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What Do You Believe? God, Christ & The Sacredness Of Man

Maximus Decimus Meridius | March 10, 2018 | 27 minute read

There is a fundamental problem in The West and in western Man. An entire culture and people are dying out and being replaced. Everyone is pointing the finger of blame at globalists, the deep state, feminism, immigrants and yes, even the loss of Christianity and faith in God. All very good arguments and one could make a blog and Twitter career out of hammering on any one of them.

That said, I think there is something fundamental being missed, being ignored. A subtle, trifling matter that even today, for all the rage and anger at the decline of The West you will find online, many would and will pass over and scoff at; the root of the problem no one will believe is the sole source of The West's fall from grace.

The belief that life is sacred, and that it should be taken seriously.

Someone was asking about when I was going to write about Orthodox Christianity. I want to introduce you to a sub-deacon by the name of Ezra on the Orthodox Christianity 101 YouTube channel. I have also started to listen to Jordan Peterson's Bible lecture series. While Peterson is doing a great service reviving interest in The West's Christian (and thus sacred) past, there is something I find lacking in Peterson's talks that is palpable with sub-deacon Ezra.

Jordan Peterson has made God & Man 100% empirical. Ezra and Orthodox Christianity makes them real.

All of the angst, the anxiety, the paranoia with being 'rational' and "not going further than necessary" (i.e. actually pointing to God and naming Him by name) in speculating about the nature of religious belief as a psychological model of evolutionary adaptation and survival using the Bible as empirical evidence (see?)... is gone from this lecture series. Why? It's taken for granted that a) God is real and b) Man is sacred. Interestingly, this video does go into a lot of science, much like Peterson does, but the tone and manner which Ezra speaks about science is entirely different. It's not one of angst, but of joy. Joy in coming to see and acknowledge the obvious that even science cannot ignore any longer - God is real.

The Orthodox Christianity 101 channel has some of the best content I have ever found on YouTube explaining God within the Christian tradition. These were even more eye opening than the three (so far) of Jordan Peterson's Bible series (which are still incredible). I have highlighted this video - These Things I Believe: The One Thing I Know - because it addresses the heart of the problem facing The West.

What... precisely... does The West believe?

What... exactly... is the one thing The West knows?

I only wrote a few articles for Return of Kings. My 2nd most controversial article on ROK was on Islam - Is Islam Really The Biggest Threat To The West? It contained a video of Tommy Robinson, far more infamous now than in his early days crusading against Islam and Muslims. I highlight it in this post again for a specific reason.

It is not me asking what The West believes and stands for.

It is Islam and Muslims... and they have an answer.

Why am I highlighting Islam in a post about Orthodox Christianity?

Western Man no longer believes he has a soul, and thus that he has anything sacred about himself to stand up for and defend.

Most people will focus on Tommy's rant on Islam and Muslims, sharia law, burqas, etc not belonging in The West. "It's got no place bruv." They will especially note the violence of the Muslim in striking Tommy.

But... did you miss it? The trifling little questions that Muslim asked of Tommy?

"What have you got? (in replace of sharia)

"What do you stand for? (in replace of Christianity)

While the Muslim went on to narrow Tommy into the racist category of "what he stands for"... his questions prove my point. Tommy has no answer because The West doesn't bother to ask these questions anymore.

The West now stands for nothing but Darwinian empiricism, scientific 'rationalism' and corporate consumerism. Period.

Feminism, gender, LGBT, "diversity"... all of these poisons were around in the 80s/90s when I was growing up, but The West was still grounded in Christian values, morals and principles. I (Gen X) was probably the last generation that knows what the inside of a church looks like, and knows gays and women should not really be allowed a place to speak, let alone lead, within the church. Post 2000 and the rise of the Millennial generation (not blaming, just noting the transition), Christianity died in The West. God... was now not just dead, but buried and forgotten.

What did The West bury in the grave with God and Christianity?

We're going to be trying to answer two questions.

One is, has God become irrelevant in the 21st century.

And secondly, is there anything left to believe in?

Sub-deacon Ezra, These Things I Believe (YouTube 0:13)

These are not questions you could ask in the 90s and be taken entirely seriously. Yes, God and Christ were fading to black and the background, but no one would deny the importance of such a discussion and many would still have some instinctual, defensive reaction to the idea that such a topic of discussion is no longer allowed or wanted, let alone accuse the person starting one as being dangerous or subversive.

Since the dawning of the new millenium in The West, the question of God and his role in The West is no longer a question. It simply is no longer relevant. Many westerners now DO see such a discussion as being subversive and tainted with malice and a personal (i.e. your opinion, not truth) moral agenda. I dare you to bring up God and Christianity at your next social gathering, and watch how fast you are shunned and prodded to find the door and make use of it to leave. This is why Islam is striking such visceral fear in many westerners, or at least those who can recognize that an Islamic West will begin to ask of them questions they would rather not contemplate.

What is the core message of Islam?

  1. God is real.
  2. God created Man, and for a purpose.
  3. Man's ultimate reality is the immaterial, the divine, the sacred. (i.e. the soul)
  4. Man will be judged when he passes from this earth and comes face-to-face with God, his creator, once more.

All four of these beliefs are now wholly and completely rejected in The West. Rejected I suspect even by most who still call themselves Christians, and only because they simply can't speak like this anymore and survive in the day-to-day world of western cultural life.

Ezra begins this lecture talking about the 1965 Charlie Brown Christmas Special. He talks about how Charlie Brown wanted to find the true meaning of Christmas. By 1965, The West was well on it's way to completely commercializing what was once a sacred and divine day on the calendar. It was not just a holiday from work and school. It was a time of deep reflection on the meaning of life and where Man was headed while he journeyed here on earth. That's how I remember Christmas as a young boy before my teens. I remember my church on Christmas eve suddenly being absolutely packed with faces you would never see again for the rest of the year. I remember that in seeing that many people come out, for this man called Christ, that this man and this day was something sacred and meaningful to people. By the time I graduated high school, Christmas was just a holiday, and hopefully one that landed on a Friday or Monday to get a good long weekend out of it.

I remember seeing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special for the first time as a kid in the mid 80s. I remember it not just clearly, but vividly.


The ending was 100% Christian.

It made you stop and contemplate the message, to take it seriously. It challenged the individual to ask him or herself precisely what they believe and stood for, at a time when no one wanted to ask such questions anymore.

Still get's to me. (And we'll see how long that ending monologue by Linus stays around on YouTube.)

Even 50 years later, the setup, the delivery, the context leading up to Linus' speech. Even the most rabid atheist of today will foam at the mouth at this clip because... the message is that powerful.

As a kid barely into double digits, the reminder that Christmas was about Christ shocked me to my core.

It brought me right back to all the teachings I was being brought up on in regular church attendance and made them... well... more real, more important, more... serious and sacred.

That... was in 1965. The message of Christ still resonated back then because while Boomers were about to fully enter the Me decade of the 70s, they were brought up on the message of Christ. There were still some things about Christmas, about Man, that were sacred. There were reasons to believe in something more about humanity than Christmas trees and presents under it.

Even if Boomers themselves no longer believed in God and Christ, none of them would be openly hostile to the core of the message of Christ's story - the divine revealed in a Man, for Man's salvation (i.e. metaphysics), and about who Man was (his purpose for being created, and that it was good). What Ezra notes about the Charlie Brown Christmas Special was that this was not a show created by any Christian faith group. It was a 100% backed, produced and distributed commercial venture out of Hollywood (to use Ezra's terminology for the entertainment industry in general). Maybe globalists could not push Oscar winning feminist intersectional sex-with-an-animal-alien stories just yet to sell soap. They could not because even for the Me generation Boomers, there was still a deep sense that life was sacred and that some things (the goodness of Man) were not up for debate.

That... is what hits you in that final scene with the reciting of the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke.

That sense that something about life... is sacred, meaningful and important because there is something about Man that transcends modern, secular and now godless western life. This is why Jordan Peterson's lectures on the Bible are also resonating so deeply. His talks, while coached in 'rational' investigation of the psychology of religion, are reminding people that life IS sacred. That there IS something sacred about being human. That YOU... a young man... ARE a sacred being who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Then Ezra fast forwards to 1989 and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

It too was a "search for the real meaning of Christmas," but it was a decidedly different Christmas story. This story was Boomer Me decade to the letter. The story of Christ is now completely removed and in Christ's place... is the wait for the company Christmas bonus cheque in the mail. Note as well the growing importance on sex and the abandonment of the most important of Christian lessons - sexual morality. A morality which Clark is reminded of when his son shows up, but you can see the slippery slope The West is now clearly sliding on.

It is not a religious movie, and yet it's got a theme in it that we have lost something very valuable...

and at the same time, we're on the brink hell, and at the same time, our Christmas star is now sewer gas.

Look where we have come in only 24 years.

Sub-deacon Ezra, These Things I Believe (YouTube 4:10)

To the majority of westerners, what Ezra is doing here is merely pointing out trifles. The trifles of a changing culture, nothing to take all that seriously. A culture that has now, in the 21st century, become so devoid of ANY serious talk about the sacredness of Man, to even write such words as I am now will be polarizing. Many Red Pill men will see me as being a 'trad' blue pill, completely out of touch with "the way things are" now.

Yet... what is there response to the question... "What do you believe in?"


Dead... silence.

Silence I say because it will be anything OTHER than the answer The West needs.

A return to a metaphysical belief that there is something in Man that makes him more than an animal, a divine & sacred creature, and one with a moral destiny & purpose.

This is the core problem facing The West.

Dealing with not so much the commercialization of Christmas... but a religious question, posed in a society that felt very comfortable [with such questions prior to 1965].

Sub-deacon Ezra, These Things I Believe (YouTube 4:10)

The West... of any pill colour... is a culture in the majority that is no longer comfortable asking religious questions.

Asking religious questions means running the risk of having to come up with an answer.

Having to come up with an answer means running the risk of being able to prove the answer is correct (i.e. the truth).

And if there IS a true answer to the religious question of God and Man, and we are not following the truth...

Can you see now why this trifling question of God & Man is one no westerner wants to pay any attention to?

Ezra notes that The West has undergone a shift, a shift in culture, a shift in belief about what Man is.

A culture that felt very comfortable using language like Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Help my friend. Praying to God.

George Bailey even sits at the bar to order a drink and says "God, I'm not a praying man, but help me."

This kind of language that by 1989, is non-existent in our culture.

So I am not trying to make a... uh... political comment, or a religious comment, but I want us to make a cultural comment.

It is obvious that after 1946 and WW2 and 1989, there's been a shift in our culture.

The kind of language that we use, the kind of values that we all commonly share together in our culture.

Sub-deacon Ezra, These Things I Believe (YouTube 5:52)

Not trying to make a... political comment.

Not trying to make a... religious comment.

Yet in 1963, we DO get an example of the religious and the political. The removal of prayer from schools.

The removal of prayer from schools in America, even as late as the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll sixties, was still a very big deal. Three decades later in the 90s, this reality may have been a given, but God and Christianity's importance as a moral guidepost for western culture was still seen as very, very relevant, if being increasingly challenged and marginalized. There were no gay pride parades when I was coming of age, and what little celebration gays did have in public was very muted, which says a lot to just how much Christian moral truth was still ruling in even "God is dead." western society.

I can also relate a personal note on this point; that of The West still having a Christian moral culture even in the angery grunge and feminist fueled 90's. I remember clearly, about the age of 20, that it was now, really, ok to live with a woman before marriage, and how much that shift in culture was a turning point and awakening for me. That something that was once seen not just as a sin, but something one "just did not do", had now become totally fine and no longer judged to be wrong. That "shacking up" and "living in sin" was simply no longer... seen as a sin. "Yea, we love each other, and that is all that matters, so we are going to live together and not feel judged for doing so." That's right, as a culture and a young man of prime virile age, The West as so far from Tinder-fuck-buddy culture that were Millenials to travel back in time a mere 25 years, navigating love and sex would be a completely alien planet to them. An alien planet because of one word Christ embedded within the DNA of European culture and tradition - love.

So what changed at the turn of the millenium? What changed to go from "It's ok to live together before getting married." to "Wanna fuck?"

Red. Pill.

That's not a political comment. It's definitely not a religious comment. But it sure as hell is a CULTURAL comment.

The Red Pill came into it's own at the turn of the millenium. Western men began to adopt a wholly new belief system, a wholly different set of first principles they came to believe and began to assert is what they now stand for. TRP stands in stark contrast to what the Boomers believed, even if they had stopped going to church and believing in God. While there are some woke men of a religious persuasion, the vast majority of young (and older) western Red Pill'ed men are of the following.

  • Leave God, and especially Jesus, out of my life.
  • I don't want to be told how to live my life (i.e. morals).
  • I especially don't want to be told how to conduct my sex life.
  • The only truth is Darwinian evolutionary biology and psychology.
  • Psychological types, hypergamy, feminine imperative and the primacy of "maintaining frame" and being the alpha male now rule my life (and yours too buddy-blue-pill).
  • Make money, avoid marriage, have sex with tonnes of girls.
  • If you're stupid enough to get married, at least learn Game and be sure you "maintain frame" with your wife as an alpha male or else.

What about what happens to Man after he dies? What about asking if this way of life is a moral way for Man to live? Is this way of life conducive to living the good life?

Red Pill western man has no time for such trifling questions of "meaning" and "the why" of life.

A globalist article that declared God (and thus Christianity) is dead... received great backlash. From Boomers to their parents, a full two decades after the war, with feminism raging and about to spill over into the mainstream in the 1970s, with even gays pushing their bums into public discourse seeking acceptance of love-is-love... God and Christian morality was still a topic that both men and women would not brook being discussed as dead because... God represents that which is sacred in Man, his divine origin.

Do you believe you are a divine being? A material creature animated by something sacred that gives you not just dignity, but divine rights concomitant with moral responsibility?

Don Hamilton remembers the day well. This was back in 1966. He was 12 when a classmate asked him the question: “Does your father think that God is dead?” Hamilton had to admit that the answer was yes.

Before long, another friend’s grandmother had started lobbying to have his father, William Hamilton, who was then a professor at Colgate Rochester Divinity School in Rochester, N.Y, fired. Rather than going to church, the family started doing Bible reading at home, on their own. Eventually, they left Rochester. There was no way to hide Hamilton’s radical view after the April 8, 1966, cover of TIME Magazine asked the same question as young Don’s friend.

TIME - Is God Dead At 50

Fired... for NOT believing in God... yet still clinging to reading the Bible and wanting to go to church. This was the quandry Boomers were wrestling with; the 'death' of God, but knowing if they accepted such a premise, all that they believed (i.e. morals and truth) dies with Him.

My, how the times have changed.

Those three words that had stirred debate among a few radical theologians had suddenly captured the imaginations—and fears—of the nation. They also captured a moment in time. Thomas Altizer, another death-of-God theologian featured in the story, believes the same story today would have a far more muted reaction. “At least I can’t imagine it,” he tells TIME. “We are in a very different world.”

The article was far more nuanced than the cover might suggest, but Hamilton and Altizer were not hedging in their views. It’s tempting to take them metaphorically, to say “death” and mean “irrelevance,” but they were speaking literally. The idea was not the same as disbelief: God was real and had existed, they said, but had become dead.


A different world indeed.

What does modern, western man believe?

Darwin - Red Pill, r/K selection theory, hypergamy & feminine imperative, alpha male, evolution, scientific 'rationalism'.

What does modern, western woman believe?

Feminism - equality of the sexes, the evils of patriarchy, gender identity and expression, cultural diversity, moral relativity, there is no truth, especially not patriarchal (i.e. Christian) truth.

What does a Christian believe?

The one true God. All loving, all forgiving, to those who repent and earnestly strive to live a moral life according to his Word. Christ, the unity of the divine, the sacred, in Man, made manifest to express His message of salvation once and for all to those who have faith in Him. Hell... is real. Judgement and punishment... is coming. All those who refuse to believe and acknowledge the Truth, capital T, of their reality, the reality of their creator and what His divine purpose was for the creation of Man; to become like God, in his image, and strive for the divine and sacred reality that exists within us. Deny all of this... and you will suffer the consequences.

[Quoting a Russian philosopher, Berdyaev I believe]

"Since long ago, the sacred has been exterminated from the people's soul, both from the left side and the right, which prepared the cynical attitude towards the sacred that is now being revealed in all its disgust."

One of the issues I think we will find ourselves grappling with in our next weeks together, is this cynical attitude towards the sacred.

Does the sacred exist, and the reality of the sacred, and we will be surprised at how much this hatred of the sacred has already seeped into us because it permeates our culture, as there is this cultural attempt to exterminate...

the sacred. In our lives, and in the lives of people.

Sub-deacon Ezra, These Things I Believe (YouTube 27:15)

God. Sacred.

Potato. Potaatoe.

A cultural attitude of dismissiveness and denigration of both God and the sacred is what The West now believes, what it stands for.

Today, in the 21st century...

Where is God? Is God meaningless? Is He irrelevant? Is He dead?

Does it make sense to talk about God? Are there only those of us that have a little bit of grey hair on our heads the only ones left that will ever talk about God, because everybody else is being educated away from God?

Sub-deacon Ezra, These Things I Believe (YouTube 9:07)

I have come to believe that the only thing that will save The West, is if BOTH it's men AND women return to believing there is something sacred in them worth saving.

Ezra was quoting at length (25 min mark) about the Russian experience under Communism. How the gulf of both knowledge and belief, between the elites/royal family and the masses, between the church and science, was getting so wide that atheism took hold and resulted in the most bloody of revolutions ever known in history. A revolution that was precipitated by the denigration of Man as a divine and sacred being, reducing him to Darwinian, deterministic empirical origin and purpose. To removing the very idea that Man has free will to CHOOSE not only how to live his life, but what he can believe about the very purpose of life itself.

Does any of the Russian experience leading up to the Communist revolution of 1917 sound scarily familiar if you are a Trump supporting American in the 21st century? Does the phrase "those who refuse to learn from history..." keep ringing in your ears like a church bell on Sunday?

For The West to survive, it has to choose to believe in the sacred again.

God. Allah. Jesus. Buddha. The Tao.

CHOOSE... something that you believe makes you more than just scientific atoms and Darwinian chemical reactions.

It does not matter what you believe. Which may sound hypocritical on a post about Orthodox Christianity, but it's not. Ezra talks very little about God or Christ in that over one hour lecture. Why?

If you do not believe you are a sacred and divine being, you can't even begin to talk about God, let alone Christ.

If you don't believe you are sacred, divine, worthy of life and thus there being a purpose for your being here...

When I started this blog in January of 2017, I was hedging what I believe to some degree to appeal to the widest possible audience. I did not want to alienate any reader who may not believe in God, so I wrote from a more humanist and spiritual reality of Man who was ok with supporting Red Pill theory and Game. After all, it's the 21st century. I mean, that's "just the way things are now" right? But in writing for a year, in grappling with the question of saving The West and the return of patriarchy, I began to see so clearly that there is no escaping this question of Man's sacredness. So too that of woman.

It was my Twitter experience (my first time ever on social media in any real, participatory sense) most especially that brought home for me this truth. While there are a few lone voices in the TRP sphere calling for a return to God and Christ, that number is infinitesimally small. The call of God... is simply not being heard by western man. And those godless voices... have nothing to offer for a life philosophy that has any connection with Man's very being, his essence. Nothing to offer except hustle, money and sex. After almost 20 years of free flowing pussy, are western Red Pill men TRULY happy with there lived lives? Even for those Red Pill family men, the married brothers, Game, the Red Pill, alpha frame, the nature of the female... listening to them drone on and on kept forcing me to ask... "Is THIS what we now believe? Is THIS all we stand for as men? Is THIS... all there is to living as a man now in The West?"

If it is... there can only be one answer to the question of the Why of Man.

If Man is no more than an ape - a beast, to sleep and feed, no more - as Shakespeare once eloquently penned, then the answer to which way forward for The West and patriarchy is just that... biological determinism. Be alpha, or die.

But that answer... is where we find ourselves now. We have been living that answer - that faith, that belief - for a minimum of 18 years this 21st century. What's more, the evidence that this new 'truth' of Man's being actually being the correct answer to the question of Man... is now proving to actually be leading us deeper into the very present degenerate circumstances western man now find himself in. And this truth, the degeneracy of the Red Pill... is becoming impossible to ignore.

It, the Red Pill, is not only NOT the answer. It's part of the cancer that is killing The West.

If the Darwinian/atheist answer is incorrect, will western Man be able to humble himself and look to the sacred, to God, once more for the answer to the only questions that matter? To the answers that allowed western Man to not just survive, but thrive and come to dominante the entire planet over the course of 2000 years of proven historical record of being a working answer to the fundamental questions of Man? And it's not just in The West or in the past. Look at Russia and what Putin has accomplished with only a small ripple of return to Orthodox Christianity as the country's moral, and thus cultural, fabric.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were so afraid.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill towards men.

Linus then walks back over to Charlie Brown and gently says...

"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

Wikipedia - A Charlie Brown Christmas

What do you believe?

What do you stand for?

Two short, trifling questions.

If that answer... is living for the sacred, for God, even for Christ, will western Man use his free will to choose a new old path?

Or will he simply shrug in arrogant disgust of his 'intellect' being insulted and disappear from even the history books, which our victors will ensure our existence and that of God and Christianity, the sacred, is never recorded for some future man to read, learn and choose for himself.

The longer western man refuses to not only ask these questions, but seek in earnest the truth in his answer to them, the longer The West will continue to decline until finally... The West is no more.

And Thomas Altizer is still hard at work.

When I caught the nearly-90-year-old theologian by phone, he was in the middle of writing about death. His subject matter has not changed, but the world has. Theology is relegated to the margins. Radical thought is less welcome. God, for better or worse, is not up for debate. He still proclaims his apocalyptic theories, but the ecstasy he felt in 1966 is gone.

“All the things that were crucial to me in the ’60s are now gone,” he says. “I’m not saying this is a bad time, but I think it’s a rather empty time—empty of the joy that we once celebrated.”

TIME - Is God Dead At 50

God is not up for debate, because he is now dead and completely irrelevant to westerners. The very thing Altizer was a 'radical' for in the 60s now makes him just another kook for actually still wanting to write and talk about God.

Thomas Altizer, "a radical theologian who is known for incorporating Friedrich Nietzsche's conception of the "death of God," starts to get second thoughts on his death bed. Second thoughts like maybe killing God has not lead Man to a happier place, but instead one devoid of all joy for life at all. Even at 90, this man still refuses to believe that the times are bad. He still... refuses to accept the truth.

If there is a sliver of a ray of hope for The West it is this.

As The West lies dying, maybe, just maybe, western man will begin to have second thoughts about God and what makes Man a sacred act of creation, not a bestial animal.

Maybe... western man will begin to seek the truth once again, and come to find the answer has been known for over 2000 years by his ancestors and has been a fool in being so stupid and blind to the truth of his present circumstances.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Strength & Honor


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