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Why Honor & Virtue Is The Only Path Toward Masculinity & Saving The West

The Red Pill & Game must die for Man to rise from the gutter in The West.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | November 19, 2018 | 11 minute read

I just finished watching The Last Samurai for the nth time. Once a year, I sit down to watch an absolute masterpiece of filming and writing. Only a soulless NPC would call this film Hollywood propaganda, but that slander does impose on one to ponder the question "What accursed propaganda is this film promoting?"

America The Great? No. America is the new colonial sun-never-sets evil empire and is clearly called out and demononized as such.

War? You can't look at history and not find war. If every story about war is propaganda that should never be broadcast, then we would never have a single war story to tell. Is war and the discussion of it in any form now a thought crime?

Japan's superiority? The Japanese are shown to be nothing but a warrior (i.e. war) culture, both in the past and in the "modern" age. The corruption of man knows no race, East or West, and is one of the major themes of the movie. While the culture of feudal Japan under the samurai is portrayed in a clearly idealized and romantic light, there is no elevation of it because it also shows just how brutal samurai culture was before the civilized west came into the picture. By 'civilized,' it is clear that this means rule of law, not force of arms and class. The West brought a lot of unsavoury after effects with it to Japan, but the Japanese also recognized and acknowledged the advantages, perhaps even superiority, of Western ways by their wholesale overturning of 250 years of feudal samurai rule literally overnight at the end of the 19th century.

So what could a liberal, snowflake, NPC safe-space SJW absolutely HATE about this film to decry it nothing but propaganda?

Masculine honor & virtue crystallized in the samurai code of bushido.

If you read the comments to this scene, it is considered one of the best of the film and of cinema. The staging of the shot, the lighting, the music, the actors. All of it comes together to create an absolutely spellbinding and intense experience at what I consider to be the high point and turning point of the entire movie.

The general sense one gets from this scene is that the samurai were feared in Japan. And they were. From my very limited study, the samurai were a class that had unlimited power. They can and could do anything they wanted to anyone at anytime, including outright murder for simple offense toward them no matter how slight or mis-perceived.

But when you truly think about this "fear" of the samurai, is it the real threat of violence that people fear... or is it the loss of restraint, the loosening of control, the abandonment of discipline that keeps that force and carte blanch authority to use it in check that is the core of the cowing and bowing of the general populace?

The samurai ride into Edo in complete silence, yet everyone runs as if homicidal killers are on the loose.

None of them threaten anyone in any way, yet everyone is running as if their heads were about to be cut off.


The samurai were men who knew their worth and expected everyone to behave in accordance to THEIR standard of honor & virtue.

And if you did not, you might not have a head for very long.

This is, in my view, why only a return to honor and virtue will return masculinity to The West and save it in the process.

We have no men who can walk into a room and command that level of fear and respect anymore.



It is because western men don't give two shits anymore about honor or virtue. They refuse to have a code that they would die for if violated or disrespected. A code no government - and most importantly no woman - can overturn or subvert by "laws" and "rules."

An honor code was the very basis of western culture once and is the core reason why it and Japan (after WWII) came to respect one another so quickly as peers on the world stage. Honor is why The West developed the handshake. The extended, open and - most importantly, empty - sword hand to show another man one was capable of civil and respectful behaviour. Of being both a man of honor (to his word and deed) and virtue (of high moral integrity). To this day, the handshake of a man tells you just about everything you need to know about him, something women will never understand. How many men do you meet in daily life who, after shaking their hand, you feel as if you met a man you can actually trust with your life?

Which brings me round once again to my constant refrain that the Red Pill, Game and hustle is destroying masculinity in The West.

Game and money, getting laid and making it rain, is the epitome of the "new Japan."

This is what The West introduces to the island when they arrive with guns literally blazing. This is why the new Japan - the Japan of law and order, not sword and honor - is not bowing and scraping in fear. They are taking over power and authority from the samurai but without the restraint and discipline of virtue and honor. Honor now is whatever is "legal." Virtue is whatever "the rules" say it is.

This... is the essence of living your life as a Red Pill "woke" western man.

Red Pill says... traditional masculinity (virtue and honor) is dead and will only lead to being taken advantage of (by both women and men). Don't be a trad-con unless you want to be a loser.

Game says... hypergamy and gynocentrism is the law of gender dynamics. Always has been, always will be (as if women are the goddesses they claim to be). If you even hint at being man of honor and virtue with a modern woman (all women if you are MGTOW), you will have your balls handed to you and likely never get laid.

Hustle... is the new golden rule for TRP men with but one decree and rallying cry - get yours! Anyway you can, just get it. Money is what makes the world go round and keeps pussy in check. Light them stogies, flash your Benjamins, buy a round of Crown Royal for your tribe (return to pagan, matriarchal tribalism once more) and howl at the moon declaring your "freedom" from western, feminine imperative society!!!

This... is the "new" western male. The new way to become masculine. The new way to "be a man."


Is now obsolete.

This... was once all a samurai, a Man, would focus his entire mind and life toward at one point in the past.

Integrity. Respect. Heroism. Courage. Honor. Compassion. Honesty. Sincerity. Duty. Loyalty.

This was all there was to "manning up" in the past. Now, Red Pill men literally spit on this traditional call to become one.

And you wonder why women don't respect you.

Why would a woman respect a Man who does not respect himself?

There is something seductive about Ken Watanabe he has this power that the moment he walks into the room you don't move a muscle until he leaves the room

This is a comment to the clip I reference above. The scene where Katsumoto and Algren have their first real conversation. A conversation about war. It is just a simple observation, but it proves the main thesis of this post. Ken Watanabe absolutely owns the screen in this movie. It takes all of Tom Cruise's entire A-List career and box office mojo to even begin to match what Ken is able to portray. That is why this film works so beautifully as a piece of art.

Move... not a muscle... when a Man, capital M, enters the room and until he leaves it.

An aura of seduction that commands honor and respect that follows you everywhere you go, that penetrates the very heart and soul of all you meet, friend or foe.

Do you have this kind of effect on people when you walk into a room?

Do you think you are going to get it with some childish, female inspired version of alpha male 'respect' by adopting Game and hustle?

Only honor and virtue give this kind of greatness to Man. And only if a Man makes honor and virtue his very heart and soul.

This is what Katsumoto represents an idealized form of in The Last Samurai. It is what Algren comes to rediscover. He stops drinking. He disciplines himself. He begins to hold himself, and eventually others, to a higher ideal and purpose than hustle and gaming the system.

The Last Samurai is not a movie about Japan, or America, or corruption or war. It's a film about Man embracing the path of honor and virtue and what that means in the ultimate sense for not just his life, but all those around him.

“If by setting one's heart right every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he pains freedom in the Way. His whole life will be without blame, and he will succeed in his calling.”

“Feeling deeply the difference between oneself and others, bearing ill will, and falling out with people— these things come from a heart that lacks compassion. If one wraps up everything with a heart of compasion, there will be no coming into conflict with people.”

“At times because of one man’s evil, ten thousand people suffer. So you kill that one man to let the tens of thousands live. Here, truly, the blade that deals death becomes the sword that saves lives.” Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure - GoodReads.com Quotes


The book of the Samurai way of life.

I will need to read this masterpiece once again.

You know what you will find absolutely zero discussion of in this book?

Hypergamy. Gynocentrism. Alpha fucks. Beta bucks. Cucks. Thots.

An entire book of admonitions and aphorisms that distill, for the samurai, the very essence of masculine martial living as a man...

Not one mention of women. (I only remember advice to never marry before the age of 40.)

Look around the "masculinity" sphere of books, blogs and vlogs of advice for men. They are obsessed with women, and thus never become men.

We don't become warriors to dominate other men or win with women and life. We become warriors to bring virtue and honor into a world devoid of it.

This is Man's, capital M, role.

This is why even today, so many men refuse the call to become one. Honor and virtue demand "too much" of them. The pursuit of superficial status and fame (with both men and women) by taking the quick and easy path of becoming the alpha male has now almost completely taken over the mind of western men. Once you see this, the continued decline of The West makes complete sense.

This is why globalists are so desperate to quash and suppress any expression of masculinity that focuses precisely on this transcendent aspect of being a Man.

Game and hustle? Pussy and money? GO FOR IT!!!

But begin to speak about the responsibility of actually becoming a Man, of being honorable, responsible and virtuous...

Of becoming a warrior that stands for only truth and justice and who is willing to die for both...

Of transforming yourself into a man who would willingly give up his life if he has to choose between his integrity or the compromise of it...

You have your honor again. Let me die with mine.

In any language, the essence of this scene is palpable.



This is the very core of Man, of masculinity, of a true patriarchy.

Nothing less than this... will ever save men or The West.

Western men either begin to return to this way of living and thinking... or we die as a race of men and culture.

I want you to start to reset your enfeebled, effeminate, Red Pill mind.

Stop obsessing about women, either in rage against or lust for.

Treat women as 100% completely inconsequential to your life.

Stop obsessing over whether or not you have enough money or social status to be seen as the 'alpha male' in the eyes of other women (and most men).

Start instead... to focus your entire mind, your very being, your infinite soul, on becoming a Man of virtue and honor once more.

Try if for just one month. One year.

And I 100% guarantee you... your entire life will transform before your eyes.

I don't know what the future of this blog will be. I will post if I wish. Or not.

What I hope this blog has become for those that still visit it... is a place for the kind of conversations you will one day miss.

Conversations of what makes a man a Man.

Conversations of...

Strength & Honor

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