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Thor Ragnarok: A Ritual Celebration Of The Death Of Europeans & Their Culture

Maximus Decimus Meridius | July 9, 2018 | 23 minute read

I can't even begin to tell you how big a piece of shit this movie was. If you are a Marvel zombie fan in love with the MCU headed by Kevin Feige (who many hope Disney will ask to head up the now completely imploded IP that was - i.e. past tense, now dead & buried - Lucasfilm and Star Wars)... you are going to want to click that back button now.

Seriously. This is a MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING for you 21st century Marvel movie nerds from a Gen X'er who knows how precious this crap is to your very existence on earth.

This article will be a bit of a tangent from Man, capital M, but also a deeper look at what this blog and my perspective is all about. I can hear the gears in your head cranking and screaming away already.

"How on earth is Maximus going to spin anything about Man, capital M, patriarchy and the death of an entire culture and race of people out of a bloody nerdgasm film like THOR: Ragnarok?

It's elementary my dear Watson.

A people is more than just an idea or a place. With no stories, no lore, no myths... you have no people at all.

ODIN: Asgard is not a place. It never was. This could be Asgard. Asgard is where our people stand.

Even now... right now... those people need your help.

THOR: I'm not as strong as you.

ODIN: No. You're stronger.


This scene - where a son has an emotional dream-like conversation with his dead father about the future of his life, his world and his people - was thought to be emotionally uncomfortable and painful/threatening to watch to the THOTS and their thirsty followers on Instagram. A scene of the utmost seriousness and the deepest expression of humanity and masculinity... was "cringey" to watch.

Like I said. I don't know where to begin, so why don't we start by taking a look at the trailer shall we?

Hmmm... not bad. This being my first time viewing it after watching the film, I must say it looks impressive. Sadly, having watched the film, this trailer (plus the 1 min scene above) are ALL the best cuts of the film... literally. This film was so painful to watch, I had to force myself to see just WTF they were going to have for an ending.

You want to know what the rest of the remaining 2 hours of screen time occupied my eyeballs and ears with?


Thor meets the Grandmaster. Just a small, less than 5 min clip that you can multiply by 24 to get two hours of nothing but fucking jokes, one liners, setups for jokes and one liners and, in my personal experience, cringey avoidance of anything of substance, meaning, emotion or purpose to a single living human being to connect with an any level.

Did you miss it? Oh well, I guess I will have to point out the obvious then.

Fear not, for you are found.

Where, where, where have I heard this before?

That phrase, the way it was spoken, it's... so emotionally and strikingly resonant with my European mind. I just can't quite...

For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.' So they began to celebrate.

Luke 15:24

Oh right... the Gospel of Luke. Pfft. Whatever. Let's continue...

You are home and there is no going back. No one leaves this place. But what is this place?

The answer is - Sakaar. Surrounded by cosmic gateways, Sakaar lives on the edge of the known and unknown.


But here on Sakaar, you are significant. You are valuable. Here, you are loved.

And no one loves you more than The Grandmaster. He is the original, the first lost and the first found. The creator of Sakaar and the father of the contest of champions.

Where once you were nothing, now you are something.

Could it be? No, they wouldn't make...

Thor - an allegory for the European heterosexual male and Jesus Christ - unloved and of no significance.

A patriarchal warrior of a lost and abandoned people to be deposited on the junk pile world of history.

Hmmm... why is Sakaar such a rainbow of colour?

What is Sakkar?

Constructed out of what seemed to be massive, brightly colored LEGOs, this funky land is unlike anything in the MCU.

... Sakaar is the stomping grounds of Jeff Goldblum‘s mysterious–but sure-to-be eccentric–Grandmaster, a ruler that executive producer Brad Winderbaum described as both “the ringleader of the circus of Sakaar” and “a brutal dictator.”

... Sakaar built itself up from spaceship scrap and broken dreams to become an “Island of Misfit Toys. Winderbaum explained. “Essentially if anything goes wrong in your intergalactic travels in the MCU. You’re going to get spat out into the toilet of the universe which is this planet.”

... Thor and Hulk, before each is pitched into this “violent, hedonistic culture's" most prized pastime: gladiator battles.

Sakaar has a harsh hierarchy... there’s the general population who support the economy by buying stuff off him, and going and watching his arena events.”

Showing us around Sakaar’s sets, Hennah told us the vibrant reds, yellows, blues and greens were all plucked from Kirby’s comic panels, as were the geometric shapes that made up its walls and streets. Everywhere we looked, there was a new texture, color and detail. This too was key to the Kirby homage.

Nerdist.com - How THOR: RAGNAROK’s Planet Sakaar Matters to the MCU and Honors Jack Kirby

Well, well, well. Oh sure, I can definitely see the Kirby homage but... is it really just an Homage to the art half of the house of ideas that was Marvel comics? And what's this "buying stuff and going to the theatre... I mean movies... I mean football game... I mean arena events?" That sure sounds like a passive aggressive slap to the American way of life (while also a damning indictment of how spiritually shallow it has become).

What is clear though for those with eyes to see is the LGBT agenda being shoved in a heterosexual God's face. And he is to love it! From the Grandmaster's "orgy" ship to the "anus" galactic worm hole that is the way out of this land of freaks and degenerates back to ASSgard. Yes... ASSgard... as in Thor's entire world and people, exist on the other side of an anal cavity.

Is Thor Gay?

Come on... the answer is obvious!!!

Just look at the movie poster. The Grandmaster is in the very heart and centre of THOR!!! Every man is gay on some level... they just don't know it!!! You hetero-normative cis-males... wake up!!! I mean, Jane Foster has dumped him... no, he dumped her and while Valkyrie is clearly cute, Thor seems rather hesitant and uneasy around her. It's amost as if he's questioning his culturally enforced gender orientation and does not quite know how to proceed/act around girls anymore. I mean, compared to 2008 Thor, the one that had Natalie Portman literally drooling like a hetero girl all over Chris Hemsworth's Adonis of a body, this Thor is positively woke with #METOO concern for not being to sexually overt with the obvious interracial (and now mandatory for all white cis-male actors) "love" interest. Girls... ewwww!!!

Well... now that we know there is a future homosexual plot twist for Thor (I'm personally crossing fingers he will become a cross dressing transexual!)... what else could we possibly want or expect, nay LOVE, to see in a Thor movie?

Oh look... I paid FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS (thank God it was just a rental) to watch Stan Lee cut off Thor's hair.

Damn it! There goes my European Spidey sense again. Why does that hair cutting scene scream of European religious & cultural significance to me? Almost... like it's emasculating to a Man's power and authority or something?

No... no... it's just another coincidence. I am reading waaaaay too much into this simpleton Marvel film. It's just a Thor movie for God's sake! Wait... Thor was the Norse God of thunder and lighting was he not? Kind of like Zeus? No no... no! That is just another coincidence. This is Marvel Thor and no one, no one is so childishly stupid to actually confuse this Thor with the hundreds of years of Nordic pagan myth that defines that northern European region and people as a culture. Anyway, the story of Samson & Deliah was a Jewish story, not Christian. Just because some Christians see Samson as a type of Jesus figure and Thor, being the Son of Odin, is yet another myth and allegory to the Son of an all powerful and ruling singular God... no, no, no... crazy. Just crazy.

I mean... come on... it's not like Asgard... sorry, ASSgard... has any kind of oh... Orthodox Christian icons and cathedral type buildings and imagery that would again be one hell of a coincidence to put in this film. I mean, Thor is a pagan God, not Christian. To use Christian motifs and imagery would be just too blatantly and retardedly obvious of a plot device to clearly tell the audience precisely what Hela, the Goddess of Death, is obsessed with destroying.


Jesus Christ! Are you F'n kidding me? Who is this Hela?

Oh... the Goddess! Of course. She who was the original creator of life, and taker of it in death. She who is forever and in every pagan mythology never associated with the patriarchal values of love, truth, justice, liberty and respect.

Ok... I'm going to stop joking for a moment as it seems this snark nothing-in-life-is-serious-or-sacred cultural Marxist cancer has now infected this post.

I'm going to give you one last clip. I doubt it will be up for long so I will describe it and transribe the important parts. This is the scene where Hela tells the true story of Odin and Asgard as she walks into the palace (cathedral?), trashes it, then proceeds to invade Odin's treasure house and sneer and mock at the dangers to the realm safeguarded there with her cuck slave, recently promoted to executioner!

Does no one remember me? Has no one been taught our history?

Look at these lies! Goblets and garden parties. Peace treaties!

Odin. Proud to have it. Ashamed of how he got it!!!

We were unstoppable.

I was his weapon in the conquest that built Asgard's empire.

One by one, the realms became ours. But then, simply because my ambition outgrew his. He banished me. Caged me. Locked me away like an animal.

Before that, Asgard's warriors were honoured! It's heroes buried beneath this very palace.

... but THIS... the eternal flame!


If you think this was just a movie, and just a plot advancement/character scene... you are one naive mother fucker.

This scene was... pregnant with every possible explicit globalist wet dream of the future of the European race and it's culture that we see unfold by the end - the complete genocide of it.

THOR: Ragnarok was a religious rite & liturgy induction service into the globalist new religion - the return of worship of the goddess, her homosexual/transvestite priest (Grandmaster), and the cuck male slave of her army of oppression (Skurge).

Let's unpack the real "Good Word" of the globalist's new religion for its slaves shall we?

Does no one remember me? Has no one been taught our history?

Anyone who has done even the most cursory reading of prehistoric religion and human life knows that the entire culture of Europe, the world, was once dominated by pagan goddess worship. The goddess was seen as the supreme power of the universe and creator of all life, and most importantly, also death. Her rule was absolute and unquestioned. If you want to understand why cucks and men who submit to female authority and leadership is on the rise today, look no further than to our genes. This is the way it was for not just centuries, but tens of thousands of years.

We have had a patriarchy, and patriarchs, for less than five to six thousand years by my crude and layman archeologist's estimation.

Odin. Proud to have it. Ashamed of how he got it!!!

While this is clearly a reference to Christian Crusades and later colonialist expansion around the globe, I want to go back a little farther than 2000 years of Christianity's existence.

Hela is talking about wars of death and conquest spoken about in Hesiod's Theogony. The inter-generation and inter-tribal wars waged by a murderous and psychopathic goddess with her dominated and subjugated son against the father.

Or at least it was until Zeus came along and ended the madness.

What kind of madness?

I'm glad you asked.

All these awesome children born of our Ouranos and Gaia

hated their own father from the day they were born,

for as soon as each one came out of the womb

Ouranos, with joy in his wicked work, hid it

in Gai's womb and did not let it return to the light

Huge Gaia groaned within herself

and in her distress she devised a crafty and evil scheme

With great haste she produced gray iron

and made a huge sickle and showed it to her children

then, her heart filled with grief, she rallied them with these words:

"Yours is a reckless father; obey me, if you will,

that we may all punish your father's outrageous deed,

for he was the first to plot shameful actions."

So she spoke, and fear gripped them all; not one of them

uttered a sound. Then great, sinuous minded Kronos

without delay spoke to his prudent mother:

"Mother, this deed I promise you will be done,

since I loathe my dread-name father.

It is he who first plotted shameful actions."

So he spoke, and the heart of the giant Earth was cheered.

She made him sit in ambush and placed in his hands

a sharp-toothed sickle and confided in him her entire scheme.

Ouranos came dragging with him the night, longing for Gais's love,

and he embraced her and lay stretched out upon her.

Then his son reached out from his hiding place and seized him

with his left hand, while with his right hand he grasped

the huge, long and sharp-toothed sickle and swiftly HACKED OFF

his father's genitals and tossed them behind him

Hesiod's Theogony

I cite this Greek poetic work on the origin of the pantheon at length to give context and impart just how very, very, very important this film is to globalists. (It should also make you wonder where the real source of the ignorance of the left hand in not knowing what the right had is doing.)

This movie... is not "just a movie." It is a type of magik. One where what you want to come true in the future you make more possible by artificially creating it and getting others to participate in that reality "as if" it's already fact and accomplished. If you are not awake to the reality that globalists take this kind of shit very, very, very seriously... you better learn fast.

To continue....

"Father" is a concept and idea that only come into language after the discovery of paternity. This is precisely what Hela is refering to as the her banishment and caging. The silencing of the goddess and her rage for death & conquest of all by the justice and peace of patriarchal (i.e. heterosexual) Man and his God(s).

We were unstoppable.

Who is this we? It is not just Hela and Odin. No. It is the archeological record of the mother goddess and her birth/life/death-via-sacrifice son for the renewal of the world.

In some ceremonies, an attendant, often male, tore a bough from the shrine-tree to the accompaniment of gestures of lamentation from the priestess and others present; this overwrought scene, shown on several rings, seems to have symbolized the death of the young god and may conceivably have been followed by the sacrifice of the male attendant who represented him. The Mochlos ring shows a sacred tree growing out of the shrine being ferried along on the priestess’s ship.


Are you starting to pay attention now?

This is what my future book (ha!) is about. I went faaaaar back to learn about the origins of patriarchy and while my research focused on the goddess to begin this journey into the far past, what began to dawn on me (and increasingly so in the LGBT environment we are finding ourselves under oppression in) is this.

"We"... is the Dionysian homosexual/transvestite alpha male of murderous violence and death in conquest and subjugation of tribes and lands, including ones own people.

This is what we are now witnessing in western culture. The shredding and destruction of all patriarchal (again, heterosexual, are you seeing the connection yet and why the LGBT agenda is pushed so hard?) stories of myths and heros that, while bloody, eventually brought about the very ideal state of being the goddess Hela hates most.

Peace. Paradise. The good life. For everyone.

"Goblets and garden parties." Could you get a more blunt reference to the cup of Christ and the Last Supper?

The lies Hela denounces are not just of Christ and Christianity. They are the lies of the substitution of humanity's true religion - the worship of the great mother goddess and her effeminiate, cucked and violent male enforcers - with the veneration and elevation of heterosexual (i.e. patriarchal) men and their male gods.

I was his weapon in the conquest that built Asgard's empire..

Before paternity, before the discovery of heterosexuality in the process of pregnancy and child birth, what was there?

Precisely what the Grandmaster had in his non-combat ship... orgies. Male. Female. Even children were encouraged to "celebrate" sexuality in Dionysian festivals, what we today call "pride" celebrations.

We can see this clearly even in Norse myth as portrayed in this film.

In Greek mythology, Apollo and Dionysus are both sons of Zeus. Apollo is the god of the sun, of rational thinking and order, and appeals to logic, prudence and purity. Dionysus is the god of wine and dance, of irrationality and chaos, and appeals to emotions and instincts. The Ancient Greeks did not consider the two gods to be opposites or rivals, although often the two deities were entwined by nature.

Wikipedia - Apollonian and Dionysian

Thor (Apollo) and Loki (Dionysus). The god of rational thinking and order (i.e. moral right and wrong, peace and security for one's people) and the god of trickery, mischief and pure ego-self interest (i.e. all emotion and instinct for self-preservation and advancement).

These sons of the Goddess were her loyal, faithful and devoted warriors and protectors. HER warriors. Men who ALL kneeled before her in order to be granted power and authority in the tribe.

Why do you think Samson had long hair?

Because, like most transvestite priests, the Goddess would have given higher honor and praise to men who emulated and tried to reflect his divine master. Cut his hair, cut his effeminate reflection of the goddess... and lose power and authority in the tribe. This of course is purely my own speculation. Later, as male gods and patriarchy increasingly took over from the goddess, the first thing heterosexual men (and it would be heterosexual) did was to cut their hair short to make themselves as distinct from the effeminate types who were still clinging to the old ways and paths to power and authority in the tribe through the goddess and her authority.

Eventually... beginning with Zeus, then Jupiter over the Romans, and finally Jesus Christ and Christianity over all of Europe... Man, capital M, took over all power & authority from the goddess and caged everything we know of her in the mists of pre-history.

So, in a way, Hela is telling the truth. The Goddess was at the side of the gods. She was the weapon that granted tribal authority for the males to do what they do best - wage war, death and destruction. What Hela leaves out of her story of glory and conquest though is the fact that under her rule, life was complete hell for absolutely everyone... and that hell was only ended when Odin and patriarchy threw the goddess in a cage.

Before that, Asgard's warriors were honoured! It's heroes buried beneath this very palace.

Ah... the "honour" of a warrior.

But what kind of honour?

Honour only in blind obedience to the Goddess!!!

Nothing. Is. Sacred.

To the Goddess. To her slave cuck executioner. To her homosexual high priests.

If you have ever wondered why it seems so hard to define Man without war... here is your answer. This is ALL we were valued for by the goddess.

It is all Thor becomes "loved" and "significant" for once more in the Grandmaster's arena. To be that brutal warrior of death, even to kill a dear and close friend to prove oneself loyal and a good slave.

Violence. Death. War. Murder. Oppression. Enslavement.

This... is the world of the goddess.

And it remained her world so long as Man had no clue about paternity.

As soon as paternity - heterosexuality and man's role in procreation - was discovered... the days of the Goddess were over.

For the vast majority of men are, and always will be, normal cis-gendered males who are father's and husbands who will fight to protect THEIR tribe, NOT hers.

We see this over and over again in the archeological record of Europe.

Goddesses to gods... to one God... to Man, capital M and a patriarchy.

Thor is but a left over remnant of the violent warrior for the goddess. Does this not explain more fully why the Vikings were such savage and brutal invaders? Yes, they were patriarchal, but an older patriarchy than Christian Europe was now embracing, having left their more brutal goddess worshipping and thus pagan ways behind them.

As I wrote in some of my first articles for this blog and it's reason for existence...

Patriarchy is a choice

When normal truth & justice oriented heterosexual Man began to make that choice, and use his clear physical dominance and authority to enforce peace between men and not war, patriarchy and male gods began to replace the goddess and her ways across the whole of European culture and history.


The eternal flame was a sacred component of the goddess Vesta.

Such was Vesta's importance to Roman religion that hers was one of the last republican pagan cults still active following the rise of Christianity until it was forcibly disbanded by the Christian emperor Theodosius I in AD 391.

The myths depicting Vesta and her priestesses were few, and were limited to tales of miraculous impregnation by a phallus appearing in the flames of the hearth—the manifestation of the goddess.[2]

Wikipedia - Vesta

Ah yes... the "miracle" of human life appearing in the womb of the goddess by "the winds and rivers". Or in the case of Vesta, by the eternal flame of life... her life giving powers and hers alone.

What is clear in this statement by Hela of "what true power looks like" is a return to the elevation of the goddess, of women, as absolute and divine rulers of all her subjects. Especially men. This flame is taken back to the earth, to Gaia the mother goddess. Underground, to the realm of the ancient and pre-historic goddess of life and death, and proceeds to show us just who is the real master of both.

In Ragnarok, Hela is the Goddess sending to their death the white European race.

Did you miss it?

The lack of... diversity in this film?

No no no... not in the main characters with speaking roles. It's clear now that Africans are the new Moses of humanity. Viking Norse Valkries are clearly black chicks with nasty sass and British accents!

Look at the background. The extras. In the scenes of the people of Asgard. Especially the scene of the executioner, the escape to the rainbow bridge, the fight on the bridge and finally the ship that leaves Asgard as Satan and the Goddess Hela (who clearly does not die) destroy the ENTIRE home and culture - the very existence - of a whole race...

Of whites.

Of Europeans.

It flashes by pretty quick. Here are a couple screen caps.

Just another coincidence I guess. Only white people showed up as the majority of extras for backgrounds I guess. Or maybe I am now... this time... finally going too far with such coincidences and conspiracy theories in a nerd superhero movie.

Marvel is a far more subtle and subversive studio than Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm. The complete diarrhea shit that was The Last Jedi was just too blunt and dumb obvious in burying western values and culture under cultural Marxism. The fans have reacted... with rejection. Lucasfilm and Star Wars are now a dead brand walking. I predict episode 9 will do even WORSE than Solo did. The heavy handed hammer & sickle of social justice has murdered a $4 billion dollar intellectual property. And the same is about to happen again to the other $4 billion IP purchase that was Marvel, starting with the complete disaster that will be Carrol Danvers Captain Marvel (who Marvel is pushing to replace Spiderman as it's flagship character) trying to pull off a Zack Snyder Wonder Woman at the box office.

While THOR: Ragnarok was a sermon on the death of Europe & The West, Thor proves what is coming to those who believe our demise is inevitable.

With no stories, no lore, no myths... you have no people at all.

There is still a people.

There is still a race called Europeans.

There is still an idea called Rome and western culture, values and history.

There are still stories we hold dear that define who and what we are.

You can't kill a people, an idea nor their myths and stories... with a movie.

Europe is waking up to the clearly planned extinction of their race and way of life.

Thor... and patriarchy... are on the rise.

Hamlet: He's for a jig, or a tale of bawdry, or he sleeps.

Yes... a jig, a tale of bawdry or the audience will be put to sleep.

This is what Marvel Studios under SJW management seems to think of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's creations. Make a mockery of them. Make a joke of them. Make them... go extinct as The West's enemies hack to pieces the very life of European peoples and their culture.

This... Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet... was once the kind of talent and force Marvel Studios could attract to it's roster as director of the 2008 launch of Thor and his tales of mighty battle. Before the dark times... before Disney.

Ragnarok... will go down as the final and last block buster of Marvel Studios.

The Goddess of Death will do what she does best... destroy all she touches.

Strength & Honor

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