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Thor: War, Wisdom & What Makes Man Worthy

Maximus Decimus Meridius | July 2, 2018 | 10 minute read

What makes a man worthy of power and authority? Is it war and being a warrior? Or is it wisdom and the moral right to be King?

This question was sparked by the movie Thor but also by an interesting exchange I had on Twitter recently in the more "macho" spectrum of the advice for men sphere that is the rise of patriarchy in The West. The debate was about Maximus' clearly gamma (there we go with the Greek/Darwin letter definition of Man once again) views of the, in their eyes, cataclysmic civil war coming to America; of facing off against "battle hardened" Antifa communist/leftists in an unavoidable conflict that will involve up to "85%" of the USA population.

Methinks these men doth crave battle to prove the mettle of their mighty Twitter bark.

In short... these men want war because an 'alpha male' who is not 'gamma' knows only war, not wisdom, makes you a man.

If you are listening to mentors who issue battle cry's to become men, you are listening to fools who are unworthy to be king of any realm.

LAUFEY: All Father. You look weary.

ODIN: Laufey... end this now.

LAUFEY: Your boy sought this out.

ODIN: You're right. These are the actions of a BOY. Treat them as such. You and I can end this, here and now, before there is further bloodshed.

LAUFEY: We are beyond diplomacy now All Father. He'll get what he came for. WAR... and death.

ODIN: So be it.


Grown adult males... behaving like children.

At least the pussy chasers, as unmasculine as they are, are not putting the lives of friends, family and community - of tribe and nation - at risk of war.

Far, far, far worse is man-children buying into the feminist stereotype of brutal warrior as the path toward the capital M in Man.

Maximus... was not a man of violence. He was a father, a husband and loyal Roman. He fought in wars to defend and protect those he loved and the dream that was Rome. He entered into violence only... ONLY... because he felt it was morally right and thus his duty to a wise and cautious man who was his emperor and whom he had respect for.

The other threat to the capital M in Man comes from boys who would pretend to be King's in glorifying war and lusting for battle with the enemy.

THOR. Directed by the legendary Kenneth Branagh (and starring no less than the screen powerhouses of Anthony Hopkins and Colm Feore) created a stunning rendition of what is not a comic book movie, but the very heart of Man, capital M - wisdom.

Any man can be a warrior. Give him a blade, a gun, teach him to hate and believe war is what makes him a man... and you have the cannon fodder elites and globalists salivate over for death and atrocity over countless generations.

You can have wisdom without war, but war without wisdom is hell on earth.

And this is precisely what some men in the macho-sphere are holding out to boys as models to be followed toward becoming a man.

Dine with real men (and pay big $$$ for the privilege) who know the 'truth' of how to become masculine to survive. There are no rules. Be alpha. Men are to be used like clumps of earth, for it is earth we come from and to earth we return. Darwin is now God and the brutal alpha male of survival is his Holy Son. Any talk of moral purpose, of patience or diplomacy, of taking a blow and not returning it because you are stronger and capable of restraint - of a higher purpose to Man than glory in war - is the talk of a gamma male, a man who knows not what a "man" is. If you are incapable of killing, of being a "real man," you are gamma and beneath contempt.

THOR: Why did you bring us back!

ODIN: Do you realize what you've done? What you've started?

THOR: I was protecting my home!

ODIN: You can't even protect your friends, how do you hope to protect a kingdom.

THOR: There won't be a kingdom to protect if you are afraid to act. The liberals/leftists must learn to fear me [the Red Pill alpha male], just as they once feared you [God, Christ and the moral power/authority of a true patriarch]

ODIN: THAT'S PRIDE AND VANITY TALKING, NOT LEADERSHIP. You've forgotten everything I taught you, about a warriors patience.

THOR: While you wait and be patient, the liberals/leftists laugh at us. The old ways [Christian patriarchy, moral truth] are done. You stand giving speeches while America/Europe/The West falls.


THOR: And you are an old man and a fool!!!

This is what The West has lost.

Christian or pagan Norse myth, western men have completely abandoned everything their patriarchal ancestors once stood for.

Honor. Courage. Fortitude. Temperance. Civility. Respect. All these have been thrown away and an alter erected to the God of Darwin, the alpha male who is a survivor. While many of these more macho-sphere men talk of such attributes, their display of them is lacking. Twitter is being used to pose, to preen, to pontificate on the absolute worst aspects of toxic masculinity.

Yes... I said it. Toxic masculinity.

The glorification of violence. Leadership by deception. Using other men for one's own purposes. Preaching that with the right posture, you can intimidate and breed in others the fear an alpha male craves in his women and subordinates. The freedom to obey no laws except the ones he lays down; selfish and self serving laws all will be forced by fear and threat of violence to submit to.

This... is toxic masculinity. The pursuit of mentally unhealthy traits, essentially the classic tryptic of a psychopath, to become not just more attractive to women, but to become "truly masculine" and thus a "man" is an embarrassment. At least when the Rat Pack went out to dine and smoke cigars, they could boast of having lived through a real war and come out the other side into peace. Men with real testosterone in their veins for whom smoking and drinking was merely a way to relax. Now, men see the cigars and whiskey and think "I must do/act like this to be seen as a man." They take on the trappings, the dress, the boastful talk of an alpha male with none of the spirit nor moral and divine authority to actually pass as a Man with these men from times of true patriarchs long since past into history.

This is why I don't boast I am anything other than a Man, capital M.

I am not a leader. I am not an alpha male. I am not a chad. I am not a warrior. I am not looking for any man to follow me or look up to me.

All I am... is a mind focused on truth, on moral duty (i.e. to do/say what is right), on honor to my fellow man and country to the best of my flawed character as a man struggling to find his way in a world gone mad.

Odin. Tinia. Jupiter. Zeus.

How many examples do I need to remind western men of what they once strived for with all their mortal might to become?

A God among men.

Mortal made divine.

The power and authority granted to a Man who embraces not war and violence, but truth and justice. To the upholding of a way of life, a patriarchy, where men hold the reigns of power because they are the superior gender with the moral authority, and violence if necessary, to ensure peace and prosperity for all, not just the few psychopathic men and women of the past goddess worshipping age of matriarchy.

There are now new laws for man being imagined. Laws that lead men to become master of a dark world, not a world of light. A world where faith and reason, being and ultimate purpose, are cast out and replaced with ego, vanity and pride. In short... men who are unworthy to lead are asking you to follow them into a war with feminists/leftists/globalists they hype as inevitable and impossible to avoid.

The duty of Man is not to lead a nation into war, but to find a way out and return to peace.

Yes... I was a fool. To think you were ready.

Thor... Odinson... You have betrayed the express command of your King.

Through your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horror, and desolation, of war!!!

You are... unworthy of these realms [being one of the gods], unworthy of your title [Of Man united with his divine essence]. YOU ARE UNWORTHY... of the loved ones you have betrayed. [in failing to be a Man]

I now take from you...

YOUR POWER [a Man's moral authority to by King, a patriarch]

In the name of my Father, and his Father before Him...

I, Odin ALL FATHER... cast you out!!!

Power & authority is granted to a Man only when he has become one.

Thor... is a protector, but not a King. He is a warrior... but not yet a patriarch. A patriarch must be a warrior, but he is not King until he learns to put aside the ways of a boy and become a Man.

War is not wisdom.

Wisdom is the avoidance of war at all cost, for as long as one can and is able to do so.

To become worthy again, western men must obey the only law for his being created.

To serve others, not himself. To give up all vain and prideful lust for power and glory in the name of his ego and the worship of other men, for the humility and sacrifice of giving up his life to save others.

Whosoever holds this hammer, IF HE BE WORTHY, shall possess the power of Thor.

I ask again.

What is power and authority in Man rooted in?

Is it in becoming a psychopathic alpha male following the law of no-laws, Darwinian survival at any and all costs?

Or is it in sacrifice, in love, in truth & justice, in humility and in giving up one's life instead of taking another's to perpetuate "manly" and "macho" war at all costs?

Each man must choose the path he will walk on this earth.

Right now, western men are hopelessly lost.

They're either chasing down pussy like an oasis in a desert.

Or they are pounding their manly chests for war with "the enemy."

Both... are nothing but the path of pride, vanity and ego.

Every man wants pussy, but to become a slave to obtaining it is beneath him.

Every man wants to be victorious in battle, but to want battle solely to obtain glory and fame is to be a dangerous fool to his fellow countrymen.

Maybe one day, western men will walk the path of Man, capital M, once more.

When love for something other than his own ego and pride...

Is overtaken by the love of humility and respect for the truth - the values, ways and LAWS... of Man; bequeathed to The West by those senile, foolish patriarchs of old that gave rise to the most powerful and influential race of Men the world has ever known.

Until then...

Strength & Honor


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