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Tommy Robinson, Islam, The West & Skin In The Game

Islam has already taken over The West. Now what?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 28, 2018 | 22 minute read

I don't know where to start.

I just finished reading Tommy Robinson's Enemy Of The State.

I thought I was woke, but I was humbled, flat on my arse!

Right up front I want to say a word to all those Twitter-sphere personalities out there that are talking about us anon's not having "skin in the game" because we don't use our real names and faces in combatting the enemies of The West.

You have NO clue, bruv. Not one F$#king clue.

And no, being a father and having a wife & family only barely qualifies you for skin in the game.

I am calling bullshit on every single one of them because NONE of them are in any danger of being an actual threat to the plans of the globalist deep state. They're all running around doing the hustle thing, perfecting their Twitter feed marketing to make it "rain fire" pitching their fitness/business/lifestyle blah, blah blah. None of them... are actually combatting the enemy... except one.

The ONLY Red Pill, men's movement sphere writer with skin in the game... is Roosh.


His book Free Speech Isn't Free: How 90 Men Stood Up Against The Globalist Establishment - And Won was an eye opener for me. While I don't agree with Roosh that Red Pill and/or Game are the way forward for western men, there is zero doubt that he was at the vanguard of a real pushback against globalists in N. America. Our Batman, the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. Could you take it and keep going, keep moving forward? Could I?

A one-man crusade against globalists that culminated in the world wide character assassination that was the International Meet-Up media AND law enforcement (military?) shit-storm. And he stepped back, lowered his profile and went under the radar as best he could upon confrontation with real skin in the game risk. Who can blame him?

If Roosh's book opened my eyes, Tommy's book blew my mind and destroyed my world.

Not even going to try to review, outline or explain this book. You can't. It's impossible. Enemy Of The State is the single most dream crushing book for the future of The West you will ever read. Bar none. That said, I will offer my conclusion after reading it.

The UK, Britannia, is dead.

England won't be a Muslim nation, an Islamic state, in "a few decades"... it already is.

This is the ringing conclusion only a blind fool would not come to when finishing this absolutely unbelievable read.

What? How can I say that? Are not Muslims still only a minority? Are there not still a majority of native, white Brits still living, working and running the nation?

No. London is now apparently nearly white Brit free, the natives having left years ago, all of them effectively pushed out.

When the police, justice system, and government aid, fund, abet and collude...yes collude... with Islam and Muslims to terrorize and dominate the entire country...

You don't have a country "for the Britons" anymore, no matter the current "minority" status of Islam and Muslims in the UK.

This is no bloody joke. I'm not being cheeky here.

If there are more than three people the police can ban the assembly or the procession. However, with there being only me and Kev they couldn't offically act.

A leading local Imam then warned the police not to let us enter Tower Hamlets and I asked the officer, who did he work for?

This geezer or the British public?

Tommy Robinson, Enemy Of The State, p 239

This is just one paragraph excerpt. Shall I unpack it for you?

  • Tommy knows there are state rules for protests, assemblies and processions
  • it only takes three - 3 - people for the police to legally have the right to shut down your "procession"
  • a local Muslim leader (the Imam) walked straight to the police and gave them their orders not to allow Tommy and Kev into...
  • Tower Hamlets, a local borough/neighbourhood of London, like the one you are living in right now in your country

Does this rule-of-3 apply to Muslims when they gather in the 10s, the 100s, (the 1000s?) to protest and do whatever the hell they want anywhere in the UK? Of course not.

Did Tommy and Kev make it into Tower Hamlets?


They started their walk toward the borough and the UAF (United Against Facism) of London set on them straight away like flies to shit. The police allowing them to get right in their faces and even allowed one to punch Kev, straight up cold cock him. When Tommy and Kev did not fight back (as police were hoping), a female cop simply clamped the cuffs on them, arrested for "obstructing the police in the course of their duty." When asked "What obstruction?", the lady cop had no answer... literally no answer, and Tommy noted the squaking earpiece and most likely the instructions coming to her to simply arrest them on any charge to prevent their walk into Tower Hamlets.

Arrested, as free citizens of Britain, for simply wanting to walk through a local borough of London.... LONDON!... as in the capital of democratic England and her Majesty the Queen.

You know... like going for a stroll through Brooklyn as I did when I visited New York.

Not allowed. Stopped. Arrested. As requested by the real authorities of the borough - Muslims and Islam.

Let that sink in for a moment.

That is just ONE story.

The most harrowing were the two very clear attempts to kill Tommy by locking him up in the most violent offender wings of HMP (Her Majesty's Prison) "nicks" as Tommy calls them. In the first instance, throwing him into a locked room (with malfunctioning cameras, naturally) with three Muslims and leaving him to die.

The screw put me inside - they knew what they were doing - locked the door and calmly walked away. The room had bench seating all round but I never sat down because I knew what was coming next. I kept my chin down but my eyes up, and my back to the corner.

ibid. p 269

Lacerated skull. Swollen eyes. Not even taken to medical, just tossed back in his cell. I doubt these are the photos from that incident. This was not his first or last beating for taking to the streets to save Britain.

That's what REAL skin in the game looks like.

So you can stuff it with your anons-are-pussies chatter you wankers!

Tommy's story has changed my view toward Islam and Muslims.

There is no reforming Islam. Period.

There is no chance of Islam integrating into The West.

To be even more specific, there is no integrating the races/cultures of the native lands of Islam into The West. (i.e. cultural Islam) Islam, the religion, is merely the vehicle of this hatred toward everything non-Muslim. It's the people, the racial and tribal origins beneath Islam, that is driving this radicalism with divine, scriptural blessing.

While I still have more respect for Islam as a religion than Tommy, it is crystal clear to me now it is a religion that belongs in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia and not in The West, and most definitely it's African/Arab/Pakistani practitioners.

It's not Tommy saying Islam is a big problem. It's Muslims themselves.

We've convinced ourselves that this 90 per cent [i.e. the silent, 'moderate' Muslim majority] is the key to integration. That's who we need to keep preaching 'community cohesion' to.

However it's happened, it's now accepted almost without question that the 90 per cent is on 'our' side...

The reality - said Usama that day - was that the positions are in reverse.

It's a 90 per cent proportion supporting right wing, conservative Islam and a sharia state, and only 10 per cent with a moderate and modernist British viewpoint.

ibid. p 254

"Usama Husan is a senior researcher in Islamic studies" as Tommy introduced him. A man associated with the Quilliam Foundation, an organization promoting "pluralism & inspiring change," the world's first counter-extremism organization... for Muslims and Islam, conveniently left off the tag line of their website splash page.

The 90/10 split of the "silent majority" of moderate Muslims is also what I believed. The real truth is that the 90 per cent are those that are simply not violent and don't want/wish to be... but... they want Islam to dominate the world. The 10 per cent... are simply those Muslims willing to get their hands dirty. And the 90 don't ever dare to raise a finger in protest to that militant 10 because... apostasy... and death.

Appeasing Islam and Muslims... with deference and money... is not going to work.

You cannot buy loyalty. (p 255)

Islam... is... taking over The West. Now. Not tomorrow.

For the dream that was Rome to even have a chance of being rekindled, Islam must be stopped.

But is it too late?

I think even Tommy knows this and while he still stands, never giving up, he admits nothing has changed after all his effort. No thing. Not one. Nothing. In fact, it's only gotten worse since this book was written around 2015/16 and the now absolute tsunami of 'refugees' into Europe. Without Trump's win in 2016, N. America would have been flooded as well.

Are you shocked yet?

You bloody well should be!

What I've quoted so far are just a few small excerpts from a 324 page book that has this shit on every f#$ing page! Three hundred and twenty-four pages of complete and utter corruption of the entire British political, police, justice, courts, prison, probation system - top to bottom - in support and promotion of Islam and Muslims over native Brits.

But that is not the worst of it.

I am not Tommy Robinson. Like Neo, I see through the matrix to the truth.

Tommy gets a lot of things right about Islam and Muslims, but he also gets a lot wrong.

What British "values" are we losing to Islam and Muslims taking over?

Why are native born British men and women so susceptible to the message of Islam and thus conversion?

Is Islam Really The Biggest Threat To The West?

The above link is to one of my earliest articles on Return Of Kings. I have never been shy of defending Islam and Muslims. While Tommy Robinson has blown my mind and destroyed my world - specifically, my view of Islam and Muslims as a culture, the races/tribes who are native Muslims - he still has not answered the fundamental contention and confrontation that Islam and Muslims have posed to The West, and which Sayful Islam (the man in the video in my post) asks of Tommy?

What do you stand for?

Nowhere in his book does Tommy outline what current, modern British values are that would be able to challenge and thus repel the advance of Islam.

I can.

Feminism. LGBT promotion and celebration. With a sprinkling of increasingly obvious non-functioning democracy and a fascist, corporate, oligarch monopoly economy. In Canada, the legalization of marijuana and the core of the party asking for decriminalization of even small amounts of the hard stuff. Sweden's liberal youth party actually putting forward policy proposals for decriminalizing incest and necrophilia. Ok, these last were not British politics, but are they far off?

Are the Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs raping white British school girls en masse a demonic horror on earth?


Why are women converting then?

Her Pakistani boyfriend took her [a Luton local girl] to her mum and dad's to say that they couldn't see her any longer. What do you think that did to her parents? But the kids are brainwashed.

One of her close friends told her that her family were moving and [wanted to] taking her with them, away from all of this [Muslims]. Do you know what she said in reply?

"What, so that men can look at me like meat?"

ibid. p 73

MeToo blowback? Or British women realizing that the majority of their men are now either complete, balless cucks that inspire zero lust or attraction in them; or 'woke' Red Pill PUA's who practice Game and who literally see women as nothing but sexual conquest to be won and discarded - you know, meat. Maybe, this is a woman that has decided she wants nothing to do with the complete degenerate lifestyle that is liberal, feminist, LGBT worshiping western, modern "British" society; nor the women hating, Red Pill, all-women-are-hypergamous-evil-sluts that we all know is a large part of the other side of British "culture" now in The West.

I was worried how my last article on Sean Connery might be taken by readers on my argument that western women are dominating The West and it's men because they have lost all fear of male physical authority and dominance. After reading how Muslim men are literally raping British girls into Islam... I think I have my horrific proof.

Western women would rather be enslaved to foreign, barbarian men who are willing to rape them... then their own soft, caring, feminist, cucked or red pill be-alpha-or-die loser males.

Is that barbaric of me to state? I would counter with... is it true? Because from where I'm standing, you would have to be blind to not see evolution, and perhaps even God, at work.

But what about the other half of her Royal Majesty's loyal subjects?

Why are British lads such easy targets for conversion, in or out of prison?

Why are these men so angy at their own country to want to see it burn by barbarian invaders, nay join them in the burning?

Do I really need to give any of my readers here the answer?

This is what Tommy, as good a man as he is, just does not get.

You and I may not want Islam to dominate The West, but it is clearly giving people a path and way forward in life; a way of living that is distinct from the thoroughly corrupted and destroyed western moral values and ways of the past. Those who are still Christian can say "there is another way!!!" but... western men and women are not choosing it. That's not being against the message of Christ, that is just plain, simple reality.

Is Tommy a feminist? Does he march in gay pride parades?

In truth, I don't know and I doubt he has given such questions any thought because... the questions are no longer asked.

If you are western, you support female empowerment and the celebration of homosexuality.

This is "who we are" now.

Like most modern westerners, Tommy has walked away from Christianity (p 170) and is (I believe) an atheist who has respect for Britain's Christian past and traditions. But that means he has also walked away from a lot of past British moral values and cultural norms. For all intents and purposes, I suspect he has never thought about it - why British people are converting to Islam - and instead uses the unthinking, naive label of "brainwashed" to explain Islam away as a cult religion.

How must it have looked to pagan parents to see their children being "brainwashed" into the "cult" of Christianity in the first centuries of the Roman Empire after the death of Christ?

Eyes to see, none that can.

Tommy wants to defend and stop native, British born women and children from Muslim rape and drug gangs. Ok. Great.

What about campaigning to end no-fault divoirce? Why are so many British boys and girls being raised without a father to guide them away from the drugs and violence of foreigners, yes foreigners, in the first place?

Why would young British lads come to hate their own country, culture and people?

Tommy's wife stayed with him through this entire nightmare. I am shocked the police didn't target her to divorce him. What would he have done had his wife left him and took his children away? It is very clear in Tommy's story that his wife and children, his family, is his bedrock of support and the wellspring from which he derives his greatest joy and happiness from. Would he have had his sobering up in jail? His coming out to stay out and fly right to stop putting his wife, kids and family/friends though the hell they were enduring for him? Who would Tommy be today if his wife and kids were not at home when he got out of 22 weeks of solitary confinement? Yes, you read that correctly - 22 straight weeks, almost half a year, in solitary, "the block."

Tommy has learned a lot about Islam. He has even opened my eyes to Muslims and the culture of Islam as opposed to my intellectual understanding of the religion itself.

But will he even look once at why Islam is coming to dominate The West? Why are Muslims not being seduced by the moderate, secular, atheist, feminist, LGBT western values way of life?

As horribly incompatible as Islam is to The West, it is an authentic version of Abrahamic morals and laws, values and norms, that once was the bedrock of British life when it was Christian.

Christian Britain, God AND country... past tense.

As much as I support Tommy.

As much as he and his book was instrumental in my finally seeing the threat that Islam poses to The West.

I am torn because what is his solution?

Embracing secular, atheist, liberal feminist and LGBT "values?"

Is this the only way forward for The West to survive?

What are conservative-but-not-right-wing values? Do they even exist?

Embracing inter-racial marriage and "diversity" through integration of "western values?"

The continued acceptance of a plummeting native anglo-saxon/European/white birth rate to the mathematical certainty of our racial extinction?

Does opposing these solutions to radical Islam make me a Nazi? Will advocating for the polar opposite force Tommy to reject me as being "far right?"

This is one of the other things that Tommy gets wrong. Tommy is not a racist, and neither am I. But I am not about to claim there is no such thing as race, or close my eyes to the other crystal clear fact (and evidence) that the white European race is disappearing and that it is by design; pushed and encouraged (i.e. diversity) by the same British system that is pushing and encouraging Islam to take over Britain. Are there some far-far-far-right racist, white supremacist skin-heads out there? Absolutely. That does not mean that someone asking the question of "Should England be the land of native, white, chthonic born, Anglo-Saxon ancestral heritage Britons in the majority?" is thus "literally Hitler" or a Nazi.

No matter how many ways you look at The West, every angle is cocked up.

It's a royal shit show.

Enemies to the left of me. Enemies to the right. And we white/European western men are stuck right in the middle with no where to turn to even begin to fix this. Can we even escape if we wanted to?

Tommy Robinson got real with me. He wants western people to get real and face the threat that extremist Islam and radical Muslims pose to The West. (Yes, Tommy does make the distinction.)

Ok Tommy... let's get real for a minute.

Let's look at what we really face as a peoples, as a race, for the future of our very survival as westerners.

What is it going to take to rebuild and return to the dream that was Rome and The West?

  • the complete end of feminism and it's entire cancerous ideology
  • a return to exclusive traditional heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman
  • the end of no-fault divorce; a serious re-tooling of the process of divorce with real restrictions on financial vampirism and child estrangement of ex-husbands and fathers
  • the removal of all public displays of and education of LGBT gender degeneracy and lifestyle, especially to children
  • to make the family, children, the priority of women once more as wife and mother
  • a return to Christian moral values, culture and heritage; at a minimum a reverence/respect for the secular parts of the tradition if it can't be literal bums-in-the-pews return to the Church and Christ
  • the end of immigration of, let's face it, non-white, non-european immigrants who clearly don't share our values, however you define them
  • the removal of all radical Muslims from our nations (i.e. deportation en masse); possibly even retroactive for ALL IMMIGRANTS going back at the minimum to anyone let in after 2014 and the start of the 'refugee immigrant' crisis
  • the severe restriction, if not outright banning, of Islam in The West; at a minimum, government oversight and police control of all Muslim activities in mosques and madrasas.

That... is just to address the core problems saving The West culturally.

What about at the systemic level, of government and economy?

  • the end of central banking and fiat usury currenices
  • the return of true free market capitalism
  • the return of the rule of law
  • the return of functional democracy with enhanced protections and mechanisms to address corruption and co-option by the oligarchical class
  • the return of a proper middle class with decent jobs and wages across a whole spectrum of society, not just STEM and the corp/gov globalist matrix of enslavement

If any of that sounds like a kind-of Hitler-Nazi-fascist to you, you would not be totally wrong.

Wake up. This is precisely why they scream Trump is "literally Hitler" and all his supporters are Nazis who need to be stomped.

I give you... a Zerohedge comment on the eventual end of this particular path from the lesson of history.

The author clearly lacks the historical perspective on the Marxists modus operandi.

They aren't just going to throw up their hands "we give up" now that Kanye has switched sides and go home and pout.

They will keep on their sprint towards their "international socialism", a "world without borders" and "exterminate whitey" narratives. The average person will, if history be our guide, shy away from these narratives and resort to de facto tribalism (now called nationalism) as a response. (How many of us on here were run-of-the-mill Republicans a few years ago and now consider ourselves "Alt-Right"?)

The Lefties that remain will also continue to grow in numbers -- but at a much smaller rate than the "Alt-Right." The difference being is this new Left filled with Marxists will be exceptionally prone to violence, sabotage, coercion and threats to promulgate their narratives. The "Alt-Right" will be filled with many people willing to talk tough but be unable to act, gotta have dinner on the table for the kids.

Eventually, things get bad enough with the Marxists that the more extreme factions of the "Alt-Right" organize "storm troopers" of sorts - they start out as defensive agents of "talk-tough no action" alt-right politicians from the Marxists. However, those that lead/run these "storm troopers" begin to realize: 1) the Marxists actually fear them; 2) they are amassing more power than the politicians they seek to protect; and 3) at this point in the process, only fighting fire with fire is possible. The time for negotiations and talking are over.

Thereafter, if history once again be our guide -- those who lead said "Alt-Right Storm-Troopers" begin first to act offensively against the Marxists, proactively as opposed to reactionary -- the politicians they seek to protect will distance themselves from this and then there will be a split.

At this point -- if said storm-trooper leader is articulate, relatable and persuasive it'll be 1934 Germany all over again for the Communists. If he is some cousin-fucking redneck, well the "Alt-Right" descends into turmoil and in-fighting as a clear power-broker tries to emerge.

If the Marxists are half-way intelligent -- this would be their time to strike.

No, things get much worse before they get better.

What was the EDL - the English Defence League - that Tommy Robinson started but... defence of the people from Islam/Muslims? Which in turn is defence of people from the Liberal, far-left Marxists that are using violence (Antifa) to take and keep power and support Islam Muslims to destroy "white, patriarchal, priviliged, western, capitalist oppression of all immigrant, non-binary, persons of colour, gender blah blah blah."

Is Enemy Of The State a 21st century Mein Kampf?

I dare anyone, anyone... to deny the parallels.

All Tommy lacked, and he personally made clear over and over again in his story, was the will to turn the EDL into a political party.

What separates the western 'far fight' movement from Hitler's National Socialism is our adherence to democracy and capitalism.

But will our enemies see the hairs we are splitting and concede defeat, that they are wrong?

Are you laughing? Cause I am.

Islam cares for none of these western philosophical and historical arguments because... it is a complete replacement for all of them.

It's been brought to my attention by a few readers that they don't "get" why Maximus goes negative about the future of The West at times.

I'm not negative about The West. I am just asking... have we hit an iceberg? Is it time to start looking for life rafts?

Searching for a way to survive is not "negative."

If you still can't see we are not fighting for the return of the dream that was Rome, but it's very survival, my writing has been a complete waste of time.

Strength & Honor


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