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Who Wears The Pants: The Crisis Of Male Authority In The West

Maximus Decimus Meridius | July 23, 2018 | 16 minute read

As the patriarchal renaissance picks up steam, western women will be the first to push back and be the most vocal about the 'horrors' of the return of male authority. The real problem of, and resistance to, a return of patriarchy however won't be women (who do not matter in the power/authority game in the final analysis). It will be western men. Why?

Until western men finally "get it" - i.e. take back their God given, even Darwinian, authority - Rome will continue to burn and The West will fade into history.

To wit.

This is the narrative being forced down the throat of western culture, and most specifically young western men.

That narrative being... men are weak. Men have no real power. Men have absolutely no authority over anything or anyone, especially women.

You will ALL bow down and KNEEL before your queen... or you will be destroyed.

In the time and age of the goddess, she could easily get away with this magical trickery of words and hypnotize men into believing the female was all powerful and thus the natural ruler of the entire universe.

In some faiths, a sacred female figure holds a central place in religious prayer and worship. For example, Shaktism, the worship of the female force that animates the world, is one of the three major sects of Hinduism. In Tibetan Buddhism, the highest advancement any person can achieve is to become like the great female Buddhas (e.g. Arya Tara), who are depicted as supreme protectors, fearless and filled with compassion for all beings.

The primacy of a monotheistic or near-monotheistic "Great Goddess" is advocated by some modern matriarchists as a female version of, preceding, or analogue to, the Abrahamic God associated with the historical rise of monotheism in the Mediterranean Axis Age.

Wikipedia - Goddess

It's not just "modern matriarchists" that believe in the "Great Goddess"... it's globalists. Why do you think they worship Satan who whispered into Eve's ear to seduce her husband to partake of the apple in the first place? Globalists know, or think they know, where "real power and authority" lies on earth. You however might be asking yourself a question; where does the female (and thus globalists) get this delusion of not just authority, but power over all life itself?

In a word... paternity.

There was a time when fatherhood was unknown. This was the "garden of Eden of true peace and equality between men and women" that was the pre-historic age of the great mother goddess and her matriarchy. During that time in history, the entirety of human life and our existence was not just a mystery, but a nightmare of death and the battle for survival. There was only one source for new human life to keep the tribe alive and viable - the female, woman. Thus, if new human beings came out of woman, SHE was the true power and authority of the universe. What was man? A useless creature forever searching for the meaning and purpose of his existence in a world (i.e. a matriarchy) that saw him as nothing but fodder for either death in battle or death in ritual sacrifice to the goddess.

The tribal nymph, it seems, chose an annual lover from her entourage of young men, a king to be sacrificed when the year ended; making him a symbol of fertility, rather than the object of her erotic pleasure. His sprinkled blood served to fructify trees, crops and flocks, and his flesh was torn and eaten raw by the queen’s fellow nymphs - priestesses wearing the masks of bitches, mares and sows.

Robert Graves, THE GREEK MYTHS, pg. 24

The above is taken out of the book I am writing that (in my more grandiose moments) I think will sell 100,000 copies at $20 profit/book to magically set me up for retirement.

Here are a couple more excerpts of my own writing that wrap and give context to the direct quote of Robert Graves above.

Robert Graves did to Greek myth what no one had done for decades in the western world - brought it to life. He treated the myths not simply as stories, but as historical flashes of light on a real human past.

While myth can in no way be seen as literal history, Graves sought to find the connection between what myth represented to the Greeks and what was actually going on at that time in Greek society. To dismiss myth as just that, story, is to dismiss the fact that this was religious myth to the Greeks, and therefore stories that reflected eternal truths and wisdom about where they came from and how to live.

Are these interpreted Greek stories and myths by Graves true? Is this really what living under a goddess matriarchal culture was like? Can we find any evidence of ritual male sacrifice in ancient Greece to make what Graves claims sound even remotely plausible?

Nay, can we go even further and say that Greece was a matriarchal culture in transition to a patriarchy? A one time goddess dominated society before the triumph of Zeus and his patriarchal Band Of Brothers? And what about Graves “free-wheeling” interpretations? Did he just make this stuff up? Or, perhaps, was he well read enough to be able to spin an allegorical and rational account of everyday life and religious practice that was ancient Greece in the time of pagan gods and goddesses?

Who wears the pants?

This was the battle that was ancient Greek religion in the cradle of western patriarchal history.

Will a God, a MAN, have supreme authority over all... or will the goddess, and woman, continue to rule as she has done from the beginning of time?

Ancient Greek and Roman men once not only knew the answer, they would have laughed at the question. This used to be a common joke in the modern 20th century West about who, the wife or the husband, had authority in the relationship. Today, there is no joke. Firstly, it would be hatefull & misogynist toward women. Second, western men have not just handed over the pants (and belt) to women, but some of them are now putting their boys in dresses and celebrating it.


Western men have given up ALL authority and power to women across every facet of western civilization.

And until they take it back... there is no saving the dream that was Rome. That dream is a patriarchal dream and only men can make the choice to see it realized once more. The choice to take back authority from women.

I have little hope of this happening. While there are some men on the fringes (like in a goddess dominated matriarchy) that are calling for men to take back authority, the vast majority of western men are now simply not just afraid, but wholly unaccustomed to possessing authority, never mind actually wielding it.

In some ways, this is the heart of the political battle in The West right now. Who wears the pants? Leftists or conservatives? Liberals or traditionalists? Feminists or chads? This is why the political debate in 2018 America & Europe is getting so heated. A shift in power and authority is coming. Trump represents the first wave, but there needs to be another wave after it to continue the momentum he is building. Yet sadly, Trump and the Boomer generation are also the very ones who are still embracing female empowerment and equality.

Feminists and the left do not fear Trump specifically (it's called projection) so much as what he represents - the beginning of the swing back to men taking, holding & wielding sole power & authority once more in The West.

Real authority, with the power to deny the goddess her insane delusions of absolute mad power & destruction over the whole of humanity.

This is the very root of all Trump obsession and hysteria. Women, and their cucked/homo supporters, all know the ONLY reason they are allowed to get away with what they are doing... is because real men let them. Once real men take back their authority, the goddess and her transvestite, Dionysus priest of propaganda and social/cultural control will run screaming for the hills because that is all they will be able to do; run away and scream their "anger" and "resistance" to patriarchy. Sound familiar?

“I pass the test”, she said. “I will diminish, and go into the West and remain Galadriel.”

This is straight from Tolkien's book. The statement he is making is clear.

Christianity... challenged the goddess. She was not able to withstand the challenge to her authority because she cannot hold power nor authority without destroying everything she looks upon. The test that was passed was women rejecting the pagan goddess in favour of a patriarchal Father & Son. They gave up their delusional belief, on account of giving birth, that the female, woman, was all powerful and the creator (and destroyer) of all. She did not have much choice. Once paternity and the male role in procreation was solidly established, it was game over for the goddess and her delusions of power & authority in politics & religion.

Gaia submitted to Zeus.

Christianity triumphed over goddess worshipping paganism.

I hope this post is not too arcane or meandering. I will admit it's not my most focused post. That said, I hope you are beginning to realize with the last couple of posts that the powers we are dealing with here are not material. They are spiritual and deadly serious. Tolkien wrote the temptation of Galadriel scene I believe to reflect (and warn) of the way of life that was before Christianity's patriarchal triumph (and authority) over the whole of European peoples. Rome was invaded by barbarians, pagan's who worshipped the goddess as much (if not more) as the gods. Post Christianity, we would call them witches and warlocks of satanic witchcraft which is (not surprisingly) making huge strides and returns to mainstream culture in The West.

Rapper Azealia Banks brought witchcraft back into the mainstream by tweeting ‘I’m really a witch’. But women in the US have been harnessing its power for decades as a ‘spiritual but not religious’ way to express feminist ambitions

The Gaurdian - Season of the witch: why young women are flocking to the ancient craft

And this.

Among modern Pagans, there are two approaches to reviving pagan practices. One is eclecticism or syncretism, in which elements of historical ethnic religions such as the ancient Norse religion are combined with modern movements such as Wicca, Theosophy or other New Age philosophies. This is largely based on romantic views of these ancient religions which emerged in the 19th century which may or may not be historically accurate.

Ancient Origins - Return of the Ancient Gods: The Resurgence of Paganism

Roman religion was the ratcheting up of the patriarchal revolution that was Greece. While this patriarchal advance did help civilize humanity, it still retained a lot of the barbarity that was the age of the goddess that preceded it. Zeus became Jupiter. Hades became Pluto. Ares became Mars. The parallels between Greek & Roman gods/goddesses are crystal clear. The Romans took what the Greeks had started and continued to hammer home the primacy of not just male authority, but also heterosexual norms. I.e. The faggotry of Greece was left behind and another huge step toward the "oppressive" nuclear heterosexual family unit was taken and enshrined as custom and religious law of the state.

What Rome had that Athens did not... was more time. More time to digest paternity and the father's role, and thus rule, in the creation of life.

The father's role.

The father's rule.

The father's... sole authority.

With Christianity's final triumph, the last vestiges of any authority given to the goddess (i.e. women) was swept away for the next 2000 years.

Christ united a people of an entire continent not just under one religion... but ONE power... ONE authority... ONE truth. The rest, as they say, is also now sadly very much history.

This is what globalists have been fighting over generations and centuries to murder and overturn. When they say Christianity is evil and morally wrong, they are not lying. They, and their feminist and rainbow pride brown shirts, are referring to the pre-historic 'moral' authority that once dominated the whole of humanity for tens of millennia. All of history pre-writing was the age and authority of the goddess. Globalists are satanists, pedophiles and rainbow pride degenerates on the left because... this was once all perfectly normal under the goddess' matriarchy. And they are deadly serious about seeing the goddess' permanent return to power.

For communities which looked at sexuality as simply a source of pleasure and an element of social cohesion, without any taboo character, this discovery [i.e. paternity, male role in procreation] must have led to some disruption.

This would impact not only regulation of sexuality, but the whole political, social, and economic system.

Wikipedia - Father

The abhorrence on the left for heterosexuality and Christian family morality and traditional values goes back waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than suffragettes and feminists of the 20th/21st centuries. Maybe not for the rank-and-file zombie brown shirt ANTIFA enforcers who can't think past their next rage fart at Trump, but for the globalists who are pushing the agenda down The West's throat it most certainly does. Feminism and LGBT promotion is a religion to them as much as it is political. This also explains why its appeal for some people is a religious calling... it's in our genes and history. The past will be the future once again, and it won't be pretty.

With the turn of the 21st century, we are beginning to see that this is precisely the world they want to return humanity to.

  • the corruption, murder and blood sacrifice of children, especially males (i.e. abortion, transexual/homosexual child education)
  • the female, women, elevated to ALL positions of power and authority over 'beta' men
  • a psychopathic 'alpha' male minority (homos, pedos and trannys) ruling the women and the whole of the tribe
  • everyone a slave to a socialist/communist system of "equality" (i.e. a matriarchy)
  • corruption, degeneracy, lying, stealing, cheating, murder... with impunity for those favoured elite men AND women of the ruling class alongside the goddess
  • hundreds of little gods & goddess running around screaming for authority and power based not on reason and truth, but dangerous mental fantasies and clinical psychological delusions

Are you paying attention? Is any of this ringing a bell to you?

There is only one way to stop this - western men have to put woman, the goddess, back in her place.

The home.


Tending to husband and children.

No more women in police uniforms.

No more women in government.

No more women in education.

No more women in the workforce unless it is a support & administration role to a male superior.

No more women in... the agora... the public space of culture, economy, politics and religion.

No more... rainbow pride promoters of (homos) and pretenders to (transexuals) the power and authority of the goddess.


A patriarchy in truth and fact, not delusion and illusion.

Vladimir Putin... and the resurgence of Orthodox Christianity in Russia. Feel the rage!!! The anger and hysteria of leftists over Trump meeting with Putin has nothing to do with Russia or the manipulation of the 2016 election and everything to do with what these two men represent.

Patriarchy. Heterosexuality. Christian morality.

Think on this if you will. The above is what The West was for 2000 years. In only a single generation (Boomers), look at the destruction the goddess (feminism) has unleashed.

I know that should my book ever actually get published, let alone be allowed to be sold, the main thesis of it's argument...

That the discovery of paternity & fatherhood ushered in the single most enlightening & civilizing revolution & advancement of humanity in history called patriarchy - HETEROSEXUAL male rule & authority...

Will be utterly laughed at by women, nearly all of them.

But sadly too also by men.

I am just one man who is not laughing at this idea.

I am just one man who believes male authority and rule is but one generation away from the 2nd great patriarchal renaissance since Zeus first hurled lighting on the goddess from Mt. Olympus.

Maybe this blog will help sow the seeds of the future rebirth and reclamation of male authority in The West. There are some women out there who want men to take back authority. These women can see the destruction their "sisters" are bringing down on their children's future in their name. They are doing their best to find men who want to take back authority from women and be responsible for the future of humanity again...

But right now... too many of those men are either still deluded into thinking the above is "going back to far," while the rest are too busy riding the Red Pill rocket to pussy paradise and complete abdication of any responsibility for the future of the European race at all.

Either a Man, capital M - a future patriarch - steps up to once more lay down the law and show the goddess whose boss...

Or western civilization will have to experience a second complete collapse and hope for a return to patriarchy once more.

For it is only a hope. The last time round, Christ was there to provide the path to a true patriarchy for western peoples. Now it seems, the pagan ways of gods warring with the goddess forever is the path western man may fall down to his literal end.

Or... we can wait for Islam to do it for us.

Either way... patriarchy cometh. And if Islam takes over, western women and rainbow freaks will be BEGGING for the "oppressive, misogynist and phobic" ways of traditional, western Christian morality and culture.

Many wonder why Maximus has reservations, but no fear, of Islam taking over The West.

Now you know why.

Strength & Honor


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