in his heart. The center of Man, capital M, and his relation to himself, his relation to God/Spirt, and his becoming sober and attaining the right path of becoming a Man, capital M.

Hater's gonna hate.

so sayeth a playa

This is the reply I will get to my critique of the PUA life and it is the very reply of a woman is it not? For like a woman, PUAs cannot fathom that some men do not need validation from pussy in order to feel like a man. These men also get women, have the feminine in their life, but feel no need to vomit such experiences for the world to devour because... wait for it... they are just women!

If you become a Man, capital M, you won't be able to keep the women away. They will seek you out and there is nowhere you can hide. Every footstep you take as a Man, capital M, is noticed by women. It is noticed because unlike the beta cuck who is always in her friendzone, or the 'alpha' PUA who is constantly approaching in desperation to get his dick wet again, this Man walks the earth with...

Honor. Respect.

Let us now return to the scene of reflection you pondered earlier. The motel trash can with booze, cigarettes and condoms.

Where is the honor, the respect, in this way of life?

How much of human sexual 'adventure' is not just escape from the self? From coming clean and looking soberly at one's life and accepting oneself without the need for validation from the opposite sex?

This is what the PUA lacks in his life. His entire being is tied up in the image of the Playboy, the 'lifestyle' of the man at the centre of the party, the one all the women want to party with.

But are these women partying with him because they like him... or simply because he has become the Fabio of their life? The 'man' of the hour, if he can manage to keep going for an hour with the drugs and alcohol in his system.

Has a PUA ever had straight up sober sex - no drugs, no alcohol - from first meeting her to clothes off in the bedroom?

In low doses, alcohol can contribute to arousal and loss of inhibitions which may increase the likelihood of sexual contact. Women often speak of feeling more confident and sexier when they are under the influence of alcohol. Men will also experience the same boost of confidence and desire to have sex and will often seek out sex, including using prostitutes when under the influence. However, when a person drinks to excess, binge drinks or chronically drinks alcohol, this boost in sexual desire is often not found.

Sexual Dysfunction & Substance Abuse

I do not write this in order to AMOG as the PUA's like to say. To try and take down another male and prove myself thus the 'alpha' of the group, his better, his superior.


I write in order to help those men who are reaching to women and the PUA life for a balm to the real emotional pain that is the source for that reaching.

There is no Man, capital M, nor masculinity, to be found in alcohol, drugs or the pursuit of women and sex for that end alone. There is also no happiness in knowing that all the women the PUA life can bring to a man, especially the $$$ men who can have trains of 9/10s following them everywhere they go, would have nothing to do with you if your player status or $$$ disappeared. That is the true sad state of the PUA/Playboy - he knows, deep down, that none of the women with him like him for HIM. They are their to be seen, to be photographed, and to advertise they are living the 'lifestyle', the Fabio escape to goddess sensual pleasures of the senses and the material realm. Of course women like these "guys who get it." These men are living in HER world, worshipping at HER alter, and prostrating before HER power and authority.

I am not asking any PUA to abandon the lifestyle he is living. I am not asking any young man to reject it without trying it first if they so choose.

I am simply trying to advise, to forewarn, to pass on wisdom.

The boys of DUNKIRK got a lot of pussy too when they finally won the war. Only there fucking did not end up with used seed in condoms in a motel trash can, but the single largest European/American/Caucasian baby boom in human history.

Christopher Nolan is just one man. DUNKIRK is his personal expression of art in film.

What was Nolan's focus? What was his camera pointed at? What story did he want to tell with the images he captured for the world to judge him by?

My dear boy, the PUA. If you have not figured it out already by now...

You do not become a Man when you insert your penis in a vagina.

You become a Man when your realize your destiny is to become a leader, not a sex object, an on call dildo at all hours of the day to feed the goddess' fantasy of having a "sexy" lover while purusing her beta provider.

You become a Man, capital M... when you start acting like one.

Strength & Honor

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