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Maximus Decimus Meridius | January 13, 2018 | 9 minute read

Someone on Twitter reached out and asked others for where they get their news and information. I thought I would take the time to give you where I get my knowledge from on the daily in hopes you too will get something from my sharing. I'm also a little pressed for time right now until February when I can get back to concentrating on writing proper for this site. Not my most indepth post, but I hope you get something out of it.



On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

This is a major alternative news site that I would assume many of you are aware of, but there was a time when I did not know about it and that was only a decade ago as I was beginning to wake up. It's focus was once purely on the corruption and lunacy of the financial world and still has many finance focused articles, but it has strayed into click bait territory on occasion (according to some) and the ads... my God the ads.

Despite many veteran commenters saying the site has gone downhill from its glory days (early 2000 I believe), it is still a consistent source of up-to-date breaking news you won't find anywhere else (you might want to click this link before the next one if you really want your mind blown).

It is also the comments section that is worth your time. It's how I found a lot of the sites you are about to learn about and why the MSM is quick to shut down or censor all comments on their "news" sites.

What Does It Mean .com


This site is one of the first I found deep in the ZH comments. I have no clue who the Sisters of Sorcha Faal are or how the Sisters manage to have redacted Russian intelligence documents... but I am glad they do and try to tell the world what they know.

What I find amazing about this site (and it is always taken with a good dose of skepticism)... are the dots in the MSM they tie together.

They take news you have heard...

Trump cancelling his trip to Britain out of the blue

and weave other news items like the drone attack on Russian military bases

into a cohesive (and bloody believable) narrative of

A very, like within days, assassination attempt on Donald Trump by "ISIS".

Which I have always said would be suicide (sparking the American revolution) by the globalists IF... they just outright offed him... but if ISIS does it... and you can link the group to SYRIA...

World War III has already started my friends. And what better way to get America to shit-or-get-off-the-pot than to have a sitting President killed as the next 9/11 false flag to launch the entire US military industrial complex on its full scale orgy of death in the Middle East... as they have been TRYING to do... via proxy armies (ISIS) for over a decade now.

The Golden Jackass


Well... two of the videos I bookmarked with !!! are now "unavailable" for some reason, go figure.

Jim Willie - The Golden Jackass - gives a brief introduction to his background and how he became a newsletter guy in 2004 and now lives in (I believe) Costa Rica and is a very early GOTS (get out of the system) guy.

He's a nut... in simple terms and by nut, I mean he's a guy that just pays attention to shit and researchs deep. He has a solid network of informants that has given me some of the most mind blowing insights I have ever heard, such as...

  • Many of our elites in gov/fin are outright satanists. Had a newsletter subscriber tell him of showing up in a Calgary office early one day on the weekend... to find HIS BOSS IN HIS OFFICE, DIRGE MUSIC PLAYING, CANDLES AND RED AND... yea
  • Remember the shipments not getting unloaded in California ports? It was not a union/labour issue, it MAY have been... Asian manufacturers REFUSING PAYMENT IN US DOLLARS!
  • Remember Donald Trump repeating, on inauguration day, AMERICA FIRST, AMERICA FIRST. That was not good speech and oratory, that was CODE TO THE FIRED MILITARY (BUSH/OBAMA) GENERALS WHO ARE WORKING TO TAKE AMERICA BACK... who call themselves... America First!

His interviews, if you can find the latest on YouTube in original format, are gold mines. His stuff is copied and posted up all over the place, so you need to look for a good intro, an account with many interviews with him, and one that is clearly (in his topics) of current events (many uploads are old interviews looking for views).

The best way to find him on YT is to search:

  • Jim Willie this week January 2018 (i.e. current month/year)
  • Golden Jackass January 2018

Do this about once a month or so and you should find new content. He does have a website, but little content. He makes his money with subscriptions to his newsletter and is why he gives so many interviews. It's promotion (though he almost never brings it up) and I also suspect interviews are paid... it's how he is living outside the system in Cost Rica!!

Jim Stone

Another certified nut... but one with another incredible track record of getting it right. (And also taken with a good dose of skepticism at times).

The link above is weird... because Jim runs his own counter-intelligence operation and has servers around the world with custom written code to keep the site from being taken down (or so he claims). The only way to get the latest updates... is to link to the above site and delete the custom url to the server root. Then a new page will load.

The truth of Fukushima alone (link to pdf at top of site) is worth visiting alone.

You might be wondering why two of the sources I list for my news/current events I call "nuts". I like nuts, I might be one of them. I like them because... they don't spoon feed me information I want to hear... but instead slap me in the face with something I must confront. Is this true... or false? This is the real power of the internet renaissance in The West. The gatekeeprs of knowledge (globalists) once had firm control over both content AND delivery. Now... they have lost control of both and are losing the info war.

Both Jim's are characters and both will challenge you to think about what you are STILL being programmed with, no matter how unplugged you think you are.



This YT channel has not been updated in a long time. That said, it does give some of the most deep analysis of the fight in Russia that Putin is waging against the globalists there (called the 5th column).

There are many videos with this sitting member of the Duma (I believe) on just how tough the battle is inside Russia. For all the rage shouted in America about the Deep State in Washington, just imagine being Russia when it was completely destroyed, from the inside, during the 1990s and what a job it has been for Putin to get Russia back to the level it is now playing once again on the world stage.

The biggest shock points I learned watching these videos are:

  • Trump may well be a puppet... of the globalists who are SANE (per se) and can see the other team (Obama/Soros/Clinton) are hell bent on destroying EVERYTHING... and they don't want that. Trump... is the side of globalists that want America intact so they can stay in power before all hell breaks loose. In short... what is going on in America is... a globalist internal civil war!
  • Russia has no control of it's central bank. None. All rubles are TIGHTLY controlled and the entire Russian economy is FORCED to go to outside funding for ANY business/project (i.e. US$ or Euros). This is why the sanctions were both devestating... and not. Local small businesses... running on the ruble... are doing just fine (per se, not an expert). But those who need big funding... are fucked under the sanctions.

FOFOA - Friend Of Friend Of Another


This is a site that will blow your brain and restitch it together completely on just what money is... and why we don't have any. Not as prolific in posting as of late, but the archives are all there and you will not regret spending days on this site. It transformed my entire thinking about money, currency, gold and where things are heading for The West financially.

The blog name - FOFOA - is actually an old board handle from way back in the 1990s. This was an anon poster talking about where we find ourselves right now... today... over 30 years ago.

When you are an ant... you only see the world of an ant.

But when you are a GIANT... you can see FAAAAAAAAAR into the distance.

The globalists are giants... and we ants are only beginning to stand up.

And no... shitcoin ain't changing anything.

Gold is making a comeback... and you need to learn why... fast.

The link above is the direct explanation of what is coming... free gold. A freeing of gold from state control where it is no longer fixed (like the old gold standard many advocate for).

Warning... grab a coffee and be prepared to spend A FEW HOURS... on ONE article. They are long... but knowledge, true knowledge, is never easy. It took me the longest time to realize a fundamental truth you will also if you can grasp what FOFOA is talking about...

Gold is NOT priced in US dollars.

The US dollar... is priced in gold!

Reflect on this deeply.

What is Maximus' take on Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin... is where Gold is going to go.

Because Bitcoin... is the GOTS (get-out-of-the-system) that everyone is looking for and the easiest exit point as of right now.

But it is NOT a store of... wait for it... VALUE.

Do you know what VALUE actually is?

That should keep you eye's contorted in a WTF look for a few days!

Strength & Honor