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What Women Want - How Game Has Enabled The Return Of The Goddess

Maximus Decimus Meridius | January 6, 2018 | 13 minute read

This post will not be popular and may make me some enemies. I wish it were not so, but when you take on an idea that is increasingly becoming an ideology, you risk the wrath of the furies in doing so.

While I believe knowledge of the Red Pill & Game is required for young men to break themselves free of the feminist matrix, Game - taken to the PUA extreme as a life philosophy in opposition to marriage and family formation - will only bring back the matriarchal goddess of pre-history and cement her matrix of domination over Man. TRP/Game teaches a young man many truths about the nature of the female and how to more easily have sex with her. But in living a life solely for pussy, that young man risks putting pussy on an even higher pedestal than it once was when he was not getting any.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I know and accept that Game was and still is a reasonable and understandable reaction to the current state of sexual dynamics in The West. That said, is it STILL logical to follow this path? Or can we now see in hindsight and with experience that a change of course and strategy is needed. This is all I am asking you as a reader to consider and reflect upon.

You want to know what the real Red Pill is on women and female nature in one sentence you can rely on 100% for the rest of your adult heterosexual male life?

It all boils down to answering the unanswerable question since Adam first met Eve.

What does a woman want?

A woman wants whatever she happens to need at the time.

If she wants sex...

She seeks out The Player / PUA / douchebag / alpha-male / r-selected DTF (down-to-fuck) guy she can be a complete whore with. For an hour, a week or a month, it matters not. He is her fleshy dildo and sexy entertainment, no more. He is also discarded as easily and as coldly as her tampon when his sexy usefulness is over.

If she wants to make herself feel better...

She seeks out the nice guy, the white knight, the beta AFC chump that will shower her with flowers and chocolates and declarations of undying love with poetic confessions to her infinite divine beauty. Once satisfied, he too is tossed aside in the same manner one casually throws a used tissue into a waste basket.

If she wants to practice keeping a guy on a short leash...

To one day snare her chump provider/man-servant, she 'dates.' She goes out for dinner, to the opera, to rock concerts, bowling, surfing, zip-lining, whatever the guy wants to do, or better yet, whatever she TELLS the guy they should do!!! (cause equality) Most importantly, she never puts out, especially not on the first date like she would with a douchebag alpha male clown. She WILL make this penis 'work' for pussy. And this man will work and work hard for he believes it is his duty to work for sexual intimacy instead of believing he deserves it because he is a Man, capital M.

If she wants to marry...

She dumps whatever practice relationship guy she was 'dating' at the time and begins to focus on marriage guy.

Query - Have you ever noticed that when a woman of the pack gets married, all her friends with 'boyfriends' suddenly dump that chump loser and go out looking to land Mr. Big?

That guy was dating/training guy. She has no need for him because she has now got men 'figured out.'

Once again fabulously single, she clicks through her rolodex of past chumps and begins to narrow down her selection. Which one she chooses in the end, again, matters not. It will only matter depending on her self-perception of her 'hotness' and what she is therefore 'worth'. The hotter and more educated/accomplished the chick, the more she will feel 'entitled' and deserving in her choice of men.

If she was smart in 'dating', she will have a fine selection of willing slaves to choose from. If not, she will have to scramble and perhaps, like the older women who clock in past 30 and are slamming face first into the SMV wall in less than 5 years, she may have to settle for a lesser man than she deservers, whom she will forever resent for forcing her to do.

Can you see what is common about these scenarios?

What is the one ring that binds all women together in their search for 'love?'

The woman - the Goddess - is the centre of the universe.

She feels nothing for most men because sadly, most men are not Men. So what is she to do but see a penis as a tool, a means to an end, if given no other choice?

And this is precisely what the extreme Game mindset of the PUA, even if successful in getting no-strings-attached sex, creates and perpetuates.

Zero emotions. No attachement.

NO RISK and COMPLETE CONTROL for the Goddess.

A man who lives chasing pussy as a life philosophy, ultimately, allows the goddess to have her cake and eat it to.

Which is precisely what the goddess wants, for this goes back a LOT farther than the feminist revolution.

For all the puffed out chests of pride in the young men who have learned Game and who feel they have mastered women and seducing the panties off their fine asses, I humbly suggest you are merely playing her game, by her rules, for her benefit.

The Atlantic has an interesting article on hook-up culture that is now dominating campuses all over America. Boys On The Side is a scathing and scary look inside modern 'romance' for Millennials. What did not surprise me in the article was the two-faced nature of the modern woman that The Atlantic uncovered in the full light of day, the feminist Ms. Independent that has become the norm in the West.

Game practitioners - the men who master the art of casual, short-term sexual seduction and hook-ups - are merely playing the sexy guy role in a modern western woman's life to the nice guys platonic one.

BOTH serve the goddess. Neither are real Men.

In the 21st century, it is WOMEN who can now, FINALLY, have as much sex as they want and a relationship if they so choose, for whatever length of time they desire.

What is key here is this: You, as a man, do not matter in the world of the Goddess.

Not one iota.

The opening quote to Boys On The Side gets the state of relations between genders today both wrong and right at the same time.

The hookup culture that has largely replaced dating on college campuses has been viewed, in many quarters, as socially corrosive and ultimately toxic to women, who seemingly have little choice but to participate.

Actually, it is an engine of female progress—one being harnessed and driven by women themselves.

Hana Rosin - The Atlantic - Boys On The Side

The not-so-subtle accusation here is that men are fully to blame for the development of hook-up culture on campus. That it's being 'forced' on women, as if they were completely passive and inactive participants, is perfectly in line with the feminist narrative of a pervasive and patriarchally imposed rape culture on society.

But in the same paragraph, they acknowledge it is WOMEN who are fostering the hook-up culture, NOT men.

The western woman WANTS non-committed, unemotional sex from men.

Read that again you Players, it is WOMEN who are enabling hook-up culture, NOT you and your vaunted powers of seduction.

To put it crudely, feminist progress right now largely depends on the existence of the hookup culture. And to a surprising degree, it is women—not men—who are perpetuating the culture, especially in school, cannily manipulating it to make space for their success, always keeping their own ends in mind.


Always keeping their own ends in mind.

Did you miss it? Let me point it out to those who are so blinded by pussy they don't want to see.

Feminist progress... right now... largely DEPENDS... on hook-up culture. (i.e. Game)

No no... go right ahead... pick your brains up off the floor. Is that a piece of your cerebellum on the ceiling?

Yes indeed. It's her world baby, all hers.

The modern western woman knows EXACTLY what she wants and is cold blooded in going about getting it.

In fact, if a guy even hints at wanting an emotional connection, one that would immediately entail commitment of some form and a 'relationship', western women recoil as if the most hideous of monsters has been revealed before her eyes. Game culture and philosophy - the art of seducing women and getting causual, unemotional, uncommitted sex whenever a man wants it - is playing right into the hands of feminism and the further destruction of western society.

Believe me, it is not easy to wrap your head around until you see the world through a woman's eyes.

How is it possible that learning Game...

Becoming successful at seducing and sexing multiple women...

With no commitment...

Not even a relationship in most cases...

And seeing the creation of harems for any man that puts in the work to learn Game...

Could possibly be a set back for men and a further victory for women, feminism, the globalists and the Goddess?

Quite simple.

This is the way it used to be under the goddess of matriarchal pre-history.

And we are slowly, generation after generation, returning to a goddess/matriarchal organization of society.

The goddess has sex with whomever she pleases, and the tribe/community take care of the children.

Psychopathic alpha males rule the roost and get all the top women, while the rest of the males (and females, the Goddess is a sisterhood and not all sisters are allowed to join) serve as slaves to these so called sexual 'elite' who reside in a so called 'secret society' where sex for select men, CHOSEN BY THE WOMEN, is unlimited. If that sounds like marxist socialism, that's because it is. The 'brilliance' of Marx was to re-brand a goddess/matriarchal organization of society and call it the liberation of the proletariat. (NOTE: Far from hypergamy being optimal for evolution, it is a survival method that REDUCES long term viability by RESTRICTING the diversity of genomes in any given racial pool to a small percentage of males and females.)

Do you see any unhappy, sad faces on the women in the photos in this post being 'seduced' by the Player, the playboy PUA with style & Game?

No, of course you don't.

He is in THEIR world, the feminine, the female, the Goddess!!! And in her world, the Goddess always rules with the biggest of smiles.

Game/PUA life culture & philosophy is not liberation from the feminist trap. It is the final killing blow to patriarchy & The West.

And the girls know it, which is why they have no desire to go back to traditional (i.e. patriarchal/moral) ways no matter how much they faux-whine about how 'horrible' hook-up culture is.

When I asked Tali what she really wanted, she didn’t say anything about commitment or marriage or a return to a more chival­rous age. “Some guy to ask me out on a date to the frozen-­yogurt place,” she said. That’s it. A $3 date.

But the soda-fountain nostalgia of this answer quickly dissipated when I asked Tali and her peers a related question: Did they want the hookup culture to go away—might they prefer the mores of an earlier age, with formal dating and slightly more obvious rules?

This question, each time, prompted a look of horror. Reform the culture, maybe, teach women to “advocate for themselves”—a phrase I heard many times—but end it? Never.


Women will never, ever, want hook-up culture to end.

Do you get it yet?

If you practice Game and hook-up, you are playing into not just women's hands and plans - but those of our very enemies, the feminists and the globalists.

The thought of actually committing emotionally to any man, let alone just one, for life, is horrific to many young women in The West. And I would suspect, based on my research into pre-history, that this has always been the case for most women. They don't want emotions toward or a connection to any man. They want sex when they want it and and with whomever they want. And when they want to have children, they will get pregnant on their terms and demand a man marry them or the state provide for them if they don't wish to.

Does any of this sound familiar yet?

Pussy blinds Man to the degenerative state of his present condition & reality.

Pussy's siren call deafens Man to the destruction of his masculine soul & society.

Pussy drives Man to debase himself and lose his masculinity, throwing away his dreams to fulfill the dreams of the Goddess!!!

Pussy... is the only real Game in town, and the young men playing the Game today are falling to the goddess' feet in droves.

Unless there are some men willing to stand up and stop playing the game by HER rules.

To create HIS world, to become a Man, and judge whether or not she is worthy to be allowed into it, should she be entertaining enough to induce him to consider such a thing.

Does that sound like a Game that women want to play?

Of course not.

Which is why if you define your masculinity and being a man solely by whether or not women are having sex with you, you will never create your own world and demand she apply for entrance to it.

You will forever give up your dreams to live hers, just for the chance to have sex.

Does that sound like the kind of Man you want to be?

Take the Red Pill.

Learn Game.

Build your confidence with women and then...

Become a Man, capital M.

And build your empire. Leave the chasing of pussy to those men who want to worship the Goddess.

You... will go out and find a woman who wants to worship you instead.

Strength & Honor