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Why I Write - Meditations On Man & His Destiny

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 22, 2017 | 9 minute read

My last post asked men to become leaders, not alpha males. To put behind them the boyish pursuit (or avoidance) of pussy and striving to become some mythical alpha male. I believe every word I wrote, but I wondered if any man under 40 would even get the point I was trying to make.

I started to ask myself why I write. Why do I write if I don't think there is an audience for my words?

I write because I realise now what my purpose is in doing so - to leave a record, a reminder, of what once was.

Men in The West are completely lost.

Many grew up without fathers and have turned to the internet, of all things, for guidance. What they have found is not a father, but a pack, even a cult in many respects. Young men under 40 have split into two tribes:

I. Game - the puruist of alpha male money, status and harems of pussy.

I think the epitome of this lifetyle choice is Christian McQueen. He has a widely read blog and is one of the most prolific advocates of pure Game lifestyle out there. A key post for me that sums up this tribe is this one: From 9 to Dime - A Case Study On Approaching Beauties

II. MGTOW - the rejection of women completely.

There are far more MGTOW voices on the internet due to the fact most men are simply not addicted to pussy. When pussy gets too tough to get or is just a pain in the ass to interact with, men walk away. The best examples of MGTOW in my view is on YouTube - Angry MGTOW and SANDMAN.

I don't fall easily into either tribe. I respect both, but I don't want to join either one of them. The reason?

In essence, both Game and MGTOW rest on zero moral and ethical foundations.

Both camps:

  • deny woman, the female, any semblance of humanity
  • view woman as either pussy to be seduced and fucked or a species to be eradicated from the earth via science (i.e. the artificial womb)
  • ground their philosphy in the soil of atheism and science, not spirit and God
  • cannot see a way back to connection and love with women because of the science/nature of the female
  • eschew and demonize marriage on the whole, not just due to current legal consequences in The West
  • deny women any real agency for moral or virtuous behaviour
  • see being asked to "man up" and become "a good man" as being a blue pill beta
  • to be blue pill beta is to be a white knight submitting to trad-con values and understanding of women that no longer work in the 21st century West.

While a very quick and crude introduction to these two male tribes of 21st century western culture, a man of wisdom would not be remiss in asking just what kind of summit modern man has reached? We now openly aspire to be porn stars... or so demonize women we want to replace them with Mona Lisa smiling robots. Roosh & Return of Kings probably best exemplifies an attempt to walk the mean with Neomasculinity; a Herculean task of merging pure Game with pure MGTOW.

This is precisely why I write - to address the elephant in the room that is the destiny of Man, or not.

Do men want to be good anymore?

To become men of virtue, of excellence, of respect?

Can men of Game look themselves in the eye, in the mirror and confidently, without flinching, say they are good men?

Can men of MGTOW? In all their rants of gynocentrism and the evils of the nature of the female, can they too sleep easy knowing their words and actions are those of a good man?

Good... is a moral measure.

A moral inquiry. A moral conclusion.

Can men still be good with full knowledge of female nature? How does one become a "good man" in the 21st century?

I can tell you, piping out a girl won't make you a good man.

Neither will screaming at women about how deep they have dug their own grave and hoping to die a martyr for your new tribe.

I have a two nephews, one 11 going on 12, the other 6 going on 7. I don't want either one of them to become like the above two men.

This is why I write. This is why I leave a record. I want young boys especially who are going online looking for male role models to hopefully find this site and my words. To know that there is a path to masculinity, to manhood, that does not lead to arrogant and prideful sexual debauchery in the arms of the goddess, worshipping pussy like it was the last rays of sunshine on earth, nor becoming angry, bitter, and full of rage at women for simply being the creatures God made them to be.

For Man, capital M, to return to the world stage, the notion of the Good, the True, and the Just will have to return to the forebrain of all men. This belief that feminism is somehow responsible for all the ills of the world is the most negative life path a man can walk. Yes, the evidence is there, but it is Man, capital M, that is the captain of his world, and no one else.

If as captain you don't like the current state of women, it is up to you to steer women back on course.

Women won't do it. Every day, every year, that passes while men continue to watch the world burn and descend into chaos, women will continue to get more angry, more violent, more aggressive and more suicidal. They WANT a man to correct them. They WANT a man to set them straight. The WANT... a good man... to finally take command, and steer the ship of humanity back on course.

But to do that, you will have to CHOOSE to be a good Man, not a player, nor a hermit who shuns women. The essence of being a good Man in the 21st century is the same as it ever was.

  • say no more than yes with women, for restraint and moderation are what women need, not want, from a man
  • undertand that there is more to this world than simply Man's body, his material existence and being
  • act on that knowledge and realize that every woman you fuck, every woman you insult, is a direct reflection of your inability to command respect, from women, from men, and for yourself, on the deeper plain of reality - that of spirit and soul
  • that honor, duty, loyalty and other attendent virtues are not blue pill or beta when they come from a place of strength and confidence

To be Good... is to be... a Man, capital M.

To be Good... is to have the right... intention.

Having the right intention implies... a moral standard, a law of virtue to adhere to, a guide post for ethical behaviour.

Why are you approaching that woman? Is it just to Game and fuck her, or get to know her? You are sowing your wild oats and women are all whores now. So, you become one yourself? Is this the path to masculine greatness?

Why do you avoid women? Are simply not confident in yourself? Have you given up completely that women are capable of liking you for who you are? Ok, the legal climate and feminist culture have poisoned the majority of western females toward men. So, that means we mock and demean women at every opportunity? We treat women as LESS than animals with zero decency and respect? Do to them as they did unto us. Is this the path to masculine greatness?

This is why a modern, Red Pill man avoids any talk of what is a good Man.

It implies meeting a measure, a judgement that is beyond and outside himself, one he has no control over, one that is imposed on him by a power greater than he will ever know.

The true nature of man has been known for centuries. It is his spirt, his soul, his divine nature. A nature that no amount of science and secular atheism can destroy. You can't be a Man if you are not Good. You can be many things, but none of them will be called a Man, capital M. All you have to do to prove this to yourself is ask the question "Is this a Man?" of the above two men. Just asking the question makes the answer crystal clear.

I seem to be alone, as author, in trying to figure out this mystery. A mystery I have spent my whole life trying to decode and understand. I can see the appeal and allure of pure Game and pure MGTOW - both are nihilist in essence and in perfect harmony with our age. When Man is reduced to a Darwinian pile of fluids, flesh and bone, one would be a fool to believe any other philosophy toward the female than fucking or rejecting as a path forward for 21st century Man.

But is it correct? Is man truly just a material creature? Is Man, capital M, mere dust, no more?

So I write. I write to leave a record of what once was. A time when men used to be more than the ape we supposedly came from. A time when men believed that their divine right to leadership and authority was given to them for a purpose; to guide women and the young to a better way of living and loving.

The cads and the nomads will always be among us.

Men who dive head first into the goddess in order to gain access to her divine mystery will never know the true power and authority of authentic masculinity. Their whole being is grounded and defined by desirability and access to pussy. Take pussy away, they become a mere shell of man, the fate of all players as they age out of the game of the goddess (and it is HER game you are playing).

The nomads at least know where their true strength lies... in themselves, as men. But they too walk the extreme and cut themselves off from the feminine, the polarity and mirror that can uplift and make them a King if they can learn to embrace, not hide, from the world and women.

Do you want to be a good man?

Do you think the world needs good men once again?

If you do, I write for you.

A Man, capital M, striving to be Good in a degenerate world.

Strength & Honor