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Why I Write II - Returning Love & Compassion To Man

Maximus Decimus Meridius | August 5, 2017 | 12 minute read

I recently confessed to a reader that I don't believe writing words can change the fate of The West. "So why do you write?" was the reply. It's not that I don't believe words can change the future, it is the kind of words being used right now that make me believe a true return of Man and patriarchy is a near statistical improbability. Why?

The Red Pill has woken up many men, but it contains the seed of a cancer - the dehumanizing of women.

Generalizing? I think not.

I want you, just as an experiment, to pretend you are a young girl of 14. I want you to take a good hard look at the manosphere and the kind of 'man' the Red Pill is creating. What does SHE think of these guys?

No, this is not me being an idiot and actually referencing a 14 year old girl's point of view. It is me treating a woman as a human being. That young girl of 14 sees not one single Man, capital M, to be found! Anywhere. What she finds are caricatures of men. Children playing at becoming an adult. It is hard to even call them boys because boys used to grow up into men. What are boys growing up to now that they are awake having taken the Red Pill?

ALL women are cold and calculating hypergamous demons.

ALL women are incapable of reason and logic.

ALL women are solipsistic.

ALL women are sluts.

ALL women are lying, manipulating, soul stealing sirens & succubuses.

Am I generalizing the manosphere again in using the word ALL? Is this not where NAWALT comes from? The sheer ego blindness of a blue pill beta male who cannot see the truth of female nature. That truth being... ALL women ARE like that?

Did you see it? The cancer in the Red Pill?

I bet you missed it. Let me point it out again.

Female... NATURE.

As in Darwin. As in evolution. As in biology. As in a woman's DNA. As in... a female is incapable of having a soul, and thus responsible moral choice in who she decides to become as a woman.

This is the cancer of the Red Pill. The complete dehumanization, and thus hatred, of women. Oh sure, you claim to want women (for sex), but your only frame (see what I did there?) of reference for interacting with a female now is... be alpha - hypergamy, feminine imperative, negs, shit tests, blah blah blah blah blah.

You want to know why I started this blog? Why I am writing and feel compelled to write?

I want to RAISE an army of MEN, not boys.

And I find absolutely no one... no writer... showing boys how to become men.

How does a boy become a Man, capital M?

By recognizing women for what they are, and choosing to love and feel compassion toward them because of their nature, not in spite it.

Casino Royale was a watershed film for the patriarchal renaissance. It humanized Bond. It completely shattered the female projection of the stereotype of most men - unfeeling, uncaring, violent and brutish apes who only think with their dicks. This single scene... if you have a HEART... touched you as a Man. It touched you because deep down, you know the true source of love and compassion in this world - God's love and His reflection of that love in Man.

Did I just lose the atheists? The players? The MGTOWS? Speaking of love and compassion toward a woman marks me as the epitome of blue pill beta conditioning does it not? How would the girls... I mean players & MGTOWS call me... I mean not ME, but a blue pill beta? Ah yes... a sexless loser.

Strength & honor have a foundation. That foundation is love and compassion.

You can't be strong if you are incapable of loving a woman as a human being.

You can't be honorable if you refuse to treat women with respect, yes, in spite of their nature.

This is the cancer that makes me lament at night that I write in vain, for no purpose and to no end. The truth is powerful, but if it contains a lie, it becomes a cancer. And the lie of the Red Pill is that you can no longer take women seriously as human beings worthy of a man's love, compassion and respect.

Casino Royale is the first Bond book written by Ian Flemming. How true is the movie to this particular scene, or the theme Bond can fall in love? A recap of the novel does show that Bond falls in love with Vesper. She also betrays him and for the very reason that I am writing on - for love.

In the morning, Bond finds a letter from Vesper explaining that she was working for the MWD to free her boyfriend who served in the Polish RAF. She had also nearly sabotaged the operation in the casino by not getting in between the gunman. She then tells Bond she started to fall in love with him, and this ended up drawing the ire of SMERSH, who sent the agent to track Vesper and Bond. Vesper also stated she wanted to escape to South America, start up a new life with Bond, and have a baby with him. She then finishes the letter with "My love, my love."

Fandom - Casino Royale(novel)

"The bitch is dead." is also straight out of the novel, but note why Bond is negative. I.e. Hypergamy, solipsism, feminine imperative, 'survival' - in short, female nature. All the traits of the female laid bare and Bond takes an emotional hit for being blindsided. But what do we read in Vesper's letter to Bond? She did fall in love with him. She did want to have a baby with him. She took her own life (suicide in the novel) because she felt she had betrayed the love & trust Bond had shown to her and was thus... not worthy of him.

How would a typical Red Pill man react to such a betrayal?

How are YOU reacting to the nature of the female?

21st century men seem to think there are only two possible choices based on 'the truth' of female nature.

1) Live the YOLO PUA lifestyle. Never love or trust a woman again.


2) Go ghost and become full MGTOW, hating women and ranting, ranting, ranting like a mad man on how evil women are to all that will listen to you.

Do either of those two paths sound like the path of a Man, capital M?

Here is how a Man, capital M, deals with a woman's betrayal.

He copes. He reflects. He reminisces by focusing on the good that was. He has a few drinks, never even contemplates drugs and simply... moves... on. (Note: The writers and Daniel's performance make it clear, drugs are for weaker men, not Bond.)

He also makes sure justice is served.

In Quantum Of Solace, Bond goes on a rampage to get revenge for Vesper. Why do this if she is all hypergamy and solipsism? Was he an idiot? Why did he not just go drown himself in more pussy, more alcohol, more... whatever he needs to feel like 'a man?' Think about how a Red Pill writer would have written Quantum Of Solace? It would be all partying, all flirting, all fucking chicks with wild abandon. We would not have gotten the 2nd film and its themes of love betrayed for love, and how to process and integrate that emotional pain to become a better Man. We would have got the female caricature of a man burned by the woman he loved, and it would have sucked!!!

You must have compassion for the nature of the female, not revulsion and mistrust.

What is the Red Pill? Seriously. Ask your self. There are writers out there that have made an entire blogging career around the nature of the female, many of whom have turned women into a freaking PhD degree.

Here is your Red Pill.

1) Many women will trade up if a bigger/better deal comes along.

2) Women are emotional creatures and make judgements on those emotions, not logic and reason.

3) Women use sex to manipulate and control men until they hit the wall.


How did our patriarchal ancestors handle these 'revelations' of female nature?

By loving and caring for women anyway. You would not be here if your father did not love your mother on some level. And if he did not, there is a high statistical probability that your childhood was less than... ideal. If you think actual love and compassion is impossible with a woman, YOU are the problem. You are holding back the return of real men, of real women.

Woman reflects the character of the Man.

What kind of character, what kind of man, is the Red Pill producing?

To prove this, all I have to do is point to the peak of patriarchy in the modern West - the 30s and 40s. Despite what you have come to believe about female nature, women can choose to be virtuous and honorable. But, being female, they tend toward degeneration if the men around them stop being men. You have to give a woman a reason to be better than her nature inclines her to be.

I think I know the gifts that he [Bogart] had. And they were, among other things, tremendous character and... total integrity and... honesty and... he had great wit, and intelligence. Many surprising qualities. He could not be bought. He knew the way to live life. He knew that you had to travel a certain road. And he couldn't be bought.

He was an original. There wasn't anybody like him. And so he was dazzlingly attractive.

Other men liked him... oh, absolutely. And a lot of men were terrified of him because they knew that he would speak the truth. And that scares a lot of people you know.

He was younger than I was in many ways, he was 45! He had more energy that I did, when your 20 your like a... limp rag but... but he could KEEP GOING ALL NIGHT. I mean, he was amazing!!!

He was more... than I ever thought I would ever have in my life.

Lauran Bacall to Charlie Rose on Humphrey Bogart

Women of the 30s & 40s were all some version of Bacall, because the men were all some version of Bogart.

This is what we see in the films - i.e. the culture - of that time. Honesty. Integrity. Can't be bought. Knew how life was to be lived. (Speaking the truth.) Lived it. Never apologized and never had to because Bogart... was a Man, capital M. He loved and respected women because he loved and respected himself.

When I joined the military, I grew up. It was a sergeant that told me what my problem in my youth was.

I had no respect for anyone because I did not respect myself.

Just one man I have met in my travels through life as Maximus


You can't get it... if you don't give it.

But Maximus... just look at western women!!! Look at what feminism has done. Look at how it has revealed their true nature. Look at how slutty they become and how they shit on nice guy betas and AFCs. How can you possibly expect us to respect women today? Women like Lauren Bacall are dead, extinct.

So sayeth a naysayer

Perhaps you are right, but here is my counter argument.

Their are no more Bacalls because there are no more Bogarts!

There are no more Men, capital M, for women to fall in love with and respect.

What we have now with men of all ages taking the Red Pill and rejecting trad con values and beliefs is this.

A bunch of men who refuse to grow up and acknowledge the ultimate truth.

Men... what they think and believe... create the very nature of the universe and the world they live in.

We share in God's creative power because God gave us a MIND... to REASON... to REFLECT... and to FOLLOW God and become what He created us to be - Man made in His image. What is the image of God? Truth and judgement, yes, but also infinite love and compassion.

But you have to choose it. You have to believe there is MORE to Man, capital M, than evolutionary biology, sex and money.

But what men, what women, believe this anymore in The West?

This is why I lament that words will not bring back patriarchy nor a resurgence of real men in The West. Most men are all talking nonsense and that is the very world they are creating - a world with no sense in man or woman. The men and women of Bogart and Bacall's day and age... thought differently about who and what they were as a gender, as human beings.

Words... are powerful. But what words are you speaking, believing and acting on?

If you want a woman like Lauren Bacall, you are going to have to become her Bogey.

What YOU are... she will REFLECT and embrace.

Now choose.

Strength & Honor.

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