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Which Way Western Woman? Career Or Family? Feminism or Patriarchy?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | October 21, 2017 | 11 minute read

Roosh over at Return Of Kings got an interesting inquiry a while back and wrote about it in an article titled "What Advice Would You Give A 17-Year-Old American Girl Who Doesn’t Want To Be A Slut?" I was already beginning to suspect something that Roosh and many ROK readers may not be aware of, let alone believe, is possible.

Actual sympathetic, heterosexual women in The West who want to marry and have kids with a man.

After reading Roosh's response to this girl, a question formed in my head.

Has the elusive female unicorn of patriarchal submission and subservience been found?

Not so fast.

This magical unicorn female who wants to love and marry and have children with a man has a problem, and she is not alone. It is the very problem plaguing every single, childless and soon-to-be-cat-lady female in The West.

As 'woke' as this young 17 year old woman of The West is, she STILL wants to have it all

"I want a husband, children, AND A CAREER. "

There it is.

The root poison of feminism in the minds of 100% of Western women today.

The conviction, bordering on religious fervor, that a career is something a woman MUST have to be complete as one.

It seems as much as this young unicorn lady has read ROK, she still does not get it.

Ladies... we men... don't care about your career when it comes to wanting to get married and have children.

Your career... will not make you more PHYSICALLY attractive to a man.

Your career... does not make you more dateable or better marriage material. (Truth be told, it's a negative because we know you cannot be the kind of mother we want for our children because you simply won't be available to them.)

As patriarchal and masculine men, all we care about when it comes to a wife and starting a family is this.

We want a dedicated wife as our partner, NOT our equal, and a loving mother to raise our children as we both work, TOGETHER, to create a happy future for ourselves.

Husband and wife, gender roles, raise a family without conflict because both partners know there place and live lives that suit their gender's temperaments.

The nuclear family is not some invention of 'the patriarchy.' It evolved over a long period out of our matriarchal, goddess worshiping, pagan past to bring humanity to the peak of prosperity and longevity in The West. The 1950's model of family life is not sexist, misogynistic, obsolete or insultingly old fashioned.

In short - patriarchy, the nuclear family, not only "just works," it is the BEST model for human happiness ever found. Period.

That is just the way it is ladies.

Far from the end of men and patriarchy, this little temper tantrum called feminism is about to not only finally be put down, it is going to be THE HISTORICAL EXAMPLE for years and generations to come on WHY women should never be allowed out of the home and kitchen ever again.

The entire root foundation for feminism to triumph over patriarchy lies in men forgetting and denying their role in making babies - paternity and fatherhood.

This is why there are no more Father Knows Best or Leave It To Beaver cultural lodestones in The West anymore. The father... has to be forgotten and thus paternity - a male CARING that his children ARE HIS OWN - is being denied and rejected, forcefully being shoved down the throats of western men in order to ACCEPT this new state of affairs as "natural". i.e. If you are a man who believes his children should be HIS children, and not another man's, you are an oppressive, misogynist, patriarch!!!

This is yet another reason why the election of Donald Trump is making feminists and the left implode in childish, violent rage.

Because of the truth of paternity, men are never going to change the very base root requirements of what they want in a marriage partner to raise children with.

At least not men with their balls still very much intact and swinging between their thundering thighs.

If you are a western woman who does not like this state of affairs, you can always go and mate with the ever rapidly increasing numbers of pinky-pointing, coffee & hot chocolate aficionado homo-but-not-homos, cause it won't be with real men.

If you want to know WHY a 17 year old would consider a man in his late 30s or even 40s... 3 photos... 3000 words. Nuff said.

The older generation of men, Gen X and up, are still out there and we are in better shape and more confident than ever. Some of us, if we may be so humble, may still have the core of what being a "real man" once used to mean. No bullshit. No compromises. We find a woman who WANTS to be a submissive wife and mother who RESPECTS her man... or we do not. And a real man is precisely what this nubile 17 year old reader is looking for advice from in her email to Roosh. To wit...

"Most of my liberal friends were criticizing it, but I was intrigued by a site called “Return of Kings.”

A young 17 year old girl is intrigued by a site that calls for the return of Kings, of patriarchs, of real men.

When Gladiator was released in 2000, it was a box office smash that allowed for the return of big budget sword and sandle epics to make their way past the Hollywood suits behind the corporate desks. The curious thing about it was that Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, became a world-wide sex symbol at the time. A time when feminism was peaking, at the height of its power and about to go onto greater heights before the fall to come.

I asked myself why? Why was Russell Crowe so admired and lusted after by women?

Was it his looks? No, there are many good looking men in Hollywood.

Was it the bloody battles? No, lots of those on the big screen to choose from in the summer.

It took me a while, but eventually the answer revealed itself right there on the big screen

Maximus was, at heart, a simple man.

All he wanted to do after the war in Germania was go home to wife, to child and to the harvest.

To the home he left his partner to tend to while he was away. That home's continued safety and security ensured to him in his absence because he lived in the only civilized light the world had at the time - Rome.

Ladies, do you see a woman who is concerned about her future career in that image above?

Do you see a woman trying to figure out how she can "have it all?" Husband, child AND career?


What you see is a woman who knows, and has always known, where her happiness lies.

With a man, dedicating herself to him and THEIR children.... TOGETHER.

I use these two images from the film because art works its best magic when it pulls on the emotions of the heart to reveal truth.

The emotional truth or patriarchy, on full display in Gladiator, was responded to by ALL women in droves the world over. (Try not to cry when Lucilla tells Maximus to "Go to them.")

A woman is happiest in her role as wife and mother, a home maker, a house tender, A LIFE CREATOR AND NURTURER.

Not... a career woman.

Ladies of The West... give me your ear.

Are you still confused about family or career?


Why are you denying your nature, your reason for existence?

You were given a womb by Darwin or by God for a purpose and no career, no smashed glass ceiling is ever... EVER... going to replace the fulfillment, the satisfaction, that comes from raising children and nurturing the emotional bonds you have with them and your husband.

Look... I am not the bad guy here, feminists are. They have been lying to you from the very beginning. You can see the results in the go-girl career women all around you as this young 17 year old has - old, hagard, stressed, tired, divorced, most likely single, lots of sex with random strangers, but no love from any single man that warms the heart and soul. Nor children to watch grow into adults and all the joys and sorrows that come from watching them struggle, win or lose.

My advice to you, dear western woman is this.

Do as my mother did with my father who will be celebrating almost 50 years of married life very shortly.

  • Be a lady.
  • No tattoos.
  • Stop drinking, drugging and slutting.
  • Put on a respectable dress and heels (and I know YOU know where the line is).
  • Make sure your hair is at least shoulder length and you LIKE it that way, because you ain't going to be cutting it anytime soon.
  • Make it your life's mission to make EVERY man you meet from this day forth smile and laugh whenever one is in your presence.
  • Then screen, screen, screen for a man who has the means to provide for and protect you and your progeny or... is simply a man you love so much you cannot live without him.

Assuming of course you can convince a 21st century Red Pill man to even contemplate marriage suicide with a western female in her - let's be honest girls of 25+ - LATE prime. If you do find such a brave man, and he is hesitant to marry, tell him this...


I will be your queen if, in return, you take care of me.

I am NOT getting a career.

I am NOT getting an education.

I am NOT buying into this empowered-strong-independent bullshit that feminists have told me will make me happy when it won't.

Marrying you, being your partner, and having children with only you, is what will make me happy.

Say all of that, and say it convincingly, and you might... MIGHT... get a man of The West to consider marrying and having children with you.

If you are a young woman who has read this far and I have not triggered some epileptic fit of rage-against-the-patriarchy, I will close this post with a personal note.

My father was the best retirement plan my mother could have ever hoped for.

No joke. She said as much just last month when my father was talking about the excellent retirement and benefit plan the SINGLE, NEVER MARRIED SPINSTER across the street got when she retired from the banking industry (what a surprise) "career" she spent her whole life in.

She... got a career and an empty house to retire in with two dogs.

My mother... has been married TO HER BEST FRIEND for 48 years, raised three children, doting on four grandchildren (and who knows, even I can still have kids someday) and now quilts and sews and paints on the retirement she helped build WITH my father, the man she MARRIED, hooked her wagon to, as his life PARTNER, not his equal, TOGETHER.

Ladies of The West... it is time for you to choose.

You want a western man, especially an older established bachelor, to give you a chance to be his wife and mother of his children?

Drop the career suicide path. Go ahead, get yourself an education if you must. Look for some means to support yourself UNTIL you find a man to marry. But when you marry him, please, just stay home and be happy for once.

So make your choice and make it wisely. We western men are doing the same.

I have already made mine and it does not include marrying a misguided, insane, delusional, narcissistic, "I can have it all" western woman.

Perhaps when I visit Russia one day, I too may find the happiness my father has found in marrying a woman who WANTED to be his wife and mother of his children.

But it WON'T be YOU now will it?

Strength & Honor


Beyond the quiet river and birch grove

The first spring flower is bursting into bloom

And I am simply making a wish

And having crossed myself, I will glance to the East

The sky will be coloured (lit: colour itself) by scarlet dawn

And the eternal sun will rise over the world

And a white bird will fly over the earth

And bring God's forgiveness from the heavens

And something big will make itself known to my heart

Such that it is not [possible] to take in in my lifetime

And it will become peaceful and sweet like in childhood

When my mother hugged me

A solemn prayer will flow with tears

Sadness will be filled with Christ's love

And at that moment my soul will touch

The grand entirety with the name of Russia.