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Why Belief In God Will Make Or Break A New Patriarchy

Maximus Decimus Meridius | June 17, 2017 | 13 minute read

A new patriarchal renaissance will, in my estimation, only take off when Man comes, once again, to a firm conclusion on the existence and nature of God.

While this may sound ludicrous at first glance, I caution you not to dismiss my claim as out of touch or of no relevance to the scientific 21st century. Every patriarchal tradition in The West's history has hinged around a better and more credible understanding of the one supreme power that governs the whole of Man's reality. Pride may inflate oneself to muse we don't need God this time round, but I think it would be the height of delusion to think over 2000 years of western Man's intellectual and philosophical metaphysical wanderings have come up 100% empty.

To begin, let's tackle a possible and important objection for God by many young men today.

I am fit, healthy, financially secure and successful with women. Why can a Man not simply be happy with that?

In one word - community.

Man is a social creature and wants to belong to, not just survive within, a tribe of his peers. The tribe has always been a group of men and women working together for the survival of its members. Religion was the glue that bound tribal members together. It created the community that created the shared values and beliefs about who they were as a tribe and gave birth to what we now call culture - the cumulative expression of those shared values and beliefs in a specific community.

The West's turn toward atheism is what killed community. A society that believes in nothing will fall for anything and that is precisely what we see playing out in the SJW/LGBT/feminist left. As one comment I read on the state of culture and politics in America today summed up, "All The Left has is a story, repeated over and over again." Christianity was the story repeated over and over again in The West and is what united and elevated it above all other races and cultures. This is just plain fact. And it is fact, truth, that was the root of its success and, ironically, now also its downfall.

Atheism had its chance to win over the mind of Man in the late 20th and early 21st century, but it seems that many men today are now realizing what our ancestors long ago already knew - atheism leads to the death of your race and culture.

The truth is, human beings have an inherent need to belong. No matter the person, upbringing, or environment we all want to be a part of something. Without human interaction we go insane.

Donovan Sharpe - A Red Pill Perspective On The Existence Of God

Roosh has come the closest to trying to forge a new path, not an old one, to creating that community of men once again with Return of Kings and his Neomasculine philosophy. Neomasculinty, whether for personal or for branding reasons, has religion and matters of soul/spirit playing a very recessed and background role, or as Rollo Tomassi would prefer, a private one (i.e. To each man his religion, and no religion shall dominate any man.)

The trouble with keeping God in the background is that you will never have a patriarchy.

And thus no patriarchal tribe or society.

This is the very genesis for every pro-male and pro-masculinity blog on the internet today. Men want to belong to a tribe, but more importantly than that, men want to be around other men who see reality the way they do. We want to associate, make friends, work, play and enjoy life with individuals who all understand the world through a common lens.

Donovan Sharpe's excellent article on Return Of Kings illuminated for me why God won't go away.

What truly unites men under a patriarchy is a single, over arching understanding of the nature of reality and thus of all men.

That understanding in the past was given to Man by religion and is why he will always come back to it.

The virtuous man (warrior) studies metaphysics and realizes they are the source of ethics, and an unveiling of the code by which the game is programmed. Through metaphysical effort the player feels able to reprogram the game to some degree, or tap into the deepest secrets of the game which have been hidden from him by laziness, foolishness, feminists, or white knights. The program seemingly has a programmer, and confronting the programmer is a metaphysical experience. This is why so many in the community end up getting religion.

Inhumanist - Does God Have A Place In The Red Pill Man’s Life?

No matter how much a Man tries to avoid it, if he is a Man looking for the truth, and keeps asking questions, he will eventually come back to religion. Which is to say, he comes back to metaphysical precepts - moral and ethical guides to life and how to live that is truly optimal for Man's functioning. Guidelines that MUST be based on reality, on truth, on "how the world actually works." Man comes back to metaphysics (God) because he realizes he is just one man in a tribe of many. If that tribe is to be a functioning one, he realizes that all men need to agree, at a bare minimum, on the truth of reality that makes for the health, wealth and success of not just the individual Man, but the whole tribe.

A Red Pill awakened man may turn to the religion of his ancestors to look for guidance in this regard, but in The West that tradition is God in Christianity, a religion that is falling short of the mark of credibility for a lot of young men in the 21st century.

If we can grant that proper knowledge, education and understanding of Christianity may solve some of its problems, it won't solve all of them and will still ultimately fail to fit into the framework of knowledge of Man we have today - neomasulinity.

Christianity may not be neomasculinity's enemy, but it is neither it's friend.

And for many young men, Christianty also looks to be no longer needed.

This is precisely the reason why Donovan wrote his article and got it published on ROK. The Christian argument - as a description of reality, of truth, of Man - is simply no longer believable to the western mind, especially a red pill awakened, neomasculine one. And by believable, I mean provable intellectually - to know, not just believe.

While I don't want to jump on the Trump victory again as evidence, there is no avoiding it. Trump's win was many things, but at its root, at its core, was a victory for truth, for reality. And that reality, that understanding of the world "as it is" is what united many Americans and created the landslide that put him in the White House. We can also see the effect on human culture and society when people are united behind a common view of reality - unstoppable.

Trump voters saw the world, saw reality, one way, (in the full intellectual and philosophical scope those words imply) Clinton voters another. As Donovan said in conclusion to his article.

But even the most devout Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, etc. would have to admit what nobody’s ever really discussed: They can’t all be right.

Trump may be right. Clinton may be right. But they can't BOTH be right because truth, logic and common sense dictate that is impossible.

All religious debate and argument can be boiled down to precisely this point - there can only be one truth.

There can only be one description of reality. While there can be many colours and shades of expression (the worlds religions and philosophies), they all should, fundamentally, boil down to a single truth. No matter the person's faith, if you ask them at the core WHY they believe in their religion of choice, it will boil down to said person believing it is the truth. If they do not, then said believer is forced to admit that all religions are nothing more than one person's belief over another. This is where The West is at - the religion of relativism. It is why The West has collapsed and will not save itself unless it returns to discovering and asserting the truth once more.

"To you your religion, to me mine." was fine in religion as long as those religions were isolated and insulated by strong cultures that adhered to them (Christianity in the west, Islam in the middle east). The problem is... humanity was never, in its history, this interconnected and able to communicate with other human beings, without hindrance. In two words... the internet.

Marshal McLuhan's global village is a reality, and the medium is still the message.

I highly encourage you to watch those 3 minutes and change to reflect on November the 8th and all that is going on right now in the media war Trump is fighting. No single religion, and thus no religion's 'truth', can now peacefully coexist in an emerging global society. With so many other competing claims to truth, one man's understanding of God will not be another, and that is what will ultimately unite all men under a new patriarchy.

This is why the MSM war on 'fake news' will be a disaster for the control elites - it is explicitly asking everyone to now search for and discover the truth. While I believe a re-emergence of nationalism and sovereignty is inevitable, we are not going back to the isolated and insular cultures of the 20th century and past. Thus a new truth, a new religion of Man, is coming and it will be a global phenomenon. No current ossified and fossilized religion is going to emerge from this truth renaissance intact. While one can blame the poor state of Christianity today on the attacks by feminism and secular liberalism till one passes out and collapses, at the end of the day...

Christianity failed because it stopped having an intellectual argument that made any sense anymore to the majority of Westerners.

I am not trying to insult or stir up animosities in Christians. I am simply trying to present how those outside the Christian faith, in the 21st century, now commonly view the religion.

Advances in science and the elimination of so much superstition over the past 2000 years has left Christianity (and yes, Islam and other religions as well) without the same intellectual heft and thus weight it had in the past, that is of evidence, to get Man to believe "believing" makes any sense any more. Since God is tied up with Christianity in The West completely, it is going to be hard for Western men who want to find God to do so within the Christian tradition, a tradition that simply does not compute in the 21st century as it is currently articulated and espoused.

Patriarchy. It's destruction is the only reason a femininst even bothers to get out of bed. But what is patriarchy? Truly, what is it? While feminists will scream it to be "rule by men," we have men ruling now in The West and we are faaaaaarrrrrr from a patriarchy.

Patriarchy is a political and cultural social system rooted in the belief that their is only one objective and absolute truth. God is the concept / idea that expresses this belief.

If you don't have belief in God, you don't have belief in truth. If you don't have belief in truth, you don't have a patriarchy. Does this not sound precisely like the condition we now find ourselves living as men in the secular, liberal, feminist "all things are relative" West?

After the collapse of the gods and goddesses of pagan Rome, Christianity took over and ruled the Western mind for 2000 years. Marx may like to claim this was mere delusion in Man, but it is an insult to Man's intellect to claim he was deluded for 2000 years only to produce the single safest, democratic, wealthy and healthy human community in history. I can't see how the arguments presented by Christianity for one truth would fail today if worded and made acceptable to the intellect of 21st century Man. Neither would it fail to reproduce in society what Christianity did 2000 years ago - change the whole of the Western world.

The problem is Christianity is going to have to undergo its own Trump moment - what is right and true will be proven to be so, and what is wrong and false will have to be accepted and discarded. THAT... is where not just Christianity, but Islam and all world religions are right now. Ignoring the atheists and materialists who have always existed and do not care about this issue (and never will), what religious believers the world over are going to have to accept is that some part, maybe a large part, of their religion is false and may even be based on older, more matriarchal pagan beliefs.

Will Christians be able to meet this challenge and accept the repercussions of it?

To move forward and create a better Christian argument for western Man to believe in again?

Or will they pull a Clinton and double down with cries of "false prophets" and "fake knowledge" of Jesus and of God.

St. Augustine articulated 1500 years ago why belief in the one true God was a better description of Man and his lived, mortal reality. Why can't it be done again for 21st century Man?

This is why I wrote about neomasculinity birthing a new religion, or at a minimum a new religious sense and understanding of Man and his spiritual / metaphysical reality. "Meet the new God, same as the old God." may be the atheist's joke about any patriarchal renaissance's attempt to tackle the most fundamental of all questions of Man and his existence, but I believe this is what will decide the fate and future not just of patriarchy and Western men, but of all mankind.

While we 21st century Red Pill men may agree on HOW to live, we are still very far from agreement on WHY we are living?

For what purpose? To what end?

God and religion has traditionally been the answer and vehicle to these metaphysical questions in Man's past. If Man and patriarchy want a future, I suspect God will be the answer once again.

Strength & Honor


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