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The World's Oldest Profession - Hating Women For Being Women

Average or successful, beta or alpha, every man pays for the woman he is with.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | December 23, 2017 | 11 minute read

The more comments I get, the more articles I can write. Period. I like to reply in depth and with my own blog, I can turn a comment into an entire stream of deeper reflection. One such comment sparked a response that I realized can only be addressed by going in depth on the one subject even the sphere usually carefully treads around.



The world's oldest profession.

All I have to say to those who turn up their nose at these woman and what they do...

Stop hating women for being women.

Now as an adult, I am of the opinion that prostitution is rooted in the Feminine Imperative, and based on the BS Female theory that if you are an average male, then your SMV is so below that of the Females, that you have to shell out a substantial amount of cash in order to get on her level and alleviate that difference - not fully mind you, but only to the extent that they would be ready to suffer your desire for the time being...

I say, fuck that shit, what do they think of themselves?

I would rather die or not touch a woman in my remaining life before I visited a prostitute again. All I want now is to get my money back from the Female half of the world... :)

This... is the end result for most men who swallow Rollo's Red Pill. I hope my response to this comment (which I will not link to and so will thus remain anonymous unless someone goes digging for it) will be taken in the spirit it is being written - a different perspective, one that is desperately needed in the Red Pill sphere in my personal opinion.

Where is this disgust and hatred of women getting you? Perhaps this man does not 'hate' women, nor is he 'disgusted' in the dictionary definition of those words, but it is clear from the tone there is at a minimum a real deep level of animosity towards the fairer sex. I just want you to look at your mind, daily, and THE EFFECT hating women for hypergamy and feminine imperative is having on your life. I am not asking any man to change his mind or view of women, just LOOK & SEE the effect hate has on your soul. Notice the anger and the effect it has on your temperament with ALL people, not just women, and on your body itself.

Your analysis is also incorrect.

It is not the average male that must pay. EVERY MAN PAYS, alpha AND beta.

The female requires provision. This is just a FACT of her REALITY. And your reality, as the male, is that YOU are her provider. She is the weaker sex and needs a man to provide and protect, especially if children are involved.

Secondly, if money was ALL that was required, then a woman would have sex with ANY man for the right price yes?

Elite escorts DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER average men. They want the whales, the high rollers, the ALPHAS who believe they are in 'control' because they are 'paying' for a woman's upkeep, being 'rewarded' with sex for being the 'alpha male' who has surplus provision to freely spend on a sexy life accessory.

The truth is the exact opposite. It is the ALPHAS that are THE MOST EASY TO MANIPULATE and it is the ALPHAS that most escorts target, especially the hottest girls. Why? Because there is no difference between alpha and beta, they BOTH think with their dicks and BOTH hate women for being women. The alpha shoves it in her face (look at me pay for sex, pro or wife), the beta whines and mounts the moral high ground of indignation. If a man is average, you will never be at 'her level' because you simply can't afford her fee!!! And even if you could... you STILL have to make it past her PERSONAL requirements. Truck driver with cash to burn? Forget it. She does not lower herself for that 'level' of client, even if he has the money.

Average men are average for a reason in a woman eye's - they are not worldly or accomplished.

These women do not have to spend time with average men not because of their lack financial ability to pay... but because in BEING average, they have not accomplished anything with their lives. $$$ is merely the brute fact material and real world measuring tool that separates the accomplished from the average, but $$$ is NOT the only measurement a woman assesses a man by.

So it goes deeper than money my friend. If you think tossing a girl $100 for sex is getting you to 'level' the playing field in HER eyes, you are mistaken. You are still only getting a woman at YOUR level... average, one no alpha would even consider paying for. If you are able to save up say... $2000 to $5000, what does that SAY about how ACCOMPLISHED you are? How many men have $5000 to throw away at a women for a couple hours of sex?

See... it's NOT the money, and having it does not put you on 'her level' to induce her to 'suffer' having sex with you.

Money is a reflection of a different kind of man, one who has succeeded in life.

This is where you end up if you see the world through Rollo's eyes. You believe women evaluate men ONLY by their UTILITY, which is only HALF the truth.

You are correct that all sex workers suffer a man's desire. This is a business and any man who thinks he is meeting a professional lady of the night who likes/enjoys his company is fooling himself. That is not to say she CAN'T find you handsome or attractive on some level, but she 'suffers' a man's desire to get what she wants. And if 'suffering' means getting pleasured on a daily basis and your ass worshipped by men who she considers to be beneath her (yes, even after you have paid), is it really suffering? A lot of these succesful men who pay... are intelligent, worldly, funny, respectful and... a few are most likely even quite handsome (Harvey Weinstein excluded, most elite men are on the more attractive side, it's genetic.)

Is this any different for many boyfriends and husbands? Why do you think so many women stop having sex once they get married? Are you a woke enough married man to be able to ACCEPT this could be a reality with your wife? The very reason she keeps saying no to your sexual advances is BECAUSE she does not believe she has to (nor wants to) 'suffer' servicing you any longer. "Not tonight dear, it's been a hard day at work and the kids... my headache..."

If you don't respect women for who & what they are, you will never be happy.

You will also never find a woman who respects you. You attract that which you are.

So, is there a better way? A way to accept and be happy with who and what women are?


Become a Man, capital M.

Become a Man she can respect.

A man who does not measure himself by his dick.

A man who goes out and conquers the world, big or small, and creates a world for himself to live in that HE is happy with.

And should a woman take notice of you, take notice of her and DECIDE if she measures up to your standards.

Or if you see a woman that inspires lust and love... talk to her and ACCEPT that she will evaluate you by HER standards. If you don't measure up... JUST MOVE ON. There are plenty of women in this world to find love and great sex with.

When a man complains about woman's nature, what he is complaining about is his FAILURE to GET the kind of woman he desires.

It is not the woman that has the problem... it is the man. His expectations are not in line with reality, and reality is telling him "Buddy... you are AVERAGE."

This is why Rollo's Red Pill is so appealing to so many guys. It allows these men to STAY children, not grow up, and always point the finger of blame at women instead of himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall is the perfect antidote to Red Pill hypergamy/feminine imperative whining and complaining. It's reflective of a different generation of men - men who were at the leading edge of the boomer revolution, but still retained much of the masculinity and patriarchy of the greatest generation.

What would Arnold think of all this whining and complaining?

Exactly... a bunch of pussies!

Sorry for the tough love, but a spade is a spade.

I always felt that you should wait to marry until you are set financially and the toughest struggles of your career are behind you.

I promised myself that we would never have to use Maria's money - neither the money she earned nor any from her family. I wasn't marrying her because she came from wealth.

What was Maria's was hers. I never asked how much she had. I never asked how much her parents were worth. I hoped that it was as much as they dreamed of having, but I had no interest in it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Total Recall, p325/26

Strong. Reliable. Stable. Provision. 100% INDEPENDENT of ANYONE'S judgement of who he is and what he has accomplished with his life.

It's not the money that women value, it's the kind of Man one becomes who is able to provide.

Yes, yes, times have changed. A man truly needs to be wary in today's legal climate, but it was not that different for Arnold.

"But Arnold is an 'alpha', he is elite, women 'respect' these men and they choose them BECAUSE of their money."

There is a difference between a man who pursues wealth to have power (leverage) over women, and a Man, capital M, who pursues wealth to have power over himself.

Is your dick... or your heart... driving your hustle?

Reflect on this deeply.

There is no getting around the money issue.


Get over it.

It is just a matter of what her price is, and how much she values a man for MORE than his ability to provide.

The choice you must make is to decide what kind of Man you want to become.

Will it be the angry, hypergamy/feminine imperative whiner who lusts after women and hates himself for it, always looking to 'take back' what women 'stole' from him?

Or will it be a confident, happy, and always seeing the positive side of life man like Arnold, who came to America with NOTHING and built a life undreamed of to his peers back home in Austria?

Will you become a Man, capital M?

Or just another Rollo, peddling his poison for $$$ and creating a cult of children who never grow up?

Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.

But when they heard it, they went away, one by one, beginning with the eldest, and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him.

Jesus looked up and said to her "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?"

She said "No one, Lord."

And Jesus said, "Neither do I condemn you; go and do not sin again."

The Gospel Of John ~ 8:7

Strength & Honor

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