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The Root Of Masculine Power Over Women

Maximus Decimus Meridius | June 25, 2018 | 19 minute read

What is the root base for Man, capital M? The very foundation of his masculine power and authority over women?

Is it virtue? A Man's passionate pursuit of truth and justice.

Is it sexual morality? A chaste & celibate life where sex is reserved for marriage and the fathering of children, of legacy.

Is it independence? Yes, that must be it!! Complete independence from women, nay even society, using both to get what one wants from life. It's good to be King is it not?

I could go on. For all the digital ink spilt on the return of masculine men to The West with the Red Pill, I humbly suggest you are about to read, for the first time, just what is the root, the very foundation, that makes a man a Man, especially with women.

Neither desiring nor rejecting the feminine, Man is in complete control of his reaction to the female.

Bob Hoskins plays the role of Man, capital M, perfectly. He completely ignores, while also completely acknowledges, the power of female sexuality to bend a man's mind to a woman's will. This scene with Jessica Rabbit exemplifies the war between the sexes and Man's responsibility in it. All woman can do is tempt. It is Man that must choose to submit to her will.

Jessica Rabbit is an interesting character. Placed in a movie squarely aimed at children, we can begin to see the devil's work that is Disney (the great Satan) to push sexualizing western culture further and further down the ladder of age appropriate. Apparently an immoral character turned moral in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, it was Jessica that came to mind when I began searching for a visual for this post (a lot of posts begin with the intro image as inspiration). Why?

I can think of no other icon, not even Marilyn Monroe, that can convey so vividly the power of a woman's sexuality over a man's mind.

If you want to become a Man, capital M, you are going to have to learn how to deny every woman you meet the only power they have over you.

This is the other image that spawned this post. I found this page out of a Superman comic floating around the web the other day and I thought it captured the correct masculine dynamic between Man and woman perfectly. Clark is not a beta AFC. Nor is he a low T soyboy, a cuck, insert-the-current-insult-of-men-who-dont-think-with-their-dicks-here. That said, he is also not an alpha male or a player. Superman is... Man, capital M, and in this scene he embodies the divine M of masculine authority perfectly.

Man, capital M, is the restraint and control, the channelling and discipline, of his response to the sexuality of the feminine.

"All men think with their dicks."

Most women, perhaps all women, have only ever met men who's minds are guided by their penis. This is squarely the fault of men because as a stereotype of our gender, for a woman, it's a damn near 99.999% perfect guide in life. When The West was Christian, there was a time when this generalization was still made, but most men did not reflect it. With the sexual revolution of the 60s, it was the loosening of the restraint and control of men's sexual lust that ushered in the coming cultural apocalypse. Remember, Satan tempted Eve, not Adam. It was Eve that tempted Adam and it was thus up to Adam to show restraint and control to the sexual influence of the feminine over his mind, over right and wrong, over truth and justice. Man did not fall from Eden and communion with God when Eve sinned, but when Adam did and then both knew of their nakedness and shame. Everything begins, and ends, with Adam. Take down Man, capital M, you take down the whole of humanity.

When men threw out Christ (i.e. moral truth) from western culture, they threw away their responsibility to be the responsible gender.

When western men stopped being Superman underneath the Clark Kent facade, The West went to shit. You can throw all the blame you want on women and feminism. You can curse the "weak" and "cuckifying" nature of Christianity until your face turns red. The plain truth of Man, capital M, is this...

When Western men were Christian and held themselves accountable to a strict moral standard of restraint, NOT denial, of sexual lust and attraction to women, we were invulnerable to Eve's feminine charms.

Which is where a personal story comes in to nail my point home.

As a dancer, I got to meet and dance with a lot of women. In my late 20s and early 30s, I was surrounded by women in their prime early 20s. It was awesome. Curiously, I never got to date any of them (officially in their minds at least), but it was not because they were not interested in me on some level.

The problem was... I was one of those "other planet" guys who does not think with his penis.

One night at club out dancing, a lady who I had passing interest in wanted to sell me some tickets to a social she was hosting. She knows what she's got going for her. "My mother told me all I need is the dress." A dress very much like Jessica's I might add and with the booty and boobs to fill it out. Sadly, while she did also have a brain, her mother stereotyped (as most women do) men into the category penis brains and this lady of 20 thought the same of me. She asked me if I wanted to buy some tickets after the dance and she did her best Jessica Rabbit. Low chin, eye's up in demur faux-submission, little squeeze of her arms to her chest to pump up the cleavage. Even an eyelash batt or two as she smiled at me. It was a display that was very impressive, only she tried it with me, a Man, and no the penis brain her mother taught her all men are.

Looking her straight in the eye... I called her out.

MAXIMUS: You know that stuff don't work on me.


And that was it.

Game. Over.

Nearly every woman I have ever met needs to know that she can control her man with her sexuality. It's like penis brain must be proven before they even begin to entertain a relationship with a male. This control is a sliding scale with the smarter beauties being the most subtle, but the more beautiful they are, the more they know precisely what they can get away with. Cause. Effect. Lie. Flash cleavage. Poof! Her "problem" of lying to you has been forgotten.

I danced with her again that night and, being the obviously God like observer of the female that I am, I noticed her face make some interesting puzzled looks. I knew exactly what the puzzlement was.

MAXIMUS: You have no idea what I am going to do [i.e. lead a dance move] next do you?

NAIVE BABE: No... and I hate it.


She was not angry with me. She also did not hate it. What she was... was a beautiful woman with a compulsive need for control. She was a performance dancer and while also a very good social dancer, she is used to patterns. Dance moves that are known in advance and can be predicted.

This is what most men are to women... predictable penises.

Which is why the page from Superman above perfectly illustrates the very root nature of Man, capital M's, power over women.

The man who is in 100% complete command of his reaction to the female is a man every women wants and naturally gravitates to.

Here's the thing.

Look at the above Superman page once more and ask yourself the following questions.

How would a MGTOW react?

How would a player running Game react?

What does the Red Pill tell us is the correct reaction of a man who is being tempted by the female to bend to her will?

The MGTOW would be completely dismissive of her. Polite perhaps, it is a work environment, but he would completely deny his sexual attraction to her. When she leaves, he would most likely rage a little inside at how evil and corrupt women are, confirming his view of the Red Pill path of complete avoidance of women entirely in his life.

This is not a Man.

The Player, the Game practitioner, would embrace his sexual attraction completely by trying to take hold of the "frame" she is trying to establish and find a clever way to pass her shit test. "What would an alpha do?" is the question that would be running through his brain at warp speed. The only question in the player's mind during this interaction would be to... find a way to show this woman he is "the man" that she "respects" for whom she will giggity-giddily slip her dress down for in the corner office closet with the "sexy guy" who "get's it." The Player, like the MGTOW, will also have his RP beliefs about women confirmed. Becoming the alpha male who is a player with women is the only way forward for western men in an age of degeneracy.

This is not a Man either.

Clark... that is to say Superman... does not react in either of these two RP ways.

All Clark is doing with Ms. Grant... is proving her beliefs about all men are wrong. He is showing her what true masculine authority is. 100% complete control of his mind, even with T&A shoved right in his face.

Clark is not trying to pass a shit test... because he's not taking the test.

Reflect on this deeply.

A woman shit tests a man she controls, she challenges a man she trusts.

Maximus Shit Test Or Challenge? Know the difference.

A Man, capital M, knows precisely the Game being played by a woman when she plays the T&A card.

It is the only card a woman really has to play with men. And sadly, it is the very sign of disrespect most men miss when interacting with women during the mating dance.

Superman... does not move. He does not flinch. He does not reject, nor embrace, the lure of sexual attraction to the female.

He simply looks a woman in the eye and let's her know, without saying a single word "I know what you are trying to do. It ain't going to work. What else have you got?"

She can see in his eyes... he sees the cleavage. He sees her ass. He knows his penis is reacting to the female sexual display. She knows he knows. He knows she knows he knows. She knows he knows she knows.

Check. And. Mate.

I told you that putting the capital M in Man will not get you laid.

Ms. Grant, not used to her "assets" not working on every man she ever meets, glances down at her open (and clearly not working) cleavage and tosses Clark his doughnut back (if the artist was woke, it would have been an apple). The Game, if you want to call it that, is now 100% in Clark's hands. This woman can either mature and realize she is dealing with a real Man, or stay naive and cling to her ignorant view of "All men think with their dicks."

Chances of success for Clark pursuing this woman after this encounter? Zilch. This is a woman obsessed with sexual control who views men as nothing more than walking penises to be manipulated to her will. Even if Clark wanted to try to lead the mating dance with her, she very likely will not follow. It is not something she is used to from men. It is not something she may like or even want in a man. In point of fact, she may very well hate a man who is invulnerable to her sexual charms.

This is the root of true masculine power with women.

If you are not leading her, she is leading you. Period.

Any man of self-respect will not allow a woman to "shit test" him. A Man, capital M, does not put up with shit.


This is where the player actually loses more than the MGTOW. If Clark was MGTOW, he would at least have his self-respect. He would be denying his sexual nature, but he won't be giving up his self-respect for pussy.

The player on the other hand has ever and only one response to T&A. "How can I mold myself into whatever she wants me to be to get her skirt to drop." Nine times out of ten, that will be some version of a cocky/funny alpha male. He will get laid. Both will bask in the glory of their egos. Neither will have learned a damn thing about respecting the other gender.

In my post Shit Test Or Challenge? Know the difference. that I cited above, I talk about the problem with alpha males interacting with women is their obsessive need for control. I.e. The whole frame philosophy and who has it. A detractor could claim that I am being hypocritical. That this (frame, control) is precisely what TRP/Game teaches and thus I am proving all said writing on the topic correct.

What Man, capital M, is all about is leading, not controlling, the female.

Clark is not trying to control the woman above. He is in 100% control of himself.

In taking full command of his reaction to a woman, a Man, capital M, can try to lead a woman into his frame, to use RP/Game lingo.

Some might say I am playing with semantics, but this is a subtle and important difference between an alpha male and a Man, capital M.

A Man cannot control any woman... but he can control his own mind and how he reacts to the feminine element of sexuality.

An alpha male... must be in control of other people, especially women, because pussy is his kryptonite. This is why frame is written about to such a large degree. Men, taking the RP and pursuing the path of the alpha male, are now obsessed with controlling the interaction with a female. They can't. They never will. But they will try and a woman will know what they are doing and always, always, resent those men for it.

If you want an antagonistic and confrontational relationship, become an alpha male obsessed with controlling women.

If you want a challenging but respectful relationship, become a Man, capital M, in full command of himself and his interactions with women.

The more a man is able to keep control of his own mind in the full force of the hurricane's eye of feminine sexual power over it... the more power he will have in every single interaction with women, romantic or otherwise.

This is why Jessica Rabbit is one of the world's best known... SEX symbols. The decision to animate her did more to create an icon, an archetype, of the female's only power over man than any real life actress ever could.

The film version of the character was inspired by various actresses. Richard Williams explained, "I tried to make her like Rita Hayworth; we took her hair from Veronica Lake, and Zemeckis kept saying, 'What about the look Lauren Bacall had?'" He described that combination as an "ultimate male fantasy, drawn by a cartoonist."

Wikipedia - Jessica Rabbit

A Man's mind... is all a woman can ever hope to have control over. For if she can... she can rule the world. The shortest, quickest, most effective and absolute direct line of control of the male mind is through his penis.

"As my Slavic mother always told me when triumphantly scheming behind my father’s back; female cunning [i.e. tits & ass] surpasses male understanding any day."

Men rule the world, but as long women remain in control of the male mind, I will always believe the true master of the universe is secretly female.

Anna Madsen - Elitedaily.com - How Women Get Men Right Where They Want Them

And how do women gain control of the male mind?

Hmmm... is that? No. That... face on Hef. I've... I've seen it somewhere, but where...

To conclude.

A man's mind is the only power over women he will ever need, as long as he is in control of it that is.

There is nothing wrong with becoming more confident, outgoing, even... alpha. The problem I have with the worship of the alpha male by the RP sphere is not that there is not any good that can come from adapting alpha male traits into your personality. The problem is mistaking alpha male traits for actually being a Man, capital M.

The young lady who tried to sell me tickets to her social never did. I flirted with her enough that she knew I was interested. I had zero chance with her as she was young and fell into the clutches of a Hugh Hefner type of guy (and good evidence of my first encounter with a psychopath, for real). If she had the wrong personality for me (i.e. her mother, then her controlling dude, destroyed her character and future), she was still feminine and a woman at heart. They all are.

And they all... every single one of them... respond to the capital M in Man.

A Man who leads. A man who is in command of his own mind in the face of a woman's sexual power to influence him to forget himself.

It was a hot Sunday early evening in July that summer I found dancing and women and my life changed forever. The instructor who dominated the young woman above (and many women in the dance community) was at the studio with her and I was the only student who showed up. (I believe I was early, but can't remember why it was only the three of us alone.)

So... I thought I would practice a little with her. Try to continue to improve my lead and the execution of the moves I was learning from the psychopath.

Now understand. This young woman of 19 going on 20 was already psychologically in the clutches of this psychopathic dance instructor. Everyone could see it. Whether by choice or simply young and naive, she had made her bed and I was just another guy who was attracted to her in her eyes. Most men were, but I was the only one she had no control over. (Another story for another time was when I learned she thought she could have Maximus "in the palm of her hand" anytime she wanted.)

It was a hot day. 30 plus (Centigrade, crazy metric Canucks!). The air conditioning was barely working in the dance studio.

The music started (or maybe there was none, we were practicing) and I began to dance with her.

I was once on the set of a movie in my home town with some fairly famous Hollywood types. (I swear to God, I am not making this shit up.) On set were some of the best dancers in the world. During a break in filming, I asked one of the star dancers how best to lead a woman into a move when she appears hesitant or resistant to follow.

What he said to me was prophetic on the very heart of Man, capital M.

If you hold her right, your touch will get her to submit if she trusts you.

Total paraphrase, the original words lost to me in time so many years ago now.

But it was the touch part of his advice.

If you hold her right... she will submit.

If you hold her right... she will trust you and your lead.

As I danced with this young lady who had clearly rejected me as suitor, on a hot day in a sheer and cling style dress that caressed every curve of her body...

The lights came on. High beams.

WTF? It was not cold in the room. We had already been talking for more than 5 minutes with no sign of a chill in the air or simply a change in physiology for whatever reason. I am familiar to her. A known guy. A rejected guy to boot. We had been dancing for a few minutes already with again, no change in physiology.

Suddenly... with a couple of fast turns and spins.

Poink! Poink!

And I continue dancing with her and look down and... she knows I know that she knows I know.

On another occasion at the club in a very close dance, after we parted I actually went to the bathroom to see if she... peed on me? My thigh was, or so I thought it felt, so wet and so hot, I thought for sure she must have had an accident and was too embarrassed to say anything. There was nothing of course, my pants were dry, but I will never forget in my virgin and naive days learning about how powerful a Man's touch can trigger a woman's sexual response.

The touch of a Man, capital M that is.

Or maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe this is all in my head. Maybe...

A nostalgic end to the importance of the mind, not the body, of being the foundation of Man and his masculine power over women.

Strength & Honor


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