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What Was The Roman Dream That Inspired The West?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | January 1, 2017 | 6 minute read

Has the dream that was Rome truly died in The West?

Has The West completely thrown away its history and turned against itself in pathetic guilt and shame for it's past sins?

Does The West even dream at all anymore?

There was once a dream that was Rome. You could only... whisper it. Anything more than a whisper... and it would vanish, it was so fragile. And I fear, it will not survive the winter.

~ Marcus Aurelius (Gladiator 2000)

Gladiator - the 2000 Ridley Scott film that won five Academy Awards and grossed nearly half a billion dollars in worldwide box office sales - is the main inspiration for this blog and it's author.

A film that Roger Ebert gave only 2 thumbs up and who feminist Camille Paglia said

"As a huge fan of pagan movie epics of the 1950s and early ’60s, I found “Gladiator” boring, badly shot and suffused with sentimental p.c. rubbish."

~ Camille Paglia

But what else would you expect from a liberal and a feminist - the two demographics of western society who are hell bent to send all that was good about The West straight to hell. A short review of Roger's Ebert's political views gives all one needs to know about why he hated Gladiator. Where some see co-incidence, I see providence.

The turning of the millenium was a watershed year in world history.

Oooooohhhhh boy.  Are we gonna print a lot of money seven years from now.

The dot com mirage went poof and left millions out millions as stock markets imploded on vapour valuations of names-with-dot-com-will-make-me-rich-quick all came crashing to the ground. George "Dubya" Bush was elected that Novemeber, and a year later, 9/11 - the biggest false flag in military history - would commit America and it's allies to the trillion dollar fraud that is now rapturously called the 'war on terror', driving fever dreams of total police state control in every politician's head.

What was not noticed thend but is getting increasingly noticed now, was the then completely underground and growing masculinity and patriarchy movement. A movement that has now culminated in Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States. A patriarchal takeover of the Whitehouse and America that has liberals and feminists completely enraged and dumbfounded as to where all this testosterone and anger against them has come from.

Roger Ebert knew where the anger was coming from and called it before anyone else in his review of Gladiator.

the characters bring no cheer: They're bitter, vengeful, depressed. By the end of this long film, I would have traded any given gladiatorial victory for just one shot of blue skies.

Indeed. The skies darkened over The West on 9/11 like they have on no other empire in history. They darkened not just for America, but for all free men around the world regardless of race, religion or nationality.

Gladiator was a work of art that was put together literally on the fly. The script was undergoing daily re-writes and during shooting, no one knew how the end of the film was actually going to play out. The genius of the film is its use of a peoples collective cultural history, with an underlying subtext that clearly parallels the present day, to paint a picture of the past, the present and the future all rolled into one prophetic piece of artistic work that will speak to all ages for all times.

The dream that was Rome is not dead. It is rising once more.

Only this time, that dream will not be the sole cultural history of a single race and people, but of the entire world. Globally, the common citizens of this planet are fed up with the oligarchal class and their pathetic plan to digitally chip and enslave all mankind into servitude to them forever. The despotic dream of a one world government, a global tyranny, a ruling elite for eternity and all of us their slaves, is slipping through their fingers faster and faster with ever post, every tweet, every email being exchanged by free people around the world..

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus - The Roman Senate And The People

SPQR is an initialism of a Latin phrase, Senātus Populusque Rōmānus ("The Roman Senate and People"; Classical Latin: [sɛˈnaː.tʊs pɔpʊˈlʊs.kᶣɛ roːˈmaː.nʊs]), referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic, and used as an official emblem of the modern-day comune (municipality) of Rome.


S.P.Q.R. - the government of the ancient Roman republic - was a unity of the patricians (landed elite) in the senate, and the plebeians (commoners) of the peoples of Rome. The Roman people overthrew tyrannical, monarchical rule for elected and representative rule. Over time, they created the Constitution of the Roman Republic that was the inspiration not just for America in 1776, but nations states all over the world.

Dignitās, Maiestās, Auctoritās, Lībertās populī Rōmānī.

The dignity, majesty, authority and FREEDOM of the Roman people.

A FREE people. Ruled by no single authority, accountable only to their peers.

A republic that guaranteed each citizen rights, and responsibilities, that protected them from abuse by government authority and assured them the human right of being treated with dignity and respect.

Yes, I can see why liberals and feminists would hate a movie like Gladiator.

A more masculine, patriarchal artistic expression of the freedom all men strive to attain in life one could not find in film.

While history shows the Roman Republic devolved into an Empire of oppression and murder, that does not take away from its accomplishments gifted to the world nor darken the dream that inspired it's greatest successes.

Love. Truth. Justice. Liberty. Respect.

Home & hearth. Husband & wife. Children & family.

These were the values, the dream, that was Rome. Of the Roman people, the common people. This dream inspired The West to create a system of government that all the world envies and curses in the same breath.

Everyone wants to live in The West, but no one wants to respect what it has accomplished.

No more.

A new young and passionate generation of men still dream the impossible dream that was Rome.

It may be a whisper now, but soon it will be a loud roar.

The dream that was Rome shall be realized.

Strength & Honor